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    Guys please, leave officer and perk where they are : this is the magic in it : you Have to Choose! Stop asking for extra officer or anything else preventing you to make hard choices. Add one officer? Everyone will end with the same deck of perk, one for craft, one for combat.
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    Please consider my vision below when answering these questions. This is based on RL officer positions and their duties aboard ships of the age of sail. This link provides a very simple explanation of such duties: http://www.thepirateking.com/historical/ship_roles.htm TY for your time. I envision there being a list of officers to choose from, say 8-10 different officer types, but being limited to choose only 3. For each of those 3 officer chosen, there would be a list of perks to choose from that are related only to that officer's position. From that list, we would be able to choose only 3 perks. Each perk would have different rank levels, possibly based on the upgrade levels (i.e. Basic Officer, Common Officer, Fine Officer, etc, however instead of calling them basic, common, they'd be called their rank, either a rank name or number). I also see Economy perks not being associated to our ship officers. With this in mind, I will provide a possible layout for a few officer types: Step one: hire a max of 3 (maybe more) officers from the list below: Ship's Master - Senior warrant officer: Appointed by Admiralty, responsible for navigational, sail, rope and hold maintenance Boatswain - Standing Officer: Appointed by Admiralty, they're in charge of rigging, cables, anchors, and boats Master Gunner - Standing Officer: Appointed by Ordinance Board, Responsible for maintenance of guns and magazine/powder access Carpenter - Standing Officer: Appointed by Navy Board, Responsible for maintenance of hull and mast during battle Surgeon - Standing Officer: Appointed by Navy Board, Responsible for sick and injured and dispensing of medicine Rigging Master - Responsible for all things related to sails Sailing Master - Responsible for navigation of ship's course Marine Officer - In charge of marines on board Shipwright - Land Officer in charge of a ship builds Purser/Econ Officer - Standing Officer: Appointed by Admiralty, responsible for ship supplies and consumables Economy Officer? - Provides connections to Admiralty and responsible for crafting and resource buildings Master & Commander (maybe to command larger fleet ships??) Other Officer (need suggestions with a list of perks for them) Step two: select 3 perks for each officer you hired Ship's Master - on ship at all times List of perks to choose from (3 max): Coward Press Gang Area Control Light Ship Master Frigate Master Line Ship Master Boatswain - on ship at all times Again choose only 3: Pump Inventor Storage Master Thrifty Trimming Expert Rigging Specialist ? Master Gunner - on ship at all times Choose only 3: Double Charge Double Shot Prepared Mortar Officer Carronade Master ? Carpenter Officer - on ship at all times Choose only 3: Expert Carpenter Emergency Master Expert Surgeon Light Shipmaster Frigate Shipmaster Line Shipmaster Surgeon - on ship at all time Choose only 3: ? ? ? ? ? ? Rigging Master - on ship at all times Choose only 3: ? ? ? ? ? ? Sailing Master - on ship at all times Choose only 3: ? ? ? ? ? ? Marine Officer - on ship at all times Choose only 3: ? ? ? ? ? ? Shipwright - never on ship Choose only 3: ? ? ? ? ? ? Purser/Econ Officer - never on ship Choose only 3: Admiralty Connections Overseer Royal Shipbuilder Foreman Gifted FIsher Economy Officer ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Master & Commander ? ? ? ? ? ? ? These are just some suggestions. So, there would be maybe 8 to 10 total officers to choose from. You can choose only 3 (4 or 5) officers. Each officer would have a list of 5 or 6 perks to choose from. You can choose only 2 or 3 perks from that list for each officer. Each perk would have an XP level that gains his perk gradually allowing that perk to work at the percentage of that perk based on usage of that officer. I.e. Area Control level 1 would work at say 100m, level 2 would work at 200m, level 3 at 300m, etc. That officer's rank level would increase a certain percentage each time this perk is used. Trimming Expert level 1 would help a -1% heel, level 2 a -2% heel, etc. This officer's rank level would increase each time it is used (meaning if you sail in a straight line all the time, it wouldn't increase). Etc, etc, etc for each officer. This would allow for multiple officer combinations with multiple officer perks with multiple perk rank levels. The different combinations would provide a wide range of possibilities from player to player. Please feel free to take the poll and make any suggestions in your comments. TY
