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    History Fama was the flagship of the last great Admiral of the Venetian Republic Angelo Emo, who captained the ship during his continuous missions hunting down Barbary pirate including the siege of Tunis in 1785. Angelo Praised Fama for her considerable speed and agility naming the ship as comfortably the best Venice had. The plans for Fama were drawn up in 1782 and 6 ships were laid, of which 5 were completed she was constructed in the Venetian Arsenal by Giovanni Domenico Giacomazzi, who was considered the best venetian shipwright in of his time and built accordingly the "ad ordinata doppia" system which was implement in 1780 by Angelo Emo who after studying the construction techniques used by the English and the French, hoped to match them or even surpass them. Fama herself spent most of her career in active service, either stationed off of Corfu with the main detachment of the Venetian navy, ready to face threats from threats to the mouth of the Adriatic by the Ottomans or other hostile nations or spent hunting Pirates over the Mediterranean or Barbary Coast. Fama was captured alongside the rest of the Venetian fleet by Napoleon in 1797 when she was briefly renamed Renomee and then renamed again to Du Blois a month later. After her capture she was sailed to Tulon where she was rearmed with slightly smaller guns to fit French standards to take part in Napoleon's Egyptian expedition where she unfortunately collided with the French flagship "L'Orient", suffering severe damage. Despite her damage she remained to Alexandria and was used as headquarters by General Kleber was later partially sunk to block the entrance into Alexandria, she was then captured by the British and sadly broken up without the French, nor British ever realising her potential as a swift and powerful shock ship or as a strong commerce escort and pirate hunter. The Fama Class were given heavy armaments to match larger capital ships but maintaining the speed, versatility and agility of a frigate, thus the name Fregata Grossa came about, translating to Large Frigate, The ideas behind the Fregata Grossa rated ships were to hit hard and fast, able to set combat to their own advantage the theory was a cross between their contemporary super frigates and modern battlecruisers. They also contain similar thoughts used in the huge super frigates of the later 19th century but obviously without the steam engines to power them. The 6 Ships of the Fama Class were: Fama (1784) Gloria Veneta (1794) Le Stengel (1797) Le Beyrand (1797) Diamante (1797) Unnamed (uncompleted) Fama and Gloria Veneta both served under the Venetian Republic with considerable distinction. The other ships of the class were completed during the French and Austrian Occupation periods. Le Stengal and Beyrand both served briefly in the Napoleonic fleet and were then transferred to Austria as part of the peace deal. Diamante was badly damaged during the French Looting period and was patched up but sailed poorly, to deal with this she was armed from head to toe with 24lb guns and used as a floating battery, later she was repaired and served in the Austrian navy as a troop transport ship. A further Unnamed ship of the class was laid but damaged beyond salvation and was sadly broken up with parts being used to outfit other ships but mostly used as firewood. Fama well represents the Venetian Naval doctrine of the time, Venice continuing to fight with a hybrid fleet of Galeass, Galleys and Frigates, due to the history and nature of what remained of the Venetian Empire. Her outfitting, speed and manoeuvrability made her a great shock ship with a strong punch, able to hunt down pirates and operate well in shallow waters and archipelagos with complex coastlines. She is also incredibly well suited for the calm waters of the Mediterranean and able to produce good speed no matter the wind conditions. She was praised for her sailworthiness by her captains and