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    A lot has been said about the greatest docks and shipyards in history, from the ancient shipyards of Athens, Carthage and Rome to the more modern sites of Britain, Spain, France and the Netherlands but none of these has changed the world quite as significantly as the Venetian arsenal. The Venetian Arsenal, first started as a small project of the Venetian state in 1104. Its purpose was to cheaply and efficiently service the state owned Galleys used to protect the interests of Venice's key source of income through trade. The Arsenal grew with the republic to not just become the worlds most impressive shipyard but in general largest industrial complex too. Its importance is paramount to the history of the world and has had a greater effect on your life than you would likely realise. While Venice had a huge amount of shipyards, and was known in its early history For supplying the Crusaders with ships, due to its unique position and ability of craftsmen none even came close to the power or prestige of the Arsenal. During the height of the Arsenal in the 1550s-60s the Shipyard had over 16,000 employees, with over 1200 master shipwrights, 1000 master caulkers and around 100 master oarmakers. Other crafts included foundry workers, sail makers and rope spinners that you would associate with any shipyard. The cost to Venice of the Arsenal during this period was over 150,000 ducats a year, to put this into perspective the Venetians paid around 200,000 ducats for the purchase of the island of Corfu. Resources were drawn for the running of the Arsenal from all over Venice, with timbers being drawn mostly from the woodlands owned by the Facility in the Montello foothills in treviso, this woodland was for exclusive use for the Arsenal. The Arsenal played such an important part of Venetian life time was kept to the clocks of the Arsenal and it took up about 15% the total land space of Venice and being in one of the positions of power with sway in the Arsenal was one of the most prestigious political jobs you could get, especially to become one of the Lords of the Arsenal. The construction of the Arsenal started in 1104 and for a time it remained a small enterprise of the Venetian state. The initial functions were to make a small income for the state and secure the Venetian mercantile fleet a reliable place to come and have repairs done, the owners of the ships would then be able to do what they do best and venture into the world to trade. The original Arsenal saw its first expansion in the 1200s, then for a Further 200 years The arsenal Expanded larger and larger to meet the demands of the Republic, In all there were numerous updating programs and 6 major upgrades during the time of the republic, in response to scale, scope and technological needs. The Main expansions were Formation of the Arsenal Vecchio around 1224-1304, Then in 1304-1322 the main rope manufactury was constructed. In 1325 the first huge expansion happened, the construction of the Arsenal Nuovo, this was the project that lead the Arsenal to really become the powerhouse we see historically, the complex almost tripled in size over the space of a year, bringing huge importance to the Arsenal and making it the largest state enterprise of Venice. The formation of the Arsenal Nuovo was of such significance that the next major upgrade wasn't constructed for over 100 years, when they began work on the section that became known as The Arsenal Nuovoissima, which added another section increasing the complex to twice what it was before, the main need for this expansion was to deal with the increased threat of the growing Ottoman empire, following the fall of Constantinople 20 years previous. The Arsenal then saw the building of a row of sheds splitting off the Arsenal Nuovo and Nuovissima around 1508. The last major upgrades happened in 1535-40 with the expansion of the specialist area specifically designed for constructing Galleass, with the last expansion being in 1620 as part of the continual modernisation process through the 1600s bringing it up to speed with modern technology. The full list of expansions are available here: http://arsenalofvenice.weebly.com/history-of-the-arsenale.html Thanks to the continual investment, improvements and concentration of resources the Arsenal prospered with the Venetian Lagoon allowing the Arsenal to be built in a safe place, away from the potential raids by both land and sea which left it in a rather unique place to expand to its potential away from harm, unlike most of the Venetian shipyards situated on the island of Lido. To amalgamate this geographical safety advantage the Venetian Government completely encircled the Arsenal, safe from any possible aggressive force, and also securely tucked away from prying eyes and spies. The Arsenal became such a huge part of Naval dominance it was copied by Venice's greatest rivals, first the Arsenal at Genoa was constructed, then the Ottomans constructed their own version on the coast of Gallipoli neither of which really managed the same level of prestige that can be attributed to the Arsenal of Venice. The Arsenal was even mentioned in Dante's inferno. The Arsenal was set up in a system that used dry and wet sheds to ultimately construct multiple vessels at a time at its height The Arsenal was allegedly able to construct a ship a day, but this is largely due to the way the Shipyard used interchangeable and standardised parts, which was one of the major technologies it gave the world, it was practising this method as early as the 1350s. The arsenal often contained the parts to fully construct between 100-200 ships at any time, although a large portion of these parts were kept as spares for existing ship maintenance. A more realistic estimate would be that during peak operations the Shipyard could produce a completely new ship