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    Loving it so far, great sense of immersion in actually having to navigate. I hope that we never see a map with live markers, relying on 3rd party maps adds a unique level of realism, but I suppose game labs will want to provide one. The one thing I´d like to see are more low level trade ships for noobs to attack, they don´t have to be unarmed, but maybe some trader cutters with 4 lbers, and other low level ships adapted for trade. Would make the learning curve and content richness a lot better for new characters. Anyway, great quality stuff, good adult gaming that I have been waiting for for a very long time.
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    At the minute it feels like there is absolutely no benefit in going in any ship from lynx-Bellona. It feels like an arms race to acquiring as many 1st rates as possible in order to be on top. This is early alpha, I don't have much of a problem with it now, but I want to stress that this will be the ultimate game breaker for a LOT of players if it still exists after official release. I know there are new mechanics being talked about and introduced to try and limit this, but in my opinion they aren't enough. Realistically 1st rares were extremely rare. Big 15 v 15 battles were even rarer. 15 v 15 1st rate battles were non-existent. Essentially, I don't really want to see the 1st rates at all. I should actually get excited, dumbfounded and flabbergasted at seeing someone in a 1st rate. At the minute its a standard. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - As soon as the economy is up, there will be, like in every other MMO with an Auction House, some guys out there who know how to control the market. Some guys out there will have 1,000,000 in a couple of days, so there needs to be a mechanic that actually limits in economically AND physically. - Having big AI fleets of 5 Santis + 2 vics is ridiculous. Please start implementing realistic squadron compositions, with perhaps 4 3rd rates, and a couple of frigates. Maybe once in a blue moon, one 1st rate, 3 3rd rates and 4 or so frigates. - Big battles should only really occur during arranged events like port battles, or when your fleet manages to close down an enemy player fleet. Having a 20 v 20 readily available to you any time you want it will make the game very boring very quickly. - It was mentioned, though I never played it that PoTbs gave out 1st rates to everyone & that's one of the reasons it died. Though I personally can't confirm that, if it is true, i'd say it's a good example of how not to handle this game. - If you read Harry White's topic "AI Fleet proposal" in the OW section, that gives a nice alternative to managing AI fleets. At the minute 7-8 AI is just too much. Verging on completely ridiculous. If you want an escort, make it that you can hire 2-3 extra ships absolute max. - Going back to first rates. They should be incredibly hard to acquire. The upkeep cost should also be ridonkulous. Lone wolves should NOT be able to afford one. Period. I think if you are planning on being a lone wolf, you accept the fact that the bigger ships, which will require Big Guild funds to maintain, will not be available to you. Share your Ideas and thoughts peeps.
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    I'm sorry but yes, if there is no loss, there is no immersion, I think currently the loss is too little, I would be game for 1 dura on each ship, like eve, don't sail it if you cannot afford to lose it. Without loss there would be no tense situations, it would be meh, ow well lets respawn, making the game utter rim, [assholic comment removed. -Mod team] you want no loss go play CoD, this game is a bout tactics, an economy and the whole open world, not a tournement in which you play 1v1's and fight for stats, this game is about the big picture, port captures, trading, an evolving economy, in which if there is no loss, there is nothing.
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    Modules I can understand Marine Compliments, boarding parties, and people that can be moved on and off ships, but ship improvements is what I don't like. Sea Trials we all had the same ships. Sea Trials was about becoming a better captain, OW is about getting the better ship.
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    I've sometimes joined battles that are purely AI vs. AI and found them not fighting at all until they see me arrive. I'm starting to suspect that they are not AI at all but students being paid by Games Labs to play the part of NPCs. Biere Bizardly, for example, has actually got his own Facebook page.
