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    Уважаемые разработчики! Мы с крайней благодарностью относимся к Вам за этот прекрасный, без шуток, проект, где наконец-то реализованно все то, чего нам не хватало в PotBS. Однако тот факт, что Вы вернули возможность нанимать непись на высоких рангах начинает убивать интерес в пвп. Теперь любой, самый замечательный гражданин, способен на беллоне/павле/виктори ганкать фрегат, к примеру. Ведь с ним будет пара нпс раттлснейков, например. Для ПВП сервера мы (сообщество PoDW) видим подобную фичу крайне нежелательной, ведь здесь именно игроки создают вселенную, делают "песочницу". Золотые матросы. А может даже бриллиантовые? Суть проблемы в том, что теперь пополнять команду весьма затратное дело, но это на самом деле не беда. Беда начинается в тот момент, когда после ожесточенного боя мы нажимаем ТАБ и видим, что противник не утонул, а сдался - и правильно, ведь зачем терять офицера и команду. Но ведь без засчитанного килла прибыль от пвп, мягко скажем, не айс. Огромная просьба, подправьте пожалуйста тогда механику так, чтобы за сдачу корабля противником давалось столько же опыта и денег, как за килл, иначе пвп будет убыточным, особенно для тех сообществ, которые не практикуют просто ганк, а любят сложные, долгие, но крайне увлекательные сражения. Спасибо. P.S. От себя. Мы ооочень ждем новые корабли, а именно новые фрегаты. Наши матросы уже заждались Indefatigable и Endymion.
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    I'm enjoying the new fishing mechanic. The bottles you can catch add excellent random rewards and are fun to navigate to. I was thinking, this concept could be used for something more challenging and interesting. This is my proposal: A treasure galleon (or multiple) randomly sail across the map (or spawn depending if you have the bottle). The treasure galleon is escorted by multiple ships of the line and will require cooperation and teamwork to take down. There will be a high risk, but if successful, the loot and rewards will be exceptionally rich. This could be combined with some PvP, like two parties hunting for the same treasure, what do you think of this suggestion? What could be added? Let me know.
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    It is an age of sail sandbox mmo, you play it as you want. What would be cool is the ability to hire different officers that you have to each level up and have different perks and select which one you want to use when you go out. One officer will be my combat officer. Heck, maybe I'll chose different officers for pve and PVP since you play that differently. So 2 different combat officers, I guess. Another can be my crafting/fishing officer with maybe perks for OS speed (so I can sail faster to spots where I need to buy stuff for crafting and escape being targeted) or a perk for increased chance at finding bottles and such
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    Lol dev, one sugar cost 1600 in you'r industry but only 200 in the shop Food cost 500 in you'r industry but only 200 in the shop for craft one rum with you'r industry that will cost you 5 K the fucking RUM wen you craft a medikit with you'r own industry that cost you 19 K are you crazy i mean realy crazy?