from scratch in between 1-2 weeks. While other major shipyards like the ones in Chatham and Portsmouth would struggle to see a new ship sooner than 6 months, showing the staggering production capacity of the Arsenal. To put it into further context the peak production of the Arsenal in the 1550-60s wasn't ever reached in the pre industrial period and was only eclipsed by the great factories during the industrial revolution, with no shipyard on the planet meeting a higher output until 1909. When it comes to ships, the some of major contributions of the Arsenal include: The Light Galley of the 1350s The War Galley of 1486 The Galleon The Scaloccio of the 1500s. The Quinquereme resurrection in 1524 The Lepanto Galeass 1560s The Galleass of 1654 (The first scientifically designed ship of the modern period) The Galleass of 1690 San Lorenzo Zustinian Class 1690 Leon Trionfante Class 1716 The Ultimate Galleass 1724 The 1780 Fregata Grossa (The first real Battle Cruiser, Improved to form the Fama Class) Cerere Class (which then resulted in the 44 cannoni Class) The Galleass of 1654 is particularly important. The increased pressure from the Ottoman Empire forced Venice to start thinking more technologically to maintain its sea advantage against the much larger and more resourceful Turks. This pressure forced the Venetians into looking more scientifically at the developments of ships in the ancient world, most notably the Quinqueremes of Rome, Egypt and Carthage. This lead onto technical arrangements of rowing benches but also spurred investigations to lines and theories of ancient maritime warfare. This was combined with the new developments during the renaissance and contemporary sciences. This work was undertaken by some big names in Venetian Maritime history, the most well known of which is Galileo, who completed his apprenticeship in naval architecture in the closing stages of the 17th Century, Galileo maintained friendship and worked closely with his friends who later became prominent Lords of the Arsenal, together their work resulted in the Galeass of 1654, which was so groundbreaking the design wasn't really topped until the Ultimate Galleass of 1724. This work also laid the foundations for the French architects of the 18th century who continued where the Venetians left off, using the same methods to construct their Atlantic fleets, although Venetians still kept their huge advantage when it came to Galleys. While Venice constructed its first Atlantic style ship of the line in 1666 they were playing catch up, 24 years Later they Launched the San Lorenzo Zustinian, which was a return to form at the top table of naval design. After San Lorenzo Zustinian The Arsenal's lowered resources from the decline of the Venetian Empire started to show, while still significant in Galeass design the time of galleys had mostly passed and No significant designs really appeared until Angelo Emo's reforms which changed the focus of Venetian design to hard hitting shock ships, this resulted in a focus on two fairly open ratings of ships Fregata Grossa and Fregata Leggara, Fregata Leggara was filled with heavy corvettes, the largest of which was armed with 34 guns although The Fregata Grossa rating is potentially more interesting, started by the 1780 class but what really made it was the ship La Fama, Angelo Emo's flag ship. These ships were the fantastic swan songs of Venice they worked in a similar way as the frigates of 100 years later, and took the same combat role as the modern Battle Cruiser. A List of some of the other Advancements Venetian Arsenal gives us are: The Bombard Cannon Standardised Interchangeable Parts The Production Line The Basis for Modern Ballistics The Birth of Modern Science Social Security Division and specialisation of Labour A basis for modern trade The modern State Navy If anyone wants to know more I will gladly talk more, especially about specific details. Thank you for Reading
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    So there I was- sailing in a pretty, brand-new Essex (dubbed HMS Black Prince) after a really fun mission near Savanna La Mar. I felt pretty great; confidently sunk an AI trinco with minimal damage sustained. However, as I sipped at my tea, I noticed something unusual! Two pirate Privateers, bearing down upon me! Bah; how dare two little schooners attack a great frigate like me! Should be easy, right? Well, it turns out I'm a total idiot. After a grueling hour of getting the "death from a thousand cuts" treatment to my rigging, I finally managed to actually hit the little buggers. (Kudos to Hethwill and his mate for a damn fine job managing their rigging so that a 20 shot broadside at close range would totally miss half of the time). But I was in a rough state and tired from the hour of dancing around and getting owned by two privateers. So I turned tail and slowly tore down their sails to the point we both went "meh". Now every bloody sailor and officer in Kingston-Port Royal has apparently been mocking my foolery! I heard this in a tavern yesterday, and now my crew's even muttering it as they work right under my nose. Bravely bold Captain Hammond, Sailed forth from Carsile He was not afraid to die Oh, brave Captain Hammond, He was not at all afraid To be killed in nasty ways Brave, brave, brave, brave Captain Hammond He was not in the least bit scared To be mashed into a pulp Or to have his rudder gouged out And his morale broken To have his sails torn And his ship burned away And his gun crews all hacked and mangled Brave Captain Hammond! "That's... that's enough music for now, lads." Brave Captain Hammond ran away Bravely ran away away When privaters reared their ugly heads, He bravely turned his tail and fled Yes, brave Captain Hammond came about And gallantly he scurried out Bravely taking to the rigging He beat a very brave retreat Bravest of the brave, Sir Robin!