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    Vita Örn/Hvide Ørn (White Eagle) First of all, I posted a bit about this very frigate a while ago in a thread asking for frigates. Figured I'd like to dedicate an entire thread to it now. Vita Örn was a frigate ahead of her time with features to be the norm in frigates from about 1740 and onwards for the next hundred years. She was built by the british shipsbuilder William Smith by commision of the Swedish state at Karlskrona, Sweden in 1711. She was armed with 30 12 pounder cannons and had a crew of 170. She was already amongst the most legendary ships in the Swedish navy (being the fastest frigate in Scandinavia and having taken several prizes and defeated 2 Danish-Norwegian frigates while commanded by Swedish Captain Printz) at the battle of Colberger Heide between Sweden and Denmark-Norway in 1715 where she was captured as a prize by the rising star of the Danish-Norwegian army, Peter Jansen Wessel, later to be enobled and given the name Tordenskiold (Thunder Shield). While in tow, she was renamed to Hvide Ørn and Wessel was rewarded with the command of her. Shortly thereafter, Hvide Ørn was involved in the battle of Rügen. After the engagement had ended with the coming of the dark, Wessel managed to sneak up on the stern of two damaged Swedish SOL's Gotland(56) and Ösel(56). There, he stern rakes the Ösel, cuts the company flag hanging from the stern off before leaving with a full broadside along the ship. The Captain of the ship, Siøstierna, flees the ship and takes shelter in the Gotland. He is later condemmed to death by a swedish court martial but pardoned. By the time the Ösel has made her way back to Karlskrona she's on the absolute verge of sinking. Hvide Ørn participated in lots of key naval engagements between Denmark-Norway and Sweden the years after and she along with her commander became famous at the top of his game, as a frigate commander. I hope to be able to sail the seas in Naval Action in this fine vessel someday. Technical data: Displacement: 600 tons Length: 33 meters Width: 9,42 meters Guns: 30 12 pounders Crew: 170 men
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    So I wish to bring this up to the Devs and community. Currently AI fleets are a solid idea, I like it a lot. However, there is major exploitation that I have just experienced. I was attack by three players, one had 2 santi's and victory in his fleet. So naturally I ran. They (the players who tagged me) escaped the battle, but their Ai remained. That is fine, it makes sense. But then those same players that escaped immediately attacked a friend creating a second instance(Not enough time had gone by for my instance to be over, therefore their Ai were still engaging me). Yet there ai fleet joined them in their new instance. And magically they have duplicated their fleets and using this exploit to over power players. I do realize that I ran and I got away. But this is still an exploit that could ruin the game for some. Thanks for listening. Just something for everyone to be aware of.
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    At the other end, personal economic wealth (likely a reflection of grinding time) should not be the determinant of access to Ships of the Line. Ships of the Line were national assets and should be limited and accessed by means other than wealth.
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    I personally favour the sea monster solution. Any player who persistently attacks others with less powerful ships will be dragged down into the depths by a kraken or possibly a giant squid (as shown below)
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    I think the current balance is reasonable at this time and maybe there is even a case for 1 or two durability's less. However, we need to fix various loopholes to ensure the loss rate remains sustainable for average players. From what I can see the risk of a loss is increasing exponentially as organized predatory player fleets and, even more alarming, player-BOT fleets emerge. Time will tell and we need to keep an eye on trends.
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    Experienced this tonight. Joined a battle where the human player was just escaping and left. Remaining was his two AI ships and 5 or so friendly ships. Even though the friendly AI was closer all the AI did was chase my ship and shoot it through any gaps in the friendly AI they could see. Being in a lynx and all the other ships being brig or higher this was really annoying as I was the lowest threat. Please change the AI targeting priorities. At the moment the magical ability to know who is real and who is AI is a little immersion breaking.
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    You know, I really hate people who lamely respond to the rebuttal of an argument by repeating the same assertion that was just demolished. There weren't any SJWs anywhere demanding the removal of historical flags from media like this game. It was not on the radar until Apple's irrational overreaction brought it into the spotlight. (Again, Apple is not a social activist company, and was motivated by preemptive, apolitical PR damage control.) None of the so-called SJWs were thinking about games or history books. They were focused on the symbols of terrorism that are/were flying above state government buildings, celebrating the murder of their fellow citizens. More recently they have been thinking about the fact that four different black churches have burned down under mysterious circumstances in the South since the day of the attack (as quite a few mosques do every year). Shit, given the degree to which Apple's action derailed a reasonable debate with all this absurdity, a paranoid person would wonder if it wasn't some sort of 'false flag attack.' And by a paranoid person, I mean someone as paranoid as all the yahoos in this thread who instantly and baselessly assumed that Apple was being bullied by a shadowy cabal of homofascist thought police libtards. You all need to start thinking about how your biases affect your common sense.
