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    OK Midshipmen, Here is a cabin for those boys new to the ship, where we learn what it takes to captain a vessel. I'm hoping this topic will become a nice Q and A area where we can bring our newest Midshipmen up to speed. First: What is a midshipman? A Midshipman was a boy of about 12 years of age, educated, and often of the upper class. His role was to learn how to be a good officer, and eventually a Captain. A Midshipman had command rank above most sailors, who were legally bound to obey the Midshipmans orders or face disciplinary action. Midshipmen however would merely face the switch if they failed in their duties. At the end of their stint as a midshipman, they could take the officers exam to become a lieutenant at age 18. How is a Midshipman different that a powder monkey? A powered monkey is a boy with little or no education from the lower classes, who carries gunpowder and is learning a sailing trade. Midshipmen served in their respective navy. They had a collective (very small) cabin aboard most ships. In the cabin they could work on their lessons, or relax in their time off. (I'm writing this as we sail between ports) Frederick Bunnington III
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    I might be in the minority but I think it is too easy to board. A ship that weighs 1000's of tons travelling even at 5 knts and you telling me some dudes are going to throw a grappling hook over to it and "pull" the ship? It has to be one of the most unrealistic things we have going in the game right now. Boarding should only occur when both ships are virtually at a stop. Place more of an emphasis on immobilizing through sail and mast damage. Also, with the 1 hour time limit you have an enemy running away you can end up spending almost the entire match chasing the game and often times I find myself having to get extra close to try to inflict as much damage as possible to sink him before the timer runs out. This just opens you up to boarding, which in my opinion, is just a hot mess right now. People I think are enjoying it because they are making a ton of money but if the best we get from this game mode is fancy rock, paper, scissors....when everything else take way more skill in battle.....I'm going to give it a thumbs down.
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    I'd rather have historical ships in the game than this fantasy stuff.
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    Have not read the thread so apologies if a duplicate: Buying/Selling trade goods needs 'sell all' and 'buy all' buttons per item as well as the current buy and sell buttons....I want to be able to sell, for example, all my pine in the hold and buy, for example, all the iron available in the port upto the limit of my hold and gold. Also the limit of 2 upgrade modules....3 would give more flexibility
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    I think the next ship class to be added should be a brigantine or barque or Dutch trade vessel.
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    Keep them coming captains World is the same. We overdid the heights in virgin island and around Gustavia but the map (distances) is the sameIt feels small because you have grown as a captain. Just like your childhood yard. It now feels small for me too.
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    Ah, screw the Black Pearl. And Pirates of the Caribbean. I second what OlavDeng said.
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    I think this is misguided and that mixing a bunch of rates in battle does not result in better quality battles. In fact I think it has the opposite effect, with smaller rates being reduced to derp roles in battle, like sailing around shearing off bowsprits (BS mechanic that), or suicide ramming, or just generally getting in the way. Forcing mixed battles just forces players to play this way. What is needed is good reasons to have an SoL fight going in one place, a frigate squadron fight somewhere else, and an unrated ship brawl at another location, all for strategically valuable objectives.
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    The thing to do is to implement instance sailing to the OW. Need to turn and position yards, fiddle with jibs, trim the sails and such. That would reduce your feeling of boredom during longer voyages. In regards to the teleport, I agree that it doesn't really fit into the world, but is quite useful. What use it mostly for is to teleport to some larger weekly event. During the week I sail wherever and I am willing to explore further from my bases, because I know that I will be able to make to the Trafalgar or Frigate fight or something else...
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    I hate the current teleport feature with a passion and think it shouldn't have a place in a game like NA. It doesn't make sense to me to have this big, beautiful world and then artificially reduce the distances to absolute meaninglessness due to having a magical transport ability. And I really, really hope it will be removed from the final version of the game.
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    Trying to think of some better alternatives to the hated speed mods here: Extended False Keel +1 kts (wind angle 80-50 degrees only, 50-30 degrees for fore and aft rig) Ship has 1 foot deeper draft in OW Loosen Rigging +1.5 kts (wind angle 80-50 degrees only, no effect for fore and aft rig) +1 kts (wind angle 80-180) -15% Mast HP +10% repair costs Speed Trim - Closehauled (exceptional) +2 kts (wind angle 85-70 only) +1 kts (wind angle 85-135 only) Maximum repairs used per battle: 2 -50% repair materials capacity Speed Trim - Downwind (exceptional) +1.5 kts (wind angle 180-115 only) +1 kts (wind angle 115-85 only) Maximum repairs used per battle: 2 -50% repair materials capacity Shift stores amidships -0.5 kts +1.5 kts (Storms only) +10% acceleration -10% deceleration +5% Mast HP -10% repair costs Shorten Rig -15% max heel angle -10% repair costs -0.5 kts -15% acceleration
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    No. Just no. Artificial restrictions will just add frustration and get in the way of gameplay.