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    There needs to be something done to get the majority of players to leave port other than for port battles. I realize that once you max out there isnt enough of a carrot to get you to go out looking for fights and the bulk of players under max level simply stay by the capitals doing missions and running from pvp. Hpw can players be convinced to "go outside and play" ? Well bottles and the chance at a gold drop helps some but its still just one guy in a lynx avoiding pvp. So why not have pvp missions that call for sinking of x amount of enemy players from a faction you are at war with. This would A , get enemies to actually fight in something other than mosh pit port battles and B make pirates a constant target since they are allways enemies. Instead of xp and gold you will get rewarded with upgrade/labor contract/craft notes or even BP on ultra rare drop. It would all be RNG but the chance is there for good drops. Of course players will farm thier alts etc so there would have to be a 1 kill on a player per mission so you have to kill,cap,or surrender different players each time. I dont think that gank squads will be an issue either because if lots of players are doing these pvp missions then they will bump into each others ganking groups and fight it out plus if 20 guys jump 1 player 19 of them will get nothing so hopefully player selfishness will encourage more equal sized battles. If just collecting bottles and fish got players more active this could do the same .
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    I'll note that I have unhidden posts and threads, and even apologized for hiding posts when I was asked, respectfully via PM, why I did so (and often when the Captain also provided his logic as to why the post/thread shouldn't have been hidden). Sometimes a post gets caught up in a mass-hide to get the thread under control, and sometimes the post is on-topic enough that after reviewing the hide, we might unhide it. We're nice people, come to us respectfully and ask questions and we're happy to answer them. We may not always turn around and change our action to your satisfaction, but we will listen.
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    Hello everyone Moderators are all volunteers. They are helping us a lot and have proven themselves to the community over time. We allow players to express if they are unhappy with moderation here. Of course everyone can make mistakes. Which are usually and quickly corrected especially if you contact them in pm in a friendly manner. But if there are big differences in opinions, players will usually have to come to understanding with moderators. Not vice versa.
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    I have noticed that several posts between nations were made using google translate. I offer my services to translate between English, French & Polish ( having lived in each of those countries for years as well as down under, among others.), be it in writing or live. Just send me a pm. i also encourage anyone else to offer their translation services in here. It may avoid your offer of cease-fire being wrongly translated as an offer to put a port on fire.
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    05.09.2016 (prev) captured / owned ports 90 / 91 - Great Britain 58 / 61 - United States 36 / 37 - España 35 / 36 - Verenigde Provinciën 33 / 34 - Denmark-Norge 29 / 30 - France 29 / 30 - Sverige 11 / 12 - Pirates Top 3 Lord Protector 20 - sveno 13 - HMCS Warrior 10 - Gooneybird Top 3 defend time 18-20 - 103 ports 20-22 - 45 ports 02-04 - 44 ports Resources available to a nation *if this post get 6 likes until 11.09.2016 then i will publish next report
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    Good job. Your 8 ships beat their 5... I have a screenshot of us beating SORRY outnumbered last night but I didnt feel the need to post it....