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    Hello everyone ! I am a newcomer here, I purchased the game a while ago, but did not played much sea trials, but followed the forum. First thing, I really enjoyed the game so far (10 -15 hours for now in the OW). This is the game I have been waiting for years, and you made it, and you made it WELL, Thank you ! Few topic I will comment : 1) Time compression : I read a lot of comments negative and positive about it. I will be quick, in my opinion, this is a necessary evil. The "speed boat" syndrom tend to be quite acceptable when you reach the larger and slower ship. At first with lynx and cutter, game seem too fast, but after not so much. 2) Open World sailing : A) Danger : Well , it misses DANGER ! I mean we really need to fear from storm, to be pushed to the coast, ... to loose our ship other than in battle ! When touching rocks, we should hear a great BANG, loosing masts having to repair. Maybe to use anchors to pull the ship back ? Storm and high waves should be able to sink us if we play wrong, use the wrong sail. Heavy winds should dismast us if carrying too much sails, Etc ... Navigation : Mini-game with sextant ? for example ... wich can give your position on map (no moving indicator, but position at the moment you used it) 3) Fleet : Well quickly said : I do not like it... at all, for player and AI. They somehow break immersion, and make the openworld like a "mini-map" . 1 ship in battle should be 1 ship in OW. Escorts of traders should be another ship in OW, following the traders Maybe make an exeption for some player with commodore to admiral ranks, but fleets should be expensive to only to buy, but to maintain (Paying wages every day, so they are not permanent) 4) The Ship of line Syndrom (my biggest fear) As player will grow in number and play more, the map will be filled with bellona santissima and victory everywhere ... Small ships HAVE TO have an important role even for high level player. One of the solution I thought was WAGES and food, the larger your crew is, the more it will cost you for each day at sea to feed your crew. Ship of the line were never meant to be profitable, specific ships for war that is all. This way player with SOL, would sail them if needed, for a great campaign, or defending port, but not for random wandering around the open world, wich would be very expansive. 5) Missing intercation with coast : When closing land you should be able to set anchors, and set a camp, (all text panel like the "enter harbour" one), and after sending a party to gather food and water / and / or repair the ship. 6) AI : AI should surrender, especially traders when they too much damaged, instead of sailing to death ! 7) Durability of ships 5 durability is a non sense for me, because it really make captured ship useless Durability should be 1 for every ship in game. But coupled with an insurance system : after loosing a ship you should be able to rebuy it for 10/15% of the original cost. Insurance should be collected by removing 5-10% of everything you earn in OW, allowing you to rebuy at minimum cost your ship if lost. Sailing without insurance should be an option. Example with fantasy numbers Standard insurance : 10% cut off any income / rebuying ship for 10% of its price Trademan insurance : special insurance, insuring your cargo as well, more expensive, and NOT applying if the player attack another player, only if he defends himself. 15% cut off / rebuying ship 15% / cargo replaced for free Extended insurance (more expensive also) : your canons and upgrades can be insured also : 20-25% cutoff /10% rebuy ship / 10% rebuy upgrade and guns Optional idea : to avoid people exploiting this system to attack people with low cost ship, insurance should be not active if you enter a battle lost in advance (warning message before entering instance : "insurance will not cover your ship for this fight, it is suicide" -> difference of BR is too high (lynx trolling a SOL for example) Insurance and premium ships : much lower cut off of income and cheaper rebuy cost for premium ship. Ship is not "gifted" but premium buyer is the only one who can buy ingame it and sail it. Anyway, thank you for this exellent game, even in it's state, and a big salute to Lord Darth Vader if he is still in your crew, for thanking him for the many years I spent on his Total war mods ! Trinkof
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    I think it's very hard to judge right now whether or not ship loss is 'right' given that we have a makeshift economy (and an economy that is skewed towards players with end-game content). We need trading etc. to be in the game before we can judge that imo. In the current state, losing ships 'early' is far more detrimental than losing ships 'later', what I'd propose in the current system would be to have 5 duras on the unrated ships, 4 on the smaller frigates (cerb - surprise), 3 on the larger frigates, 2 on the 3rd rates and 1 on the 1st rates, but given that the economy will change (and hopefully money will be scaled more appropriately) this may be jumping the gun.