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    Any faction-based bonuses are corrosive to the spirit of the game and good PvP. Every fight a pirate loses will now be a result of Pirate Hunter bonus. Every time someone gets ganked by a pirate, it will be because of Pirate speed bonus. Of course this will not be true, but faction bonuses (especially big ones) create the perception that skill is no longer paramount, and an environment where people believe that no fight can ever be fair. While 5% reload reductions (and perhaps .25kn speed boosts) are less destructive, they are still a flawed approach to making officers interesting. In my opinion we already achieved a fine balance of skill vs. upgrade options when it comes to combat bonuses, particularly speed and reload. In fact, we reached it through much blood, sweat and tears. They are meaningful, valuable, but not decisive. Tossing in huge bonuses on top of this is wrecking that balance, and changing this to a very different game. The sad thing is that there is no reason officers have to come with stacking bonuses on top of existing upgrades. If you can't think of a new and interesting bonuses unique to officers vs. upgrades, consider instead migrating some upgrade bonuses to officer skills. There are in my opinion already too many physical upgrades offering bonuses that stack with existing upgrades, that make little sense as physical upgrades, and that could work much better as officer skills. Many of the recently added upgrades would be much more interesting as officer perk choices you can make through the course of earning XP by your preferred means, rather than random drops you are forced to grind PvE (or now grind fishing) to ever have a chance of seeing. For example, Steel Toolbox combined with Survival Handbooks is an extremely powerful combination (possibly OP), but neither make much sense as a physical upgrade. Why not either combine them into a powerful officer perk, or move one of them to an officer perk so that there aren't two stacking repair upgrades with no negatives at all? ---- Regarding surrending, it is quite obvious that something will need to be done about surrendering while sinking or on fire. Otherwise we are stuck with outcomes where I never lose an officer life, but you never get a prize. I would suggest: Harsh: you cannot surrender while taking water or burning. Simplest, but I'm not a huge fan of this because it will lead to unnatural outcomes (premature surrender or unable to surrender when taking tiny amounts of water due to side "integrity" being gone). Gentle: after surrender, ship receives a huge survival bonus for pumping out water, repairing leaks and dousing fires, or surrendering simply freezes the current damage state of the ship (water rises no higher, fire does not progress any further). Basically a surrendered ship would never sink or burn down. This is logical to a degree as a surrendered ship is no longer in combat and can focus fully on survival, and the ship might even receive help from prize crews coming aboard via ships' boats. A crew is not going to strike their colors then merrily stand by as the ship sinks under them. Problem is that everyone will always unnaturally fight to the last possible moment then surrender, rather than having to gauge the risk / sacrifice of fighting on vs. surrender. In between: if you are on fire or taking water, surrendering has an exit with officer life cooldown. You strike as normal, but cannot immediately exit and outcomes for the ship are tracked for X minutes or until an enemy takes possession of the ship. If your ship sinks or explodes in this time, you still lose an officer life. Surrendered ships would of course need to have damage turned off (I think they do already), and come with some amount of survival bonus as above, although perhaps not a guarantee of staying float. This way waiting until the last moment to surrender so no one ever gets a prize becomes a big gamble, but the other team still needs to take care of their prizes to some degree. And getting no kills for surrendered ships after actually fighting and delivering significant damage is surely a bug, is it not?
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    Oceanic Privateers What do we want: Honour and Glory PvP RvR A Good Atmosphere. Maple Syrup, Waffles and Fish. Lots of Fish. Active members. What do we want to avoid: Ganking CareBears PvE’ers Drama Pricks Elitism Exploiters Trolls Forum/Chat PvP Rules: If you are inactive for 7 days (1 week) or longer without informing leadership you will be dismissed. Teamspeak is a must. Like most other clans we use it for pretty much everything. Listen to leaders/higher ranks within reason. If you have a problem with leadership do not make a scene. Let us know and we will talk about the issue and what we can do to resolve it. No Racism. Reasons to join this clan: We train to become the best. However we do not claim to be the best. It’s merely what we strive for! We do this by Dueling, OW PvP and fighting each other in smaller groups (By using the Smuggler flag). Our focus is on Individual skill as well as group fighting. Helpful Veteran PvPers(PreAlpha/steam) Engaging in small and large group fights in OW PvP and RvR focused clan Simple Rank structure Mutiny will get ye Hung(Kicked from the clan) Recruitment: Strict Recruitment. 2 Week probationary period. Probationary period is needed so that leadership can confirm whether or not you are a good fit for the clan. About every 2 weeks the clan leadership has a meeting at which they “evaluate” the current recruits. If your interested in joining OCEAN please contact Tommy Shelby, SeaWolf, SeaHyena or Ellis. (Here on the forums or Ingame.) Banners: (Forum signature) - All members get a banner which can have a individual touch so to speak. Examples will follow. SeaWolf: SeaHyena: Tommy Shelby: Ellis: Silfarion: PG Monkey: Basic:
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    Meeting for the first monthly public financial statement of -XIX- July 2nd, 1716, Willemstad, Curaçao - at the Colonial office of the Heeren XIX. - The prominent figure of the chairman rose from his chair. On the red curtain behind the large table an emblem was embroidered depicting the corporate signature of the Compaignie des heeren XIX. As he stood up, he saw the freshly baked cookies from Willemstad’s famous “Bakkerij Bussing” still went around in the audience that was already enjoying a hot cup of excellent English tea, acquired through some recent friendly and profitable contacts with British traders. Heer Jon ‘t Ven toe Raay, obviously of noble blood with a difficult name as such, was accompanied by the other members of the board and all sat behind that large table facing the audience. The board members were wearing their best set of clothes and wigs and were looking quite dandy. He started his speech. It was a pleasant voice to listen to. “Ladies, gentlemen, as heer der Heeren of the Compaignie des heeren XIX, I welcome you to our very first public financial presentation. As all of you are aware we are doing business under Octroy of the Republic and are therefore a public company obliged to make these public announcements. The first one we wanted to do in style.” He smiled and saw a satisfied audience chewing their cookies in anticipation of things to come. Heer Evertsen de Oude will probably be correct that investing in cookies can be profitable in the end. “As for the order of the meeting I’ll first say something about the focus of our company, then the esteemed Heer of the Rekenkamer, Pier Donia, will announce the financial results of the last month. Lastly we are happy to talk to you personally about some of our investment opportunities and shareholder options if you would be interested in that.” He took a sip of his own tea and almost burnt his tongue. “The recent agreed truce, the Treaty of the Antilles at Montserrat, saw to it that Willemstad prices plummeted as demand went down. Our company, despite those hostilities in the Eastern parts of our colonies, was earning quite well with spoils of war and the high prices. However, we are in agreement with the Dutch Consortium on the necessity of a truce. A change of focus and market is henceforth being taken care of. Our newly erected fishing squadron will see to it that profitability remains and new markets around Haiti and Cuba are currently explored. Our recently renewed defensive fleet to combat piracy around the northern parts of the Caribbean has been vigilant and profitable. In regard to trade and construction, our shipyards are continuously building new ships and our warehouses are filled abundantly with materials to trade. The focus in the coming months will be to establish trade agreements with other companies of all the nations active throughout the Caribbean. Furthermore, our company will be active in hiring more employees the coming months who will be offered a great working environment in professional surroundings, with an actual share in the company. Pier, can I hand the attention of the audience to you for the financial statements?” New cookies arrived quickly, as guiding audiences through financial statements would certainly not be an exciting part for most people in this meeting. Heer van de Rekenkamer, Pier Donia, started his oratory. “Yes, thank you Heer. I shall keep it as brief and quick as possible. We have provided copies of the statements, which clearly shows a profit of a little over 26 million Guilders last month. Some benefits are directly cash related and some were to build our assets. To strengthen the value of the company, our board has decided to assign 16 million guilders to the equity by adding it to the Capital Reserve giving our company a worth of just over 45 million Guilders. This increased the value of the shares two point three times, with …, .... blablablabla ..., …, and thus 50.000 Guilders per share in dividend is reserved to an amount of 9,5 million Guilders and to be payed out to shareholders. With the current activities deploying, profitability should rise further in the coming months.” There were no more cookies left and Heer Jon ‘t Ven toe Raay quickly took over. “Thank you heer van de Rekenkamer, the public statements looks excellent! Ladies, Gentlemen, thank you for your patience and attention. We now can take some of your questions and if you would like to discuss our investment and job opportunities, please feel free to do so. All of our Heeren are available to you.” You can find more information about the Octroy of our company here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14593-octroy-voors-compaignie-heeren-neegentien-xix/?p=270412 You can find more information about the Treaty of Montserrat here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/14809-preliminary-treaty-of-the-antilles-commerce-and-free-navigation-valid-as-soon-as-the-four-nations-sign/?p=274607
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    People sailing for hours and hours simply to get bottles deserve to not get bottles. Stop bottle feeding, grow up and do something useful in this world of ours.
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    Honestly I think that sounds about right. Even generous. The bottles should be rare and valuable and the award even more so.
