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    Here will be the place for your essential Fight Club information. Goal: Organized, Competitive, Creative, PvP events.
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    A statement from a council representative: It has been claimed that the American Council is dead. There is no truth to this statement. What is true, is that until recently there has not been many decisions to be made and therefore the Council was and has been relatively inactive. That inactivity doesn't in anyway remove the council's influence. But what is necessary is that those who doubt or criticize should understand the goals and role of the council. The council wasn't designed as a fighting force in itself. It was designed as a way to communicate and come to agreements on national policy in order to promote a united front. That does, though, take an effort of the clans involved to participate and actively seek to contribute. There are no "leaders" of the council. There are clans that are more active in it then others and therefore may be viewed as leading it but ultimately everyone has an equal say and part. That is what the council is and has always been in spite of propaganda to the contrary. In fact the council was proposed, advocated for and organized(including the website) by a clan of just 9 guys. TF and TDA, the two oldest clans in the game and the two largest in the US nation simply agreed to it. The council still seeks to unite the clans through a common avenue of communication. This work has not stopped even though it is not always visible and of late has seen some promising fruit come out of that effort. Many of the PvP2 guys that accepted the narrative of the pirate propaganda machine when they first arrived are realizing that the propaganda was false. When the clans in the west and the clans in the east unite, and I have no doubt they will, then the organization that follows will still be the "council". Even if reorganized under a different name or no name at all it will still be a group of clans that unite towards a common goal and strategy which is all the American Council has ever wanted out of it. If it is TF leading the charge or Forge, on any given day, is irrelevant. All that is relevant is stregnth in unity and common purpose. In fact, as a leader of TF, I can tell you that I hope and desire for more larger clans to develop. It spreads the load around and allows clans to combat members "burning out." The thing about the council is that we look at the long game. Losses as well as gains are minor interruptions or achievements if our long term goals are not accomplished. The current war is no exception. Although the council has not made an official decision or announcement about the current state of affairs you can rest assured that the long term goals are being attended to. It may be hard to understand and I'm not always in perfect agreement with, how these goals are being pursued. Maybe mistakes will be made or maybe we will go down in history as geniuses. The best way to influence and understand these decisions is to get involved and be a part of them. PM me here and I will give you the TS info. Pugs are also invited to participate. Our TS is open to all and is most often used as the TS to gather for joint operations. At least in the East. Now to the pirate peace demands. We are not interested in the least. You are doing nothing but accelerating our long term goals and I thank you. As you know, there is nothing that unites a group of people together then a common enemy or catastrophe. If you should ever seek peace again then offer reasonable terms. 1. You have no place or right to demand the end to any organization, gov't, voting body, or dance class in the nation of the United States. Remove that first. 2. We also won't break any relationships with our friends, so consider that a non-starter. 3. It is evident that you are suing for peace and not us. Nor would I sue for peace without consulting the clans in the west and that hasn't even crossed our minds. 4. Lastly, approach any request with honesty. My advice is get a different figurehead because the one you have doesn't know the meaning of that word. Your whole proposal starts with a claim that TF and TDA is spreading propaganda about winning the war against you the first time and refusing to admit defeat. Begin any negotiation with these kinds of false accusations and we will kindly ask you to come back another day. Now get back to what you were doing. You are lending us a hand atm. Its bitter/sweat for us but is also a win/win if my private predictions come true. P.S. This is an American Council thread used for announcements and recruitment. It was not started for the purpose of arguing with other nations or clans. If you choose to respond then use your own thread please or I will simply ask the mods to move your comments. I don't want to see this thread devolve into a flame war and I will not participate in one. Thank you for your cooperation.
