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    Meeting for the first monthly public financial statement of -XIX- July 2nd, 1716, Willemstad, Curaçao - at the Colonial office of the Heeren XIX. - The prominent figure of the chairman rose from his chair. On the red curtain behind the large table an emblem was embroidered depicting the corporate signature of the Compaignie des heeren XIX. As he stood up, he saw the freshly baked cookies from Willemstad’s famous “Bakkerij Bussing” still went around in the audience that was already enjoying a hot cup of excellent English tea, acquired through some recent friendly and profitable contacts with British traders. Heer Jon ‘t Ven toe Raay, obviously of noble blood with a difficult name as such, was accompanied by the other members of the board and all sat behind that large table facing the audience. The board members were wearing their best set of clothes and wigs and were looking quite dandy. He started his speech. It was a pleasant voice to listen to. “Ladies, gentlemen, as heer der Heeren of the Compaignie des heeren XIX, I welcome you to our very first public financial presentation. As all of you are aware we are doing business under Octroy of the Republic and are therefore a public company obliged to make these public announcements. The first one we wanted to do in style.” He smiled and saw a satisfied audience chewing their cookies in anticipation of things to come. Heer Evertsen de Oude will probably be correct that investing in cookies can be profitable in the end. “As for the order of the meeting I’ll first say something about the focus of our company, then the esteemed Heer of the Rekenkamer, Pier Donia, will announce the financial results of the last month. Lastly we are happy to talk to you personally about some of our investment opportunities and shareholder options if you would be interested in that.” He took a sip of his own tea and almost burnt his tongue. “The recent agreed truce, the Treaty of the Antilles at Montserrat, saw to it that Willemstad prices plummeted as demand went down. Our company, despite those hostilities in the Eastern parts of our colonies, was earning quite well with spoils of war and the high prices. However, we are in agreement with the Dutch Consortium on the necessity of a truce. A change of focus and market is henceforth being taken care of. Our newly erected fishing squadron will see to it that profitability remains and new markets around Haiti and Cuba are currently explored. Our recently renewed defensive fleet to combat piracy around the northern parts of the Caribbean has been vigilant and profitable. In regard to trade and construction, our shipyards are continuously building new ships and our warehouses are filled abundantly with materials to trade. The focus in the coming months will be to establish trade agreements with other companies of all the nations active throughout the Caribbean. Furthermore, our company will be active in hiring more employees the coming months who will be offered a great working environment in professional surroundings, with an actual share in the company. Pier, can I hand the attention of the audience to you for the financial statements?” New cookies arrived quickly, as guiding audiences through financial statements would certainly not be an exciting part for most people in this meeting. Heer van de Rekenkamer, Pier Donia, started his oratory. “Yes, thank you Heer. I shall keep it as brief and quick as possible. We have provided copies of the statements, which clearly shows a profit of a little over 26 million Guilders last month. Some benefits are directly cash related and some were to build our assets. To strengthen the value of the company, our board has decided to assign 16 million guilders to the equity by adding it to the Capital Reserve giving our company a worth of just over 45 million Guilders. This increased the value of the shares two point three times, with …, .... blablablabla ..., …, and thus 50.000 Guilders per share in dividend is reserved to an amount of 9,5 million Guilders and to be payed out to shareholders. With the current activities deploying, profitability should rise further in the coming months.” There were no more cookies left and Heer Jon ‘t Ven toe Raay quickly took over. “Thank you heer van de Rekenkamer, the public statements looks excellent! Ladies, Gentlemen, thank you for your patience and attention. We now can take some of your questions and if you would like to discuss our investment and job opportunities, please feel free to do so. All of our Heeren are available to you.” You can find more information about the Octroy of our company here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14593-octroy-voors-compaignie-heeren-neegentien-xix/?p=270412 You can find more information about the Treaty of Montserrat here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14809-preliminary-treaty-of-the-antilles-commerce-and-free-navigation-valid-as-soon-as-the-four-nations-sign/?p=274607
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    27.06.2016 (prev) captured / owned ports 80 / 81 - Pirates 62 / 63 - España 43 / 44 - Great Britain 41 / 42 - France 33 / 36 - United States 32 / 33 - Verenigde Provinciën 23 / 24 - Denmark-Norge 7 / 8 - Sverige Top 3 Lord Protector 10 - Trajanus de Hispania 9 - HMCS Warrior 8 - Anolytic Top 3 defend time 18-20 - 85 ports 20-22 - 52 ports 10-12 - 36 ports Resources available to a nation *if this post get 6 likes until 03.07.2016 then i will publish next report
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    For all I care people can go mad with fleets as they grind bots, more power to them! We can not have player pets following them into PVP fights. There is nothing to test, it is terrible.