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    Imho damage on sails should be higher, i am focusing on pvp right now and 90% of time the scenario is: or 1 guy running from others and take even 40 min to chase him, since you slowly dmg sails he repair and go on until time run out (at list sails dmg should slower more the target) IN 1 vs 1 is pretty much impossible to hold down another player, he will simply sail away, unless you spawn very close and can throw 2-3 good shoot , or unless you are in a much bigger ship 30-40+ cannons able to damage a lot his sails before he run away Nobody use chain shots becouse balls are as much effective+ they destroy mast , chain shot need to be double effective than now tbh.
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    Mo was absolutely spot on, just what i think about POTBS... I do miss that game/community... oh and hai everyone
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    Potbs wasn't a terrible game. It was a great game with a very bad managed company in the background. The Devs were terrible, Admins were terrible, Community was absolutely awesome. I do miss this game A LOT. It was unique and I spent ....7 years or so on it? I loved the missions, I loved the sound, the music, the open sea(the sound of the ocean). To me, as a Naval fan, who loves history and nature, the game was somewhat magical, even though the graphics were pretty mediocre. But the Devs killed the game entirely. To me, after the account hack, the game was dead. Closing the Burningsea.com site, was an insanely bad descision. We all were active on the forums. All the bragging, hate, battlereports....it was emotional. The PvP was so good in this game, I can't even describe. The ganks, counter-ganks... 1v1, 1v2+ ,2v2, 5v5, 5v6, 6v6, Portbattles, you could have it all. You needed a strategy in PvP, you def. needed skill and know your ship,class whatever. That was unique. They closed the Burningsea site, got rid of OS diplomacy, the introduced awfully bad patches, they tweaked/nerfed ships according to cry-babies instead of listening to experienced players. My account got banned for 6 months, because I sank an admin, who then simply claimed I was modstacking, which clearly wasn't the case. Even though I provided pictures, logfiles etc. over weeks. I simply got ignored. This kind of behaviour messed me up. I loved everyone in this game, really. I had some 1vs1 where the battle lasted 1h+ and in the end both players killed each other with the final volley, how epic can a game be? I will surely get in touch with Naval Action, I haven't played it yet. Time will tell, when the moment comes =). So long Mo, aka Mauritius Hunter / Adolf Hunter (Roberts) and Purple Pink / Loolsius Rooflson (Antigua)
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    Listen, people are sour of the Brits. Why? Because of ganking. You want to defend it, fine. But here's the raw: the Brits don't fight any other way. Here's the current Brit strategy: 1) Farm WAY out of the way of normal PvP (sitting in Venezuela and Yucatan) where they feel there will be no PvP 2) get 15-20 people online on a Saturday or something 3) Teleport to English Harbour 4) Gank everyone in sight in 15-20 (half or more in SOLs) vs. 5 (at best). 5) When 15 enemies show up to fight the Brit 15-20 ships, Brits log out in EH. Then teleport back to the Yucatan or whatever. You can't see how that makes people sour? You don't fight. You just gank. Then taunt in global chat like you've won some major victory or something. Anyone can win a 15 v. 5 fight. That doesn't make it a worthy win or something to be proud of. Also, Brits never show up to Weekend Trafalgars where the WHOLE community has gentlemanly fights and a good time every weekend. You ask any other clan in this game how they feel about TDA/US or the Dutch or the Danes or the French or even the Pirates. We're all on good terms and respect one another as gentlemen. I've even heard that SLRN command is given specific orders to avoid Weekend Trafalgars and avoid OW PvP and not participate in the "Captain's pledge of PvP participation". So again, orders seem to be: 1) ignore the rest of the community and don't PvP. 2) get organized and gank. 3) go back to ignoring the PvP community. That's the perception. You want to change it? That's up to you, Brits. Start fighting even battles. Start showing up to Weekend Trafalgars (besides Snoopy and Ronan - hats off to you two). And stop running to the edges of the map when you're not en masse.