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    - Version 1.14 : http://www.mediafire.com/download/pd269e05ypc7il3/Craft_Helper_by_Kanay_v1.14.ods - Added the new ships: Gunboat, L'Ocean, Rattlesnake Heavy & Agamemnon , details here http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13957-crafting-helper-sheet/#entry302081 Previous versions : _______________________________ Hi all, I was missing some options while using some crafting tools stuff so i started few days ago to make a sheet to include what i needed, then things going on i added more and more stuff, the result is this : The parts with a blueish background are where the infos are automatically updated, the rest with Grey backgrounds you don't need to care about it, it's there just for the formulas to be applied when i could not simply "hide" some of the columns or lines like some are in this document. - Let's see a concrete example: I want to do another frigate gold in live oak (and cross my fingers again for the Ingermanland BP ), on the top of this i want to add 50 medium carriages , 500 planks, 40 cordages , 100 cables and let's say 1 craft notes of each quality, not use my already stored and available parts or my my already stored resources, and use my 223 already stored labor hours, I set drop down menus for the ship needed, and manually add carriages and stuff in the yellow column on the left " Add Parts", it gives us this : Same thing using my already stored parts , resources or labor hours : In the column Total parts you see what is needed, ship parts + "Add Parts " column, then comes "To Craft", with the build order to not mess things and produce only what is needed without having unnecessary steps, the numbers displayed in "To Craft" section are rounded for the various batches of parts, if there is some not by a multiple of the batches you will then see the left over surplus you will get due to batches. Few examples of use : - You need 50 medium carriages and 50 tar + 4 mid grade notes , you just set this and you have the infos corresponding. - You can select a ship + his quality and wood in the drop down menus and have all the infos needed. - You can do both combined, select a ship and also on top of it add 50 medium carriages etc, all things needed will be combined in the results - You can select to use the parts you already have stored or not, the times prices etc will update according to it - You can select to use the raw materials you already have stored or not, again prices will be updated according to what is missing - You can set a price for labor hours and set manually the available labor hours that you have and select to use them or not with the drop down menu on the left to get according results. - For those using sub crafters you just need to set the things you need, a price for labor hours , set use labor hours to "No" and see the exact quantity of materials you need to provide to the sub-crafter, the exact total of craft hours needed for the parts, the craft built order that you can provide him with a simple screen capture and price you need to pay for the craft hours once set. - For those only building a ship when you get supplied all the parts you can quickly check what and how many parts are exactly needed during the trade with the provider and time estimation for the release. Few more notes about time estimation : - The estimation of release time is based on a regeneration of 1000 hours per 24h, from my observations that's how it works but no official word on how this works exactly, sometimes you get 41 hours regen sometimes 45, if someone have an accurate numbers of hours regenerated over 24 hours please say it. - Due to how Open office works the release time is based on current PC time + labor hours needed but the current time of the user PC is updated each time you open the document or update some data on it, sadly after spending many time on this i could not find a way to get a static time "printed" so each time you will open the sheet or updates infos the times displayed will be based on PC current time + maths to get real time hours for the labor hours needed, still it remains accurate for what i tested, the only thing is that time will vary and update each time you change some values so the first time you will see release at 15h23 , then if you modify some stuff 10 minutes later you will see 15h33 The only way to somehow bypass this and get the first result for time estimation printed to compare later is to copy the result and use "paste special manually"; i left one editable spot to use the " paste special" of the date like here ( Day is in French but should update automatically to any language open office is used with i think, not sure yet for the time format, i used here what most EU use, US inverting months and days compared to some of us in EU ) , anyway : Later when times will actualize you will be able to compare for the accuracy, might look like a detail but it was important for me and unless i find a way to get this automated bypassing Open Office limitation in this domain that's the only trick i found Last thing : - To not mess the maths formulas or enter some data in a wrong sections by error the document is locked and only the parts with yellow background are editable or have drop down menus, plus the 2 