considered the jewel in the late Venetian Fleet. Details Fama was considered a Secondo Rango Fregata Grossa within the Venetian Fleet, then after she was captured by the French she was reclassified as a 3rd rate, although if she were in the game she would likely be similarly placed as Agamemnon, among the 4th rates. Her measurements are (peidi are the Venetian feet): Total Length: 138 piedi or 48.00 meters Keel: 122 piedi or 42.42 meters Width: 37 piedi or 12.86 meters Draft: 17.5 piedi or 6.08 meters (when under French service: 16 fore, 18ft aft (5.2-5.85m)) Bilge Tip (height between the keel and deck): 28 piedi or 9.73m She was crewed by around 450-500 men, depending on how many sailors Venice could muster at the time. The Venetian state had a continuous issue with raising the appropriate number of men to serve on her navies during the later years of the republic. Fama had similar crew numbers to her contemporary 64s by other navies, however due to her smaller size these men served in even more cramp conditions than was generally experienced by the worlds navies, her officers quarters were equally as confined, especially considering that she was used for most of her career as an admiral's flagship, although these close natured lodgings were something the Venetians were always used to back at home in Venice. She sailed incredibly well and was praised for being hugely fast and agile, giving her the best ability to perform her main tasks, protecting merchant shipping and hunting down pirates. Her performance under sail is fairly well documented, receiving universal commendation from the officers who sailed her. I have not yet found any information about how she heeled, rolled and other similar specifics, as Venice had no sailing queries similar to the Royal Navy. Armaments Fama Carried 66 Guns, and her four chasers, below is a make up of weight and armaments during both the French and Venetian outfitting. She also had the potential to point the two cannons nearest the bow on the main gun deck in a forwards direction to aid the 2 dedicated chase guns situated either side of the foremast and 2 rear facing guns. During Venetian period by Venetian Weight 26 x 40lb (26.5 British pounds) (12.04 kg) 26 x 30lb (20 British pounds) (9.03 kg) 14 x 14lb (9 British pounds) (4.21 kg) 2x 14lb (9 British lb) Bow Chasers (4.21 kg) 2x 14lb (9 British lb) Stern Chasers (4.21 kg) Broadside Weight = 1008 Venetian Pounds (667.5 British Pounds) (303.4 kg) French Period By French Weight (reduced to a 64) 26 x 24lb (11.74 kg) 26 x 18lb (8.8 kg) 12 x 6lb (2.93 kg) 2 x 6lb Bow Chasers (2.93 kg) 2 x 6lb Stern Chasers (2.93 kg) Broadside Weight = 588 French Pound (634.75 British Pounds) (287.5kg) Plans The most true plans, showing the proper lines of of either La Fama or Gloria Veneta, as said below in a post stating the edit history of this thread. This is the only record showing the proper 66 broadside gun ports, although the plan below does miss her bow chasers. The other plans like with her sister ship Stengel show the correct lines, but sadly show incorrect positioning for the guns on the quarterdeck, the other plans show only 6 guns either side (12 in total) from when she was reduced to a 64 rather than the true build when she had 7 (14), which are shown correctly here. This is a modern reproduction by Guido Ercole, there are a couple of minor mistakes where she is shown having 28 guns, not her proper 26 on both her gun decks, she is also missing a gun on her weather deck. The rest of the reproduction is still accurate, with the sail plan and also shows a nice idea of what she would have looked like painted. Some less detailed plans, most likely showing Stengel, after she has one of her weather deck gun ports removed making her into a 64. Rough Planking and Framing Methods used Art Many Thanks go to Sella22 for letting me use some of his resources, I would really love to see this ship in the game, she would be a fantastic addition. Thank you for Reading.
