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    1) What does the pray button do?
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    Can we change the OP Instead of the US nation, lets put Trollboy says. I am a little tired of being associated with the trash
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    Is your long term intention for global or regional servers ? Will we be getting some clan love ?
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    I'm General Cornwallis and I have to say this is utterly ridiculous… I joined the battle in the Hopes of helping out since I have an outpost in Castries. I had no idea that joining a battle would take a slot or cause any issues whatsoever. Although, I did realise immediately that my Third rate was not the right ship as I was surrounded by Victories. In my own defense, I did bring an LS which is what I was told should be used for PB's. I was immediately convoed by several people asking why I had joined the battle and that I should leave immediately. Realising my error, I left, to only find out that now I’m considered a spy. I have never been treated so harshly in a game which provides very little information for new players and the dynamics involved in in PB’s. I merely wanted to help out... ARE ALL PLAYERS IN THIS GAME PRICKS? Moving forward…I will leave the PB’s to your obvious superior intellects and am seriously debating whether this game is even worth playing…
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    Are you planning to add a custom-battle-room? Similar to War Thunder Will the Santa Cecilia ever be obtainable again? right now there is literally not a single way to get a new one besides trading for one of the ones that were given as redeemables to the few tournament winners. Not that important but still: When are the paints that are already in the API but not ingame yet (example Surprise paints etc.) going to be added? Are you planning to interfere to the whole 'Nightflip' problematic or do you think that it's a thing players should fix/manage on their own? Do you think the sternrakes are finalized or will you still tweak them? (A Carronade fitted Surprise killing 100+ crew off a Frigate in 1 rake) Are you planning to add some sort of BR-limits to Port Battles (seeing 25v25 Agamemnons / 1st rates only is getting a bit boring, imo) Are you still planning to add a pvp-currency with which rare modules / paints can be bought in a special shop?
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    I don't think anyone is against pirate ships per say, as long as they are historical. They aren't pirate ships afterall, but a ship that was captured. But I for one would rather mostly see Napoleonic era ships.
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    I'm still surprised how much you guys care about some colored pixels on a map. Maybe it's the best for you all if you get reduced to one region and see that there is still other stuff to do in this amazing game. Still hoping port raids will bring back pvp/ow pvp. Please devs don't fu#k this up. So gents hit Sail more often step away from rvr and relax a bit, we are testing after all and nothing is final. Smash that sail button!
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    Hello Captains. Question time. Ask us anything in relation of Naval Action its gameplay, current plans or anything you wanted to find out. Please number questions and provide them as a list. ps. game labs related questions are also ok.
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    I mean, as long as you have monopoly on Live Oak i figure you can expect the opposing alliance to attack. (Atleast that is what i would expect )
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    The biggest thing about including "pirate" ships would be that alot of people would probably buy the game just for those ships.
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    Pirates and Privateers of the Americas puts the original Charles II (later Fancy) at 30 guns. When she was sold off, only 100 barrels of powder were taken from her. Did she capture guns along the way? Maybe. Were swivels counted? Probably. Did she carry heavy guns? As it was a "Private Frigate" in 1693... I doubt she carried anything larger than 6's. That's gut feeling though. I'm not finding a copy of Joel H. Baer's Captain John Avery and the Anatomy of a Mutiny which is what Pirates and Privateers of the Americas cites, so until I find a copy of that book, I suspect my search is stymied for the moment.
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    Hostility generation was permitted during the truce, we didn't have a problem with that OR the coordinated 2 other battles being planned at the same time. My issue was with Wilmington being attacked itself. NorthViking came to us and said we need to have a truce for the orthodox Christmas, we would like you guys to back off your Savannah attack. If you do not we will attack Wilmington during the downtime with the Brit alliance. This implied that Wilmington would be off limits during the downtime as we agreed to our side of the deal. The very next day hostility was generated against Wilmington, along with the other 2 regions, therefore, breaking the agreement. While all 3 battles were set North again came to us with a couple of swedes saying we want you guys to give up night flips 5 our 7 nights a week to make things fair. If you agree we will call off the attacks. We told them to kiss our asses and they promptly lost all 3 battles. The great RUS/RDNN fleet hasn't been seen in force since. Don't let the night flips bullshit fool you, this is the real reason. That is why we are pissed and why Santa Domingo/Savannah was double night flipped. And also why we will never enter into another agreement with the Danes.