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    Having gotten used to the current system I wouldn't change a thing - besides on a long transit checking the map gives you something to do (as does looking at these forums) regards
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    A privateer - a private person issued with a letter of marque and reprisial authorizing said person to attack and capture ships being enemy of the nation issuing the letter. Letter of marque was a thing that differentiated pirate from a privateer, most notably in a way a crew was treated. If the crew of a vessel, attacking one nation's waters, was capture by said nation it would have to be treated as prisoners of war with all the honors, contrary to being simply hanged as pirates if they were not under the letter of marque. Also worth noting that a merchant, without a letter of marque, could not legally take offensive action against a vessel of enemy nation or he could be branded a pirate. A line between privateering and piracy was a very thin one and in fact pirates often acquired letters of marque for the time of war to 'legalize' their usual activity. Interesting fact, US goverment still holds a power to issue a letter of marque and reprisal. Ok, so much for brief introduction. Let's talk Naval Action. Privateer vs Navy captain Some of my friends have raised concerns about possible lack of distinction between privateer and navy captain in the game. Most notably, in the event of privateers being tied to a nation, there would be few differences between the two 'playstyles'. The most likely difference being privateers acquiring their ships through personal wealth, while navy captains being issued them by admiralty. Then players would probably just choose the route which grants easier access to the better ship. What I propose is to make privateering loosely connected to the nation. Leave possibilty for every 'civilian' of the nation be it a merchant, smuggler, shipbuilder etc. to acquire a letter of marquee if he gets bored with his 'civilian' activities and wants to go get some action. On top of that, give nations possibility of issuing letters of marque to pirates. I will elaborate on this one. Pirates being issued letters of marque as balancing mechanics I see this as a feature of helping out smaller nations stand their own against a stronger aggressor. Say Britain attacks United Provinces, having huge numerical advantage. It so happens that United Provinces don't have an ally to call on or their ally is also weak. Government of the nation then announces that 'every outlaw who whishes redemption can receive letter of marque from the crown and possibly win his pardon'. Then the pirate, now under the letter of marque, is allowed to use the issuing nation's ports and his crew is being treated as prisoners of war. After the war ends/letters of marque runs it's course pirate is free to remain with the nation or go back to piracy. This provides a way back for pirates (difficult one) while also provides underpopulated nations with regular influx of players. Crew experience Now that I mentioned crew. How to differentiate between crew being treated as pows or pirates? I have see somewhere on the forums a suggestion for introducing crew experience. The crews effectiveness would rise the longer it remains 'alive' moving on from green to experienced to veteran and so on. Then if your ship sinks you are back to green. However if you surrender, you do not lose the crew experience as it becomes prisoners of war and is being 'exchanged'. Now the pirates cannot surrender, because then they will be hanged. So whenever they are taken as a prize, their crew is always back to green, possibly with officers being executed too (pirate hardmode, right?). And thus we move to prize taking. Prize taking Age of sail was all about prize taking. A ship sinking was a disaster not only for the crew it sank with (obviously) but also for the crew that was on the winning side, because they suffered damage and casualties and it was all in vain, because their prize sank. Privateers and navy captains alike chose their career path for the exact same reason - money (fullfiling patriotic duty on top of that is just another incentive). When prizes were lost crews even sometimes mutinied, that's how strong of a drive was prize money. Prize taking was the primary way of making money, not even remotely comperable to 'wage' or anything like it, for the 'combat' career path. I find this hugely under-represented in Naval Action, with literally every fight ending in one side sinking. So how do you take prizes? Boarding, obviously or enemy surrendering. You can surrender in the game already, but there is no real incentive to do so. So how do you encourage people to strike colors? Firstly, crew experience system mentioned above, where you lose crew experience when sinking, while retaining it if you save your crew. Secondly, I read EXCELLENT suggestion, author of which I unfortunately don't remember. It was like this: In group fights player can surrender when they can fight no more. Yet they don't immedietely lose the ship. The outcome of the fight determines it. If their team is victorious, they keep the ship. If their team lost, they are taken as a prize (obviously needs tweaking, but I think it's a right direction). TL;DR: Letters of marque: -Can be issued to pirates by struggling nation to have possibilty to boost their numbers against superior enemy (also leaving the way back for pirates, to remain with said nation when the war runs it's course - would provide constant flow of people to underpopulated nations) -Can be 'bought' by the merchants to give them ability to take a prize if the opportunity arises without being branded a pirate (historical, would give opportunity for merchants to make use of their Indiamen if they stumble upon an easy prey) -Possibly give 'neutrals' ability to acquire letter of marque from any nation they wish for the duration of the war Crews: -have crew gain experience the more fights they take part in and the more fights they survive (loss of experience proporional to crew loss, 100% crew loss = back to the green). You surrender , you keep crew experience. You get boarded, you retain some crew experience, as not all of them die during boarding. -pirates when being boarded/surrender always lose all crew experience and officers, as they are hanged (hard mode). Prize taking: -Primary means of acquiring wealth via combat, dwarfing others. -Surrendering during combat, doesn't immediately means losing ship, the outcome of the fight decides that. -Incentives for surrender (above and crew experience) -Possibly prize crews with prizes being sent back to port (maybe with risk of being lost) - would also need reworking crew replenishement on the sea Well, that was long. I only wanted to talk about letters of marque as balancing mechanis but I exapanded a little bit . I know that some of this suggestions and issues have been already raised on the forums. I however feel, that this is a discussion which deserves it's own topic so I took the liberty of compiling others' ideas and augementing them by my own. Discuss.