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    Реально оказались посреди врека 20 человек! Не кто из них не видел врека! Потом некоторых расхватали по боям! Меня так же затянуло в бой! После выхода из боя меня выкидывает из игры, перезахожу, и о чудо врек рядом со мной и он пустой! Спасибо за за очередные 4 часа потраченных в пустую! Опять ни фана, ни сундуков. На следующий ивент можете идти сами! У меня назревает вопрос.Кто-то из админов вообще участвовал в этих ивентах? Такое чувство вы делаете игру, и походу не участвуете в этой массовой тусовке, что бы на себе ощутить тот кайф таких ивентов (3 подряд просранных ивента), тот кайф непробиваемых башен на пб, Такое чувство, что вы на отдельном сервере тестите всю эту мету между собой в 5 человек, но не участвуете в этой ахинеи на глобале, когда человек 300 участвуют и всплывают косяки. Я думаю если бы ощутили на своей шкуре, многое прояснилось для вас
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    Уважаемые господа разработчики, прошу уделить данному посту 3 мин. своего внимания!В данной посте будет конструктив вперемешку со все болью данного эвента. Начну с самого начала. Узнав о патче и его рекомендация, я собрал 30+ своих товарищей за 3 дня до начала эвента, проводил инструктаж, организовывал группы рейтов, сюрпризов и торгашей, кто что делает и т.д. Мы вышли на точку за 5 часов до его начала, приплыв на место, рассредоточили разведку в поисков вреков ( они же должны появится раньше маркера, судя по пачноуту, слухи и все остальное, корабли же тонут раньше чем весть доходит об этом, следственно начали поиск вреков) Когда на 20.00 вреков так и не обнаружили, поняли что они все-таки появятся с маркером, хорошо, ждем. Так получилось что на 21.00 (появился эвент) мы находили прямо В ЦЕНТРЕ этого эвента, и знаете что?Там не было вреков, НИ ОДНОГО, мы плаваем по всему кружку этого маркера, ничего, подлетели другуие нации и все залутали из вреков, которые мы не видим!!! Как итог - мы 5 часов и 2 дня организовывались, оказались прям в точке(что уже неслыханная радость) и НИЧЕГО не получили из за данного бага! Все мои товарищи, которых я привел на эвент, отказались идти на следующий, потому что мы слишком хорошо рассчитали место эвента! Не смешно ли? Сделайте хоть что с этим или введите сундуки в бутылки! И не надо говорить что это наша вина. У меня все, спасибо.
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    Полностью согласен, 5 часов прождать и в полном пролёте. Вреки просто не отображались. Кружили, кружили, и просто нулевой профит.
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    Two hour build up for a 10 minute chest frenzy. I'll say it again -- rare BPs and custom paint jobs should benefit exceptional crafters (and I am not one). Why are they handed out to people who just happen to be bobbing around in the correct grid square on a Saturday afternoon? The port of departure and the intended destination port should be given, with wrecks and crippled ships (that can shoot back) scattered along the route. No markers -- just departure and arrival ports and let the route be guessed. And hand out gold and silver an the odd upgrade mod -- figure out a way to get the BPs and paintjobs to the crafters, not the winners of a crappy rasce.
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    This things were bound to happen.... That is 1st ever tourney made by these guys so you shouldnt expect a perfect event... They will evolve the system and learn on mistakes( hopes are on )... + i find it funny that a lot of ppl are getting really personal. Chill out ... Vent inside be a gentelman outside....
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    So you decided to run the time out by running outside the zone that specifically stops you from running the time out, and so now you are going to quit. The zone is so defenders cant kite the attackers the entire match.
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    The match was opened at 1h 28mins and closed at 43mins that are 45mins fighting time. That seems right to me
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    Hello Vicious, The rules are the rules. If you dont like the rules that is fine, you can complain about the rules all you want but they are there and they are NOT subject to change unless something critical shows up. If you dont like their tactics, that is fine, do something to counter it. The Judges have the final word whether you like it or not. So if you dont like the rules or dont like the judges, feel free to withdraw from the tournament, no one is forcing you to stay here. This event is for PVP, and fun and if you are not having fun, well what is the point in continuing?
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    Уважаемые разработчики, я лично, и надеюсь многие согильдийцы меня поддержат. Прошу Вас разбанить аккаунт нашего доброго друга Сувенира. Я не знаю насколько сильно он провинился, но лично знаю что порой в порыве благого гнева можно наговорить не самых приятных слов. Мы тут все свои и я знаю многих из нас разработчики прощали, возможно даже за большие пригрешения). Всех кто меня поддерживает просьба подписаться за Сувенира С уважением.
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    Вы Вы только представьте , сколько боли в этих строках !
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    This statement is hilarious, coming from a member of the British nation, who conquered half the map with empty PB's
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    The main problem, that judge said time to end, but only in 4 minutes later he changed his mind, and that change gived win to another team.