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    It was early morning in Mortimer Town, when we said to ourselves. Lets get rid of the British fishing fleet. Lets hit them at their station, close to Kingston and see how many bottles we can take home with us. Unbeknownst to us, the fish and bottles around capital cities had been cleared completely. The absence of the Dread Fleet fishing at Mortimer Town, should have given us a clue. But how would we make our escape? Easy enough, we would take Trader Lynxes in tow. Once we were done at Kingston, we would jump over and sail away. And off we went, a Pirate Frigate, an Ingermanland and a Surprise, each with a Trader Lynx in tow. Bobbing at 9 knots towards Jamaica. It looked like we had a very long voyage ahead. As the island of Jamaica finally came in sight, we decided to make a stealthy approach from the south. Soon we were spotted by a Constitution coming behind us, but he quickly turned south. We sneaked on ... to be crossed by a Les Gross Ventre, which we could not chase with our ships in tow. Alas we were on a mission to hit the fishermen fleet at Kingston, so on we went. A small fleet of two Bellona's and a Rattlesnake came passing from south to north, seemingly ignoring us. It was at Kingston that it finally dawned, things had changed. No fishermen were to be sighted. Ah but the journey wasn't lost yet. We spotted a Midshipman sailing his brand new Bucentaure. With just 40 crew, this would be our easy target. Thus the engagement started, but some pesky Cutter started picking on our sails. Quickly dispatching him with a volley of grape, we could chase down the Bucentaure. The chase turned to Kingston docks. He would not find safety there. No port had been fitted with shore batteries yet. "Is he beyond 500 meters?" "Aye." "Is he beyond your cannon range?" "Aye." "Is your Ingermanland keeping up?" "Nah." Yet he made no attempt to disengage, nor surrender. As he stopped into Kingston docks, it was obvious, his ship was a loss. The Pirate Ingermanland made a grand appeal, "You lousy bastards, you should be ashamed of yourselves, hitting on a Midshipman at that." Where it not, that he was sailing the slowest ship of our fleet. He would not get into range unless we abode. So was he really having sympathies or was this just another ruse? And we know what happens to pleas, whether they be emotional or even justified, they get dismissed and forgotten. ( ) Because this is the harsh world of 18th century Naval Action, where captains even have no sympathies for their own gods. So we slaughtered the Midshipman as a sacrificial lamb. As a Voodoo incantation, if you will, to magically bring about more sympathies...
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    Devs wanted constructive criticism according to patch notes thread so rather than make them read the forum ill make a list of things that are broken in my view. This is not a thread for everyone to post in and debate. It is a thread for correspondence to Admin/Devs with my point of view. If you have a list of your own make a thread of your own however after 1000+ hours and leading PB/Clans I think i have some insight. PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT UNLESS YOU ARE LISTING SOMETHING AND PUTTING AN ARGUMENT UP FOR WHY IT SHOULD CHANGE.......I DON'T WANT A DISCUSSION I WANT A LIST OF PEOPLES ARGUMENTS FOR THINGS THAT SHOULD CHANGE FOR BENEFIT OF THE GAME. Officers & Perks Officers - they only have 10 levels which means only a few perks can be used by an officer. This means that you really need to MIN/MAX an officer for one role and makes them useless in cross ship manners. Initially we were expecting to see multiple slots per ship and having different officers with a perk or 2 each which improved with skill similar to the other games out there. This meant that you had multiple Grinding streams and the ability to have a good crew and a bad crew. What you have done is created a single grind which no one will let die ever because its a grind and then limited the perks to a point system with no escalation. This creates basically the equivalent to a permanent mod which is passive. Surely creating either more mods or the previous system gave you far more flexibility or less coding. You basically said that this would be a 2 patch implementation. is that still the case and are we getting more officers to train and switch in and out? Perks - Defender Perk, Coward Perk and fast reload perk is bad/OP for the game. Basically if you create perks and such they should be minimal bonuses, 20% was plain dumb for reload speed. Defender Perk basically stops people from using boarding tactics if they are behind in the game. this means more ships = win regardless of ability. Boarding ships already have a crew disadvantage. If they cant out maneuver them they deserve to be boarded. It's like not using the wind right. Anytime you make it easier for a ship to run away you have to be smart about it.....it should be for 7ths only. It is not an end game perk you want in use. Perks also seem to be replacing mods or making them less useful. i don't think a toolbox is ever a good choice now, Speed trims gone....basically the whole perk and mod balancing thing is going to be pretty much a few different builds only. Is there every going to be a way for us to discuss perks before they