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    I think by now its pretty clear this is a project in flux, counting 5 years in dev, and passing one year charging retail prices for a beta product via steam. Not the first time we have seen this. The DAYZ standalone product for example, but at least they came clean. Anyway, the monthly goal patches were not a success by anyone's measure, I think we all just gave up on them. Given that road to hell.. ahem roadmap, there is no trust in the community of something better. Over time you have blamed the player base for bad input and general unruliness when you, the business should make calls as it is your destiny; though we thank you for input. Anyone older than 25 can see this is not the bread and butter keeping your lights on, but as lovers of the genre and your basic implementation in tribute to it, respectfully, push it forward. You can call me a tester for sure, but having spent $160 on a pre-release title, you don't get much better a supporter than I. The puritanical enforcement of salty words found in the dictionary and obsession with moderating natural salt in the forums is not what we paid for. You talk down to testers as if they aren't your customers when we are so much more. We are your customers and your advertising and your committed player base. Many of us work in this very field, yet we wait far too patiently for a product that seems to be thrown under the bus. I am linking you a visual and auditory masterpiece as a goodwill visual aid. The initial work you have done is The Band. What we have been getting from you for a long lately is this drunken Van Morrison. Sounds great in the beginning, then oh nelly, it gets bad. Cheesy as shit. Love it again, or kill it. Enjoy. PS: Don't go out like this. Like a drunken 70's Ballmer.
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    Its on a saturday and not even that late lol. You attack us midweek most of the time and 4 hours later...
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    Love this change:D tryed to warn the us to change on the alliance or do less night flips to grief the eastern alliance flipping port at night and only showing with a few ships to drag out the battle with no intent of fighting... you where cocky at that time and now see all the whineing of your own work.. No you will whine in the hope the devs do something else instead, but it is to late.. you set this onto yourself by greifing and now you can reap the rewards. whole plan of removing flags was to stop the empty port battles and all griefing that lead to... GOOD JOB US NATION YOU FOUND A NEW WAY TO EXPLOIT IT!!!!! now you can whine all you want it's your own damn fold.. so go to the us server they will start and you can flip all port you want in prime time and get a battle that you most likely don't really want
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    Look, it is not our fault that we have managed to cobble together an alliance that more completely covers the primary playing prime-times. The Eastern Alliance could have done the same thing. I'll give you an anecdote to help you understand: I convinced my brother to buy and play the game but he and I are extremely competitive, and I told him if we want to fight each other his best bet would be to join the Spanish on PvP1 (this was back in the days of mass brawls out of Key West). He's not nearly as hardcore a player as I am, and can't sink the kind of time I do into the game, but on evenings and weekends he'd play, and even when server populations were near their daily peak he could count on one hand the number of times someone would chat or respond in English in their nation chat. He was never asked to join a clan, never offered any help, and never supported beyond my funneling some money and ships to him from my own account. I conclude from this and accounts from other players that your Eastern Alliance is actively hostile to improving your own lot. And instead of working to form new alliances, recruit clans to your cause from other nations and their time zones using all means necessary, or even support your own home-grown players that could cover your interests in the Americas and Oceanic time zones, you seem, from either xenophobia or paranoia (spies!!1!) to let them slip through your fingers. He's long since given up the game but I found it just sad and a perfect illustration of why the US-Brit-Dutch alliance seems to have time zone coverage while your alliance does not. Again, this is not our "fault." How you can claim that we should have broken our alliance just to help out yours, especially after being such utter asses with broken treaties, exploits, and shit flinging is beyond me. We play with the players we enjoy playing with, who we can communicate with on open, friendly, collegial terms. And we assume that everyone should have that same right, and if you all find that collegiality in your alliance, that's great. We find it in ours and time zones be damned. All of that is to say: This is a social problem that does not need a game mechanics fix. You pissed your bed and you should have to sleep in it until you find a way to solve it. Instead, you've whined loudly enough to trigger happy developer's who can't get out of their own way and not alienate half their player base.
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    They should drop RvR and focus on OW pvp. RvR is a barrel, full of endless toxicity.
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    Captains, he current alliance situation on pvp-1 is that one side have players in US time zone and another don't, which is the root of the problem. We tried to find out the solution that will suit everyone but we did not find it yet unfortunately. Thus, to cut the Gordian knot, we decided that until release there will be two servers, EU and US, with their prime timers. In the remaining development time until release we will still try to find out the solution, and apply it in case of success. There is a possible alternative which is still in discussions, thus the decision of separated timers is not 100% yet.