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    Пора закончить этот цирк! Завтра в 21.00 по МСК, датская сторона должна выдать 3х датских преступников: лидера клана Данве, лидера клана Рднн и...и... и Вито Геновезе. Все трое должны явиться в указанное время на яхтах к водам Мортимера, казнь через ГанБот. Неявка всех троих будет расцениваться как неповиновение, а значит...Война!!! зы. Казнь публичная, Гамовер подготовит стрим, вопрос будет закрыт.
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    Welcome to PvP1, enjoy the chaos.
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    Вы блин серьезно ? Метр оставил заказ на 1 датчанина , даже не от лица РУСов. У вас кто-то поехал его выполнять , его там схватил 1 провавлифшийся РУС , который не смог прочесть надпись во вкладке клан , где написано "ПИРАТСКИЙ КЛАН РУБЛИ НАШИ СОЮЗНИКИ" , в результате он сам же там и отхватил. Вараборн уже сказал , что это было недоразумение 1 лосося , а не преднамеренные действия РУСов. Что вы блин хотите ? Если вы хотите разорвать союз , так и напишите , что вы тут разыгрываете убийство эрцгерцога Фердинанда. Если нет , то хорош уже мусолить это...
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    I spent some time looking for notes yesterday for a few hours and now discovering its the same time and useless to all players outside EU zone. I know its been stated above timings will change but surely everyone deserves an opportunity, split the drops twice over 12 hours if you want to test it with maximum participation.
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    Congrats Jeheil Here is one oldy but goody , some older players might remember this from Tour De France in the final moments of it.
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    It was a fair fight, and making excuses only makes you look bad. When you lose in a fair fight it is best to say gf and move on to the next one.
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    Fleets didn't stop Ganking. get rid of em. Social, Determined Defender, & Area Control are Quirk-Perks… Quirk-Perks have NO basis in skill and work "just because" This cheapens the game! We can do much better. Please remove things that don't work, and things that shouldn't work.
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    Hello! Problem: Right now there is no team balancing feature in this game and the population on the server are starting to get low. Maybe having some sort of balancing feature in game would help. Denying new players to choose a crowded nation should not be a option, but there should be some drawbacks to join a large populated nation. Unbalanced nations put a strain on the smaller nations, while the big nations have it to easy at the moment. There should be more serous drawbacks for choosing the easy/safest option and more reward for choosing a smaller nation. Idea: So why could we not have a xp and gold advantage for players fighting for small nations, and a disadvantage for those who are fighting for the biggest nation? Then the new players that join a small struggling nation would rank up faster and players that actually choose to stay and fight in the low populated nations would get a reward for their effort. At the same time it would give the biggest nations a disadvantage. Information about the nations state should be visible when creating a new character and choosing you new nation. I have to add that this idea came from a discussion I had with The_Scipio. We both play for Danmark-Norge and the way we see it Damark-Norge should be considered a medium nation, and should therefor not benefit from this proposal. Proposal for implementation: We could have a ingame mechainc that count active players who logged on the last days/week and sort it by nation. If there is a big difference between the biggest and the smallest player base, then the biggest nation could get a 0.5x implemented on all their gained gold and xp, while the smalest nation could get a 2.0x on their gold and xp. If there is a big difference in the other nations as well, then those should also get a multiplier according to their active players count to balance it out. This mechanic should not be activated at all times, but only when the differens between two nations become to big, 50-100% differens. This is just ment as a practical example of how the idea could work, and the numbers might be a bit high/low. Thank you for reading and have a good night/morning/day.
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    хотелось бы уже услышать от админа веское слово,но нет-он активно общается в англофоруме сразу по окончании ивента . так что Вито сам понимаешь.. плохо другое-никкто не зарепортил баг отсутствия видимости вреков
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    в 100 раз повторюсь: Лучший эвент это тот, который предоставляет сам геймплей игры. Аля потопи 20 вражеских капитанов - получи плюшку. Или что то в этом роде. Все остальное, типо этих выкидышей придуманных за час под бутылку дешевого пива - обречено на провал)
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    Thank you Niko. Brits and Spaniards should stop bitching and moaning. It's a wargame sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The emotional crap is what it is .... bs. Rather energize the fights which happen instead of crying over the ones that don't.