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    Having to wade through bots before I get to fight the player makes me feel
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    Well you can play the whole game as a trader so why not play as a fisherman? It is a god source of income and you still need to battle to get XP.
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    I have found and gathered some of the clearer displays of framing from my personal collections and resources, they are all Venetian because that's what I specialise in. I will put them in date order going backwards, older further down for those who are interested to see. La Gabriella Model - 1640 Model of La Gabriella, the first (that I know of) successful attempt to ship design using scientific methods. Lepanto Galleass - 1570 One of the huge Galleass that fought at the battle of Lepanto, staggering in size and crew size for its time. Fiandra Galley - 1500 Galley outfitted to work on the trade route to Flanders and London. Logonovo - 1400 River craft built to operate up and down the rivers leading into and calm waters of the lagoon. Contarina - 1300 Similar to the Logovono a calm water ship designed for close trading in the Adriatic ports. Porto Fuori - 1300 Small river and short distance transport craft to take small portions of goods around. Bonus - 7th Century Sewn Boat. A small boat with the frame sewn together, a cheap and light boat that's easy to repair. a little treat for reading down this far. As ever when I do these things, if anyone wants to know more about a specific boat or planking, feel free to ask. I might not have the answer to hand but will do my best to find out for you if thats the case.
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    Maybe add some riddles as well? Like: http://portroyale2-fansite.de/en/missions/puzzle/raetseltexte.html
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    I for one am enjoy the changes that have been made. The whole strategy has changed concerning battles. You now have to take into account your crew and the cost of replacement. I know you all know this by the griping that has been on every page in this thread. I like the change, it test ones ability to push the limit to when you either win or break away, like playing chicken. How far will you go before you decide to break off a fight, surrender or think you cannot sink, LOL. All those who think that having to play to the death are now see the reactions in a battle are different due to the cost of war. The pay-off is way different and unpredictable due to damage and crew lost, to surrender, sunk, or captured. You may not take a battle to a definitive win/lose completion. There are different decisions in play for both the attacker and the attacked, its time to change our approach to what was the way to "do" the game. The changes have elevated the strategy to a whole new level. Having the fleets back is a great support for the traders. I can sail with some comfort knowing I have an escort with me and its a ship much larger than a cutter for protection. The game is in an evolution and I think this is great. If this was nothing more that Port Battles only this it would have been lost a long time ago. We don't have the road map of the end game but the changes show, at least to me, we are heading into a direction that is expanding into a whole new conceptional strategy. The growing pains are here now as we are all shifting gears to incorporate the expansion of the last patch. The best responses here are one with thought out fixes that are reasonable and doable under the new patch. Do I think the cost of a crew rather expensive, yes. Have I used the medical "card" for healing, yep and it's cheaper that whole sale buying new crews. Does it work, yep. Do I carry extra fixes and medical, absolutely. Do I really have all this figured out, nope because it takes time to try all the different aspects of battle and trade to get the feel and find the advantages and disadvantages for the changes put into place. What is obvious is, you cannot play the game the same way anymore. Change has come, change will be in the future, change is the only constant. Learn to adapt.
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    If you are a member of the Swedish nation, then I would highly recommend this clan (OCEAN). They have some very skilled players, and are fun to sail with.
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    just 1 thing i dont like about this patch is the GPS
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    This is still true today. The primary costs in any organization are related to personnel - pay, training, equipment, etc. It's a good thing for the game to reflect that.As a follow-up, would it be possible to look at your casualty model and rework it? What I mean is that, in any battle, there is a fairly predictable ratio between wounded and killed. It changes somewhat in naval battles because the possibility of sinking with all hands a real one (kind of like how if an airplane does anything other than run off a runway, you're probably going to die). Regardless, there is still a ratio even in naval warfare, especially when a ship is not sunk. Frequently, there are many more wounded - who may recover - than killed. Rather than simply measuring casualties as "KIA," would it be possible for you to have a percentage of casualties as "WIA," and then set up a mechanism for their recovery?