lines for comments and the spot for doing a "paste special" of the date, the rest should remain locked. You can add some comments there if needed, the rest of the document should be locked, however the bottom part contain 2 lines that are editable in case you want to add some memo : - It should be possible to import data from other sheets for the stored parts and resources, for clans and groups using combined resources reported in spreadsheets it might be useful, maybe. Warning : It was done under open Office, not sure how it will do with excel for example as i don't have it, if it doesn't look like on the screenshots please tell me. tldr : I know it seems a bit complex seen like this and probably giving so much details and explanations doesn't make it looks more easy but the only things you have to bother with are the yellow areas were you set the stuff, the blueish ones where you read result, the rest you don't need to care about it and after a few minutes messing with this thing you will see his usefulness, ( or not ) If you find some odd things like incorrect results or other things or even suggestions do not hesitate to speak. Link to download the sheet ( Resources prices presets are NPC's default prices, up to you then to put your correct prices ) : Thanks and happy crafting
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    First I played for France since some of my buddies were already there. Later switched to Sweden, since my buddies had effectively stopped playing, and there was at the time a rather large language barrier between the French and non-French speaking players. Why Sweden? Because the friday night before I switched had been dubbed Black Friday, a name some of you will remember. The night Sweden lost all its ports in the Denmark-Sweden war. Figured I might as well go hardcore in this game
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    Le Saint Géran 600-ton French fluyt, 1736 28 guns Source : http://www.first-fleet-reproductions.com/client/cache/produit/600_600______intro_zoom_37.jpg 29 m x 9,60 m x 21m Another fluyt built in Lorient by the French East India Company. The shipwreck of Le Saint Guéran off the coast of Mauritius inspired J.-H. Bernardin de Saint-Pierre to write the famous novel Paul and Virginia (1788) in which the heroine’s fate ends in drowning during the sinking of the ship off the coast of Mauritius while returning home to the island : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_et_Virginie Shipmodels (no plan) certainly based on the plan of Le Boullongne (see above): http://www.first-fleet-reproductions.com/6-historic-saint-geran.html http://www.bobatoshipmodels.com/en/stgeran.php http://www.la-timonerie-antiquites.com/fr/antique/801/superbe-maquette-artisanale-du-voilier-saint-geran-cie-des-indes Source : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint-Géran Thx to Sella22 for this find !!
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    I will give you the same answer one of the glorious leader of usa nation, stephen decatur give to us in this same thread: NONE CARE. I am not here for baby sit you, the devs got your money already , and by cleaning usa from their bad clans and leaders will probably help the future usa players , since they will grow up in a much better nation with better commanders
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    The French East India Company (1664-1794) Between 1720 and 1770, the Company gained a great prosperity and built more than 300 ships, a third of them being two-deck ships from 600 to 1500 ton. Source : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_East_India_Company La Paix, 1764 : http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66472.html Le Boullongne 600-ton French fluyt, 1759 20 guns (6-pdrs) Source : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/boullon/bou_2.htm Built in Lorient by G. Cambry on behalf of the French East India Company. Design (especially the interior) is a bit different from ships built by and for the French Royal Navy, such as Le Gros Ventre, to serve as a freight transport ship. Named after Jean de Boullongne, French magistrate and politician. Captured by the British in 1762. Length (gundeck) : 126' Breadth : 30' Depth in hold : 11'8" Monograph and plans : http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/63-monographie-du-boullongne-v-cie-des-indes-1759.html?search_query=boullongne&results=2 Shipmodels : http://gerard.delacroix.pagesperso-orange.fr/boullon/bou_index.htm http://www.amarsenal.be/05_MM_19_SDB01.htm http://enguerrand.gourong.free.fr/oceanindien/p19oceanindien.htm Source : http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=16503
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    Le Massiac 900 to 950-ton French fluyt, 1759 24 guns (8 and 12-pdr) : 6 on the lower deck, 18 on the upper deck Built by Antoine Groignard on behalf of the French East India Company. Named after Claude de Massiac, Secretary of State to the Royal Navy. General characteristics : Length : 140 ft Beam : 35 ft Draught : 18 - 19 ft Crew : 159 - 199 Plans available : in the Archives of the French Navy : D1 65, n° 9, cl. 92383. in Boudriot, Le Bonhomme Richard, p. 18-19 Comparison with Le Duc de Duras Both have the same burden (900 ton), are designed by A. Groignard and are, to within 4 inches (11 cm), of the same length. Sources : http://www.histoire-genealogie.com/spip.php?article387