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    Feedback on the Septembre 3rd event: Less crying on chat, although that might just be because many people were already disillusioned with the event. The event again spawned far away from the locations indicated by the notes (west of Aves). That makes pre event battles to get dominance of the area (like the devs wanted) pointless as no one knows where the event will take place. And even with the increased chest weight it was cleared out in 15 minutes as everyone was sailing an indiamen or ventre. Some PvP did happen, but again most people where more concerned with finding chests or defending what they have than with attacking others who might or might not have one. Generally I do think this type of event is unusable. It is already over much too fast thanks to the small number of chests compared to the player number and when this game releases and the number of players multiply the amount of people who get nothing and just waste time is just too large and will create masses of unhappy players. Also, because of the small window in which chests are available PvP still does not happen as battles take much too long. The only solution I see is to make the chests spawn over time so that fleets/nations can sail to the event location and fight battles and secure the area while chests are still available. A king of the hill style system where nations need to hold the area around an NPC recovery ship which slowly over 1 hour or more recovers chests which can then be looted would be better. That still leaves the problem with player numbers as even when a nation has established dominance over the area you would have dozens of players camping the ship and wait for the next chest to spawn. I also think that instead of only handing out big prizes out to very few players that everyone who participates in the event should get something even if it is just money, some crafting materials or labor contracts. But in a wreck hunt event it is hard to find out who participates. Maybe every wreck has chests which are limited like they are now but also personal random loot everyone gets once per wreck. That way they do not leave empty handed. Still I think that events in this game should be combat related, considered the combat is the most fleshed out part of the game.
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    Поскольку недавно в соседней ветке разразился очередной задорный срач, я постараюсь максимально понятно прояснить нашу позицию в игровом мире Naval Action и то как мы этот мир видим в целом. Наше сообщество никогда не признавало никаких союзов кроме краткосрочных договоренностей в угоду геймплею и отсутствия интереса в сиюминутном их нарушении. Касательно ситуации с Данией могу сказать, что мы никогда не рассматривали её в качестве союзника потому, что сами мы никогда себя частью "Пиратской нации" не считали и всегда старались отыгрывать именно роль свободных пиратов. Повторюсь, мы дружественно относились и продолжаем дружественно относиться к Лейб Гвардии. Набеги на Данию ни в коем случае не являются проялением какого-либо неуважения или попытки кому то что то доказать. Нам не нужны порты или передел карты. Нет, все наши походы совершались, совершаются и будут совершаться только лишь ради интересного ПВП. Данная игра завязана на кораблях, на которых, друзья, стоят пушки. А пушки, в свою очередь, должны стрелять. Если мы нападем на русских датчан то сделаем это не потому, что мы кого то не уважаем, а как раз таки наоборот - мы доставим и себе и всем остальным ФАН от интересного ПВП, ради которого мы все с Вами сюда и пришли. Мы всегда будем с крайним уваженим относиться ко всем, кто делает вместе с нами увлекательный и напряженный контент и действительно делает этот проект таким, каким мы вместе когда то мечтали видеть PotBS. Мы не станем, собрав группу в 6-10 человек ганкать кого то одного из Лейб Гвардии или RUSов, однако если мы наткнемся на более-менее равную по БР пачку, с которой у нас не было предварительных договоренностей, то мы подерёмся. И я думаю, все получат от этого фан, вне зависимости от того кто победит. С Уважением, ЭТВ.
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    Why does everything have to be "your bad no your bad" I was there when the ports where taken back spain showed up with like 17 ships we could not get the numbers to match them. So Spain wins nd gets the ports back. People on both sides need to stop the bitching and just play the game.
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    Then....where is that 25% this nights ??? Fishing ?? Maybe dancing in Jamaica ?? Taking a breath ??? Looking for empty ports to attack ?? Or maybe your Captains are tired of following your leaders ??Finally i must ask to chat moderators why the Spanish have to continue to endure racist and ignorante insults in the global chat by certain players of the British faction.