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    It took me 100 losses or more in Sea Trials to finally get to the point where I was reasonably competent (mind you, I thought I was reasonably competent at loss 10 lol). The only way I made it through that phase was to force myself to get over the losing part and accept it as a part of the learning process. If it had been even more painful than simply losing face, I probably would have quit. Or, if I hadn't quit, I'd probably be shopping right now for Surprise #73 even with the hundred(s?) of hours I've put into open world.
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    I think you may be overstating things a bit. You can have all the things you mention without penalizing players for participating in pvp. Another option would be to make it configurable such that if you want to play hardcore mode, you can click an "i r teh leet" button and maybe even give yourself some extra xp and gold in the process. The carebears amongst us could opt out and spend most of our time just having fun and not constantly having to shop for replacement ships. That way everyone's happy!
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    Losing itself is a loss and, for me, quite significant. Throwing in a time sink (ship replacement) into the mix is just piling on, imo. The other thing is the drama factor. Even without ship loss, the drama will probably go to 11. With ship loss, you're talking epic levels of drama.
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    Pretty sure you will dislike this point of view, but any way. You can't imagine how many people would like to play but don't have tons of time to spend hours collecting money - only to loose it all in one battle and to start all over. I understand your concerns, but WoT model is the best for many people, not just for idiots like described earlier. Next - what is the sense to learn tactics if some guy with tons of time just installs all possible uber-upgrades on his ship and kills you no matter what? Skirmish is still the way to go for people with limited time, but it depends on how it will look. I would ask devs to maybe consider 2 skirmish modes - 1 with all features from OW, including leveling and money, and 2 - hardcore, just ships and cannons, no upgrades, no officers or anything dramatically changing stats. Just like chess - you only have ships with known stats and your personal skills.
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    No loss is PVE and that has its value, but not in a pvp server. Must be a loss, game will flesh out as it developes, this will give more reasons to pvp as the loss will have a value then, right now it has no value just loss.
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    Look at it this way. If hiring ships is tied to a crew limit (which includes your own ship) the best fighting option will always be the single most powerful ship you can command with no AI, since player > AI in a fight and this places your whole fighting strength under direct control. IE, Constitution vs 2x Cerberus, or Bellona vs 2x Trincomalee. Not only is the single ship at least as powerful (sometimes considerably more powerful) but it might even be cheaper to run. A single 1615 bm Bellona will cost less to buy and maintain than 2x 1065 bm Trincomalees (frigates are big ships for their firepower and crew) and probably outfight them, at least if one is under AI control. A Constitution will beat the crap out of 2 Cerberus. Assuming we cap out the flag captain at enough crew to control a single 1st rate, in every case up to flag rank or Commodore having the single most powerful ship for your rank is definitely superior to taking a smaller ship and hiring escorts, and IMO flag ranks/commodores should be very rare. The vast majority of captains never reached flag rank, and Naval Action should reflect this in the difficulty to reach these ranks. IE, even a year into release flag rank players should still be rare, it provides a long term goal and not something that every player will reach automatically. Now where AI ships get useful would be for trading. If your rank has enough crew for a Constitution (450), now you could have a Trincomalee and a 120 man East Indiaman. Or 3x East Indiamen and a merchant Brig. If you can sail a Bellona (650), that would allow a Trincomalee + 2 Indiamen and a merchant brig/snow, or whatever your preferred combination. This would be quite expensive in terms of the ships and if you encountered equal/greater ranked player/s you'd probably have to sacrifice the warship escort to save the more valuable merchant convoy, but it would be useful for providing a degree of security while conducting trade without the gamebreaking situation we have with players running around with whole fleets of AI SoL.