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    After reaching the top rank in this game I noticed that my XP is shown after battle but not where my rank is in port or the open world. I would still love to see if not ranks then perhaps accumulation of XP for other purposes like medals or badges of experience. Like at work you get a gold watch for 60yrs service etc
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    Приветствую джентльмены удачи! и добро пожаловать в пиратское братство "18 В Е К"! Наше братство с радостью примет отчаянных смелых капитанов в наши ряды, кроме хорошего общения с Нашим коллективом в таверне за кружкой рома, в море Вы всегда с Нами сможете найти: - увлекательные набеги на Национальные города (ПБ); - грабеж и захват вражеских кораблей (Ганг); - нападения на армады противника (квесты, флоты). Для вступления в наше пиратское братство, Вам необходимо пройти собеседование у одного из наших Офицеров братства (в нашем тимспик или написать приват чат в игре) или просто оставить сообщение в этой теме. Наш канал связи - ТимСпиак адрес: TS.18age.su пароль: отсутствует. Офицеры нашего братства: Freemka (Магистр Братства) ХрусТ Gangrena SATANA Dikiy Klano Kianka Ar1N zero4 Кроме того, несколько наших отважных капитанов являются летописцами (стримерами): Freemka : http://tv.18age.su Kardinal : http://kardinal.18age.su
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    Estimados capitanes, Os presento una publicación que he creado en la red clanweb -después de ver lo sencillas y monas que eran las paginas inglesas y holandesas en la misma web- con el objeto de tener un sitio donde ir dando noticia de los sucesos que acontecen en nuestras "indias virtuales" -servidor PvP 1. http://consejo-de-indias.clansweb.es/bienvenida Quedáis todos invitados a visitarla si os place así como a colaborar o sugerir lo que os plazca. Podéis hacerlo a través de mensajes privados a mi usuario en este foro , o como post el foro que he creado en la misma pagina (para escribir allií necesitareis un usuario clanweb sin embargo podéis ver la pagina perfectamente sin registraros). Como se indica , las noticias no serán completas -para no dar información al enemigo- y de seguro estarán preñadas de la opinión de los redactores (basicamente mías por ahora), mi intención es simplemente que sirva a modo de periódico irregular y ,si tiene éxito, de modo de mantenernos en contacto .
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    Hello Captains. We started to receive questions on how european traders work and how you can use them during resource shortages. Some captains were confused thinking that european traders are actually european players who have to bring resources themselves. European traders are the NPC suppliers that start acting when prices for the individual resource reach certain level. They stockpile the resources bringing them from Europe. They operate using contracts. Once contract buy prices reach certain levels they start to fulfill the contracts delivering you the goods you need instantly. They only do it in the ports that provide that resource naturally. For example if the port is producing hemp - they will bring you hemp if you price it right. They also can provide you with trading opportunities with towns that have high demand for hemp and does not have hemp production in those towns. For example. We have heard that hemp prices in certain capitals sometimes reach 500-1000 gold per load. You can buy hemp from european traders at 360 - and bring it to that capital making 140-640 gold per load destroying the shortage and making a lot of money as a result.
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    I dont know if it would work, but it would be nice if you could pick speed/stiffness when you made a ship by adding one more crafting note. Like a drop down would have [random] which was +0 notes and [speed] or [stiffness], which added +1 notes to the build. Would be cool!
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    It's not likely. The Danes are only interested in wiping out nations, at least the eastern-world portion of them in wiping out France. Raising France again will likely produce the same results, unless there were a defensive pact by France with another strong nation. I don't want to see the Danes get wiped out if it others were to gang up on them any more than I wanted to see what happened to Spain or Sweden or France, it's not good for gameplay and is ultimately a stupid way to alpha test a product other than to know that devs should correct the issue. However, I am still waving the French flag till the merger or port reset, or until someone rolls a grenade into my tent.
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    Because I were born (illegitimately) to be a pyrate!
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    Renommée / trincomalee / some constitution is all I seem to see from PVP players in OW. Speed disparity and taging system makes a meta game where a lot of ships are almost useless for PVP, or at least far less competitive It ruins immersion in my opinion, diversity being the key of a balanced environment.