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    So, wot with the patches moving in a positive direction, I decided to head back out on the account. I were very surprised to see all the warm greetings and welcomes! I set sail and just outside O Charleston, I cam across a pair o ships, a Leitenant on a brig and his Young midshipman on a basic cutter. I said to them I says "Thats a nice lookin' Brig there! Mind If I steal it?" I closed in and the brig and I got into opposite circles, firing at each other. The Midshipman wisely chose to avoid getting near The Banshee. The brig now turning up wind, as I am turning down wind. "Ive got you now!" I furl my sails and he passes the wind and I snub as he gets into irons. ...He grapples me... Now, He must be thinking that he is going to take down the infamous Pagan Pete n make a name fer himself! As he draws the Banshee in, I fire a broadside of grape, killing over a dozen men and sending the crew into shock! So now he be haven twice the crew… but i have twice the marines and twice the prep! Wot as his men are all still cowering behind the gunwales from the broadside! The boarding action was… short. I crew his ship up, as the midshipman furls his sails. I be thinking he is going to surrender. But I shouts over to him, I shouts; "Righty, I got wot I came fer! You have a good day now." And I sailed off with me fat prize!
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    While I agree there should be something to dampen the window gazing on long voyages, I think you may be mixing Naval action up with Puzzle pirates. I'm personally not sure what we could do to make the travel in this game a bit less grind driven but there should be something, there is always fun to be had on the in game chat. Maybe you could even tab out and play puzzle pirates, but last time I checked Naval action is just much more fun! http://www.puzzlepirates.com/
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    In general im enjoying the tournament so far, huge compliment for the organisation!! However, i think you shouldnt mind changing rules if they are conflicting with current game mechanics, in this case pumps making some kind of ships nearly unsinkable in time. Rules are the same for both sides so its not "unfair", but in the end every team will be pump and repair fitted cause it provides the best odds. Thats boring, we like to see fair pvp, not broken survival tactics and it might be most annoying for the teams themself, participating for good and fair pvp. Yes teams should be able to win using the clock, but achieving this only by mods and perks and with ships already taking water has not much to do with skillbased pvp. Its not even possible to counter this effectively with grape or somehow. The TDA vs RUS match is a perfect example how only pumps could easily decide a match in favour of the "worse" playing team. Its good that balancing issues got revealed now, but you should address them for the next stages of the tournament.
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    Хорошо, ганкнули вас, зайти со скрином и нормально переговорить, сказать так-то и так-то что нас ганкнули, я думаю и извинения принесли бы вам и возместили потери. Но вы предпочли прийти и засрать всю ветку клана РУС угрозами и нелепыми требованиями, зачем? Я не пойму? Потешить свое эго? У нас с вами ни договоренностей ни взаимных действий не было. Какие могут быть упреки? А тем более ставить нам какие-то условия и требования? Можно было бы просто найти кого-то из офицеров и переговорить по этому случаю и проблема думаю с легкостью разрешилась бы.
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    12 people trying to engage a Basic Cutter? You surpised me, I thought you needed more
  34. 2 points
    This is the same as in football. They don't replay football matches because of mistakes made by referees they learn from their mistakes. So as Kair has posted by three different clocks Hethwill stopped the match at the right time. Match referees devote their free time to this but in my opinion should leave their bias at home. MATCH length is 45min regardless of the state in play if a team used the clock to gain a win then it's within the rules maybe there should be a rule that if the opposition does not fire a shot for five minutes then a warning is issued. In the event that thus 5 minutes is within the last 10 minutes of the match then the referee can deduct points from the fleeing team. Maybe devs can change the mechanics of the timer so that the battle ends 45 minutes after the first movement of any ship. With regards to the current dispute there can be no replay let us move on and stop being sore losers.
  35. 2 points
    New Player are always welcome! Wir suchen immer neue Spieler, sind ein vielsprachiger mix, hauptsächlich wird englisch im ts gesprochen.
