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    No, the game is still plenty populated and will pick up again upon release. People just like to cite the number of players that were online right after EA release, exaggerate it, and then claim that the drop is the result of their own pet feature request not being implemented. "This game used to have 10,000 players online every day but then the devs wouldn't put three sets of boobs on the figurehead of my ship, so everyone left."
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    Throw crap out the back.
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    This infuriates me beyond anything else. It is NOT too much to ask for six tits on my ship!
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    http://www.artifactcollectors.com/hi-i-have-a-painting-from-woodville-studios-the-artist-is-garnery-the-title...-99663.html Enjoy
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    Personally I find Mc Lellan to be the easiest one : press triple speed, do nothing, loose the battle and then ask for extra manpower
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    I'd like to hear a Foghorn Leghorn voice announce it, "Sir, I say Sir, our reinforcements have arriiiived"
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    Dear US Leadership, It is clear and evident that our show of good faith towards the Danes was an ill-gotten venture, we are now under siege on three fronts (Nth Carolina [Danes], Costa Del Fuego [Spain] and Abaco [Swedes] (Soon to be Andros [Danes] ) ). I fear that in the face of overwhelming odds that we may be forced to abandon one of our holdings, I implore the US leadership not to allow this to be the Bahamas. We may lose Costa Del Fuego or North Carolina and the repercussions of which will be felt through our player base, However consider the Bahamas (rookie zone). Many players, myself included have "production lines" set up in the Abaco region which we use to supply our brethren and which we are allowed to do so relatively unmolested because of our unmatched dominance in the area. The Bahamas Area also allows our shipbuilders to build ships of "Pirate Refit" (Abaco) and "Regional Thickness" (Andros), tools our nation uses to give us a slight edge in combat. My fear is in the coming days that the threat imposed on our Nation (US East Coast) will be perceived to be of higher import then that of the "lesser" Bahama colonies. I implore our leadership, consider all options. If/When the US East Coast falls (as it has done before) where will our nation withdraw? into freeports to succory around like rats in our own backyard? or to the relative safety of our shore-footed resource filled position in the Bahamas?? Kind Regards, [Commodore] Saintjacktar Tattered Flags Australian Flotilla United States
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    It would be nice if we could upgrade the quality of ships, meaning adding upgrade slots and increase the quality of the build type, providing we have high enough crafting level. It'd also be nice if we could rebuild dura to a ship, so all the super nice 1 dura player caps could have more dura (not exceeding the original dura of the ship). Rather than us just breaking up ships once capped, It'd be nice to sail with some extra life in some of these steel beast Dane and rat ships we cap.
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    Currently if I got one 2000man brigade with 1861s and one 2000 mand brigade with M1842s and I would like them to change weapons I need 2000 guns more to do it. Similar if I want two officers to change position, I need an extra one with sufficient rank to do the change, So please add the option of removing both guns and officers from a unit. (naturally it should not be possible to send a unit unarmed into combat. One lacking officers would just have the stats as if he had been killed)
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    Let us not devolve into attempting who did what first. We could be here all day and get no where. Let us focus on the future of the server and attempt to correct the stagnate situation we are in.
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    I went over to PvP1 with a basic cutter and did a midship level mission and I got Rattlersnakes agaisnt my guys. Did some more with a friend and we keep getting way out classed ships for a Rank 1 missions. I think there is something wrong with the balance system cause we should not be fighting ships with 120+ crew in a basic cutter. If poor new players got these missions they would be killed every time.
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    The amount of time we are spending talking about when the next port battle is and converting to our local timezones is crazy. I wish we were all smarter and could calculate our UTC offset more quickly but it's not happening. Please render all datetime strings in the local player's timezone. This would be so helpful
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    I understand keeping Craft XP but I do wish they would remove Rank XP or at least not give the true extent of ones current rank. I would not mind a fresh restart.
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    USS Philadelphia, after running aground, was scuttled in Tripoli Harbor (holes drilled in the hull, the foremast sawed off, the sails burned) to stop the ship from being captured by the pirates before they surrendered. Granted, the ship was refloated by the pirates afterwards since it was in harbor. P.s. I'm for ship scuttling if we keep the ability to destroy cargo. But I would prefer that you destroy a little cargo every few seconds. So say if you click delete on a stack of cargo it deletes 1-10 weight every second until it is destroyed. This is a compromise between those who want to dump cargo, and those who don't want cargo dumped. It gives ear to the party that says traders dumped cargo, and it gives ear to the party that says yes, they dumped cargo, but it took a long time and was difficult.