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    a shout out to steelsandvich for giving one of these plans a try even trough most are not really usefull but are giving enough reference material huzzah
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    Aye... sea port taverns and whorehouses are full of such stories ! They make for a good drinking session ! You know how do we count enemy sails ? One...two...three...many...a lot...thousands. That's how legends are born. Back to topic, have yet to find a single bottle
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    I really like this idea, it would get people into hot zones. Plus instead of a made up name the devs pick, it can be the actual user. My question about shipwrecks, are there only so many on the sea to find? I.e. Some guy said he found 10, are there fewer for him left to find then someone who has found 2.
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    People just want a nice reward when they sail for hours, I do not think it is to much, its good as it is, maybe more variety
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    Love the bottle and the wreck! Only one bottle in the last 24 hours, but I hope I find more. I like the idea of also finding shipwrecked sailors, mermaids and white whales (Moby Dick).
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    brigadier 800 available crew, created a fleet with an essex and my constitution.. Attacked an IA surprise, trying to capture: - first problem: the essex does not acept "demast" command - second problem: when boarding them essex seems to accept "Hold Fire" ...but it remains shooting surprise taken, sent to outpost End battle screen : manage fleet : third problem : seemingly my remaining men (those above constitution and essex cap) were available to be used ,,,where the hell were them??? folowing the fleet in rowboats??? back to port : Fourth "problem":, selling surprise and guns net about 11000 gold, refilling crew -78000 gold (about 150? losses).... Sure I was not full boarding fitted , and could have taken my time graping the target for longer... but i am fearing that privateering is quite a strange business now
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    With the introduction of fishing, OS sailing has been given a good bit of relevancy and purpose (+ the travel XP). However, at the moment, fishing has no drawbacks; a player can (and should) simply have fishing turned on all the time. This is understandable for initial testing, but later down the line, there should be some give-and-take. Perhaps fishing should reduce OS speed, or anyone who is attacked while fishing will get a negative effect in battle (perhaps it will take longer to initially load guns/unfurl sails seeing as some crew will be occupied with putting away fishing equipment) Perhaps a "setup" period would be in order, a small amount of time needed when turning fishing off/on. Also, here is a preliminary list of possible future fishing module suggestions. Add on as you wish. Trawling Nets: +% in volume of fish per catch, -% OS speed, maybe less cargo space. Longer setup time Long Lines: +% Fish catch rate, no OS speed penalty. Barbed Hooks: Chance to catch bigger fish
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    the update with double production amount is going to blow the port markets out need to increase port consumtion and the limit to amount from 25k to 35k to 40k or just fix consumtion amount to where the double production does not burst ports with resources needs to be adressed
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    so there i was. bringing UNITED STATES OF MURICA justice to the coast of cuba today (finally) and i seent this hurr LGV doing his thing. i stalked in with my 2 frigs and a suprise in my fleet GOT THE TACKLE IN CLOSE AND WENT FOR THE KILL!!! obviously my main ship (a gold oak frig) with gold copper and speed was faster than my no-upgrades allowed NPC ships, so THERE I WAS TEARING IT UP IN THE LEAD!!! firing madly with my bow chasers to keep the 1.45 battle timer a ticking and wear them sails down! FOR USA!!!! then...i missed ONE salvo with my bow chasers cuz both shots when wide. and he was gone. dont even know how people measure distance in the game honestly. have seen people saying "200 yards" but i have never seen or been shown where its measured so imma just say that i was catching this dude over time and wearing his sails down while doing it. but he magic poofed out....THEN he got to chill in the out of battle screen for as long as he possibly wanted. and i just left any way because there was no chance in getting a re-attack....now i know why he didnt bother to head for a port seeing me. no WAY i could catch him (slash) my chances were low as fuck. that coward perk tho....who thought that one up?? the escape battle time is already TOO SHORT. batteries reload at the speed of molasses. you are modeling fights that lasted DAYS not hours and your are allowing people to escape in a matter of SECONDS! i once escaped pagan pete by sailing my t-lynx INTO THE BEACH because he trapped me in a fucking BAY. it was perfect for him, i was DEAD TO RIGHTS but because that stupid timer i sailed my ship into the ground to avoid getting tagged and pete got denied a whole 800 silver ingots. sorry dawg i gotta use them shitty mechanics if they are there....you dig? TL:DL battle timer is too short coward perk is makes a broke thing mo' broker
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    Вам в детстве не говорили, что хамить нехорошо?
