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    Apologies I wanted to originally keep this short as possible, but this will be a pretty long post, so grab some popcorn. Anyways we've been talking about some of the shortcomings of the current large battle event setup in the other traf thread and the current setup has the following main two shortcomings: 1) Match maker dropping players to favor balance - For example with 10 Dutch in Frigates and 5 French in the same ships, the current setup would create a 5v5 and leave out five of the dutch. 2) Players do not want to be split up from their guild mates - The other option to allow everyone to play and keep teams balanced would be to split up the nations and have everyone potentially have to play with random players to balance the battle rating, which is not desirable for many people. So think back to our past Trafalgar battles at Plymouth and how we balanced those matches. We kept the players of the same nation together (since the game doesn't let us split nations in OW anyways) and we kept the BR between the teams balanced, regardless of if there was a discrepancy between the total number of players on each side. The way we did this was by tallying up the # of each ships manually and the BR for each team and if one team had vastly higher numbers, we asked players from that side to step down into smaller ships to even things out, and that turned out for some very evenly matched fights. That is the main problem with the current large event setup, we lack the abilities to retroactively go back and swap ships before being able to see the other team's ship lineup. Allowing us to switch ships in a lobby system after the teams have been formed but before the start of the match would solve all these problems. One thing I have come to realize though, is there are too many edge cases and potential for abuse if you let each nation decide the other nations on their team in a multi 4+ nation setup, it's just too complicated. When forming the teams, the game should internally keep the players from each nation together, but find the combination of nations that keeps the closest total number of players on each side (i.e. 14v16 not 10v20). --------------------------------------------- So I have come up with a few new screens with all this in mind to take care of ship selection and also a way to prevent one coordinated guild from a single nation from dominating a team that is made up my a mixture of more random players from different nations. I will start by going through each screen: 1) The wait screen - I didn't make a screen for this one but thought I'd mention it. Currently it shows the number of players from each side. It would be nice if it showed a listing of the actual player names and what nations would be paired up for each side. Also the ability to temporarily leave the event screen while waiting so you can access all the other port screens if you wanted to do some crafting or inventory management while you wait. Maybe a popup in global chat to remind 15 minutes before the event starts as well? 2) Lobby Screen - More reminiscent of the Sea Trials lobby. I will explain the features below: (I copy/pasted some data from the old traf sign-up sheet, so the data probably isn't accurate ) You see the player and ship lineups for both teams at the top...pretty standard stuff Chat window brought back so both teams can communicate with each other on the final rules of engagement and inside their team to develop a strategy. Team Battle Ratings listed Several button options Match start status at the bottom middle I'll go over each one of the buttons right now... 1) Select Ship - Clicking this button will bring up a new popup similar to the one we already have in port to switch ships and also let you configure your loadout. I figured for convenience's sake, we should be allowed to pick any ship from any port and load it up with any modules or cannons we have in our current port. Behind the scenes I think a temporary copy of the ship should be made just for the battle only then destroyed so players can't abuse it to teleport ships, modules, cannons, etc How many times have you realized you forgot to switch off those medium cannons or carronades before a match or wanted to last minute switch out some modules? You usually didn't have time with our Plymouth battles because you had to sail back into port against the wind a lot. This would solve that problem. 2) Vote Admiral - The first minute the lobby opens would start a countdown to select an admiral by clicking on their name then this button. The person with the most votes by their team mates would be promoted to admiral. The fleet admiral would gain a few extra abilities, such as being able to use the fleet command functions if we ever get them in the future, vote kicking, and making handicap proposals. 3) Vote Kick - The option to propose a vote kick on a player who is trolling or harassing the team would be only available to the admiral. I imagined a vote kick by the admiral would give everyone a simple yes/no popup with the player's name and if 75% of the player's voted yes, the player would be kicked from the match. 4) Adjust BRH - Battle Rating Handicap. Could maybe use a better term? Imagine a scenario where you are up against a single opposing nation of players from a single guild who you know are all on Team Speak, but your team is filled with random players without voice comms. In that case a 1:1 fight would probably not go very well for your team against the more coordinated and experienced team. This option allows the admiral to propose a 'handicap' for the other team in order to balance for these intangibles. The other team's fleet captain would have to agree to this, and the sides could negotiate what number they feel is fair in chat. Here is an example: Let's say the red team say proposes a BR handicap of -20% for the blue team and the blue team accepts. Once the red team finishes choosing their ships and everyone readies up, the red team's ships will become locked in. Then the total BR limit for the blue team would get lowered to 80% of the red team's BR. If the red team's BR is then over, they would then have to pick some lower ships to get their BR to fall at or below their new handicapped BR. In the picture below, you can see the blue team's max BR has been lowered from 3600 to 2880. Once all those conditions are satisfied and both teams ready up, then the match can start. 5) Exit Event - Self explanatory. Once you leave you cannot rejoin 6) Ready Button - Self explanatory. You should be able to hit the button again to 'unready' if you decide later on you want to change your ship. Once everyone is ready a short 10 second cool down should suffice. ---------------------------------------- Lastly I decided to throw a background, a few textures, and some drop shadows to make things look nice (I wanted to use this picture but the camera angle of the image doesn't line up properly with this UI) Thoughts?