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    Может быть уже писали такой вариант, но все же... К примеру, хочу я из Каракаса доплыть до Кубинского побережья... это фактически пол карты, и по открытому морю. Сколько реального времени займет такое плавание, думаю от 40 мин, до часа. Скучно, долго... а к примеру ведь есть дистанция на которой прекращается отрисовка побережья, вот именно на ней и начнется увеличение скорости корабля в 3 или 5 раз, как игрок попадает в зону отрисовки какой-нибудь суши, так скорость становится нормальной. P.S: дистанция зоны отрисовки побережья при ясной погоде и солнца в зените. Просто можно, отрисовать даже некие границы, на карте, и сделать такое ускорение на больших открытых пространствах моря. Добиться того, что бы время путешествия того, примерного маршрута, составил 15-25 минут.
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    Sometimes need to do a three way shuffle if you want to move reassign high ranking officers. It can be tedious. The ability to completely remove the officer from a brigade, albeit temporarily, will facilitate officer management. Don't let the battle start without any officer assigned, but allow the commander to be removed for a moment so it can be shuffled and swapped.
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    Is it not possible to send paints to clan warehouse? I've collected quite a few by now, taking up almost a whole warehouse, so i made my own little clan just to have a clan warehouse to store them, but apparently you can't do that. Can anyone confirm?
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    So this painting has sat over the mantle of my parent's house for years. I never gat it much thought before I started playing Naval Action, but Now I'm curious what battle/event it depicts, what ships are shown, etc. I'm hoping someone here might recognize it and can enlighten me. Before you ask I checked the back of the painting, and there is no card or tag with the name or artist. Also, sorry for the crappy cell phone picture, it's the best i could manage with the lighting and my old phone.
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    Alrighty this has obviously been a topic before but I thought as the tribunal case a few days ago not being the palce to discuss this we might take a look at the problem of alt accounts again. This is just my own opinion feel free to add your 2 cents on the matter but keep it calm and peaceful. Also please bear in mind there isn't a single nation with the morale high ground or anything anymore (there are palyers but not nations with this). Also I'd like to add that I don't own any alts myself. The way I see it alt accounts although already having been problematic before have now turned into a major contributor for exploit usage (some of these have been fixed but they should be mentioned to see the problem with the attitude of certain players). From hostility bomb trading, to battle screen hideout creation, hostility generation, quick leveling and dragging screeners or attackers into waste of time battles with basic cutters this has jsut gone too far now. Half the time enemy activity is compeltely invisible as one single ship will just trade to an alt and nothing can be done against this kind of hostility. In addition the nation chats have turned into an infoless box that fills my screen with only private chatter and the occassional spotted enemy or callout for people to show up for a battle. The threat of spies has rendered any communication outside of personal TS talks that are limited to known people (and even those have been attacked) into a rather dangerous business for entire fleets. While I will admit that was fun for a short while seeing a nation ahving the odd spy I by this time feel like a quarter of my antion can't be trusted... So what could be done about this? I see no problem with alts being used for additional crafting hours. As long as the alt account is in the same nation this literally only equals another player who limits his activities and is supported by others in the nation. Though it increases your output rate there is no real threat to anybody coming from this. I would however replace the alt account with a buyable officer who then adds up an additional 2000 hours and has the same recharge rate on top meaning you'd double your output. I also see no problem with people using alts to run additional trade ships. Coming back to the officer idea though I would suggest that we could either take a trade officer(officer equipped with trade perks) on board of our ship or put him on board of a delivery ship (deliveries should change to hire a ship that traverses the open world as a regular AI trader). Once the trip has been made he would automatically return to our officer pool. Alts being used for inter warring nations trade should be stopped. It has only caused exploit problems and nothing good comes out of it. I am not that well versed in the possibilities but maybe the same IP should not be able to join different nations. Any ideas for solutions are welcome. The main reason however for a removal of alt accounts is clearly with the warships. If we continue to allow alt accounts at the very least the same IP adress should have to declare one of their accounts as the main one and warships should not be accessable to the other ones. On top again the same IP should not be able to join two different nations to prevent the spy, hostility and basic cutter drag in shenanigans. Generally I would say that alts should become a banned thing and additional officers that can take on these jobs should be the replacement to keep production and trade going as before. These should be an ingame thing that is bought with regualr ingame gold otherwise this would be as much pay to icnrease your lifelihood as it is right now just with more limits. This would also allow for a generally equal increase of the economy across all players and not jsut those that have the computers to run two accounts at once. After all we all paid full price for this game and should ahve full access to everything that isn't purely cosmetic. I would say there should be a limit of 5 officers which can then all be adjusted to your own preferences - i.e. 5 crafting officers or one for trade, one for crafting, one for port battle combat, one for ganking, one for PvE. I am aware that my proposal would leave a bunch of people with a lot of useless accounts and quite frankly I don't have a solution for it. It is in all fairness a fuck up of GameLabs to allow such an extensive use of alt accounts in the first place. All I could think of is that players with an alt account would get the next Naval Action for free (or sth like that - I am seriously not sure how to solve this). But pelase do not go around with yet another set of special ships that in the end will define half of teh combat. We already ahve enough problems with the way things go since the last 3 patches when it comes to crafting and fleet compositions.