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    Playing ''Naval fishing action"
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    Change of the green on green rule. Green on green is not allowed with one temporary exception - if there are ships of the same clan present in the battle on both sides, and if the friendly ship interferes both ships of that clan can be sank with no punishment (including the green ship). http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/2346-forum-and-sea-trials-rules/?p=254964 To clarify this rule, since some of the comments made are incorrect when interpreting them: If clan x fights a member of clan x, you can join the battle on whichever side you want. In that scenario you can only attack the clan x member who is marked red (enemy). Until the clan x member who is on your team (green) interferes with you killing the enemy, he is not to be harmed. When he does interfere, as the rules state, you can sink them both. Tribunal closed and dismissed. Pirates tagging each other is part of the current mechanic and for now this is allowed.
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    You can get max level 10 for an officer
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    Back when fleets were available all you could really get was lynx or cutter for protection. This helped the "new player" to gain experience playing the game. Then that was halted. The trade ships that came into the fold since then, while being armed also become desired targets.The new choise for transporting cargo was either several trips to be made in a small, undesireable trader or use a large trader with an escort. AS a SOLO player the Fleet option provides the escort when I need it at the times I can get in and play. It is the same thing with a small squadron. This allows for the solo play to battle that is something greater than a single ship mission. Not everyone has friends that can play at the same time everytime. Here is the new twist to Fleets, you are exposing more of your crew reserve to a battle. It is not free protection as in the first go around where the only expense was ship repairs. At my current rank I can field a frigate, with a fleet frigate and maybe a pickle and I have maxed out all my available crew units. I could use two Snows insted, or, or,or. The combination of choise make you really decide if you need a fleet or a fleet of one additional or two additional ships. You spend money to get a ship to be part of your fleet. You spend money on the repairs and you have to crew it the same as you do in your active ship you sail in the OW. It allows more opportunties for a single/solo play to get into a larger fight, it puts more at risk at the table. I personnally enjoy having one extra ship sailing with me, be it a friend or fleet ship. The extra provides as least a somewhat distraction that causes a shift in the battle progression. Its enough of a dynamic to cause a different set of decisions to be made during battle. An example for a Solo player in a Snow comes across a Snow with a Pickle (person or IA makes no difference). You can battle and if you are good, win the contest - it would be work but rewarding and take mental sweat and effort. But, by having just a Lynx as your fleet vessel it causes enough distraction on the part of the enemy to allow you as lease a tacticle edge you were missing prior. And it has been stated in these formum posts, by individuals who were surprised to find they were up agains a fleet and not against an easy to have target (my interpretation of what the message was and not any one person's words). In a nutshell, it allows the solo player a benifit a clan players has without having to deal with being in a clan to play the game.
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    m tank sorry auto correct sometimes
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    sounds like a plan would be nice if people would be Nic enough to not tank its best to have fun some times.
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    What if after finding them all then you were able to go to another sort of level where the bottles are better?
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    some on in another topic suggested that surrender be an optional thing that a player must offer and accept.