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    Tutorial básico de Naval Action La Real Armada Española te da la bienvenida y espera de ti un buen servicio a tu país. Este pequeño tutorial se hace con la intención de ayudar a los nuevos capitanes en sus primeros momentos en el juego. Actualmente tenemos las siguientes facciones en el juego: Sverige (Suecia) Verenidge Provincie (Holanda) France (Francia) Great Bretain (Reino Unido) United States (USA) Denmark (Dinamarca) Pirates España Nada mas empezar el juego, apareceréis en La Habana (Cuba), que es la capital de las posesiones españolas en el Caribe. Tendréis a vuestra disposición un pequeño barco de 6 cañones por banda (12 en total), que es el yate(yatch). Este barco, como podréis entender, es débil y sus cañones son poco potentes pero tiene a su favor la maniobrabilidad y su capacidad de navegar muy bien contra el viento, lo que hace que pueda ser un incordio para barcos mayores con peor maniobrabilidad. El objetivo del juego es ir ganando batallas para poder conseguir oro y experiencia; al ir ganando experiencia también subiremos de rango y podremos mandar más tripulación, con lo que podremos capitanear un barco cada vez más grande. Empezamos el juego siendo Midshipman y podemos mandar 40 hombres. Lista de rangos (sin contar módulos): -Midshipman: 40 hombres -Ensign: 50 hombres -Junior Liutenant: 110 hombres -Liutenant: 150 hombres -Master and commander: 250 hombres -Post Captain: 350 hombres -Flag Captain: 450 hombres -Commodore: 650 hombres -Rear Admiral: 1000 hombres -Vice Admiral: desconocido -Admiral of the fleet: desconocido Estos son los barcos que hay actualmente en el juego, su tripulación y los cañones que llevan: -Traders lynx: 20 hombres - 0 cañones -Traders cutter: 20H – 0 C -Lynx: 40H – 8C -Yatch: 40H- 12C -Cutter: 40H- 12 C -Privateer: 55H- 12C -Pickle: 55H- 12C -Traders Brig: 60H- 0 C -Traders Snow: 65H- 3C(carronadas) -Brig: 120H- 16C -Snow: 130H- 20C -Navybrig: 135H- 22C -Mercury: 150H- 20C -Cerberus: 195H- 30C -Renommee: 240H- 30C -Surprise: 240H- 30C -Frigate: 280H- 40C -Bellepoule: 280H- 40C -Pirate Frigate: 280H- 40C -Trincomalee: 315H- 54C -Constitution: 450H- 58C -Bellona: 650H- 78C -Pavel: 700H- 84C -Victory: 850H- 112C -Santísima Trinidad (único barco español): 1000H- 144C Comandos básicos: A-D: mover izda o derecha W-S: subir o bajar velas Q-E: gira la vela delantera hacia la izquierda o derecha Z-C: gira las velas traseras hacia la izquierda o derecha R: selecciona diferentes rangos de distancia para los cañones V: selecciona la forma de disparar los cañones: empezando desde los delanteros, desde los traseros o al azar. T: desacopla velas delanteras para perder velocidad Barra espaciadora: dispara un único cañón y se utiliza para calibrar el tiro y comprobar que el rango es correcto antes de descargar la andanada completa. Botón derecho del ratón: seleccionamos los cañones que queremos utilizar. Botón izquierdo del ratón: descarga una andanada completa. Tecla mayúscula izquierda: "mirar por el catalejo" Modos en batalla. Una vez que entramos en batalla, podemos seleccionar los siguientes modos con la tecla correspondiente (entre paréntesis): -Sailing (6): la tripulación se centra en las velas priorizando la navegación. Casi no se usa. -Gunnery (7): la tripulación se centra en la recarga de cañones, siendo menor el tiempo requerido para hacerlo. Será la opción prioritaria en batalla. -Survival (8): la tripulación se centra en mantener el barco a flote, ya sea apagando un incendio, achicando agua o tapando entradas de agua. -Boarding (9): la tripulación se prepara para el abordaje del enemigo. Se necesita un valor superior a 60 para poder abordar, además de que el otro barco vaya a menos de 6 nudos. Tipos de Munición: -Bala (1): es la munición por defecto, y a su vez, la de menor tiempo de recarga. -Chain (2): son cadenas que sirven para destrozar el velamen del enemigo y reducir así su velocidad. -Double (3): doble bola que hace más daño en los cascos de los buques. -Grape (4): metralla, que se utiliza para matar la tripulación del barco enemigo. Reparaciones del barco: Actualmente no hay reparaciones posibles de nuestro barco en batalla. Es por ello que es muy importante minimizar en la medida de lo posible los daños que recibimos y siempre teniendo en cuenta las zonas que ya tenemos más castigadas. Para poder reparar el barco hay 3 formas: -En puerto: simplemente pagando la cantidad de oro que se nos marca. -En el mar: usando kits de reparación previamente comprados en el puerto. Todos los barcos tienen su propio límite de kits y no podremos llevar más que esos. Cuestan oro. -Usando kits de reparación por clase: de vez en cuando, al ganar una batalla, nos dan alguna recompensa en forma de módulos para mejorar el barco, materiales, o kits de reparación para determinados navíos. Están condicionados por la clase propia para la que sirven y así, un kit de reparación de clase 5 no valdría para reparar otros barcos que no fueran los de clase 5. No son muy abundantes y se pueden vender o comprar (si los hay) en la tienda. Hay una posible reparación de nuestro barco en batalla, aunque es muy específica. Se pueden reparar los módulos, que basicamente son: timón (rudder), bomba de agua (pump) y santabárbara (magazine). Estas reparaciones implican una cuenta atrás de 15 minutos, que es el tiempo que tardaremos en poder volver a utilizarla. Estos daños se muestran en la parte superior, donde se ve el estado de nuestro barco. Hay 2 tipos de daños, siendo el amarillo de menor gravedad y el rojo de máxima. -Rudder: el timón está dañado y será más complicado el virar el barco. -Pump: la bomba de agua está dañada y podrá achicar menos agua (si es que tenemos entradas de agua, claro) -Magazine: la santabárbara es donde se aloja la pólvora y municiones del barco, así que podría llegar a estallar. Primeros pasos: Una vez que nos hayamos familiarizado con lo anterior, tomamos el barco para poder empezar a defender los intereses españoles. La mejor manera de empezar a ganar combates, experiencia y oro es combatiendo contra los barcos mercantes, que son los que llevan la palabra "traders" en su nombre. De ellos, el único que lleva cañones es el Traders Snow, que lleva 3 y son carronadas (hacen más daño que el cañón normal, pero alcanzan menos). Por ello, intentaremos buscar cualquiera de los otros 3, traders lynx, traders cutter o traders brig. Servirá para hacernos con los controles básicos del barco e ir practicando. De estos barcos mercantes, podemos atacar a cualquiera que no sea español y únicamente podríamos atacar a uno español SI (Y SOLO SI) pone que lleva contrabando en letras rojas (contraband goods found). ¿Por qué esta especial precaución? Muy sencillo, porque si atacamos a un barco español normal (que no lleve contrabando) o a un barco neutral, nos convertiríamos automáticamente en piratas sin posibilidad de cambiar de bando después, con lo que habría que borrar ese personaje y crear uno nuevo. Una vez que hayamos hundido algún mercante, podemos seguir con mas mercantes o atacar a barcos similares al nuestro en tamaño, que son lynx (4 cañones por banda), cutter (6 cañones por banda) o pickle (6 cañones por banda). El yate tiene la particularidad de que se puede reparar gratis en puerto, los kits de reparación también son gratis y comprar uno nuevo cuesta 0.... It's free!!!! Todo gratis!!! Por ello, es interesante que vayamos progresando, subiendo de rango y ganando oro mientras todo eso no nos cuesta nada. Durabilidades del barco: cuando compramos un barco, éste viene con 5 "vidas" que llamaremos durabilidades. Una durabilidad se pierde cuando perdemos una batalla, es decir, perdemos un abordaje, nos hundimos o el barco estalla hundiéndose después. Los barcos capturados solo tienen una durabilidad, por lo que si perdemos esa "vida", perderemos definitivamente el barco. Continuará.....................
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    I have to aggree with sanchez here. Although i fully understand and comprehent the issue at hand, i hardly doubt that it is a case for the tribunal. There are several ways to abuse the reinforcement system. One is to attack a frigate with 2 Belle Poules, forcing 1 additional frigate to spawn in. If you attack a player, as is the case here, the frigate wont duplicate, but it will spawn in a copy of the attacker (i.e. another belle poule) I don't really see a difference between 'abusing' the reinforcement system to get additional frigates in, and 'abusing' the reinforcement system to get additional Bellona's in. As sanchez kindly put it: 'It is a problem involving the reinforcements, the battle rating and combat mechanics. And I think it should be discussed as such, in a calm manner and without accusing fingers, to improve among all that aspect of the game.'