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    Hello! I am Sanguine Angel in-game. I've seen alot of people in-game think Grape shot is under powered atm. (It seems very sensitive to caliber and ship you're shooting at. I know higher tier ships are having an issue, so this guide isn't for them.) Atm however, many of the single deck ships are easy to shoot, if you do it right. I see alot of people side scrape the enemy ship, and attempt to shoot the grape shot right into the side, which isn't going to do much at all. What you need to do.. Is get an angle like this. You want to stay slightly behind, and a space between your ship and theirs. The Spacing should be similar if not slightly more than in the screenshot. This is of course on the Merchant ship, but it works on player ships and the like just as well. You want to try to spray the deck from behind and forward, so the shotgun effect of the grape shot, flies over the railing and along the whole front half of the ship. (I don't have a screenshot for the proper area to aim, however if you scoot the red aim reticule over so its over the bell, you'll get a very good idea of the angle from my ship, to where the cannons should be aiming, to rake the entire front of the ship, and hit as many of those men as possible) In this screenshot, I shot 2 Volley's, and took out nearly 10 men with just the basic Lynx and weakest cannons, my third shot, knocked out another 5-6 men. I fired 3 more volleys, and knocked him down to about 32 men. My final volley took him down to 20-25, and I captured the ship. Things to remember to maxamize your grape shot damage: * Don't stay too close or too far. There's a very nice sweet spot where you'll see great damage every volley. * Try to angle your cannon shots from behind, shooting forward, or slightly ahead and shooting back. * Aim above the railings (Where my aim reticule is in the screenshot compared to the railing). This will make the shotgun of the grapeshot hit with maximum chance and potential. Here is a video by Principe using the trick I stated above. https://youtu.be/dNrE-vFghgA added 6/23/2015 Note: I'd like to point out that Grape shot, is not a 1 size fits all. No, it won't be effective against ships that have railings and sides taller than the crew. Why would it? Or even.. why should it? Grape Shot is little pellets, like a shotgun made to damage soft squishy humans, not penetrate hard thick wood, even at point blank range. Ships with multiple decks, it will be extremely difficult and should be imo, to damage the crew inside, even with grape shot. The whole crew isn't standing by the window ports. You have maybe.. 4.. and it makes sense that all 4 may not even get hammered. Meanwhile let's talk about the game mechanic aspect and balance. If you could just grape shot the deck in one go.... where's the fun in that for open ships? It's quite a balance issue. You can't make it too powerful for open decked ships, yet you can't make it 100% worthless against everything else either.
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    Frigate, 5th rate: The name of the frigate is "херувимъ" which you can read as "Cherubim". Cherubim is a supernatural beeing who has wings an animal body but a human face. She is a very powerful creature which is seen as a tutelary goddess. However this is not the whole story. You may have noticed the fallen off letters of the Frigate's stern (^image above)? Well that gives it a whole new meaning. "хер им" translates as "a dick to them" and means something like "they will not reach us". or "you receive nothing". A russian play on words. The ship is modeled after A Chapman design with a 135ft long gundeck. Fighting capabilities: The Figate is the first ship to be able to carry 18lb cannons. She carries 13 of those in her main battery. On her upper decks she can either mount six 6b cannons or if the player wants it she can carry 24lb carronades. Depending on this choice you end up with a broadside weight of either 270lb or 378lb when chosen the carronade setup. IMO Carronades work best with normal guns in the main battery. Her total compliment is 280 men and her Captain. Speed: As a squarerigger the frigate reaches her topspeed on a broad reach (135°). Her preferable sailing area starts at about 85° where she accelerates noticable faster than beeing closer hauled. You can find even greater detail in this post Handling: Turning: The frigate handles very responsive. She turns through the wind as fast as the Surprise. I coordinated a turnrace with a buddy to check her turning capabilities. She may even bequicker. We both used manual skipper to get the fastes possible tack so there is human error incorporated. Due to her short hull she is a really good turner over all. Through the wind or bevore him. Heel: The Frigat is a very stable gunplatform. She starts to heel over when beeing closer to the wind . This is no surprise due to her rigging. Sailing on a beam reach you still dont have to worry about depowering sails. In doubt simply go to battle sails. That will do the job most times. Only when fighting close hauled you have to neutralize the yards and depower the jibs as well if your foe is point blanc. Compared to her bigger competitor the Trincomalee the frigate heels a lot less. Conclution: The Frigate is a very powerful ship. Due to her exellent handling characteristics it is a real joy to sail her. You will be able to turn inside every Trincomalee. But be careful: Even tho she carries 18lb guns that does not mean she ins heavily armoured. She still is a frigate. That means you have to watch out how much damage you soak up. And try to acoid geting trapped between multiple enemies. Plan your engagements. Once stuck in the fight you do not have the speed for a quick departure. © BungeeLemming special thanks goes to Jodgi who provided this fantastic speed chart! _____________________ so. This was my first ever rewiev of anything in a written down form. Tell me what you think is rubbish or what part is plain wrong. I also appreciate tips for edits Typing errors. false grammar etc