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    H i captains and Devs i rather want to see more clearer weather in this game it is always foggy at the horizon and overall very grey and no clear colors of the environment even the sea is not very clear to give some examples: i hope the game engine can handle this kind of weather .... ; clear distance winter summer
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    For the life of me, I don't get it. I don't think Ink was saying that the player accounts would be forcibly segregated by hemisphere between the two servers. All I get out of it is that they don't plan to merge PvP1 and PvP2. I think (hope) a lot of people are reading too much into... "Thus, to cut the Gordian knot, we decided that until release there will be two servers, EU and US, with their prime timers." Having said that, I do not understand why the PvP2 maintenance schedule wasn't corrected shortly after OW release to something like 3 or 4AM USA central time. Something that *seems* ridiculously easy to do. Yes it would mean diverting a person (or persons) to do it twice each day instead of both at once. If that is the reason, just say so and be done with it. If it isn't open to debate, just go on the record and say so. Then players who have been asking for this for months can stop and decide what to do. Deal or leave.
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    well perhaps it is 50 miles but it is grey and fog what you see after 1 one mile,(and it is all over the place.......
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    That must be a fart...better to say "excuse me" after it
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    Sorry but your guys are the first to show you are not interested in talking, you blackmail and threat us with night flips. You really enjoy this position of "force". No normal people wants to talk in those conditions. And because of that, your attitude (here in the forums and, most important, what the US is right now doing in the server (to the danes first and now to the spanish) has proven that we need a solution that avoid all this toxic behaviour. As a community, we are a failure. You laughed when we said we are bleeding players so its clear to me that you dont give a dam about the game. Pixels that allow us build ships. Now we cant build the same ships as before. And it is not pride, its frustation to dont be able to defend a port as we like to do. Let me put an example. Remedios has been attacked several times but the attacking fleet never was able to enter the port cause we did a great work with our blockade. Compare this when you took Remedios. Not even a defense fleet was there.
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    Mate, when we attack you we always find a full defense fleet. When you attack us, you dont see full fleets. Look at the lastest PBs, one of front of the spanish capital (23 (randoms included) vs25), second, Remedios (5vs25). Thats not balanced neither fair. You said we have stronghull ports but, for how long? We have lost access to one type of wood and one regional bonus that we used in ship building. You will not stop until 20 US RVR players hello kitty as much as they can to the other 200.
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    Let me return the favor. RDNN is perhaps one of the most multinational clan in D-N. We have players from Norway, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Britain, Australia, Canada, France and even Spain and the odd Russian and Ukrainian. Yet we all speak english and are open to all nations and imezones. Everybody get the same treatment: Free ships for PB and a lot of fun doing them. Yet we cannot recruit more nighttime players because we can't find them in our nation. Mainly because D-N isn't a nation with historical significance of a lot of fiction to back it up. No D-N Hornblower, Aubrey or Pirates Royal Navy references. Not even a spot in Yellowbeard ffs. Even the Dutch have US players because of republic and historical significance. If a pond is empty there is no use to fish in it. So I cannot see how this is "our" fault.
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    Honestly couldn't give a shit. Just wish they wouldn't complain when it happens to them. It's the double standards that annoy me so much...
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    You forgot to quote the most important part from what Ink said: You are the ones holding the gun to the devs head forcing an answer to your abuse. You were doing this since the new map was released, which was 5 months ago. The only good solution to this would have been an alliance change, which you declined.
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    This is once again a confirmation that in this game of the Devs everything is done for their Russian brothers. I'm tired of the scream of these people. I remember Pb's (and Gergia) when these crypts have arrived with 4 times the overpower. Nobody cried from us. Now, the US players are starting to build up their primetime hostility. What an evil! This must be turned off immediately. I believe many of these people still do not know that the earth is a ball and has several time zones. Dev Please do not leave this game to a Russian-designated number.
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    Да предлагалось уже. Очень эффективная система. Я тут разработчикам оскомину набил и многие форумчане, в силу каких то причин, либо тупо не поняли, либо тупо тролили. Сихема эта, введение в игру такого явления как "репутация". Разбивается она на девять ступеней. Одна "0", нейтральная, и по четыре в плюс, и в минус. В добавок к этому "репутация" фиксирует отношение к игроку, как своей нации, так и других держав, каждая в отдельности (наглядный пример, старая ВМЛ, КВЛ и ГПК (серия игр на тему корсаров). И в зависимости от степени репутации, игрок получает плюшки, или плети. Это и возможность сесть на огроменный шип, это и в возможности устанавливать и расширять, какое либо производство, это и возможность торговать на рынках и аукционах, как своей нации, так и других держав. Как в Футураме говорил капитан Браниган "моя идея, как и всё гениальное, проста до идиотизма". Но тогда пиратов придётся зачморить и сделать настоящими изгоями а не просто "мажорами" с правом палить в кого угодно. И вот тогда, твинки будут неудобными, потому что будут отнимать не только реальные деньги, но время, что бы прокачать им репу, вместо того что бы вкачивать её основному персонажу. А это значит, что вся нынешняя концепция игры полетит к чертям собачьим и разработчики робеют перед такой перспективой.