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    Remember we are cheaters, you now i have eyes and ears everywhere, u still spit lies every day regards us, over and over, and over, so dont cry we come back for remind you the truth, you are the only reason of USA sorry state, you got back some territory when we left yet you went into forums claiming you won vs us, same in the usa nation. You now why i not call you cheaters etC? becouse you are bad players, i not need excuses for hide my failure also becouse we not fail, you do, in every game i playd since 1998 the best clan was the most insulted, cheaters, abusers, exploiters, in truth ? it was just better then the others and i was joining that clan. Even now you lie, you have taken the story personal the moment i left TF telling you how bad as leader/organization you where , and guess what ? shitload of ppl follow me, (they all maD? ) look where we are now, TF is a shadow of what it was, usa as nation is in a state similar to what spain was when they got internal problems and got almost removed entirely fro the map, and all becouse TF "paper" leaders who never playd the game for real, still want to lead, the fact that even now you are the guy who make official statements for the council even if i still not see you take partecipation in a single pb in the 60 ports usa lost, tells a lot. You have bring a fleet more powerful then us in Ays u lost 14 ships we lost 0, stop lie that we won becouse we got bigger ships, the brit saw that with their own eyes when we won 90% of engagements even 7 vs 15 10 vs 15 etc, You know better then me that ,me that you censor your losses even in your recruitment thread, (for not talk in your nation chat) in fact the only screen that there is there is when sorry fight in a throaway fleet vs bigger fleet+towers and lost, i not censor anything in our thread and you now why? BECOUSE WE CAN AFFORD it, we are undefeated in our main fleet and in over 200bp we lost only 3, (all throaway fleets vs superior numbers and bigger ships) You on other side, need to censor what happened becouse you ashamed. You are horrible players, horrible leaders, horrible tacticians, and not becouse i say so, your in game performance talk more then thousands words, and yet you refuse to aknowledge this and let other people lead your nation. Even now you think you still in position to sit in a table answering my request , sorry i am not going to make any deal with TF-TDA, i not reconize you any right to talk for your naton., you got your chances and burned them failing horribly. [sORRY] , is time for new organization and leaers in usa they just need to step up.
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    raise the nation again, jean.
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    This makes perfect sense on paper I also have no argument with the historical aspect. However, this and many other threads like it suggests that many players get frustrated with the countless "fail-clicks" in the RNG hunt for a good click. I've seen suggestions that ships get individual speed profiles; One ship get a speed bump at 100 deg where another gets a debuff at 45 but a bump at 150 deg... stuff like that. That could be cool, and would fix the issue with "fail-clicks" as far as speed is concerned. I'm not sure it's doable on a technical level. The server would have to create a speed profile for every crafted ship, or a buff/debuff layer for every crafted ship, this sounds WAY more complicated that one speed profile per ship type with "uniform" multipliers. If it can be done then great but I'm not expecting something like this. The way things are now there is such a thing as a perfect build (or two) for each ship type and we're here to cast our vote that we don't think it's fun that we're kept away from perfect builds by a mechanic of chance. I understand the intention but it's frustrating, no fun and therefore not worth it in my opinion. Allow me to repeat myself; It keeps the best ships off the open marked and away from players that don't craft themselves. The intention was to make some ships special and more expensive. Such ships are so special they are never sold openly. This game is already perfectly suitable for competitive play, that's why I'm here: Skill based and competitive gameplay. Special ships not on the marked at any price is a problem for competitive play available to anyone.
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    +1 Also, we should establish a formal set of rules governing this fight club. For instance, we shouldn't talk about it.