are created. The only real value you have in the game is labor hours...you are now adding perks to manipulate this value which i think is very likely to just create even more alt craft hours. You do realize that you are cheapening all the resources also. Drop Tables - Fundamentally you have removed all the hurdles in getting mods by creating gold mod dropping shipwrecks. I wont even try to explain how finding a full compliment of marines in a shipwreck is just stupid in the real world but all in all you made boarding ships far more common while wanting to remove the ability for them to board.....see perks issue. You have basically flooded the market with gold mods and that can't be good as many people actually worked very hard to get them. There has always been mention that marines were unlikely to stay as is particularly with crew changes.....thoughts re this? Teleporting = Teleporting to areas no cost is good, moving ships via teleport is good...it doesn't need to be instant but if you want a dynamic frontline you need people able to access it when they are online....planning for the next day or 2 is good so a cooldown on use after shipping to different outposts is reasonable but making people sail AFK is bad. Fishing - It has no skill requirement and promotes AFK Macroing. at least make it a click button to catch or something less RNG. Anything you can do AFK is not fun content. Crew Replacement - It just doesn't work with the rest of the game currently. You just added a perk that basically removed crew loss as an issue to anyone with boarding mods and 4th rate or better. I need to do some more sailing to check it but really this seems like it hurts the wrong people. Us top tier players just do a top level mission cap both ships in a few minutes and we are full and we made money. Boarding Game - The way you buff the AI ships to try and counter their stupidity doesn't work with the math involved and just makes it a gear check. If you added a few more options to the game like having multiple decks active so we had to choose if we are zerging top deck of splitting to fight through the cannon deck ...and how the skills changed with each flow would be far more able to create dynamic boarding rather than brace till they cant fight back then attack through. So many other games have turn based combat mechanics and you have a gearchecking version of rock paper scissors is a bit disappointing since that is really the main thing you want to do in PVP......Cap the enemy ship. Clan Warehouse - Basically you created a officer warehouse and what we really want is for our home port to become our own. I wrote up a spec of how we wanted bother before and after you created it, the later with screenshots and examples......its a lot like various other games but removed the badness of needing players to burn hours not playing and and all the benefits of having people work as a team as part of the clan. Considering you are about to build an actual UI i was hoping you would discuss that. Ship Capture/Port Battle - Is Port battling goingto be the focus of PVP? If so how do you intend to balance Capped ships vs gold ships? this was the fundamental issue of cappable 3rds Vs 2/1st rates..... Duros/NON Permanent mods - Duros should be removed from Military ships. All non permanent mods could have duros added to them to compensate and give them a lifetime......marines, boarding parties etc makes sence....Or just leave all non permanent mods as forever however since you flooded the market that wont work unless you get far more population OR you do a item wlipe before release. By removing Duros you create a better economy and force people to become better at sailing, be it winning or running. Having Duros just makes everything too available. By having mods die you stop top end ships from being used with mods. Economy - What is your plan with the economy? Personally i think you should remove all the duros on military ships, get rid of all port production and let the players build their own economy. Players that a re new will be able to bypass any gold barrier why joining a clan which promotes team play and anyone who isn't in a clan can buy traders cheap enough to build up their cash.....this creates a military or an economic career path early but is not limiting. You can make newer players be more economically based until they hit 4ths then they sorta end up being more military end game anyway. Labour Hours - You have made a decision to allow them to be tradeable in labour hour contracts....is your intention to allow people to create these? I think you are promoting capatism and not clan based growth by doing this. You should just look at expanding the way people interact with their clan rather than just creating ways individuals can just bid up prices. Crafting Notes - So basically people either have heaps of cash or none.....this is the nature of being able to farm AI fleets or being able to capture ships above 4th rate. Is crafting notes really a mechanic that is working correctly.... it used to be the way you could manipulate ship prices using silver & gold and