  36. 2 points
    Biased pool answers choices ... Where are the perks for repairing more armor that cumulates with toolbox and carpenters upgrade, the coward perk allowing magical escapes in a blink , the perks allowing by the power of the holy spirit to get less damages on sails and so on ? Yeah... and while we are at it take out pirate speed boost of 1Kn given by the power of black magic voodoo to those who have a black flag ... There is absolutely no reasons a pirate sailing a SOL or Frigate class or else gets +1Kn speed boost while he benefits from the exact same ships, same crew abilities and same gunnery capacities as Nationals, 1kn is an insane boost, Nationals get the possibility to get 0.5Kn at best and on a single type of ship class at time, and the famous 5% reload time bonus that in fact gives ... 0% reload time bonus, take out the silly 10% reload boost that i still need to test more in a controlled environment but apparently doesn't give full 10% reload boost either, and would be still pretty useless compared to any other perk choice anyways... As for boarding system as long as it consists in slowing down a ship and having full set of gold mods the determined defender should be the norm not a perk ... especially when a tiny fir wood snake is able to bump repetitively on a constitution live oak or put himself at 90° in front of his bow and slow it down in a battle, with no consequences at all for the ramming done ...
  37. 2 points
    chances are I'm going swede, soooo. hit me up any swede leaders
  38. 2 points
    Я дико извоняюсь, ап чОм спор? Пираты непрерывно ведут добычу датчан в районе Векаса. Мы их так же непрерывно гоняем, кого-то даже топим. Ну попался игрок из RUBLI под горячую руку. Вместо того, чтобы выйти из боя и подать протест (надеюсь, никто не будет утверждать, что тринька не в состоянии убежать от третьего рейта в любой ветер?) он открыл огонь и вынес виновника вперёд ногами. Офицер RUS извинился за инцидент, RUBLI (к которым я отношусь с уважением и испытываю дружеские чувства и всё такое) хотят ещё чего-то, но не могут внятно сформулировать чего. Хотя как по мне, изрядная часть вины легла именно на них после того как типа союзный корабль пошёл на дно или был захвачен из-за действий их капитана. В общем, я бы на месте всех зашёл в ТС и перетёр устно с принятием какого-нить итогового решения. Если что, то я по-прежнему за мир, дружбу и всё такое.
  39. 2 points
    The ONLY way for action to be taken for chat violations is to right click the user's name on the offending statement and click the "report" button. Tribunal is not to be used for chat violations.
  40. 2 points
    Most AUS players lie dormant until they can actively participate again (or so I hope ).We are blocked by both the PB time slots and the BR rule. Region Conquest hopefully takes care of the first, BR rule needs to be revisited. As for the British zerg, yes, it remains very much to see how it will react (if at all ). But the Three Admirals Treaty has already shown England does not desire a push all the way to Season End. Nor would it be able to find enough PvP to keep such a large populace happy (provided it even contains enough Combatants). So it will likely fall apart either this Season or the next with all Nations diving on a bleeding whale for scrapes and pieces. (However the current Alliance system might stand in our way.)
  41. 2 points
    So about match TDA vs RUS. Yes RUS lost that match. And yes, they hadn't chance at last minutes, but lets see record... https://www.twitch.tv/neonthenoob/v/87218570 at 0:47:42 we may see battle chat and we see 23:50 Hethwill: 5 mins 23:50 Hethwill: Ends at 44:00 and few minutes later... 23:54 Hethwill: will let it run to 43:00 only 1 minute... but.. Wolf 13 was sank at 43:54, so this 1 minute changed everything! If Wolf 13 didn't sink to the end RUS win this fight, but 1 more minut - and booooom, they lost it! I think it's huge mistake of judge. And RUS have the right to demand a win for this fight. P.S. TDA was really better in this fight and my congratulation to them. It's post not about win or lose of some teams, it's about rules.