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    Well yall know how it goes. After close to capital missions and teleport machines pretty much killed open world sailing and pvp, i cant believe all it took was a blinking fish icon and a dangled carrot err fish to get people suddenly interested in sailing for 7 hours at sea ! Fuck it , whatever it took to do it im glad. Ive had about 20 or 30 open sea pvp battles and a few decent trade ships caught too. Thats on pvp2 too ! Most action ive seen in over a month and the server pop has been over 200 at times to instead of 60. First update ive found helpful to the game in a long time minus the ai fleets but oh well free xp. Lets introduce whalers next to make it better !
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    Love this RP! So who was the fool? The one trying to pass off a citrus as a vehicle, or the one who bought the sell? Got rice? Got food, got soup, got spice? AZN PRIDE! hehe https://youtu.be/v1Yd8g1kV3Y
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    Ya but you seem to be missing the point that the gankers could all have AI bots with them too... Now instead of being ganked by 5 or 6 now you are being ganked by 10 to 15... Being able to hire AI actually makes the ganking you are talking about far worse.
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    Man o man, I really don't get you guys (player base) sometimes: You are totally OK with 4 or 5 member "gank" squads jumping single players ==== you even have the cajones to call it PvP! Yet you are up in arms when a single player who disagrees with that being called "PvP" wants to protect himself from such "crap" by investing in a couple frigates to cover his ass. ---- Perhaps you "pure PvP" players should start a fight club and just fight each other - oh yea, duels. ==== fixed it for you. End of Transmission.
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    If you look closely at it, its 1600 for 4 Sugar (400 per piece // NPC price 400 (?)) and 600 Gold for 6 Food Supplies (100 per Piece // NPC Shop price being 250) So crafting from your own production buildings would be 3200 (8x Sugar) + 2 Barrels ( roughly 500-600 Gold) for 36 Rum, making it about 106 Gold per Unit of Rum. So actually the prices seem pretty much ok. I do not understand how you get to the conclusion of rum costing 5k in crafting and Medkits compared to the Costs of hiring crew seem pretty much balanced. I did some maths yesterday and if i didnt mess up some numbers, a medkit medium from own ressources is about: 4000 Gold for Food Supllies (if from farm, if you do it with the (free) fish you catch and salt, its only 1000 Gold) 1060 Gold for Rum 5000 Gold for Tobacco So 1 Medkit Medium costs about 10060 (or 7060 if done with Fish), replenishing 50 Crew Members. That compares to about 201.2 (141.2) Gold per Crew Member. If you factor in the Labor Hours (with 100Gold/LH) needed to craft everything for it, the costs would be around 14690 (11690) Gold, coming to 293,8 (233,8) Gold per Crew Member Seems pretty reasonable to me.
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    Le Bucentaure Bucentaure was an 80-gun ship of the line of the French Navy, and the lead ship of her class. She was the flagship of Vice-Admiral Latouche Tréville, who died on board on 18 August 1804. The Bucentaure at Trafalgar Vice-Admiral Villeneuve hoisted his flag on 6 November 1804. Bucentaure hosted the Franco-Spanish war council while sheltered from the British fleet at Cadiz. The vote was to remain in safe waters (a decision later overruled by Admiral Villeneuve) During the council, Spanish general Escaño complained that the atmospheric pressure was descending (a sign of approaching storms). French vice-admiral Magon famously retorted "the thing descending here is braveness". This offended Admiral Gravina and other Spanish officers who did not oppose later the imprudent order of taking to sea. At the Battle of Trafalgar, on 21 October 1805, she was commanded by Captain Jean-Jacques Magendie. Admiral Nelson's HMS Victory, leading the weather column of the British fleet, broke the French line just astern of Bucentaure and just ahead of Redoutable. Victory raked her less protected stern and the vessel lost 197 men and 85 were wounded (including Captain Magendie); Admiral Villeneuve was lucky to survive, but this effectively put Bucentaure out of most of the fight. After three hours of fighting, she surrendered to Captain James Atcherly of the Marines from HMS Conqueror. Villeneuve is supposed to have asked to whom he was surrendering. On being told it was Captain Pellew, he replied, 'There is no shame in surrendering to the gallant Sir Edward Pellew.' When he was informed that the Conqueror's captain (Israel Pellew) was Sir Edward's brother, he said, 'England is fortunate to have two such brothers.' In the following days, Bucentaure's crew rose up against the British prize crew, and recaptured the ship. However, she was wrecked in the gale-force storm of 23 October 1805. ----------------------------------------------- Found these online, so you can see how it will look after it is finished: This is not an actual NA game model!! NA WIP:
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    После пары дней тестов нового патча: Офицеры: Не хочется видеть в игре перки, дающие по узлу скорости и +20% перезарядки. Интереснее всего перки, не дающие процентных бафов к боевым характеристикам, подобные этим (привел для примера несколько из имеющихся и предлагавшихся в специальной теме): Рыбалка. Хочется надеяться, что в будущем функция рыбалки отойдет специальным рыболовецким судам, поскольку военному флоту было бессмысленно заниматься ловлей рыбы. Ну а бутылки и кораблекрушения вполне интересное разнообразие, только вот печально выглядит модель корабля на месте крушения - место крушения брига или 3rd rate, а изображается все одной моделькой позеленевшего Indiaman. Crew Management. Хочется надеяться, что это только зачаточный вариант менеджмента команды. Но вот этот пункт... ...вызывает негодование. Данная фича была бы прекрасна для PvE сервера, на PvP сервере все функции отданные ботофлотам должны выполнять игроки - сопровождать торговца, собираться в эскадры, чтоб не было страшно и т.д. Участие ботов в геймплее на PvP сервере должно быть сведено к минимуму.
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    2 frigates can save you from 4-5 gankers? Really? i think we join fight club when we choose "PvP" server
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    lol And maybe some bottles should be fakes and lead you to a trap ? xD
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    We've given it a chance before. It is an abortion of an idea that has only been multiplied to disastrous proportions this time. Before it was bad enough having the annoyance of god knows how many AI brigs or snows to deal with spamming chain at you. Now it has gone too far with the ability to bring an Ingermanland with your Constitution or two trincs and any other unholy combination. But alas it is apparently a necessary feature for the "Rear Admirals" of Naval Action who apparently have the social skills of an autist with equally lacking tactical knowledge and leadership ability to find real human beings to command about. The simple fact is that ai in pvp ruins fights and will continue to ruin fights until removed. It was easy before to use superior numbers to win fights but now we have the ability to multiply our strength artificially with whatever crew you can possibly spare for bots. We will see how many pvp'ers will be left by time this atrocity is removed.
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    So don't trade unless you are can play 4 hours+ per day? Because that's usually how clans roll, with Teamspeak too - so people who have a family shouldn't trade?
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    Maybe the solution is that so long as your AI fleet is tagged, you cannot escape battle? Won't fix the scenario of the LGV with 2 connie escorts - but I think that's an outlier.
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    third time we don't give up huh?))) we believe there is compromise so lets think it through together.
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    I think they should only be used for traders ....but to a limit of 5th rates
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    A bad idea that the devs seem to be obsessed with. Once and for all - get rid of the damn things.
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    Casualties in boarding are astronomical. Of course the system will be broken by this. Around 80% of losses need to be restored to the victor, free of charge. Crew almost never fought to the death, and victors never accepted casualties of 80%. Losses have to be rationalized as morale failures, primarily.
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    Why not call "coward" "smuggler" or some such. Sounds more purposeful.
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    I'm sorry you encountered experienced players that fought and probably kill you, but hey, that how the game goes. First of all: Forget about any chivalrous behavior. It's non existent. Experienced Captains will fight you when they have all the advantages on their side. They will only fight if they have at minimum a 80% plus chance of winning. NA is a Naval Warfare simulation and that are simply the rules of war. Second: If you have any trouble with the first point I recommend to start on PvE until you get used to the game, controls, ships, aiming and shooting, boarding, trading etc. And finally: Don't start such silly posts. I understand that you were probably annoyed by some incidents on the server - but as Buns of Steel already mentioned: It's part of the game. Get used to it.
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    If it's training, then why do you get XP/Gold/lose Dura/cap ship? The PvP in those battles are exactly the same as you'll get in OW, just balanced in terms of team size/BR Either Magnum^ is correct, or people are just generally whining / want the game dumbed down to World of Sailing Warships levels.
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    The "majority" of those who post, of the more vocal, I guess. For my part, as I won't talk for anybody, I'd just like to have the opportunity of fighting with a small AI fleet when and only when solo playing, whatever my rank is ; whatever the server is ; whatever I do, PvP or PvE.