labour hours as it was the bulk of the price but now since there is so little demand for ships they are basically dropping in price. Perhaps you can revisit the idea of building ships a bit so that the crafters level is the factor and that they have specializations. This would create more differentiation between ships...... IE Kanay might be a frigate master and makes ships with 3/5 mods in 1 particular line....he would become know as the guy to go to for those ships. I am just not really sure why crafting notes exist when crafters only really build gold ships or trader cutters. Crafting - so 50 levels of trader cutters.....its the cheapest way to max out. and its 50 levels for about 28 ships....now obviously new ones came but i think you should have it as like 100 levels and have each tier split a bit more.....trader ships the first 5 levels, military the next 5, trader next 5 etc etc.. and make mods have a different crafting XP setup so you have mod buildierrs and ship builders not just crafters.....same with med kit builders etc.....you need to specialize crafting mroe or else it is just a plain jane grind with trader cutters. The Grind - Expand the grind back to what it was.....we have more way to get xp now and really it turned a 600 hour game to get to top rank into a 350 hour game. in saying thay you also created 4th rate PBs so you gave even more things to do mid level. Your population loss is basically because there are no carrots after you get top level. Crafting is boring as hell and not rewarding and the UI makes it infuriating....you have addressed some of it but when you go to do the UI change i suggest you spend a bit of time talking with people once you draft up a mock of what your planning. The UI - Let us see your mock ups of each screen so we can help you build something good not something silly......sliders = devil I expect i will add to this as things come up but basically i want you to create a game that encourages combat and active play and skill. I like the early stuff but the recent patches have made me feel like you are a bit lost as to how to address some of the issues so here is my "Patch this asap list"
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    The devs don't want tobacco to become a money machine like compass wood used to be. So once a port consumes a certain amount of a thing, the NPCs no longer really want to buy it.
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    Way harder to do it with 4 nations than with one clan the size of a nation, when it comes to active player base. Coordinating a lot of people with own interests is a feet to accomplish.
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    Почему такая нелогичная система перков? Первый лейтенант у нас и швец и жнец и на дуде игрец? Отдайте врачебные перки врачу, плотницкие - плотнику и так далее. Введите больше офицеров со специализацией, ограничьте количество перков для одного офицера, чтобы была необходимость выбора.
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    Yes. Make decisions count. Open worls presents all the options. Up to the player to make the best of them. Can't play them all. Are you a Navy captain or a successful Trading Company Captain ?
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    Sir, i want no gold nor gaurentee from you. I mearly want to spot you and get a picture. Looking for you has become my white whale lol my unicorn, my bigfoot. I have op in Plymouth and one south of that. I shall keep my eyes open but seek no reward....other thsn a bottle of wine
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    Starting positions: - each nation starts with Capital and a cluster of 4 additional ports. - Pirates start with all free ports as outposts, no towns, no capital.
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    Однако печалит принудительное деление игроков на крафтеров и ПВП. Это я про перки, если берёшь экономические, то соответственно не хватает на боевые. Введите ещё офицера интенданта - он может брать только перки на экономику и увеличить стоимость перков. А то получается если хочешь крафтить, то ПВП для тебя заказанно, т. к. ты изначально ущербен по сравнению с другими вкаченными в ПВПшные перки.(
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    For the love of god, can you stop feeding the troll ? No one else is as obsessed with keeping score and proving he is better than everyone else than Vicious is one the forums. Just stop feeding him. He is never gonna give you that duel. Obviously there wont be many pictures of fights where sorry is defeated, because A: ive personally been able to count the times ive encountered them on one hand and B: they will almost always only engage when they are superior. If not in numbers then in ship types. Just let him be.
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    Good leaders don't need to talk about how great a leader they are. You seem to feel the need to overcompensate... How's that?
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    Фрегат Santa Cecilia под флагом компании входит в гавань Port-Royal.