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    I read here some people asking for quit incentives to PvE as a way for forced to all players to PvP with them... Why? Can you ask PvP to others without remove stuff for PvE people? If a player don't want PvP, he will not PvP anyway and if the game is PvP only they will go ut anyway. In other thread I wrote about I was a kid and I want to play with my brother but we had different ideas about fun games. I wanted to play "PvP" and he was more a "PvE". I never could forced to play my style of game and he was happy playing alone. And few times I could "forced" him to play my play style and that times was little interest for him and my fun was little too. In conclusion, PvE players forced to play PvP will be poor experience for they and a poor fun for PvP player. And when the server is empty of PvE players, the PvP will go to skirmish mode anyway... Maybe someday I will PvP, but now if I want PvP I go to Chivalry Medieval Warfare or Warthunder Groud Forces. But a game about age of sails is so much more than PvP for me... is the last thing I think about when I start this game. I don't understand why some people wants force me for play his game and not the mine. PvP players can subscribe in the thread for that or Tragalfar battles. P.S. @ Destraex: I understood that you want an area for shallows ships only? Bahamas area is a huge of shallows where no players with frigates can enter, Mercury is the biggest ships can enter there.
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    I agree that an even(ish) PvP fight is the gold standard and should be what many are after, I think the XP might be a step in the right direction, we will see. A big deterrent is "packs" -- The OP flies the US flag and of the ten or twelve times I have seen a human US player in OW ---- at least ten times it has been a pack of them. It is exceedingly rare to see a US player or High ranking player of any flag sailing alone. Now, I may be slow - but I am not so dim that I am going to attack (or be attacked by) three US Connies (or three Brit Connies) in my little Surprise ------ if I can help it. ----- The OW is a wasteland with no law except the law of the "bigger, badder, faster, gankier" with roving packs of killers on the loose and fewer and fewer places for "non pack" players to play ---- you know, except over at some other game.
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    Alejandro Viran reporting here. Hello, ladies.
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    Actually I'm not sure why everyone suddenly started with all that troll flame here. He wrote his opinion, in constructive and calm way. He didn't write "OMG THIS GAME SUX BALLZ, GEVEME BAK MAH MONAY OF I SUE U FAGGTZ!!". Shame, shame, shame, *ding* Lord Vicious, its still alpha, and every aspect of game is tested, ballanced, wiped, changed. So maybe better for you, do like most of my friend did when you dont feel like a tester: Wait few months untill game will be in much better form. Now everything is raw. Yes interface is like from a windows 98' But atm. its the least important thing that players need. They wont add fancy interface because we still don't know how many new ingame options we will get. About Lynx being starter ship, its normal way to start in every other game. You get a smallest ship/tank/goat, thats its free, and make your way up. And getting brig is hour of gameplay? Map thing is still under heavy discussion, along with navigation stuff etc. About NPC groups too big: Find a friend, sail with bigger players, they wont mind fo sure if some lynx will sail and shoot phunny cannons on enemy. Also NPC right now sail in groups 1x lynx/privateer/cutter and 1x trader lynx/trader cutter/trader brig. Double Profit for you, cause traders dont have cannons. Smoke is ok imo. It could even last longer on a sea, so that would look even more like all those paintings.
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    I chose 'other'. The system I would like to see ties in with different ways of obtaining a captaincy. 1.) Naval officers (captains) get assigned ships. As such, I would really like for naval ships to be named by the Admiralty. No player choice in here. Plenty of cool historical names to choose from and it would even allow a single ship in the gameworld to have a career captained by multiple players in succession. (i.e. player Bob plays Royal British Navy and gets assigned the HMS Dolphin 6th rate frigate. Bob does very well and a bit later he gets promoted to a bigger frigate, HMS Dolphin goes 'back into the RN ship pool' and 3 days later HMS Dolphin gets assigned to player Richard). 2.) Private captains accepting a commission on behalf of a trader or something else, again same thing. It's not *your* ship so she's named already. End of. 3.) Ships in private player ownership are free to be named by the player, usual filters for profanity and very immersionbreaking names apply. edit: Maybe players captaining assigned ships could be allowed to select an own name (maybe from a list, maybe human approved) for real money, like a vanity thing. It could represent good contacts at the Admiralty willing to pull some weight for you and change the name of your assigned vessel. TL;DR: I think it would be most fun if names were not playergiven for assigned ships, yet private ships can be of course named by the owning player.
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    Gun ports, and the ability to open/close them!
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    Ability to extinguish lights on the back of the ship at night. Ability to send flares. Captain cabin like one in AC Black Flag. Ability to hoist different flags anytime. Crows nest on the top of the main mast to view greater distances. Ability to change, paint figureheads and ship hull.
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    I would like to see some nice lanterns being lit when it's night time. A rudder and a steering wheel that actually turn!