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    we need a battle arena
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    We also accept players from North America. Don't let the timezone difference scare you away.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys - my curiosity is satisfied And as icing on the cake - here is the bow of the S.S. Amphitrite I had the pleasure of sailing on for several weeks:
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    Its fairly clear who Venice's opponents were, the last major conflicts of the Venetian Republic were; The Fourth Ottoman-Veneto war (1570-73), The Fifth Ottoman-Veneto war 1645-69), the Sixth Ottoman-Veneto war (1684-99) and the Seventh Ottoman-Veneto war (1714-18) I personally don't really count the Napoleonic Invasion as a major conflict, it was too short. During this period Venice was propped up mostly by Austria and Spain, but also by the Papal states. The Venetian navy had shrunk quite a staggering amount through the fifth and sixth Veneto-Ottoman wars, Did I say Veneto-Ottoman wars enough ? If you want an interesting comparison you can compare the Venetian Navy to the Dutch navy, both have a rating system geared towards smaller ships, both due to the shallow nature of their home ports. The main restriction of Venetian ships was the depth of the Arsenal watergate during the period, although they did sometimes contract shipbuilding out to larger shipyards situated on the Adriatic side of lido or other towns in Venetian territory. I have posted a map earlier on in the thread showing a map of the Arsenal. So really what the purpose of the Venetian navy was at this point was mainly a deterrent, there was still a sense of invincibility given to them by the lagoon, but as Napoleon showed, once guns could fire the mile and a half over the lagoon the protection had lost its meaning. I can go into more detail if you like but I hope this helps The Zustinian Class was used from 1690 to 1746, The design was modified slightly 3 times over the period of use but one of the plans is posted in the previous page of this thread if you want to look in more detail
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    Рейты у шли в Панаму, бриты дали шведам безвизовый въезд
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    Подтверждаю, когда нас было человек 10-15, нас било четыре нации, при этом у нас были порты которые рядом со столицей, Мы учились побеждать а шведы учатся ....... про это писать не буду и так все знают Это дипломатия мой нежно любимый враг Повторю слова Сандаля Мы привыкли воевать в меньшенстве! Кстати пусть шведы соберут свой рейтовый флот, и Мы свой соберем и проверим кто кого 25 на 25 в честном бою без союзников и так далее, Мы готовы а Вы?
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    I play in the same fashion (no clan, play when I can, currently only at Frig level), but I think many of the latter ideas posted in this thread about finding ways to ease the multi-hours investment per session should be seriously considered now. A combination of these (really good) ideas might be in order... a modest bump in OW transit speeds, relaxing some of the TP issues (bring TP cooloff down to an hour or so?), enabling traders to be either TPed with AI captains or TPed with player btwn outposts). After (what seems like months of) casual play, finally at frig level and wanting to lend a hand to nation mates on my server, if you're not already next door to the fight - the hours long transit times essentially means a full day wasted simply to reposition - just to get near, maybe drop an Outpost, join in and PLAY. At this point it's pretty obvious that regardless of rank and playing hours, we're all pretty passionate and want the game to grow and succeed (feed the monkey.) I'd personally prefer to 'give a little to get a little' if we need to.. UI mods? Some modest gameplay compromises to marketability? Not all - not 'arcade', but some?... as opposed to seeing the game fade due to level of difficulty and declining numbers over time. Lastly - after all of the time (year+ since sea trials) we've enjoyed from an initial $40, I too wouldn't mind if they need to come up with some sort of ante to keep it going. This is already the cheapest addiction I've ever enjoyed - by FAR. Regards all, Muttley, Bristol RI, US
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    У бритов минимум 3 эскадры (СЛРН RRGL SINK и остальные), они воюют на три фронта, у голландцев было на гаити 2 эскадры плюс мелочь, Вы выставляете 1 эскадру плюс фрегаты и так далее не меньше 40 человек у Бая Вас посчитали, нас было в два раза меньше рейтовый флот и небольшая группа поддержки, просто Вы после сливов попрятались в норы а часть на Панаму сбежала, а Мы свою Родину защищаем и не бежим от таких упырей как Вы бриты и голландцыкоторые не умеют договор соблюдать, видно давно не били. Франция 1 эскадра, пираты дай бог так это Рубли и клан Смайл, Датчане 1 рейтовая эскадра + эскадра трешек и то не всегда. Теперь считай. Еще раз повторю Вашу эскадру Мы разбили в небольшом меньшинстве без шансов на проигрыш т.е. 8 шведы 1 датчане потери. И какой нахрен зерг, учитесь воевать молодой человек не только на форуме. Подвожу итог что Вы что бриты по паре раз слились и все садитесь на серые коры и начинаете партизанщину, голландцы пока не известно но думаю тот же вариант как Вы будете, скоро проверим!