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    You don't see the ability to dupe first rates as a problem that should be addressed?
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    I would like to express a small note of critique. The wind always turns in favor of team England. For the people who aren't familiar with the event or havn't paid attention to the wind, ill post some numbers. The numbers are matching from the last several Trafalgars. Both steams spawn facing 180°, wind starts from 0°. @54.00 minutes; wind from 10° @52.00 minutes; wind from 30° @50.00 minutes; wind from 50° Now, i do realize that this is the case in normal battles that occur in the OW as well, yet i feel that this confines France to a severe disadvantage in every battle. There is simply no way that France can seize the wind. Last Trafalgar our side decided to charge the English line, only to be stopped dead in our tracks halfway through our charge. Don't get me wrong, i'd love to have a changing wind, yet that is completely different from a predictable wind, which is horrendous.
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    The flip side of this emotion are the level 40+ guys who have quit playing because they haven't gotten anything. We've had 3 just stop logging in and another who announced an extended break. I think a level 17 guy like Diceman should be able to build a Renomee and a Surprise, that seems well deserved, but level 30+ guys rage quitting because they have nothing when the level 10 guys do, probably needs to be addressed for the long run.
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    for me it was totaly a tribunal case as players exploit the games to get rare ships. In few weeks victo will be ig and captuyring ia victory wih this kinf of cheat could have give many problem. I'm gld it's going to be fixed but anyway, players should get at least a warning
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    This was reported by players and captains on the list were reporting this as well. We clarified the position that it takes time to sink the reinforcing enemy and thus is is no different from sinking an NPC at sea. Spawning rare ships by means of reinforcement This is already fixed in the forthcoming patch Spawning common ships to capture them It is no different from attacking a solo bellona. It puts you at risk on the open world and if you are the enemy player you can enter that battle and use this to your advantage. Stronger BR attack defense difference control that will be added before port battles will partially solve this problem. But there is nothing we can do to stop players from using legitimate mechanics in unintended ways. Weaker ships can ask for reinforcement - It is not an exploit - you will spend same amount of time sinking or capturing similar ship in the open world.
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    Suggestions: Eliminate Random Fire mode I don't know who uses this, or what the benefit is. If you're close enough in space or relative movement that the sequence of a broadside doesn't matter, then either front or back rolling would work equally as well, so I cannot think of a situation where Random is advantageous. As it currently stands, it's a setting that is unknowingly toggled by captains, creating missed shots at (always seemingly) the worst possible times. It's also another useless item to scroll through when changing modes...if the choice was binary between front and back, it would be easy to switch between the two without even checking the UI for confirmation ("I was on back, now I'm on front"). Currently I always need to visually check, because it's impossible to remember if "Random" comes sequentially after front or back, or both. Change the wording on "Rolling Fire Front/Back" In the heat of combat, you want to be able to check your firing mode as efficiently and cleanly and possible. When both of these settings start with the same words, you have to pick out "front" or "back" from the middle of a line of text. This is needlessly difficult. The wording should be something like, "Front rolling fire" and "Back rolling fire". Reading left to right, you can ascertain your mode immediately.
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    About Exploration ship classes Most of the XVIII-XIXth century exploration ships are modified cargo ships : stable barges, barks, barques longues, fluyts… Indeed, for long distances, cargo space is needed for storage of supply, medicine, scientific equipment, collected items... Besides, few were designed and built for exploration from the start (HMS Discovery). Stable barges with their strong structure, such as le Gros Ventre (1766), will provide significant resistance to the unleashed elements of the wildest oceans while small barques longues with shallow draught such as La Belle (1680) will sail in shallows and explore up rivers and lakes and along rocky coasts. Both are manoeuvrable and small enough to enter an estuary. Exploration ships are often lightly armed, whether they’re escorted or not. Ten to sixteen guns are enough to protect oneself against unpleasant lightly armed encounters and to fire during official ceremonies. Moreover, explorers avoid high traffic maritime routes... However, the modern french Corvette La Favorite (1829) with her 24 guns rivals 20+ gun-war corvettes build for naval combat. Exploration ships presented in this thread so far : - Le Gros Ventre, French stable barge (1766) - HMS Bounty, British merchant vessel (1784) - Descubierta & Atrevida, Spanish corvettes (1789) - La Belle, French barque longue (1680) - HMS Endeavour, British bark (1764) - La Favorite, French corvette (1829) - L’Astrolabe, French corvette (1811/25) - La Recherche, French stable barge (1787) - HMS Discovery, British survey ship (1789) - HMS Beagle, British brig (1820) - Vostok, Russian Sloop-of War (1818) - Mirny, Russian Sloop-of-War (1819) - HMS Carcass, British refitted bomb vessel (1759) - La Boudeuse, French frigate (1766) (WIP - don’t hesitate to PM me for comments, corrections and contribution )
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    Is anyone working on HMS Triton(1796) for inclusion in NA? Quite a novel looking ship, 32 gun, 18lb frigate. Fir built. Would seem to me to be an excellent candidate for inclusion.