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    Ни у кого желания нет северную "пачку" соорудить в "Blackwake"? Валерой, если чё, можно будет дырки затыкать
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    Meh, I've gotten my moneys worth... If it happens, It'll be time to move on.... happens
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    You're right. Very true. That's when there was nothing that stopped PB's at any time, the only limitation was the gold to buy the flag. Conquest battles were constant. Then more and more restrictions until we got timezoneflipmania. The key is leaving it totally dynamic, unrestricted, and unpredictable. Opposite of what we now have.
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    И вернёмся в апрель месяц. Не забывай про картеч . Один фиг ей будут экипаж пилить . А резать броню это совсем такое... Привет бои с одного км и прощайте манёвры. Так грубо тоже нельзя делать . Я фрегатовод , но если придут как какому то балансу , но откажутся от системы 3+ фрегатов берут рейт , то буду не против. Например накинуть скорости линейникам. Немного 1 рейтам и побольше 2-4. И укрепить такелаж и паруса рейтам , при этом ослабить фрегатам . + хп фрегатам порезать . Объясню зачем. Сейчас все юзают фрегаты не из за имбовости , а из за того что можно лыжи врубить или догнать такой же фрегат . А что если 3 рейт смог бы догнать фрегат ? А? И имеем полную картину. Фрегат воюет с такими же фрегатами . Так же несколько фрегатов ( скажем штуки 3-4) могут победить 3 рейт и или агу ( если он сам желает боя) , но не смогут догнать . Ну и что бы взять 1 рейт , то надо будет собрать хотя бы 2-3 беллоны и фрегатов на подкреп . Теперь вопрос . Нахрена тогда фрегаты если ни догнать , ни нагнуть. А теперь самое интересное. Сделать колоссальную разницу между фрегатом и рейтом по крафту. ( привязка ко времени или просто нереальное кол-во ресов , скажем месяц производства 3-5 игроков) тут можно много чего придумать . Добавить к этому 1 прочку и все чудненько . Все ходят толпой на фрегатах ( я про пвпшеров ) и пытаются что то придумать для захвата рейта. Теже ПБшники будут их выкатывать , ибо не победить без рейтов. Соответственно что бы догнать его , надо с собой тоже рейт взять , который надо скрафтить хотя бы один на клан . Будет активный крафт и какой то челендж. Да вроде и более или менее исторично получается .
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    Вы уж меня простите, но 80% видео бла-бла-бла, мое видение и идеи Артаса. Начало откровенная шляпа. Кроме стоимости игры, именно стоимость отгоняла от игры ряд старых знакомых игроков. Про вики сайт и музыку бред, пардон уж. Не в этом проблема Навал Экшена. Геймплейная часть затронута крайне скупо и только со стороны ганкера и пирата. Ничего не сказано про ПБ, про рейты, про бои и так далее. Видна "мощная ганкерская рука". Назови правильно видео - "Проблемы Навал Экшена с точки зрения ганкера". Да я согласен "Телепорты" + "Быстрый кач"+ "Убогость Эвентов" + "Флоты" +"Телепорты из боя в город" странные введения в игровую механику. Ранее без них игралось гораздо веселее. Не сказано ничего про интерес игроков, т.е. Адмиралтейство, награды, титулы, марки и прочее. Как это было в КО, и работало надо сказать. Делайте критику и предложения более адресными с примерами, раз уж отважились на создание критики и предложений. А по видео сплошное соплежуйство "Я так думаю", "Я так считаю", "Мне кажется". Ваше предложение = "лежал на диванчиге, было скучно, решил пофилософствовать". На форуме есть полно дельных предложений от разных игроков, разных наций. Очень дельных и по факту. У вас размышления и "мои предпочтения", и "как я бы сделал". Не удержался. Совет игроков хрень. И вообще ненужная вещь. Только будет отвлекать небольшую студию от больших проблем. Вносить такое предложение = съедать время на создание игры. И все мы помним чем заканчиваются сборища "разных лидеров"... срачем. Есть предложения по интерфейсу = нарисуй выложи на форум. Либо помидоры, либо слава и почет. Есть предложения по кораблям = нарисуй модели. Предложение по ПБ = нарисуй схему, либо дай четкий план. Не сотрясай воздух своими "мечталками". Пардон, если получился злой отзыв на твое видео. Понимаю, что ты хотел как лучше. Вот только получилось "как всегда".