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    I have a completely different opinion about this. This perk forces (forced) pirates to do ganking rather than fair fights. Getting the 6 points for it and having 5 perk slots, there is no real trade in for getting it. you can still take double shot, defender, your ship mastery and heck even prepared or pirate in case you fight another nat yourself. There is no downside to taking it, its not like it lowers your relaod against nations by the same amount it boosts it against pirates or anything. That being said, i dont like the speed bonus against nationals as well (working for nat vs nat as well right now btw) Oh and by the way, i dont consider most of the posts about it here being whiny, many of them actually had a lot of good reasoning to it and did explain the concerns with this perk (and many others) quite well On the other hand, any pirate trying to do fair or 1v1 fights is at a severe disadvantage from the start. sure he is 1knot faster than the enemy (if he got pirate and the ship master), but thats only good for running someone down or escaping. So it basically forces pirates into ganking or running. The game should be skill based, not gear/perk based. Before this, everyone could get the same bonuses as his enemy, it only depended on the preferred setup and gold you were willing to sink into it. Now, some players are barred from getting certain combat related things (pirates relaod bonuses against nats and nats speed against pirates) Thats not really the way i want to see the game taking Tuning it down is the right way, my opinion is still that the game should remain skill-based. As akd said earlier:
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    Silly perk. Name is wrong (double charge would result in gun blowing up or dismounting). Should be "full charge" and have negatives (small % chance of gun and gun crew loss per shot).
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    May i suggest that you can't surrender when your sinking? This way, if you want to surrender, you must do it before your ship is taking on water and is in the process of sinking. It would solve the problem of surrendering to deny the kill. And at the same time you can still save your crew by surrendering before your ship is actually going down.
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    Ten shipwrecks? Not everyone tells the truth in this game, I have found.
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    This would be nice, bottles spawning near to where players have sunk. Especially if you match the playername and shiptype to the bottles. Would add a nice touch and make the world feel alive.
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    Поработали над оптимизацией воды - удалось добиться фотореалистичной картинки И повышения ФПС. Технология попадет в фокус тест билды в течении 3-4х недель. Вот результат. Виктори на спокойной воде
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    Theres MANY reasons why fleets have been tried twice and removed twice.
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    Are you claiming that taking an undefended trade vessel is a good fight? So now traders will have defense that makes you mad? I am not sure how this ruins pvp is all, forgive my ignorance.
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    Come on people... This is the STRATEGY part of this game. In MANY games, you have to move resources/troops around and it takes time. The big map is PLUS in this game... That being said, I'd be fine with a ship delivery system that was EXTREMELY expensive and SLOW. I'm thinking along the lines of 2 REAL days to get a ship delivered the length of the map. In my mind, it throws a bone to people with less play time and still doesnt allow for insta-replacement fleets.
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    The "Teleport to Capital" exists to get any player unstuck from a bad situation, like being stranded in a far away land. Other than that keep a Outpost slot open to cover emergencies when going into enemy territory without any nearby outpost. I do not see any need to change the current system.
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    Looking at the new patch and without the ability to teleport ships building them in strategic locations will become more important. I'd like to create some player made content in the form of primary multi-national merchant markets in key locations. So I'm looking for true Econ minded players to stock and create competitive markets in the following free cities: Key West, Ile-a-Vachi and Plymouth. How you get the goods to them and what mark up on materials is certainly up too you. What need is to create the stockpiles of necessary ship building materials and competition. By using these three hubs we create three centralized markets. Players can then visit, buy goods and either sail them out or mail them to another free City. Similarly suppliers can either sail goods in to maximize profits or mail them in from frontier producer free cities. If we get this content up and running then empires and more can be built from them. So become a merchant prince of the New World! Get at least one raw material or product up on a market nearest you. KEY WEST ILE-A-VACHI PLYMOUTH
  48. 1 point
    boarding is OP and is a "I Win button" with proper fittings It will be addressed because I Win buttons must not exist.
  49. 1 point
    I agree that automatic material deliveries are a problem. They kill trade routes. I've long argued that Port Battles, with their ever increasing set of Rube Goldbergesque rules to try to get them to work are nonsensical, unworkable and should be gotten rid of. Robust trade routes and trade centers would organically drive PVP. Alas, I think we'll get endless diddling with damage models for realism's sake, while the unnatural rule sets to try to solve time zones and port flipping lumbers on. For now, with the upcoming closing of the "send capped ships to outpost" trick this might be a good move.
  50. 1 point
    First testing version of open world had teleport to every town on the map from anywhere. There were only 15 towns though. It was sad to lose those teleports. Also remember this review? People who come into the game - kind of hate teleports (they come to appreciate them later)
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