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    Here's what it's been like for the British today. Almost every single other faction coming to our capital and ganking our players and farming our AI, with no recourse. Not to mention they're actually teaming up, not attacking each other. Here, have a look. Attached small images because of size restriction
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    [uPDATE 26-6-2015] Ultimate General is back! Unchanged. After several late night phone calls with Apple yesterday and today the game has returned to AppStore the way it was... in 1863. Read Facebook link Old announcement As you may have been already informed (Read Facebook link), Apple has removed our game from AppStore because of usage of the Confederate Flag. Ultimate General: Gettysburg could be accepted back if the flag is removed from the game's content. Please read our official response: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/our-game-has-been-removed-from-appstore
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    Ok this seems abit of an issue, especially when you board a ship and the AI halfway through losing the boarding combat fire a broadside and somehow starts a fire and your unable to exit or stop the fire then blow up during boarding seems like an issue, anyone experienced this?????
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    No high sec, for the love of god no, please. A sandbox should be brutal, I understand that you guys say the newbs need help, but no, you learn from your experiances, and if you don't you will eventually or you don't suit a sandbox, honestly you can only baby people so much, I was hopeless in sea trials, so I went and read a few sailing books and put 90 hours into it, and can now, i can hold my own, I don't see why we need to 'help' people who aren't commit to this game, surely the 'hardcore' players (basically the ones who know, and can look for the information) should be the ones we try to help? not the people who will come on for 20 hours then put the game on the shelf because they don't get a fight every 5 seconds. I completley see your point of view, and kindly disagree, like it has been said, other games have much harsher penalties and are popular, DayZ is a walking sim, I have spent more time walking around on that game then I have sailing on this one, just to be headshotted and die, if you start the game off to easy people will get used to it, and then when it gets hard they wil cry, because they are used to having it easy.
  29. 1 point
    Eve has high sec, IIRC. Add something like that, here, and most of my newb qualms with the death penalty go away. But, from my personal perspective, I don't want to see this game become a sometimes pvp, all the time shopping simulator. That said, if there are enough players who want that, i say more power to them. Maybe, GL could put up a hardcore server and a carebearish server (pvp but with minimal death penalty) and we'll see which one has the higher pop?
  30. 1 point
    This. If you want the game to grow more than 100-150 hardcore ppl with a lot of playtime who just rush through the content in the first few weeks, you can't just put in mechanics that kneecap new players making any kind of progress at a reasonable rate. Otherwise you're just gonna have 90% of ppl that just constantly run when they don't have the numbers advantage...but I understand, seal clubbing newer players is fun for some ppl, and how dare their victims roll around in anything more than a lynx for the next week after they lose a few battles in their only ship trying to learn the basics of pvp, while they try and get enough gold to buy another ship against guys who have been playing for months with hundreds of battles worth of experience in Sea Trials. I guess I just don't get the sadist tendencies on why some ppl want it so that losing at pvp a few times should incur permanent loss of ship...cause realism is fun if the mechanics make it so that you are always on the winning side maybe? Who cares about the losers, go back to COD or just deal with it? Do I have it right? It's really quite ironic, some of these people advocating for harsher death mechanics, I think some of them have quite short term memories. Because I remember just a short while ago before the last patch, some people were really adamant about not wanting the devs to take away their big shiny ships. I notice a stark contrast in some peoples' attitudes and opinions on these matters when the losses affect them more than others. You can say you want to test bigger ships, but I think some people are just trying to rationalize why they are afraid of losing their ships just as much as the ppl who run from pvp when they don't have the stacked odds in their favor.