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    Dear brothers, I, Inocencio Botijo, Metropolitan Archbishop of Havana, have to make a confession to all of you. I have been at times offensive, outrageous and intolerant. I have been a bigot and an extremist, I have threatened all captains from other nations with torment, incineration and eternal damnation. I have consciously walked along the thin line of what is tolerable and what is not, mea culpa. And I have never run into trouble with the administrators or moderators of this forum, who know perfectly well the difference between healthy and fun roleplay, and toxic behaviour. I really enjoy this forum, writing on it and reading the postings of other members, and I have enjoyed greatly the works of lots of brilliant people posting here. The role of moderator is never easy and I believe they are doing an excellent job. Thanks to all of them. However. If any of them EVER dares to try to censor my writings or my person, the ultimate religious and moral authority in the Caribbean, representative of His Holiness the Pope and God himself in these lands, they shall face a swift investigation and slow interrogation in the basement of the Archbishopric Palace in Havana, in the hands of my devoted Inquisition officers, most likely to culminate in a nice Auto da Fe, slowly roasting in the fire feed with the wood from the captured ships of the enemies of our Lord, the King of Spain, and by extension, the enemies of God and the Holy Mother Catholic Church. Recive my blessings in nomine Patri, et Filii, et Spiritu Sancto. Amen
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    Muy buenos dias, senores capitanes, and that's where my Castellano ends, pretty much. I'm German, with good English and poor Spanish skills, playing in an alemanohablante clan for the Spanish Crown. I'd like to point out that essentially, we have two communication scenarios that we need to sort out as a nation if we want to kick some perfidous Albion (or whatever) backside. (1) One is the strategic level, where port attacks are planned, attack responses are organised etc. Let's call this: open-world communications. As far as I can see, this is based largely on the 'Nation' chat and the Spanish TS. I think this is where we can improve a lot by establishing some sort of clan delegate system, where officers who speak Spanish and another language act as representatives (bottom-up) of their clans and relay decisions/commands (top-down). I'm saying this because my clan has two Spanish-and-German speakers who fill this role and it works quite well. More of this = more controlled Spanish power projection where it hurts. (2) On the other hand: we need tactical 3C (command, control, communication) in battles. Let me submit an approach for discussion: TS will be the method of coordination for Spanish speakers (obviously). I woud ask the Spanish speakers to be aware that there may be non-Spanish-speakers in the battle, and to address them in the chat in English. For us non-Spanish speakers, if we have a bi-lingual in the battle, he should be on the Spanish TS, to relay communications. And really? By now there is a lot of experience in the game, so I think we should be able to get over any critical situations with improvisation and an atittude of "He's not stupid just because he doesn't speak my language". At the end of the day, my perceptions are: Yes, there is a language barrier. And: with a bit of good will, grown-up behaviour and some volunteers stepping forward, I'm quite sure we'll be able to handle both levels, For the good of El Rey Nuestro Senor. Hasta el proximo, Don Cristobal Sotavento
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    Do we be haven any plans wot for sailors to get better, the longer they be alive? I think that would "be neat" as lil Willy puts it! How it would work. Ye hire green crewmen, but over time the become more competent and efficient! When they die… that experience is lost. Then ye must hire more green crew as replacements. My two doubloons.
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    I'm surprised you could get through a post without ranting about 'carebears'.
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    Owned ports (28.03.2016 - 05.09.2016) click on image for detailed information
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    LOL. What is it lately with people getting "offended" that armed ships are attacking traders?? I had two people call me a "noob" yesterday because I had the audacity to attack an unarmed trader.... I mean, have these people never heard of the historical aspect of raiding trade? Not to mention if you cant escape a Renomee with a fore/aft rigged vessel, you kinda deserve to get taken. Its so ridiculous.
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    BR is a broken mechanic at the moment. devs wont hotfix so wait for a big patch to deal with it. Basically AI fleets suck and cause BR issues
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    It was explained above by Skully. Travel speed in the open world is far higher than travel time in a battle instance. A 5 minute timer allows ships that are hundreds of miles away to come to, and participate in the battle. If you dropped those same ships in the battle in the same spot they were in when the battle started, minus distance traveled at battle speeds instead of OW speeds, they wouldn't even be able to see the participants, let alone reach the battle originators before it was all said and done - hence the 2min timer. 2 minutes is basically visible range of the battle. 2 minutes allows both attacker and defender to have an immediate and clear idea of who can actually participate in the battle. Timers used to be 10 minutes. You could get attacked, yell for help over the magical TS, and have half your clan show up to help. That's not the flavor of the period being represented at all, where a Captain had the resources that were in his immediate vicinity to use against the enemy. As mentioned above with John Paul Jones, half of the ships in Portsmouth didn't show up to his battle because they could travel at high speeds outside of the bubble he was in - the ships he attacked only had the resources immediately available to them to mount a defense. That said, we're WAY off topic. Please do a search for battle timers. This post is about sitting in a battle screen to avoid the enemies outside of your battle (which should never have been there in the first place).
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    Jeheil, we can help you evacuate your ships out of Pampatar for a small fee and your word that you will use them against us in a Port Battle. Payment accepted upon delivery.
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    Продолжаем терроризировать шведов , хоть вероятность победы 1 к 100 а враги превосходят нас по силе в разы мы вступаем в бой!!! До конца боя остается 15 минут шведы бегут в страхе 1 бука убит, второй в хлам побитый боится подойти, павел после лечки бежит аж пятки сверкают.В итоге бросают вику на произвол судьбы. И вот она сладкая ПОБЕДА!!!