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    I would like to report Wolf13, Andrey1111, Serg Factor, Klava Pupkina, Yarl Tsero, and BOBA KOT for exploiting a game mechanic to duplicate a ship. We had discussed this in the Tattered Flags TeamSpeak earlier in the week when someone else came across it. I am uncertain if it has been reported as a bug, however, by my understanding, an exploit is where you use the mechanics of the game as they are not intended. Here, a fleet of large ships will all jump something smaller, so that NPCs spawn in to protect. The smaller "tagged" vessel who is in on this then leaves the game, allowing those players to capture the NPC ships. This is a particularly egregious exploit, in my view, as non-basic ships are not supposed to be captured off of NPCs, in order to further test crafting (by my understanding). Here, the players are deliberately circumventing the crafting process and are exploiting a game mechanic for their own uses. If they have reported this bug, one might think this serves as a cloak to protect themselves, however after reporting it they should not be doing it over and over again in order to "keep testing it to make sure it's still there." I wager logs could be looked at to verify this is in fact what is happening. Here, not only are they taking away from the development of the game (as we are here to test it for ultimate release), they are then using their gains for their own personal ends. Screenshots attached.
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    Prepare for the single dura Connie/Pavel/1st rate spam in the coming weeks then.
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    У меня тут есть еще одна идея. Почему бы нам не закладывать перманентные модули в корабль именно в момент его постройки?Ведь перманентный значит постоянный, а разница его с регуляром лишь в том, что он разрушается при изъятии. То есть если брать во внимание мои посты этот и этот то помимо крафта в реальном времени и разнообразия постройки сюда вводится еще ньюанс. Подробнее. Мы так же можем выбивать перманентные модули, только теперь это как бы чертежи, что то типа чертежа на тему того, как сделать корпус обтекаемее и быстрее(Спид Трим) или маневреннее (Тюрнинг Трим). Уровень чертежа как и сейчас может быть серым\зеленым\синим и тд. Для разработки чертежей в крафте так же требуются ресурсы и может быть крафт ноты. То есть мы крафтим чертеж, который потом вложим\используем при строительстве. Пусть и будет всегда 3 перманентных слота, но вложить в них улучшения мы можем лишь при постройке. Просто сейчас мы запросто можем сделать обводы либо скоростными, либо маневренными, то есть меняем шпангоут? Врят ли. Пусть это будет заложено при постройке и при этом спид трим не может быть вместе с Тюрнинг Трим. При этом так же чем выше уровень, тем лучше чертеж перманентного модуля мы сможем использовать. То есть фрегат построенный игроком 50го уровня будет получше фрегата построенного 25м уровнем. Ну и далее часть доработок корабля могут так же выступать чертежами, по которым мы можем улучшать корабль. Таких улучшений может быть много, хоть все возможные, в конце концов мы ведь теряем корабль, но они не должны давать супер улучшений. Такими модами могут быть: усиленный руль, усиленные мачты, медная обшивка, прицелы пелью и что то типа того, чем можно улучшить корабль по чертежу. Далее идет настройка корабля лично капитаном в порту, можно даже ввести привязанность к кораблестроению, так же уже предлагалось. Тут у нас будет перемещение или добавление балласта, наклон мачт, подрезание или добавление рей. небольшое изменение в соотношении команды. Главный смысл что настройки дают плюсы и минусы, каждый игрок настраивает под себя корабль. Следом модули типа : доп мушкеты и пистолеты, супер сабли и так далее. Их мы покупаем за счет свободного места и их качество так же влияет на бонусы, даваемые ими. В итоге может получиться не плохо.