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    I would appreciate that. I understand the problems that might occur if durability gets rebuildable, like no one likes to buy ships etc. But i am stacking my favorite setup ship right now, and it feels stupid. When I was able to restack just one dura for the costs of building the same ship again, I would restore the dura. And that only if you are able to craft that type of ship. If it would work this way, people who bought new ships instead of building them themself right now would buy new ships after that change anyway.
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    I beg to differ sir. Though i have to concede not understanding whats being said ever in any of the chats has gotten old, but thats my own fault for sticking with spain, and i dont regret that in the least. RDNN was awesome though, you guys went out of your way to make english the standard language and i really enjoyed my time there. Honestly from the start i just wanted to play a nation that was historically an underdog during the Napoleonic Wars, language and customs were never a barrier to me even in port battles (though it did get me sunk several times). In the end it degrades your ability to gather and react to information that will lead to you getting to where the action is in time to participate. In a game like naval action you need to network and be able to communicate or else you will end up playing the game solo more often than not, and ive had my fill of playing solo.
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    The F buttons (F1, F2, etc) disable gundecks if used while aiming with a particular side. I'm not certain if they divert crew to the other cannons though.
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    Alts provide extra ports, ships, buildings, resources, materials and etc, that a single player would not be able to have. I personally despise alts, even though I wish I had one myself to gain all the doubling extras. However, we cannot ask the devs to cut their income in half (funny) by not allowing alts. We cannot ask devs to force everyone with the same IP address to play same nation, because my child and I wish to play different nations (hypothetically). It is too difficult to prevent alts. Giving one account more, as suggested in OP, means that alt users would simply have more of more. It will not stop them.
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    For your info we gave the Dutch back the land that we took from the Brits down there. We gave back Spanish the ports so they could have 5 min. We gave back a lot more than you know. Than again you where US back than so I would assume you prob don't know what else was going on in the game. Once again your talking about stuff that happen months and months ago and not the current state of the game. How can Dutch give back Tex and LA you don't own them? Ya'll only took there last region. Than again what French are left?
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    Some of those good people I mentioned are BLACK, as I am, that includes you; I´m not complaining about BLACK at all. I understand that I might have gone too far with my comments, but they´re the results of months exposing the flaws in the mechanics and see nothing getting fixed and only new ones continuously being broken, patch after patch while the players continue to leave.
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    Shock horror mabey they have done it to ballance this ridiculous numbers game we have from the alliances. Since when is using everything at your disposal to help influence the outcome of a battle any different from us brits using our much greater numbers to screen port battles!!! You can't have a game where the entire server only plays within the rules set out by the British nation!!! Surly their actions now enable a greater period of no holds bar war!!!
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    That is just not true. There is a lot you can do in a faster ship against slow ship, especially slow ship with completely fkd sails. I also want to try Connie board to board vs Wappen on his windward side. With Wappen sitting so high above the water heeling away from Connie I want to know how well will it hit the Connie if half of his guns will be shooting air. Connie base armor 65, Wappen 69 only 4 difference. This is not an issue in the close up fight exchange especially with Connie having more bigger guns on board than Wappen and having more HP. For Wappen to remain as maneuverable he has to go with lighter armor (Mahogany). With old pre patch Connie (Live Oak) it has 1000 extra HP than Wappen and if you choose to have Wappen in Live Oak it looses even more turning speed. The ordnance: Connie has 27 hard hitting cannons Wappen has 22 (the rest 12 are 6th class and 9th class and sitting very high so up and close are quite useless and 9th class is just gonna bounce off Connie anyway). So Connie has more firepower by the look of it. Survivability: Wappen is a positioned ship. Once you have committed to the fight it is not up to you if the fight continues or stops. With your speed in Wappen you cant control who you are engaging or disengaging, so you either going to be a slow crawler sailing with a team of taggers or will not catch anything on your own or get ganged instead due not being able to run. Yes it has some strong points, but to say that its OP i dont think so. Connie will always be the one who makes the decision to engage or disengage when meeting Wappen. So will Agamenon.
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    ^ your nation will always be very friendly to you, but other nations not always true... or certain individuals...
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    Amazing that people can come out on the other side of this issue. It's becoming more and more apparent that the driving force behind this community is spite. Read my post. A merchant ship with no cargo and no ballast can't sail anywhere fast.