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    It wont change anything, there will just be a new 'best' for each battle. Either 15 Ingers or 25 trincs (or whatever combination) BR limits don't work, create incentives to vary the fleet you are bringing. The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 25 The ships the defender will have in current situation: 1st rates 25 How do port battles look currently? So, let’s look at the goals in the ideal port battle. The inherent goal of the attacker is: Attacking the fortifications Taking the capture zones Destroying the defenders The inherent goal of the defender is: Defend the fortifications (optional) Defending the capture zones Destroying the attackers What features are in the port battle: Heavier fortifications Capture zones The raiding of resources (Only in raid battle, see end of post) Land in battles, including shallows. How does this look like in the battle itself? Land is green, shallows are lighter blue When including the fortifications and capture zones: Red circles indicate the zones, the yellow squares the fortifications So, what does this to the fleet composition? Fortifications -> Attackers will bring mortar brigs -> defender will bring frigates to attack mortar brigs-> attacker will bring frigates for defending the mortar brigs. Shallows -> Deep drafted ships can only operate in certain areas -> the usage of shallower draft ships. So, what does the fortification do to the fleet composition? The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 17 Frigates 5 Mortar brigs 3 The ships the defender will have in current situation: 1st rates 18 Frigates 7 When shallows are taken into the calculation, the usage of 4th rates and 3rd rates will increase. The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 10 3rd/4th rates 7 Frigates 5 Mortar brigs 3 The ships the defender will have in current situation: 1st rates 12 3rd/4th rates 6 Frigates 7 When raiding of resources is also taken into account, this will result in the following: The ships the attacker will have in current situation: 1st rates 10 3rd/4th rates 6 Frigates 4 Indiamen 3 Mortar brigs 2 The end result is a very tactical approach to a currently linear engagement. The attacker can position himself for the most optimal appoach, whilst the defender is incentivized to sally with the frigs to take down the MB's. Also the fleetcomposition plays a massive role in the strength in battle, no longer will 1st rate on dominate.The whole cat-mouse game starts there and then. For more extensive and detailed proposition regarding the draft of ships in this game, look here: http://forum.game-la...pshallow-ports/ Which would create a detailed spectrum in which PB can be split. Certain ports will allow up to 6, certain to 8, some to 5,5, others to 4. Not only will this diverse how ports are spread across the map, it will also create interesting combinations and even more variety besides the earlier described diversity incentive.
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    Based on ongoing abuse of the automated damage system, and due to recent changes in mechanics on who may attack whom, the following rule is now adopted: This rule has been posted in the official rules thread: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2346-forum-and-sea-trials-rules All Captains are required to follow the posted rules at all times in game. Thank you.
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    A suggestion: Three of the indicators in the battle screen are horizontal: the cannons, one's own life, and enemy's life. I would strongly suggest that all three of these indicators be set perpendicular, so that captains need not do mental gymnastics to translate which cannons are loaded, which side they need to defend, or which side of an enemy they need to attack. I've asked around our quite large guild and this seems to be a very common opinion. Many thanks! Sturmherold
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    Hey Captain, based on your forum name, I'm guessing you can also translate into Klingon?
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    Maybe when we get a crafting officer this would be a good thing for him?
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    Sorry but i have to disagree with you.. this might be your point of you.. How do you want dev to have feedback and ideas if you cut off all humans interactions.. players that disagree need to "think" and light offtopic may help to find a way to understand what a players is trying to explain. I don't think that it's a good thing to moderate a post that talk about the way you actually moderate post (that may seem a bit unfair). This is only the way i feel the actual forum is moderated.
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    The prior rule was that, unless they were the same nation and intentionally hindering you in your fight, it STILL WAS NOT LEGAL TO FIRE ON A GREEN SHIP INTENTIONALLY. DesMoines has been warned under the new rule because, after his first intentional violation, he did it again just a short time later. We were originally discussing an immediate XP reset for him for his inability to follow the rules - Admin chose to warn him under the new system instead. DesMoines may choose - take his warning under the new rule, or take his XP reset under the old rules. I'll be waiting for his decision. GET BACK ON TOPIC. The constant Off Topic chatter will not be tolerated further. Falls under the same approach - both parties agreed to the damage to further their fight. As with scuttling, get proof prior to opening fire.