  31. 1 point
    Very good point, I have also experienced this. I happened to be very damaged and used boarding as a last option to save my ship and very nearly sank because of the AI being able to fire broadsides while being boarded. May I add a crew being boarded are hardly going to be able to get back on the guns and start firing!
  32. 1 point
    Maybe when crafting is put in, only 1st and 2nd rates, could be made from a master shipbuilder with a lot of special materials and not just sold at any port. I dunno, I feel like there was already a thread on a similar topic a few weeks back.
  33. 1 point
    Last patch i would have agreed but with the grape being hard to use for someone just starting i would say capping a ship for a new player right now is far trickier than earning the gold to buy one. With the Yacht in stores now i would say save up the 2k for one of them as they are as good as the privateer except for low crew/capping numbers. If grape changes again to make it easier to cap, and i am not saying it is not ok as used correctly it is still effective, then privateers are fun
  34. 1 point
    Kang, stop making sense!
  35. 1 point
  36. 1 point
    LOVE TO HAVE IN GAME :- MAJOR:- PORT BATTLES - in some form to vie for control of a coastline or port. NICE TO HAVE AS A SIMPLE ADDITION TO CURRENT BUILD, Click on port names like we have click on fleet composition. To 'telescope' locations from afar.
  37. 1 point
    Ok - perhaps you're right. How about a giant waterspout to drag their vessel into the sky and smash it into a million pieces? Surely THAT wouldn't be considered OP?
  38. 1 point
    lets just say her gameplay was below the nivau of the rest in terms of quality
  39. 1 point
    This could be something the player community and factions do, rather than the game. -ObiQuiet
  40. 1 point
    You know what they need to do...are actual in-game polls that pop-up in the game client when you load into the game world. Star Conflict did it that way, and I felt it was the best way to get the largest amount of feedback. Hardly anyone will check a forum poll.
  41. 1 point
    I like them, they enable you to have some awesome fights PVE wise like all these. I feel they should be in, just optimized so not everyone gets hammered in PVP.
  42. 1 point
    One can list the different parts of a ship from building tutorials vids such as this one (from 50'' on) :
  43. 1 point
    Please make it so when the 20 second lag timer starts at the beginning of a battle, that our ship will not start taking water, regardless of the hull state. We can't even move or hit survival mode. I've had close battles that end with me taking water, then I die in the next battle before it starts because an NPC crossed over a shore to engage me. I had this happen to me like 2x last weekend.
  44. 1 point
    I think that is caused by one of the modules being from "before" a patch and the other from "after". So they made a change and that change wasn't applied to existing modules. - Atleast that is my theory for now (So Inigo has the "old - Extra fireproof coating" which was 20% and Dutchdutchery has the "New - Extra Fireproof coating" which is 12%.) And like other's have mentioned, it's hard to keep a 100% updated list;
  45. 1 point
    These were the experiments with the visuals that we decided to freeze temporarily until we finish working on other things. Haze we don't like too; and the sunny day should feel like a sunny day. It will be improved in the future.
  46. 1 point
    Вот оно как в этом году. Не успел уйти Седов, пришел Мир. Мир ушел, пришел Крузенштерн. Крузенштерн не успел уйти, вернулся Мир. Сейчас вот так в порту красиво. Дедушка Ленин, Мир, Крузенштерн.
  47. 1 point
    We're passing out of my realm of ability here. The next time it times out, please make sure to select "Send Crash Report" and hit "Play" when restarting the game. That will send any collected data to the Developers for review. It sounds to me like your communication is being disrupted by something though. I'd carefully look through your machine to see if there are any programs running that might affect network traffic.
  48. 1 point
    For the love of god, please change her name to Cherubim. "Frigate" is incredibly confusing in an open world full of various frigates.
  49. 1 point
    Hey Guys I have done a little video on the basics of manual sailing. By no means is it the official guide. Just some tips and tricks i have learned. Hope you enjoy
  50. 1 point
    Just a quick question about "Battles are instanced separately from the Open World Map" - does this mean what I think it does? That once a battle is imminent all the combatants are sucked out of the beautiful open world scenery and dumped back in the old circular arena with it's default backgrounds of islands etc.? If this is so (and I really hope it's not) it'll mean that the open world geography will become largely irrelevant to tactics. We won't, for example, be able to embay an opponent or drive them into shallow water during a fight. I'm sure I'm wrong but a little reassurance would be nice regards
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