  42. 2 points
    It is with great joy, I can announce that RDNN is seeing more players from US / Canada joining our growing community.... RDNN is RvR / PvP focused, so be prepared to get into action almost immediately, if you dare joining one of the smaller (hard to play) nations...many did, and they have a lot of fun on a daily basis. But please remember, RDNN do only accept players with the rank of Captain or above...... PM for more information, or join our national teamspeak: da.danmarknorge.org and we can have a chat about your future in the Royal Danish-Norwegian Navy aka. RDNN. Good speed captains The Scipio RDNN Recruitment officer
  43. 2 points
    думаю что если сообразно ввести вес пушек ,провианта , ядер ,пороха и прочего,то со скоростью у всех будет нормально
  44. 2 points
    I feel you. I'm in Thailand the last event was 11 pm this one hits me at 12:40 am. I have kids, I'm not staying awake all night again for this next one. Let's hope my clannies have better luck this time.
  45. 2 points
    I agree, I enjoyed it more where it was pure skill.
  46. 2 points
    I like the event but as I am in Australia it is at a ridiculous hour I have not experienced it yet. Wish the bottles where like this instead.
  47. 2 points
    Woke up this morning, went to make some coffee... no coffee... Damned Brits ruined my morning.
  48. 2 points
    instead of limiting BR or shipchoices for PBs I say we need land and strategical port battle maps. If we had to plan our attacks and defenses we might see the need of smaller, more nimble ships. At the moment we have two lines or teams which pound away at each other. No land behind to be worried, no big fortresses to be afraid of. Wind is playing a role but not enough. The PB maps just dont give enough tactical room to use different vessels. Go big or go home. Thats the tactic.
  49. 2 points
    It's not pvp when 5-7 guys jump on a single player barely away from a heavy populated city, or so close to the city that the forts defense will have the ships in sights and use them guns against them ... Meanwhile we have barely 2mn to join and give a hand and it's silly, the game should reflect the difficulty to attack close to dense populated waters, especially around capitals, it should not be simple to attack barely 2mn away from a dense populated city than attacking in the middle of the seas or far from any land or at the borders of your Nation, it should not follow the same ROE rules, while social perk wasn't perfect it added this level of difficulty to reflect how it should be when attacking in such waters, now back to square 0 ... You guys don't run from a fight but let's be honest how many come to jump a guy at 5-7vs1 with capital in sights once they are sure none are close enough to join within the 2 minutes ??? It's even more easy with alt accounts spies and some don't even are ashamed to stream this and we hear the spy reporting all potential targets... Sadly this is the norm and you probably knows it, point is that is should not be easy to attack close to dense populated waters as elsewhere, and social perk was a nice addon for this even if far from perfect. I don't call jumping at 5-7 vs a single ship pvp ... but yeah read above ... New conquest system will show heavy pvp zones and i bet capitals will still be full of ez "pvp" mode hordes, because they don't want pvp, they want easy supermarket picking targets only and many won't go to areas where they will meet players coming for heavy pvp, that's simply not what they want as kind of pvp ...
  50. 2 points
    Regional Capitals produce National goods, or capping AI traders that drop some from times to times... Let's empty all Brits shops from Indian tea quickly , and same for the Iberian meat that is produced only in 4 cities if i make no errors. Not really happy about Social perk, this was a good thing added to prevent eternal camping and easy targets picking in front of the Captials made by groups seeking only for easy pvp mode engaging ships only when outnumbering them and sure of a win, or like seen recently in the Spanish or Jamaican waters a very nice help to defend attacked cities in heavy populated waters ... Timer had to be decreased surely but now you simply remove it ... yeah ... Disappointing to see that you listened those who come attack in heavy populated waters seeking for easy pvp and targets and cry about it when they got the opposition they should encounter when coming in such heavy populated waters ... Let's bring back ganking 3mn away from a capital for all players that know nothing more than "fighting" at 5vs1 and then hiding for 2 hours in the lame end screen result ... all this while others cannot help if they are barely 2mn away from there and all this in front of a capital ... sick game stuff ...
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