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    What are Raids going to look like? (Anything would be appreciated)
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    Dear PvP1 Players/testers and dear DEV's, For several weeks our coalition tried to fight back Port attacks that were set at very late hours, with lots of players ruining their real life nights. - Some Port attacks were deliberatly set by opponants with no intention to show fleets but only to discourage the defenders that stayed awake so late. - Since hostility has become faster to build up, nightflips have increased. - Due to multiple time zone player base belonging to the Brits/Dutch/USA coalition, our coalition that is 90% based on European player base has never been capable to fight back & set any nightflips. Considering the above points, our coalition, that includes many reasonable but passionated NA players/testers, comes to the fact that nightflips are not sustainable anymore. It does not make any sense despite all the good will of our coalition player base. Real life is a priority for us as well as playing/testing logical & balanced strategy wargame mechanics. So our coalition declares that every Port attack set up later than 00:00h server time will not be attended & therefore contested. This decision is only meant to be pro-active for NA testing project since it will physically show unbalanced territories occupation on NA map that are exclusively linked to PVP1 server population & reactivity. This unbalanced result will mostly reveal the emergency for DEV's to fix the highly critical issue of "real life factor - player time zone factor". These factors MUST be taken into account to produce a sensible strategy game. Thank you & good wind all.
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    600 passengers?! No wonder they lost. It's impossible to carry out a battle encumbered by so many noncombatants. Again, that's not a warship but a drunken wounded elephant. Droits d'Homme (a much larger ship) carried far fewer men than that (soldiers and camp followers) and found it difficult to resist Indefatigable and her consort. I'll resist wading into the tangled mass of strawmen, other than that.
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    Well LV's usually pretty active and can allways clarify matters.. I wasn't active in the US-Pirate wars so I don't really care.. I've actually no desire for US players to be expelled I just don't see this issue having a solution that can function longterm other than making serverwide PB timers for the PvP1EU and the PvP2US.. And for the record.. You haven't won anything - you just became the boys in the playground that smells bad so no-one wants to play with you.. Have fun in the empty content..
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    Any plans for more varied weather in battles?
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    I want a Open World Naval Action server with all that the Devs have planned working 24/7 including maintenance time that accommodates to all playstyles and warmongering strategies and with a community that do not resorts to insults and knows how to conduct themselves and welcome new comers instead of shunning them due to absolutely off board vocabulary, especially in game in battle.
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    What is the current ship roadmap?
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    1. When are you going to post the new voting poll for new ships? 2. When do you think (aprox) will be next patch be deployed? 3. Which things should the players give you more feedback (beside structure) right now? 4. Have you change your mind after the playerbase negativity to the removal of the hostility system?
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    1. I've seen recent comments since you announced the possibility of a kickstarter for ship packs that people are saying this means you are running out of money and people have fears you won't be able to complete Naval Action. Can you displace these fears? 2. How much longer do you plan to develop Naval Action/estimated release date? 3. Are you currently working on (have teaser screenshots) of any new ships?
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    Do you work on a new ROE model that allows reinforcements and larger battles in OW?
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    The Devs put forts and towers all over the place and large patrolling AI fleets. Learn to use them to your advantage. I have only been successfully ganked once in my home waters since the ROE update and mostly because I was not paying attention.
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    Nope dude. Guys just like you killed that game because they want to erase gank and FLS tried. p.s. 2 years player. left after anti-gank BR-shit-patch. whole my soc also.