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    So originally I didn't want to apply as a moderator, but I guess I'll give it a go now anyway, because I am kinda missing the "greenies" activity on the EU server. I know there are a lot on the Global server, but on EU it would be nice to have a few more mods present. (I have just started a new job this month though, so won't be able to play as much as before anymore, but should still be online in the evenings, and ofc in the weekends.) 20 years old Currently 4091 hours on the game - Usually have Help Chat open when I play and try to answer questions Playing on PvP EU, Privateering as a Pirate at the moment Languages: German (fluent, mother tongue), English, and a little bit of French (enough to do basic communication) EU Timezone (Switzerland) Not part of a major RvR clan, not too much interested in RvR either, so generally not siding up with a side In general a helpful player, but not enjoying obvious trolls and trashtalkers - IMO a bigger Moderator presence on the EU server would help to somewhat reduce it.
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    If this thread gets even one new captain interested in trying his hand at PVP, then I say "good job!" (Not a USA captain so I will refrain from posting down the line.)
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    tl;dr: Port battles are a failed feature and should be eliminated in lieu of some superior port ownership change mechanic. Port battles. 25v25! The devs keep coming up with ways to have them and players are unrelenting in their quest to avoid having them. The whole reason we have an EU server separate from everyone else is so at least one group of people can experience prime time port battles. Everyone else mostly gets off-hour port battles and various ways to dodge that 25v25 setup. Even when they work, you have a feature that 50 people get to experience once in a while out of a potential population of thousands. This game works well as a fluid, seat-of-your-pants open world PvP game. These scheduled set-piece battles do not work, do not fit in and have been the cause of endless annoyance to the playerbase and not really a lot of fun. Can we put a bullet in this idea already? Can we come up with a better mechanic that leads to ports changing owners?
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    yes.. originally in the sea trials they were giving a boost to turning we are planning to give more uses to battle sails 1) increase turn rate 2) reduce fire chance 3) increase fire chance if you are not on battle sails some magic has to be done with animations so they are well integrated into the sequences.
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    By request: This is a thread for the posting and discussion of US victories. Post your videos and screenshots for other US members to see. Do not claim a victory without proof To avoid a flame war, I kindly ask all other nations to NOT post here. Create your own threads instead please. But you're welcome to visit. Any victory, big or small is welcome I'll start with my most recent ones
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    There is an idea. Drop the 3rd rate, put the correct guns on the Ballona, and add the Mars. Problem solved AND we get a new ship. Then just add skin option for the Ballona for to be the 3rd rate paint scheme.
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    Your obsession with Slamz is indeed creepy. I was hoping we had heard the last of it during your extensive tirade in nation chat as you used your Forged Papers to run away.
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    A reputation system is the way to go - a la Elite:Dangerous. That works and allows plenty of player choice on career and allegiance as well as encouraging player interactions. If we are happy to take good ideas from EVE then why not take good ideas from other very successful games?
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    There is an easier method that doesn't remove the necessary revenge fleet protection. Make the no attack and can't join timers longer.
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    К чему вся эта тема, разработчики действительно считают решение этой придуманной проблемы приоритетной? Или это своего рода тролинг? Я вот вообще дупля отбить не могу. К чему это все, как это поможет проекту, как это решит проблему онлайна и вообще зачем на это сейчас тратится время и ресурсы? Зачем вообще какие-то завоевания, политика, огромная карта и т. Д, если все сводится к зеленой зоне у столицы
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    This is why we need a good reputation system and turn pirates into a faction not a nation that you can't start out as. You go pirate and loose reputation with your nation. Though you can get letter of pardons and join nations through Letters of Marque. You end up with a bad enough reputation in a nation you can be outlawed, turned pirate. The reputation system can replace smuggler flag too as to if you can go into enemy nations ports as a trader or not depending on your trade reputation with that nation.
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    Дык если б они загрызли, речи б не было.. Вот только они бежали. Пофигу не было. Собралась группа, но не многочисленная, и тагнуть потому не смогла. Возможно мы воспринимаем ситуацию по-разному, но для меня она абсурдна. К нам в порт пришел враг, но мы не можем его атаковать (даже если нас меньше), если враг нам этого сам не позволит. Занавес.
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    lol. This is just alt paranoia. A huge majority of new players buy this game "because ships" and don't really care about alts or rvr. War companies will eliminate alts from your conquest.
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    So, you think we should of carebeared it up into some super eastern alliance? Been all peaceniks and PvE? Honestly the metagaming is a bit heavy to win 1 VM a week. It's much more fun coursing Willis... he's a pretty good rabbit!
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    Condescending tone and refusal to communicate with anyone that wouldn't roll over and let them have their way == jerks. In the end they would only talk to a third party == jerks. We gave them a sweetheart deal in the end, and they sat in a corner and pouted == jerks. I work in a joint chinese-american project, so I didn't just fall off the haywagon in Kentucky. It works both ways. We ended up with stagnation. "Peace". People didn't really want to squeeze the Dutch after they stopped trying to fight us. Even without that they imploded on their own. We tried to play with the Brits for a while, but then it became apparent where the imbalance actually was and attention was redirected towards the pirates. Now we have the fight we should really have had all along, and the question is whether it can be waged within the structure of Naval Action or not. It is an experiment. I am trying not to take that tone. ICS made a deal with CCCP that was really intensely disliked by the rest of us. Leave it at that. The real crapstorm was the very personal bickering that erupted in nation chat, which is beyond the scale a noob like myself can understand. The inability of the clans to get a couple adults in a room to talk effectively boggles my mind. I stopped reading nation chat, just like I never read global chat. Anyhow, we exerted our control over our territories as we believed to be our right and forced a compromise which was very accomodating to everyone. Now CCCP is invading us for the third time since the Wipe, but fortunately it will provide the opportunity to create a natural resolution.
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    Ship builders need gold / silver, furnishings, all kind of logs - from teak to white oak, etc. What's the point of selling 100k iron fittings to port for income and demanding high consumption from port? What should change is that buy price should be much lower, so it could be used by players.
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    Idea #27(b) PvP kills give you tokens which can be used to generate contention on any port. It cannot get more than 20% in one day and when it gets to 100%, the ownership just changes. Poof!
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    I would like if other ships could not be identified until they get close enough to "see the colours"; this means you can click on a far away ship but will not see if it's a player or AI unless it gets a bit closer. This provides more exitement than the system as it is. You will have to watch the ships more closely ....
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    had a thought you could add to the game a Whaling ship with whaling spots in the open ocean which people can take to ports and sell and people can raid the whaling ships on their way home. think it could be a cool addition to the trading side of the game
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    Best of luck. You will need it against me
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    New SORRY member in their first port battle.
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    If the game enters real hardcore mode.
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