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    As one who has always been involved in pvp and have seen many different iterations and different mechanics, fighting many different wars, different nations, different clans, different "metas", I think I can safely say, and I think others who have been through the same as me (like Doran), can safely say, that the amount of fair fights has actually gone up. Before if you were solo and you attacked an enemy, it didn't matter if your ship was vastly inferior to the enemy's ship, their friends would stream to the location. Now, that isn't the case. I can sail in a privateer or lynx, or a rattlesnake, or a surprise, and I can engage an enemy or be engaged, and I can actually fight the battle. I don't have to be hesitant because 10 others are going to jump into the battle that I don't know about. I see who will be in the battle from the open world. And yes, I can hide in the battle after I defeat that Inger in my Surprise or that frigate from my rattlesnake because I know the enemy who is carrying on in battle chat about how I am defeating them and it is unfair has called all their buddies to camp my battle location to get revenge. Or Pagan Pete or Hethwill can hide in a battle screen outside Sunbury because they know that US Gros Ventre they just captured carrying half a mil worth of goods has called in the whole 7th cavalry to camp the battle and get revenge. So no, limiting rewards to people who hide in battle screens is a bad idea. Who is to say they are hiding? Maybe they had to go to the bathroom. Maybe they had to go to work or to bed. Maybe their parents are calling for them or their baby is crying and their spouse wants them to take care of the baby for once. Limiting the rewards limits real fighters while rewarding the revenge gankers on the outside.
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    If they remove coordinates, remove battle markers, then maybe they can remove log off from battle. But as long as the open world runs compressed while battles do not, you can't do this. People must be able to log off. Otherwise people moving at light speed can come to the battle and wait for the people in the battle to get out and gank them.
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    Unedited Hello Captains. We wanted to share some information about the changes that are coming this (hopefully) week. 1) New perks A lot of new perks added. Certain perks (while simple) take lots of man hours. It takes time but it is worth it going forward. 1 perk we wanted to give an advance warning about. This perk could be controversial so we wanted to give you a heads up. Control. It does not allow exit to YOU and ALL enemy targets within 500 meters of you while you are alive. (meters subject to change - lets start from 500m) A lot of you requested distance based exit timers and voila we can get you them as option through perks. to reallocate perks a temporary reset button is added (costs 3 officer levels) 2) Fixes to acceleration We wanted to fix this for a long time as it was done very wrong - so we do not accept comments that we should have done something else. Acceleration/Deceleration will work properly finally. Speed gain loss is no longer dependent on % of sails opened (ST1 legacy) but is dependent on water friction/ship mass and intertia/ hull shape/ and wind power (positive or negative) Why the fix was needed - simple example. Given: Your ship is on autoskipper Ships should slow down from max to 0 in 1 min (downwind) while lowering sails from 100% to 0% Bug Example 1 Your ship turns into the wind receives lots of negative wind power but still slows down in 1 min because of the bugs and old legacy code problems. (strong negative wind power does not affect deceleration and decel was tied to % of sails opened) Bug Example 2 You masts are destroyed immediately (or depowered). In this case ship still slows down in 1 min or something close to it. While in fact if you depowered your sails you must stop faster compared to the situation when you just lower them over time. All ships acceleration and deceleration parameters were completely rebalanced as a result. All problems were fixed. Expect potential issues with this and expect different ship behaviours. We tried to bring it as close to old system as possible but ... you know.. mistakes could have been made. This change is amazing as we now can affect a lot more and make all ships more unique and different. We can control and tune this per ship Acceleration/Deceleration individually - for example the ship due to its form can accelerate faster but decelerate much slower and vice versa Water friction/hull shape effect - ship hull can affect on how and at what speeds the ship behaves Sailing plan efficiency - some ships can catch more wind at narrow angles and some wont Backing force efficiency - some ships can reverse a lot better and are stopped a lot faster by wind pressure Minimal friction required to overcome - when ship is too heavy you actually have to gain a lot of wind power to start moving at all. (forcing captains to use yards to control speed) Please provide ideas on what changes you want to propose to above-mentioned parameters for your favorite ships. We are not sure about leeway and constant wind side push - but we are more and more ready for it. 3) Cannonball damage to crew Some things are found unexpectedly and due to bug on our internal version we have set all crew casualties from cannonballs to min 1 crew per ball. As a result every broadside started to matter (A LOT). Many engagements end in just 4-5 broadsides and 2 rakes (like USS Constitution vs Java). And majority of engagements end in with a white flag; crew willing to fight = 0. I liked how it worked but some dont like it even on our team. You now really think even when engaging a bot as a wrong turn and you are done. We are kind of worried to bring this to live game and plan to set up a test bed next week to experiment in a more quiet environment. All players will be provided access to this beta to test it. In parallel we are working on alliances/sound/ai improvements and some other interesting features. + of course new ships. EDIT important It is not - shoot 69 shots anywhere get 69 kills like the quote above described its more Santi fires at Victory 69 shots penetrate in the right place where crew is located (thats important) If 69 shots penetrate and ball and splinters hit the crew (they can miss crew) you have 69 or more men not willing to fight (dead, wounded, or broken or routed for multiple reasons)
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    Combine into an exploit. AFK fishermen, getting bottles to get gold upgrades, that you CAN NOT attack, because they bring fleets with a little trader, and then group up in a big pile, so the BR difference won't let you attack. Damn it. that is an EXPLOT! No Fleets. they RUIN the game. again. Please Game-Labs, end this travesty of gameplay. Make Naval Action Fair Again! #NoFleets!