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    Sir, Your defense use of wind was noteworthy after the beach started to get dangerously close for your safety. I commend you for much better play than most of the Royal Navy post officers. The Naval Academy standards is rushing them to the meat grinder using undercrewed ships, having no idea of manual and especially no idea how all ships, including schooners, work. I urge you to press the higher offices to really train your Navy and Maritime trade officers properly. ~ much respect ~ the sea rovers PG Monkey Hethwill
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    There's a famous actual historical exploit where a British commander sailed a small ship so close to a Spanish frigate that she could not hit his hull: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_of_6_May_1801
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    Ганкер-торгаш пытался ганкнуть адмирала-торгаша, Мы нашли друг друга
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    Si. queridos hijos, estamos muy ocupados rezando, pero no el Ángelus. Rezamos por vuestras negras almas maledicentes. La Santa Hermandad está trabajando al máximo para poder cumplir con las ingentes tareas encomendadas, bajo la mano férrea de su Comandante en Jefe, Don Príamo-Príapo. Desafortunadamente, como sabéis ni los herejes holandeses, los pérfidos ingleses ni los rebeldes paganos de las antiguas colonias inglesas al norte de la Florida nos mandan una bonita carta para anunciar sus ataques y, al contrario que los gloriosos ataques planificados de antemano y brillantemente ejecutados por vuesas mercedes, a veces es difícil mobilizar de manera improvisada una fuerza sustancial para la defensa de la zona asignada. Añadiendo a esto las frecuentes visitas de corsarios de todas estas naciones enemigas de nuestro Rey a las aguas de Robras, Corrientes, Baja, Habana y Matanzas, que complican aún más las operaciones. Pero mis valientes guerreros no se quejan, y aguantan estóicos las críticas y mofas que se vierten en este foro, porque cuentan con la templanza y coraje necesarios para centrarse en lo importante, que es darles lo suyo a los enemigos de España, sin duda alguna, divinamente inspirada. Así que, menos risas y cachondeo, no vayais a despertar el interés del Santo Oficio para que se ponga a hurgar en vuestros trapos sucios, que a lo mejor encontramos algún abuelo marrano o hereje, y acabáis oliendo a chamusquina. Mientras tanto, bendigo todas vuestras acciones de guerra, gloriosas batallas, victorias y cada barco hereje hundido o capturado, in nomine Patri, et Filii, et Spiritu Sancto, AMEN.
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    Hi folks, I just want to say that I have noticed an improvement on moderators behaviour and specially Henry's one. Im glad to see that what I said was not only heared but taken into consideration, thank you guys and I hope everything goes better in the future. Pd: i not only complain GL&HF
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    vengeance for what? he even didn't kill u. so, what are you talking about? In most cases, glueing AI fleet saves a trader from being ganked. btw i love this state of mind 1v1 omg this dishonoured ***, killed me 1v X (x between 4 and 10 or even more) haha, now I kill u, why are u running away like a little girl. fight like a real man. coward!!1111111
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    If you had read them carefully you would have stumbled across this: "Rule set will be updated regularly. If a situation is not covered here, post the case in the Tribunal forum"
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    (Annotation for the tournament: For the tournament and why only carronades have won, there are many reasons. Main reason for that is the limited space and the very limited time which makes any strategy but going full in with carronades obsolete. Things would be different if the timer was 1,5h. And also you need to take player skill into consideration. When brawling with carronades you dont have to be as good as when brawling with longs. ) Now back to the values. Ok, you got me, im going into more detail I will use the Trinc as example here, you can use any ship you want though. A teak trinc has a thickness (T) of 60 A trincs masts have a thickness of 105 Cannons vs masts: The 9pd longs have a max pen of 95 at 25 meters, so they will NEVER penetrate a trincs masts. So for shooting masts you might aswell just F1 them, since they dont do anything at all. 0 Damage (That includes the chasers ofc) The 18pd longs have a pen of 107 at 100m and 99 at at 200m so with half your cannons, you will do damage to the enemys masts at around 130m The 32pd carronades have a pen of 107 at 200m and a pen of 96 at 300m. So with the carronades you will do damage to masts at around 220m. Conclusion: 9pd L = 0 18pd L = 130m 32pd C = 220m With carronades you can demast your enemy from longer distance than you can with longs. Cannons vs Hull: Again looking at the values, a trinc has 60T. That means that at a 90° Angle shots that come in straight will need 60 pen to do damage. So we will look at the straight values first before we make it all way more complicated 9pd L have 62 Pen at 400m 18pd L have 69 pen at 600m so they will probably pen at like 700m 32pd C have 67 pen at 600m so they can pen at like 650m (Yes, i know Carronades probably wont hit anything at 650m) Ok, dont stone me jet, since the numbers raw like this are decieving. Now we add Angle into the