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    Please no, even though I am UTC-6, the Unified Server Time for Events helps coordination between different timezones. Or, give the option to be able to have it display as local time, but by default give it the Server Time (or maybe display both?)
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    How about instead of nerfing the Agggy why don't the Connie get some of it's old stats back?
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    This! This is a problem. If you have access to the Agamemnon, there is almost no reason to use a constitution. Although the Agamemnon's turn rate is a little bit slower than the constitution's, I think the Agamemnon needs a pretty substantial nerf to bring it in line with connies and ingermanlands. 4th rate port battles are now Agamemnon spams.
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    I both love and hate you for posting this... Next time we'll prepare better for line-ship biffo. Mt speed Bellona didnt stand much of a chance against thos Bucs... Super-fun fight though.
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    Its Brits v US in "The Colony Wars", an arranged love-biffo between alliance partners who have fallen out of alliance due to stoopid mechanics...what best to do....have a scrap. o7 Murica.
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    Well. At least empty supply carts can be used to bait the enemy, if you want to be really cheesy since losing the supply cart doesn't count against your manpower at the end of combat.
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    Crank it up to 25K after Shiloh and just leave it there. Nothing worse than empty supply carts.
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    Not exactly. The USA and Dutch took the French back to just one region.... I would not call that leaving France alone. Even after hollow promises to not take French regions, the Dutch took the last one anyway. I hope they enjoyed their one-sided PB...
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    It acts as a deterrent to gameplay. Since you are blind to whether the enemy player ever had cargo or not, it just leads to pointless frustration. Loss is same for the trader either way, so allowing this does nothing but hurt gameplay for one party (and that's why players like it: they will always chose an "I lose, you lose" strategy if available). The proposal to disallow cargo deletion while tagged is very good.
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    If you run out your units will fire at 1/3 the rate of normal indefinitely.
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    I was hit 3 to 1 outside of La Navasse, severely outgunned, and just refused to go down without a fight. The enemy very graciously offered to let me go once it was clear I'd lose the fight, an offer I answered with more grapeshot. There were salutes all around when I sank, and it turned what could have been a salty incident into something that built respect despite our national rivalry.
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    Why just pvp2? Why not also on pvp1? Like has been proposed several times, we need a system that has several events over a 24 hour time span so that everyone can get involved. Then, we will also have more content, more to do, and maybe people will stick around longer.
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    Helping Greatlordd level up in the shallows and came across some other players for some quick PvP
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    I'm not sure this is the best place to post this but the Facebook game Ocean wars is using a video of gameplay from Naval Action to try and sell their game in a sponsored facebook post. They have also done this to Tempest previously. I believe this is copyright infringement. People have been pointing it out in the comments that the game isn't ocean wars and the assets are from Naval action. I tried to copy the video link but it just went directly to signing up for their game, which caused me to lose the video all together, so apologies but I have no visual evidence, I will keep an eye out for it happening again. I have spent the last hour or so trying to find the post again, but Ocean wars seem to hide their adverts unless they pop as a sponsored post directly. I Hope this Helps, Merry Christmas to the team.
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    Why on hell would you restrict a PVP player on hardcore PVP server from atacking each other even if they are in alliance or from the same nation or from the same clan? The problem in this so called sandbox game is that it restricts you from being your character. While players need to be in charge of their own decisions and face the consequences for inappropriate actions
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    Тут просто нужно понимать одно. В данном случае нельзя принимать одно из сторон торговец\ганкер. Почему шансы капитана свалить на торгаше должны уризаться магией если он потратил кучу времени и снарядил быстрый корабль, а не просто купил зеленый в магазе? Тут должна быть система из разряда "на каждую хитрую опу..." . А конкретнее все ведь должны понимать что на Тринике не догнать Ле Грос в бейдевинд. Значит для этих целей нужно использовать Сюрприз. Для захвата Индиамана лучше подойдут Триник или Конста. Нельзя просто сесть на один корабль и нагибать) Единственное что сейчас несколько перемудрено, так это кормовые лазеры. Точность ретирадных и погонных должна быть одинаковой. Для чеговообще сдалали ретирадные такими точными?
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    I think that the alliance system should remain. I think that it needs to be tweaked though so that you can renew an alliance before it has expired (so as to avoid the week long cool down period). (I was actually under the impression that this had been fixed before, but apparently it had not). The constant situation every 3 weeks of the US falling out of alliance for a week with the British, and then falling out the next week with the Dutch is annoying.
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    Or you will face the fury of our particular Cato here present MULTIPLAYER DELENDA EST PD BTW I agree him in that at least independent battles must be able to be played versus player .... and advice developers to do so if only for gain selling number discouraging piracy copies
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