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    A reminder: Real world politics are not appropriate for this forum. No references to them are allowed.
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    Five level 1 officers are cheaper to attain, than one level 5 officer. But I like the thought that you can lose 5 officer lives in one battle to balance it out.
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    A marine officer. vith a list of boarding/ infantry combat perks.
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    It's funny how level or carebearing is raising in the game, but I will try to explain a few things: don't sail what you can't afford to lose, especially when you obviously don't know much about the game second of all, all AI ships have marines on board, and marines matter A LOT during boarding. Quite obviously you didn't have any marines.. to be able to do anything more then 1 defend you need to hit boarding preparation before being boarded boarding is possible when speed is below 4 knots, not 3.5 you still can fight with boarding preparation enabled - you will just reroute a PART of your crew to boarding. In most cases you still will have enough people for full broadside reload (especially with crew space and hammocks) probably you lost because your team's morale dropped to nothing, cause successfull attacks bring morale down really fast Probably the same would happen IRL when prepared boarding parties with marines board a ship where people don't have time to even open arsenals with melee weapons. It will be a massacre of unarmed men. So in this situation - don't blame the game, blaim the captain. The only thing wrong in this is that stupid leveling system and broken economy (where gold means nothing and anyone can earn enough gold for a Victory in a couple of days) allows players to hit admiral rank and sail 1st rates without understanding even basic game mechanics. This is what we have when most people do only misisons and fishing.. I will wait for your post after you will be ganked the first time.
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    We got 20 people on yesterday and +32 people joined us in last 5 days also you not doing anything similar to us, you need to do that with 1 clan not 4 nations ,if was a usa vs pirate war only you where caged in charleston.. and you now that. Also tell me how many usa clan have 20 people on? i tell you, 0 not even now. Never seen more then 5-7 tda together for example. I do things properly, many people is new they need training, i need to teach people how to work as fleet and follow tactics etc when we are rdy we gonna do our stuff as you say we have a name, i am not gonna rush things for give you chance to winning, when i think the fleet is rdy we gonna do long term campaigns and goals. But all of that require preparation coordination and 25 people on as average DAILY. Our goal is again 25 sorry mono fleet, not coalition fleets. That require time and effort, an effort usa never manage to archieve ever. If you think is easy try , we do ow pv daily around mt with 8-14 people people need to get experience. I am not you erick, who join battles in grey conny and try... also tbh USa entire history is all bark and no bite, your entire nation not win a single war vs other nations. LEt alone able to form up a first rate fleet, or got a clan able to bring 25.. tbh is incredibly considering USa where 3rd in population. The lack of organization skill is astonishing. Many small clans and lone people are joining/merging (+3+4 members every day ) becouse they wanna do stuff, in an organized way bored of average coalition fleets and general inertia and lack of good commanders, if i manage to complete this project our clan will be the only clan on the server again to have a mono 25 clan fleet be careful of what you wish for.. it can become real. i told this to USa when we went pirate thing they wished for a long time, i recall it not turned well for usa (twice)
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    Imagine how could be the NA interface in Spanish language. Please see this 4 pics and let me know your opinion. THANKS. MARQUES. upgrades- MEJORAS. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HOME--------PUERTO. SELECION DE BARCO. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMACION DE BARCO, NAVEGANDO EN MUNDO ABIERTO. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PANEL COMPRA DE BARCOS. Y POSIBLE COMPRA DE BANDERA. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALMACÉN - DOTACIONES ( EQUIPMENTS)
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    We all have officers whose perks were full or almost full then more are released but no way of buying additional officers so we can create specialists officers for specific missions. This has merit