consideration (Not jet heel, hull shape and flightcurve) At a 45° Angle the trinc will alrdy have 84T. 9pd L pen at 110m 18pd L pen at 380m 32pd C pen at 400m Here you see that at a 45° angle the effective gun range of Carronades is higher than the effective gun range of longs. But again these numbers are decieving. Now it's where it becomes too complicated for me to explain, but basically you need to look at the angle at which the ball hits the side. Since carronades have a totally different flight curve than longs they will hit at a different angle than longs will. that has advantages and disadvantages in regards to hull shapes and heeling. Basically, when you want to take less damage at longer range from a carronade you need to try to heel towards the enemy, that will increase your armor because it increases the angle at which the ball hits. Same goes for longs, but they have a much straighter flight curve. That means that for all the m values, you probably have to subtract at least 100m from the pen range because of heeling and so on. (I know this last part is a very rough "calculation", but it's the best i can do right now, since there are too many factors to evaluate) Conclusion: ONLY at a range of 500m at a 90° shooting angle will one deck of longs be more efficient than carronades. Once the enemy slightly turns, you wont do any damage anymore. Then you need to get into closer range that you can pen with longs and at steeper angles carronades will just outpen you due to their higher pen. Not to say that ofc at close range you will just get out dps'd. Carronades care way less about Angles than longs. Over all Conclusion: 1: You cannot win a demasting war vs carronades 2: There is a very slim window at around 500m and 90° Angle where the 18pd longs will have the advantage over 32pd carronades. 3 : Once the enemy angles to 45° and more the carronades have the advantage again. (And this is only talking pen-wise, not damage) I've alrdy said what my suggestion would be in the posts above, but basically the values need to be adjusted, so that longs actually can be used at longer range than the carronades which are supposed to be a short range weapon. Because 0 damage from not hitting or 0 damage from not penetrating is actually the same (To jodgi, Yes, ofc you can desail them, cripple them and then sternrake them. That's still very much possible in a 1vs1 i totally aggree with you. Considering it's not that close spawn madness that we have in the duel room. It only takes a huge amount of time and patience to kill 1 equally sized ship. Especially if he just refuses to rep sails and only reps sails once you get in close to finish him. Once you get into a group fighting position its totally different since you have to get into the fireing range of one carronade enemy to do the decrewing and boarding and during that time you will get wrecked by the carronades.) Last thing: Let's not forget that reload thing! Cannons shouldnt reload faster than you can make a 180 turn with the wind. That makes turning obsolete because you can 2:1 someone by just sailing straight.
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    Thank you for your time, really apprechiate it. As far as I can see it the problem occours only if a pirate wants to join an already started battle with a national-smuggler involved. I got two proposals to this issue: 1) Disable the Smugglerflag for Warships and only make it only available if you are rocking a trader ( for not switching to warships in enemy port, the flag has to be disabled prior selling the trader you are on or switching to warships) 2) Dont handle the smugglers in battle same as the pirate nation. Allies should be able to join allies, "not at war/not at peace" should be able to join each other, factions at war should not be able to join each other, pirates should be able to join anyone Good thing you arent, because i really dont think this is a "waste of time" and dont think you really get the key point - same rules for everyone. The tribunal uncovered two issues: Intentional green on green and the smuggler issue. The latter i wasnt aware of myself till this encounter. Imo we have comparative "easy" solutions for this as for the smuggler issue see the above. But agreed give the devs some time to figure this out. "If you are in battle, and a green player in that battle begins to intentionally damage you, put it into Tribunal.[...]" The key word is intentional. Exploding in the enemy fleet is not even green on green, sinking your ship intentionally is not green on green either. Only if you intentionally explode in your own fleet that would be considered green on green and could be brought to tribunal. Edit: I actually misunderstood you there. But as Henry states later on its all about whether somebody brings it to tribunal or not. No plaintiff, no judge.
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    I'd come up with a scheme for this some time ago, kind of modeled on Silent Hunter Online. It served two purposes - 1. providing a fun way to make a small boost to performance with experienced crew, 2. to make crew valuable, and not something you threw away willy nilly. Crew now costing money has taken care of #2, but #1 is still there.
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    There won't be one. One of the terms of purchasing the game is that you will follow the rules when utilizing the shared servers. Failure to honor the terms by which you purchased the game does not entitle you to a refund. This is covered in the EULA and TOS.