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    hardlimit is only for when there is no alternativ for a certain nationalitys were shipplans are rare. for small ships it might be okey but not for 32lb frigates of 60guns
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    Recipes do unfortunately take up warehouse space and if your warehouse is full it it likely you may have lost it. Sorry about the loss of the Belle Poule
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    Mirny (Mирный, Peaceful) Russian exploration 20-gun Sloop-of-war Formerly named Ladoga, then refitted for exploration purposes and renamed 1819, 530 t. The Vostok and Mirny in Antartica Length : 36.6 m (120.1 ft) Beam : 9.15 m (30.0 ft) Depth of hold : 4.6 m (15.1 ft) Armament : 6 × 120 mm (carronade) + 14 × 76 mm Her voyage With the Vostok (see http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/7306-player-ship-selection-1st-half-2016/?p=139853), she took part of the second Russian circumnavigation of the globe (1819-1821), led by Fabian Gottlieb von Bellingshausen, which discovered the land of Antartica in 1820. Plan Source : https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1xK8yroHPifU0FLdm42RFBJb2M&usp=sharing&tid=0B1xK8yroHPifWTBoTXRidGQ3RDg More plans (rigging...) https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1xK8yroHPifU0FLdm42RFBJb2M&usp=sharing&tid=0B1xK8yroHPifWTBoTXRidGQ3RDg http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3575-russian-navy-azov-74-vostok-24-mercury-20-poltava-5-goto-predestinatsia-58-mirny-20-three-hierarchs-66/page-1#entry70007 Sources https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabian_Gottlieb_von_Bellingshausen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mirny_(sloop-of-war)
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    1. Уважаемые господа разработчики, сделайте пожалуйста телепорт раз в час, хотя бы. Зачем я с онлайном в 50 человек тестю пустое море, в чем прикол, о чем мне вам рассказать? Был бы частый телепорт, народ бы слетался на движуху и и инфо было бы больше. 2. Я вижу, что мы распробовали многое что выведено из игры и течи, и ремонты, и флоты за собой, и торговлю ресами, которая сейчас не возможна и т.д. Вы сами то определились, на чем остановитесь? 3. Минус-ресурсами не поторговать, где пласт игры для любителей купить дешевле и продать дороже? 4. Когда будем тестить корабли со стапелей? Ингерманланд, Ниагара, Букантер и пр. выкладывались еще полгода назад и больше. За это время не доделать было? Чисто мое мнение. Пошла какая-то суета. Вначале говорилось "мы возьмем лучшее и добавим свое". То, что тестим мы сейчас, это какая-то каша, уж извините. Мое мнение менеджемент команды и трюма и изменение ТТХ корабля в серии корсары - лучше наглядней и понятней. Крафт-в КО интересней. Боевка лучше у вас. Абордаж- тут никакой, совсем не то, о чем думали 2 года назад вы сами и то, что вам предлагали игроки. Возможно нормальный интерфейс и визуализация (например сборки корабля) изменит впечатление. С уважением.
  19. 1 point
    En tous cas il y a au moins l'USS Pennsylvania, le plus connu. http://www.hazegray.org/danfs/line/sol31.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/30/59/2b/30592b463aa2ffa26adc97338d8c1080.jpg http://media.philly.com/images/20130717_USSpennsylvania_600.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/5/52/Pennsylvania-ship-of-the-line-Currier-Ives.jpeg http://sailsatsea.com/getattachment/Gallery/Ship-of-the-Line-USS-Pennsylvania/DSC_0096.JPG.aspx http://historylink101.com/bw/sailing_ships/SailingShipsP/images/IMG_5853_e2.jpg Modèle. http://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/OnlineLibrary/photos/sh-usn/usnsh-p/penna-m.htm Plan. J'ai des bouts de plans, mais sur le HD, donc pas accessible aujourd'hui, demain peut-être.
  20. 1 point
    We haven't played on ages dude.. and the only one to consistently beat me is Yuejin. There are few enough that I remember who beats me.. I'm not responding until you decide to play a game. Your entire post is nothing but nonsense based on things you seem to have little knowledge.
  21. 1 point
    PVE will be dead as I can't see anyone playing that unless they add quests and stuff.
  22. 1 point
    I LOVE THE GRIND!!!!!! THE GRIND IS LIFE!!!!!! I LOVE LIFE!!!!!! Level 17 and already have Renommee and Surprise recipes!!! Got both from a single Cerberus build!!! Now I'm GRINDING to level 20 so I can drive a Renommee!!! (Have yet to sail one of those) THE GRIND IS GREAT!!!!!! THANK YOU DEVS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. 1 point
    Very well thought out and reasoned suggestion!! You have outdone yourself here mate. If these changes are made ill start doing trafs again. it would be awesome if we can get back to having spontaneous trafs like back in the day - and if this proposal is implemented it could happen. especially like the pop up reminders of upcoming battles. PS. yaay i got voted admiral!!!
  24. 1 point
    И еще с нижним деком Конституции сделайте что нибудь. Там лонги отображаются как обычные пушки, стреляют они тоже подозрительно - траектория ядер на лонги не похожа, при подъеме стволов вверх просто отключается вся батарея. Ну а носовые насколько я понял имеют свойство местами пробивать собственный борт.
  25. 1 point
    Зачетный конструктор кораблей встроен в Rule the Waves корабли оставаясь в рамках исторически возможных модификаций, уникальны в зависимости от твоих предпочтений. Если в навале получится не хуже -будет хит.