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    Наиболее общая форма демагогического приёма — намеренное нарушение логики, когда высказывание, внешне сохраняя логичность, фактически содержит логические ошибки. В простейшей форме ошибочный силлогизм можно охарактеризовать следующим примером: Мы — рыжи. Львы — рыжи. Следовательно, мы — львы! или Наши солдаты всегда несут мир. Они стреляли в наших солдат. Значит, они агрессоры! https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Демагогия
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    Because I'm French. But I'll probable play with Spain someday, for historical reasons.
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    Maybe they should make the harbor assaults similar to how they were in Navyfield http://www.trainworld.us/NF2/English/HA/harbor_assault_manual.html In the context that there is a "grid" and that you would have to win a series of battles in front of the harbor to progress to the harbor tile/row before the harbor assault fight can take place. Perhaps this could be taken a step further and certain harbors could have structure upgrades that would require marines to capture and the defenders could have installed these defenses prior to the battle. This would force an enemy fleet to change their composition and bring some ships equipped to "board" aka deploy marines to capture certain objectives.
  35. 1 point
    Приветствуем Капитаны В своей работе как инди студия мы очень много полагаемся на волонтеров. У нас нет эффективных манагеров и косноязычных продюсеров так как мы сами и кодим и рисуем и вам на вопросы отвечаeм. Это имеет свои преимущества - игроки общаются напрямую с командой и нет глухих телефонов, но и недостатки - чем больше мы общаемся тем меньше мы работаем. Поэтому волонтеры которые помогают нам отвечать на вопросы, переводить патчноуты очень важны В последнее время некоторые русскоязычные модераторы волонтеры (ветераны) наигрались и реже посещая форум не могут оказывать поддержку нужную игрокам - но за прошлые заслуги все равно всем им большое спасибо Поэтому мы бы хотели добавить в команду модераторов 2-3 активных волонтера со знанием английского языка. Требования Активный онлайн Детальное знание игры и механик Позитивный взгляд на жизнь и игру Знание английского языка на уровне 100% понимания для помощи в передаче контента в ру форум Плюшки 1) Ранний доступ к кораблям на тесты 2) Прямая линия с разработчиками 3) Банхаммер Заявки просим писать в личку В заявке указывать имя в жизни имя в игре, клан и звание сервер возраст чем занимаетесь почему подходите на волонтера
  36. 1 point
    well reload is really not a big problem in the rain, so i do not think that is a big priority the biggest problem in they rain would be vision and distance accuracy also water is not good for the powder,/but they where carried in powder sacks so i think it is not a feature what should have influence
  37. 1 point
  38. 1 point
    In my personal opinion, you should not be able to destroy your cargo, but rather you dump it to sea at which point anyone who encounters the stuff(whether it just be someone chasing the trader or a random dude pasing by) it should be able to be picked up, this should be imho doable both in battle and open world(or only in battle and in open world you cant get rid of your cargo)
  39. 1 point
    Totally disagree Battle damage to keep a person in battle is a game mechanic. In the real world, they didn't need to constantly shoot to stay on your tail, they would chase you until they caught you, even if it took a day. Which would you prefer? The longest they can keep you in battle is 1 hour 30 mins. If you don't have 1 hour 30 mins to sail, then I would suggest you don't sail an attractive trade ship. Ok, I can see the argument if they are matching your speed, but they are most likely trying to shoot your sails so they can change that. I have been in many long chases, dropping their sails very slowly. Some have escaped, but some It's taken an hour to eventually catch. If there's even a small chance I can catch my prey, I'll try. This is a game for the patient.