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    Было свободное время, двое суток тестировал рыбалку: персонаж плавал на огромные расстояния, в общей сложности находился почти 2е суток реального времени в игре, и даже со взятым перком "рыбалка" результат намного хуже чем было до патча. Да, рыбы сыпет немного больше, а вот бутылок вообще практически нет. Вопрос: возможно в описании патча ошибка и шанс поймать бутылку уменьшен, а не увеличен? либо вчера были какие то изменения о которых мы не знаем? зы. пацанам с клана только не говорите, а то если узнают что "рыбачил" 2е суток...меня вздернут на рее зы.ы. и вообще это не я был, а знакомый "рыбак" попросил написать
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    REWARD: 200k Your IGN: MolonLabe13966 Bounty's Nation: Pirate Bounty's [ClanTag] IGN: [sORRY] Lord Vicious Last Known Port: Mortimer Reason: Obvious Any Additional Info: Sink or cap him in a PB is an additional 50k, capture him and he had a bottle on him: 50k. EDIT: will continue till either he rage quits the game, is banned, or I run out of money.
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    the problem with multiple officers is that you will have all the perk you want. 1 for crafting, 1 for capping, 1 for fighting with lineship, 1 for frigate and 1 for small ship.
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    With defender perk when we have had pvp and someone is running it we as a group work together chain sails slow target, take armor off, load grape minimize crew. In my santi I did a stern rake taking 161 crew off the other santi had no armor on the rear. Maybe lower the perk to 30%. I can understand the perk as seeing people just sail straight up and one shot a 1st rate boarding is unrealistic. I've seen santi on santi one board fit the other not and its over in one attack. You want to cap a 1st rate you should work for it, not easy mode it IMHO.
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    Harley is right Pirates are over fighting US they have officially bored us to death. We let them take everything back uncontested towards their capital. Like I have said before we pirates don't care about ports we want pvp. We took them ports thinking US would turn up for pvp and when they show up to fight with 25 people they still run and not stick the battle out. The last battle and I have screen shots (currently on my phone) they lost one boat and everyone started running. Ok we outnumbered their 1st rates but they outnumbered us on player count as they have always had every battle. Hopefully the new patch will come soon with the port battles rework, and force people to fight instead of pulling 5 flags and just avoiding the enemy and taking the other ports while the enemy shows up at the first flag you pulled. Or did US have 125 people doing PB that day.
  33. 1 point
    This. Plus make capturing ports a " big deal" by some mechanics that make the faction owning it acually maintian it with supplies for guns, ammo defensive equipment and infrastructure that if not maintained will allow port to fall into dismay and not produce/buy as often and effect player building ( to cause a real in game effect) to make sure owners are motivated. Slower pace of zerg=more stable faction=more players in the ow for me to steal from.
  34. 1 point
    Next time on as the Caribbean Turns, Did the french sleep with Lord Vicious or was it all just a lie. Tune in next week to find out XD
  35. 1 point
    Why can't wargamers spell? Grammar check. I can lose the battle. My shoelaces were 'loose'.
  36. 1 point
    7.5% is better than 0 Press gang is not OP - it is just cheap maybe Amount of money is not a problem - in fact it is irrelevant at this stage. Someone having 100 mln only helps him to an extent. It is not in the bank. It is not increasing the money supply through the reserve multiplayer and it will be reset on release anyway. What matters is how it is supplied and what is done about it.
  37. 1 point
    Думается в игре хотелось бы видеть несколько офицеров типа: 1-й помощник - общие перки в помощь капитану. Штурман - перки на управление кораблём. Врач - излечение раненых и воскрешение убитых . Боцман - выполнение команд и мораль. Артиллерист - перки связанные со стрельбой. Интендант - экономические перки. Можно как вариант в зависимости от ранга корабля ещё и Капитана (Лейтенанта) - мариносов, хотя не объязательно, Мариносы и так крутые и без командира. Или порезать модуль "Маринов" и дать бонусы офицеру. И ограничить количество офицеров которых можно взять с собой в зависимости от ранга корабля. Как студия хочет протестировать все перки, если большая их часть даже взята не будет?