  26. 1 point
    MMO is game to play with and against live ppl. PVP!
  27. 1 point
    ребята конеш звери. "включайте мотор на реверс" ваще убило :3 п.с. я ща играю огром в пиратской команде по вх :р
  28. 1 point
    HMS Beagle British 6-10 gun, 1820 Cherokee-class Brig-Sloop, then refitted as a Brig (barque) in 1825. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3597/3348740075_dfaf3c769d_b.jpg Her voyages She took part in three expeditions (1826-1843). On the second survey voyage the young naturalist Charles Darwin was on board, and his work made Beagle one of the most famous ships in history. Plans, sources, pics http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4728-hms-beagle-with-plans/ http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3597/3348740075_dfaf3c769d_b.jpg https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/9/94/PSM_V57_D097_Hms_beagle_in_the_straits_of_magellan.png https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/2/22/HMS_Beagle_by_Conrad_Martens.jpg https://smallnotes.library.virginia.edu/files/2013/06/Darwin_Mount-Sarmiento.jpg https://smallnotes.library.virginia.edu/files/2015/01/Terra-del-Fuego.jpg http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=3255 Thanks Surcouf for your help !
  29. 1 point
    The ship on the left couldn't have sailed against the wind to ram the one that exploded.
  30. 1 point
    I have mentioned it many time and will do it again. Add small fishing ships around ports. Add birds and smoke from chimneys, fortifications. OW sailing is depressing, but seeing empty port doesn't make it any better.
  31. 1 point
  32. 1 point
    HMS Discovery 1789 10-gun British survey ship https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/5/5d/HMS_Discovery.JPG/593px-HMS_Discovery.JPG http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/263918.html http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/87625.html Her voyage HMS Discovery was the lead ship in Georges Vancouver's exploration of the west coast of North America in his famous 1791-1795 expeditions. Tons burthen : 330 65⁄98 bm Length : 99 ft 2 in (30.23 m) (overall) ; 77 ft 8 in (23.67 m) (keel) Beam : 28 ft 3 1⁄4 in (8.617 m) Depth of hold : 12 ft 4 in (3.76 m) Full-rigged ship Sources : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Discovery_(1789)
  33. 1 point
    Unknown Barque longue 8 guns Late XVIIth-century pre-corvette http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/11756-rare-ship-collection-with-plans/?p=209220
  34. 1 point
    Le Gros Ventre French Stable barge 10-16 guns (6 lbs) - 1766 - 1777 http://www.editions-ancre.com/Admin/WebPages/Legrosventre/photos/photo1.jpg Plan : Jean-Joseph Guignace Builder : Léon Michel Guignace (sous-ingénieur) Built in Bayonne (april 1766 - august 1767). Average Tonnage : 350 à 400 tx. L x l x c (ft / meter) : 113 x 25 x 13 / 36,70 x 8,12 x 4,22 Armament : 10 à 16 de 6 livres. Expedition Participated in the Kerguelen expedition in 1772 with the fluyt La Fortune. Will discovered the west coast of Australia in March of 1772 under the command of M. de St. Allouarn. The ownership of this land was written in the name of the french King, placed in glass bottles and buried in the location of this landing. In 1998, the bottles were unearthed. Read the tremendous summarize in french by Surcouf : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/3166-navalaction-france-ouvre-ses-portes/?p=139444 Monograph, plans and pics : http://ancre.fr/en/monographies-en/51-monographie-du-gros-ventre-gabare-du-roi-1766.html http://www.editions-ancre.com/Admin/WebPages/grosventre.html
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    Map/exploration: After you visit port, resources are listed if you click/hover mouse over it. Navigation: ability to set waypoints, kind of like an auto pilot. Or be able to auto sail to discovered ports. This would be at your own risk if you are afk and get attacked.
  36. 1 point
  37. 1 point
    I think I would like to see a system that you have to research or design the blueprints, and poor in a lot of labor hours and money to develop a new blue print.
  38. 1 point
    So I've looked up this "white pride" rhetoric... It seems it was started by Don Black, formerly a Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, as a rebranded white supremacist slogan to draw in a broader spectrum of the white population in the white separatist, white nationalist, neo-Naxi, and white supremacist movements. The demarcation line of this group seems to be that they advocate non-violence; but widely embrace racial intimidation. White Pride is often coupled with the Nazi flag and the CSA battle flag - so the symbolism of hatred seems unchanged. Also when you google the images of white pride many of the images don't align with your statement that 'white pride' is: "No better or worse than anybody else ... Just proud to be white !" So if this is true what's with the parades and the flare toting skin-head whites intimidating the black folks on their way to worship in their churches? What about statements like, "Beauty IS skin deep!" The agenda of racial hatred is so pervasive in this rebranded "white pride" that it is blatantly clear that "White Pride" has little to do with equanimity among the races - as you've stated above. I'll choose to live my life with racially tolerant tunnel vision rather than succumb to living with hate over the color of people's skin. Life's too short for this racial hatred nonsense.