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    trinco conny conny vs ocean bellona trinco inger surprise victory
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    Congratulations Jeheil, heres a sub for your 1000 subs
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    Hi captains (and hopefully Devs) Time ago PB were modified to fit into one of three categories , trying to gain variety to the collection of ships we use on those battles. While it is true that these battles become a bit more entertaining, the number of variants are equally limited, as practically everyone tends to use the same ship - allegedly the most more useful in each category, 1st rates for RC, 4th (inger) for Deep ports and mercury for Shallows - so in practice only 5 or 6 ships types at most are used...making port battles somewhat dull as two mirrored fleets competes in doing the most damage. Those of us being here from Sea trials, on those big battles were surprises were fighting alongside Victories and Santissimas, remenber for sure how much fun they were.... partly by ships variety allowing mixed strategies...ships of the line were pounding their linear formations, while forces of frigates tried to position themselves in the enemy´s rear...or trying to screen their own lines from their enemy counterparts. In the spirit of bringing back those times, I ask for a BR total limit being assigned to each of the three port battle types. Each sides would try to max his forces with two variables, number of captains (up to the 25 limit) and BR "weight" to maximizes their probabilities. This change would have the added advantage of equalizing battles for low-population nations/timerzone, as 15 captains would have a greater chance against 25 in ships totalling same BR than in same ships (as currently). ----------------------------------------------------------- Thanks Eishen for help me with the traduction and for add some ideas
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    That's exactly how our clan is preparing. Trouble for large nations who burned their bridges with us. They will be wishing the under the table alliance existed. Mwahahaha (insert sinister laugh)
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    bis jetzt wurde ich nicht mehr rausgeworfen, hier und da gibt es kurze ruckler, aber es läuft wesentlich besser
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    Historicly... Not every captain was able to get a SOL, US navy was lacking of a useful number (5 till 1820)of SOLs, Pyrates were runing shoners and briggs, Historicly we dont have a TIC TAC TOE game for deciding a Boarding engagement, Historicly Ships have Acclreation based turning, Historicly History was written by the winner. I hope you see the problem with an argument about Historicly stuff Think about it as Game, and as a Gamemechanic, making SOLs a more rare view is inportand for the later game economie and PBs or Regional contesting, you should not be able to dish out SOLs like the US navy dished a Cleveland cruiser after another (i think there were 60 Cleveland cruisers made during the war) Loosing a SOL should hurt, economical AND in military strenght, so giving the troopstrenght of a nation a Tatic value instead of having a throwawayship. in the current game, nobody is crying then he looses his powerful 1strate, but at the sametime less experienced player are to afraid to take em out because a evil pyrate comes up and sternrake it to oblivion (oh acclerate based turning niom nom nom) AND THIS SHOULD CHANGE. Limiting a ships per player is a way, but that would give bigger nations a higher advantage to others, an diffrent aspect is to limit them by nation, also you need prove that you are a captain that would be able to use it first before get one, But dont ask me how you should do that, maybe depending on some statistics,scoreboard or such. Another way is limiting BR per PB. If you have lets say 7000 max BR to fill then you cant put only 1strates in it well you might but you would be outnumbered by 3rdrates, You can have 3 times more Ingermanlands then 1strates in a battel with that Br limit. a BR limit would mix up the whole PB and gives also frigatecaptains the opertunity to be in a PB and wreck a bigger ship.
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    This has been debated and answered ad nauseum on the forums. Further, the new system will change the entire way port battles are timed. Locking as no longer relevant given the new conquest mechanics that are on the way. OP is reminded that further foul language outbursts of this nature will result in a more serious response from the moderation staff.
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    Мне с сундука выпал сеалед боттле и банка с краской на ниагару, я счастлив, всех друзей приглашу обязательно зайти в игру к следующему инвенту, они с радостью не пожалеют весь день и помогут пройти такой занимательный, приключенческий насыщенный событиями квест, к тому же с такими неординарными и полезными плюшками что падают с заветных сундучков) я представляю сколько сил было приложено разработчиками чтобы написать такие сложные скрипты, многочасовые диалоги персонажей, здесь поработала целая дизайнерская команда над прорисовкой испанского золотого галеона и сопровождающих его кораблей)
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    I must admit that recently I just turn fishing off when in OW. Bottles have been more disappointing than rewarding and that from the beginning of fishing (besides the fact that it took forever to get even 4-5 bottles in the end). I like to play the game, however sailing for hours across the whole map is not as entertaining as the other aspects of the game (battles, crafting, etc...) At least I got some gold upgrades at one time but since that's over I have turned fishing off. That way I don't get side tracked and I can keep playing the more rewarding and fun parts of the game. The thing that turned me off the most was the huge commute with no action. If only I had been intercepted by someone on the way, at least that might have made it more fun. If I ever pick a bottle again I might just give the position of my wreck as bait on global chat and see if anyone shows up and fight me for the loot. Best case I might cap their boat too and make the whole trip worthwhile, at worst I loose a ship and get a good fight on my hands which is fine too. I'm always happy to learn from a better captain.
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