  40. 1 point
    SORRY Erick the Vic didnt manage to escape, we got a secondary fleet waiting also inside we sink 2 pavel 2 conny, and captured the 3rd pavel
  41. 1 point
    I've done at least half a dozen duels via the Ship Duels feature, and I love it. The Ship Duels room is one of my favorite things from the 9.7 patch. Here are some suggestions for improving it further: 1) When on the Ship Duel screen, show the type of ship(s) in queue, in addition to the number. That will help the matchmaking significantly - right now it's guess & hope. 2) Add the ability to right click a user's name in chat and provide the option "Challenge to Duel" It would work similar to the "Invite to Trade" feature: if both players agree, are in port, and are in appropriately matched ships, then the duel instance will start. It would be really neat if a menu popped up showing the player's list of ships, and the ship the opponent had selected (similar to trade screen). Once both players had selected matched ships, and both clicked "Begin Duel", then the duel instance would begin. This would also allow the duel room to be a great training room to allow more experienced players to help newbies get up to speed. I'm already using it for the purpose, if I see my opponent is a Midshipman and having trouble getting out of irons, etc. 3) Add the ability to "Send to Chat" the duel result. It would work similar to how the Ships Letters work. In lieu of a leaderboard, it would give some public bragging rights. "Captain So-And-So defeated Captain Such-and-Such in single combat" or whatever. Could be fun and provide some meta-entertainment for those in chat, especially if the duel was called to settle an argument that started in chat.
  42. 1 point
    09.05.2016 (prev) captured / owned ports 79 / 81 - Great Britain 52 / 53 - Pirates 47 / 51 - United States 42 / 43 - Verenigde Provinciën 31 / 32 - España 29 / 31 - France 26 / 27 - Denmark-Norge 12 / 13 - Sverige Top 3 Lord Protector 9 - Xemko 8 - Lord Vicious 6 - Kleman / Tommy Shelby / Thurston Beers Top 3 defend time 18-20 - 89 ports 4-6 - 49 ports 20-22 - 39 ports Resources available to a nation *if this post get 6 likes until 14.05.2016 then i will publish next report
  43. 1 point
    People grinding for BP will also consume notes rather than spend the 200 hours making their own.
  44. 1 point
    What happens if you are the most decorated PvP player in your nation...interdicting enemy ships boarding and capping 4-8 ships a day and causing grief for your nations enemy's traders. What happens if you are your nations level 50 ship builders, spending hours making ship parts and sailing for materials and pumping out the ships needed for Port Battles. Why should they vote? A nation's influencial people are more than just a bunch of people running around doing undefended port battles. They are actually individuals or groups of individuals doing important deeds and tedious tasks rather than a couple of people going to an uncontested port battle. The fleet leaders gathering up the players and ships to do the battle? The Fleet leaders making arrangements between fleets to gather and organize port attack forces and screening fleets. It just comes down to who shows up and damages the most towers? I disagree. I think the whole system is going to go very wrong. I can also see a very large window for exploiting. Very concerned ..... I must say. Do I have a better solution no, but I would rather see it stay in the current format than go to this system.
  45. 1 point
    Just being devils advocate. What percentage of the population can realistically expect to see those kinda fights, especially if they are not in the upper echelon of the bigger clans?
  46. 1 point
  47. 1 point
    The 4 notes you wasted on the ship with stifnes are 4x over priced..... I like the idea of the OP.
  48. 1 point
    1) OW raindrops on "screen", it's unrealistic 2) OW raindrops on "screen" it's annoying, useless and makes it hard to spot details and mission icons 3) and last but not least, OW raindrops on "screen", it defeats game immersion since we're not supposed to look at our ship from a computer screen perspective
  49. 1 point
    'San Juan Nepomucento' Spanish 3rd Rate Detailed Plans https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/47335803/Nepomuceno_foro.pdf Original Post http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/6998-san-juan-nepomuceno-spanish-74-gun-3-rate-with-plans/?p=132246 Pictures
  50. 1 point
    The most impressive technical achievement of the game so far? I guess that clarifies your preferences for me then.
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