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    To remove some of the crafting randomness and add a system allowing crafters to specialize in crafting some ships, i thought about an expertise system. For every rate, a crafter have the possibility to earn expertise points. The max number of expertise points for a given rate is equal to the number of ships to unlock at that rate, +3 So, for example, 7th rate, there's 5 ships, or 3 if we consider the trader ships as just a variant. Let say 3 : Lynx/trader lynx Cutter/trader cutter Privateer only one of these is to be unlocked, the privateer, so the max points you could earn for 7th rate ships would be 4 What do we use these points for? - to unlock a ship - to earn a level of expertise with a given ship Level of expertise? Yes, a level of expertise allow a crafter to remove some randomness while crafting a ship in which he is an expert. First level, the ship can't have grey built ins, second level, can't have grey and can't have no built in, third level, can't have grey, green, or no built in. The nature of the built ins and their level is still random, no way to be sure if you will get speed, explorer, crew space, and no way to know if the built ins will be blue, purple, yellow... You know that the ship will be good, but not how good it will be. Max level of expertise for a given ship is 3 (so for each rate, you can fully expert one ship and unlock all, or unlock less and expert more than one) How do you get expertise points? Every time you craft 10 ships of the same type, you earn 1 expertise point. That expertise point can be used to unlock a ship (there may be restrictions, as using only a frigate point to unlock belle poule or trincomalee, or for same ships you can use an expertise point from surprise or renommee if you already have three level in expertise in said ship), or it can be used to earn a level of expertise in that particular ship (crafting 10 lynx allow you to be a better lynx crafter, not a better cutter or privateer crafter).
  40. 1 point
    Also keep in mind that this will not be a problem once port battles are implemented.
  41. 1 point
    It ain't much if it ain't dutch!
  42. 1 point
    Question is could you get towed off a sand bar or rocks by a friendly ship?
  43. 1 point
    To expand a bit on some of this. Tactical battles that reflect the environment: Shallows, reefs, sandbars, beaches and cliffs that we can smash into/get stuck on/beach ourselves on. This could also make sinking ships look cool as they might get sunk in shallow water! ^.^ Shore Batteries: Forts, Upgradeable port defense's, gunboats, mortar brigs. Oh my, so much stuff! Ships with purposes other than just shipping good or fighting: Yes please, to all of this!
  44. 1 point
    With all due respect, this is even worse. Groups will exploit this, why would 15 people do the frigate recipe grind separate, when they can feed one? Result: 1 guy gets all the brigs, gets the highest % change, he will give his boosters navy brig and pickle recipes when he gets them. Next step: belle poule Result: a different guy gets all the frigates, gets the highest % change, he will give his boosters surprise, rennomee and Belle Poule recipes when he gets them. This is a massive exploit and changes the need to 'search' for recipes as one can just simply farm them.
  45. 1 point
    No, drop rate will be too high, within 7 days every will be able to craft belona's.
  46. 1 point
    I think that treasure ships should be added two as a moving fortress with 20+ ships in its fleet. Also no mention of when we can hire fleets again. Does this also mean we are only 2 patches away from early access? If so I can't believe it came by so fast!
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    Just a few things I'm wondering about: 1) In-Game Tutorial - It seems like this would be an ideal thing to put in before launching Steam EA (even a really basic one), instead of just dumping new players in front of port and saying 'good luck on figuring everything out'. I'm sure you could script something up real quick. 2) Naval Commissions - I believe a lot of ppl would want some kind of basic set of missions/quests from their nation's admiralty. At least something to give new players a small sense of progression. Maybe put a few random 'named NPCs' out on the open water in Santis (uncapturable) just to add a little flavor to the game. 3) Exploration Gameplay- Maybe not necessary content for EA but should definitely be in the game. Finding treasure and discovering plant and animal life. I'm not sure what kind of trickery you're trying to pull with this Spanish Galleon thing >< (just read post above) p.s. Darby do you ever sleep
  48. 1 point
    Cant remove it completely, otherwise we might as well call the game Eve and start busting out the damn spreadsheet docs. Nothing worse then a game dictated by spreadsheet masters, removes ALL the purposes of having recipe drops to begin with. A good crafting system has an element of unknown. Everytime i capture a ship i have a small argument with myself if i should vendor it for 10k or break it down for an RNG chance. I like that
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  50. 1 point
    implement alliance system. remove chat with enemy nations. implement forum cool down not allowing a player to post in forum while logged into the game or within 30 minutes of quitting the game.
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