  38. 1 point
    LOL, and the famous aaaaaaaa WHY WON'T THIS THING TURN!!!
  39. 1 point
    I didnt say there were no modules. This was back when modules didnt matter. Back when you had to hunt to buy ships and modules and it took so much time no one did it. So, when I take breaks I can then claim when I return I am a noob and nothing counts? Great. Got it. I just returned from a break. When I was gone, nothing counts. Also, this was back when Privateers were capture only and 1 dura.
  40. 1 point
    Nevertheless remains that Vicious and his merry men/women had an awesome idea to go mercenary. I wish it had worked out better for all involved. Customer anonymity should be top priority to keep for any Mercenary group. It would think twice now before hiring. My compliments remain on generating content for our community. From my role as Dutch captain: "You bastards! I knew there was a French connection", and waves a fist frantically in the air. ;-)
  41. 1 point
    Yes and no. Limit things force one to choose. You can't simply put in all you want and create a killer machine which is good. Like with regular upgrades - I have a bunch of but in my gold ships I can only use 4-5 at a time. So I have to decide what upgrades to choose depending on my plans e.g. PvE, PvP, Port Battle, Hunting or killing, Trading etc. - That's what makes the difference and that's what makes the game interesting. What I would like is the chance to hire, let's say, up to 4 officers. Like with Outpost Slots, each one could be more expensive than the previous one. Then I would like to train them in different ways and when I prepare my ship for a ride with upgrades I would also like to choose one of my officers.
  42. 1 point
    Don't you see how a perk like light ship master / frigate master / lineship master is a meaningless choice if I can have lightship master on my lightships, frigate master on my frigates, etc? Same applies to trade vs. combat perks. Specilization comes with a cost, and the person who focuses solely on their specialization (versus a generalist) will always get more benefits in that area (at the expense of being limited to that single area).
  43. 1 point
    Wait… ye baint got no place wot to tell me how to take care of my own. I have the LOYALEST, mates a bloke could ask fer! And the 95 of us don;t like it whenye say the 3 of us. And as far as stealin' traders… errr… matey… that's wot pyrates do!
  44. 1 point
    today's update: Captured: 1 Buc Esp 1 Surp Esp 1 Navybrig Pirates
  45. 1 point
    I think your work in the area of crew behavior is important. It would seem to me that, you could use your dev knowledge from your other game, Gettysburg. In that game units are affected by how close Generals are, how tired they get, retreat or protect them them, they get back morale and strength. Good stuff, thanks. Has there ever been any discussion on the ability to share OP's with clan, friends or some group type? Sort of like the clan warehouse...
  46. 1 point
    Don't consider casualties kills. Also you actually have to hit properly (its not just blind click = kill) It is not - shoot 69 shots anywhere get 69 kills like you described its more Santi fires at Victory 69 shots penetrate in the right place (thats important) at proper angle If 69 shots penetrate and ball and splinters hit the crew (they can miss crew)you have 69 or more men not willing to fight (dead, wounded, or broken or routed for multiple reasons) TLDR So if you equip 4lb you are dead = no penetration = no crew loss. When did you shoot at Santi with 4lb last time? If you position your ship right you can avoid this. If enemy makes mistakes you can finish the battle and get him surrender in just 3-5 broadsides. But thats if you can position yourself properly. First proper shot in also counts as it can be decisive. So just rushing in without thinking (especially for gankers in faster weaker ships) can be immediately devastating
  47. 1 point
    Once again, a thread started by Vicious, about Vicious, where Vicious brags about Vicious.
  48. 1 point
    ... play with ships that don't require so much upkeep. Once you get self reliant on the combat abilities... try another more financially demanding ship. Do not get trapped by medkits or whatever. Rinse and repeat.
  49. 1 point
    I have nothing vs rain for 30 minutes, but where is sunny days? And Moon... Someone bring it back!
  50. 1 point
    Roll will be improved eventually. It is not shared between the ships but it has couple of things lacking in the formula which create this impression.
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