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    Id rather have long travel times to traverse the world then catering to the casual crowd, Casual players dont have much time so be it but the hardcore poeple who want to sail the seas for hours on end and see sights, and events shouldnt suffer cause jimmy only has 2 hours of playtime, Jimmy will just have to be fine with coastel voyages and small exploration and the poeple who will be spending the most time should have the voyages they crave. An example of this is ARCHAGE the distance between each contenent was pitifull and you could explore the whole sea in under 3 hours! that should not be capable in this game i dont want to be hemmed in to a small map i want to explore i want to feel like a sailor would, im sorry but Casual players will need to suffice with coastol journeys and maybe on a day off explore the world. ALL IN ALL EXPLORING THE WORLD SHOULD NOT TAKE YOU 30 MINUTES IT SHOULD TAKE HOURS. thats what naval action has to include. If not then youll have 600-700 players totally haveing the map coverd, this would kill all traffic and make the world so small and easy to greif. but thats only my opinion
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    Just had an epic match Caught some screens Thanks to BBrown Prater Leviathan Stinger
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    Well she's finished. She was actually already almost done a few months ago but I kept beeing busy with school stuff so I couldn't quite finish her. Her is the final result: I've sent the project to the NA devs, hopefully they can use her. I'm wondering what ship to do now, I've found ok-ish plans for HMS King Fisher, a Merlin Class (14-gun sloop of war). I really like her lines and she has an interesting quirk: gunport-like holes for oars. Otherwise, I'm also inclined to create a plain Indiamen or other cargo-type vessel. Do any of you per chance have high res plans for this? Greetings Coen (In game name: Edward Harvey)
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    I would like a transatlantic voyage to take much longer than an hour. Most battles last 30-45 minutes, surely sailing from Boston to Portsmouth should take much longer than a battle. It often took 6 weeks or more to cross in real life and if crossing the Caribbean will take an hour as has been mentioned, a trip across the pond should be much, much more. 3 hours one way minimum. It should be a trip that a clan/guild plans for in advance. If I jump on one night and play for 3 hours and in that time I sail from Charleston to Gibraltar, back to Boston and then down to Cuba it's going to feel rather silly.
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    I completely agree with NorthernWolves and PowderMonkey as well as anyone else who wants those long travel times. I want to experience the voyage from start to finish. It makes it feel more like an accomplishment than anything else. I remember playing Pirates of the Caribbean from back in I believe 2003? Since renamed to Age of Sail, but I used to always want to make the journey without using that global map, but just having it there caused me to use it all the time, despite not actually wanting to. Kinda like that package of Oreos that seductively stares at you from the darkness of the pantry. Then before you know it, you've eaten the whole thing. But nevermind the oreos the point is, is that in the game industry it is IMPOSSIBLE to cater to everyone. No matter what the devs decide to do there is ALWAYS going to be a group that complains about it because it doesn't cater to them. How many times have we seen a large group of people bash on companies like EA and Ubisoft and what not because the game was "bad" while others loved it? Well that is a prime example of one group loving the game because it caters to THEIR tastes while it doesn't cater to the others. That's just how it is, so for people who don't want to, or don't have time to sail for long periods of time, it's just going to take you longer to get somewhere I guess. I love the idea of sailing for long periods of time, just like they had to back then. Even then our sailing time is STILL going to be compressed (it has to have some layer of compression). I loved the flight times in flight simulator X and I still love them, and THAT is real time (if you're man enough to fly in real time ). I love the idea of just sailing along and suddenly seeing other sails on the horizon. Depending on where I am at, heart rate may increase a bit, followed by a slight adrenaline rush as I look through my glass to examine the ship and find out what nation she belongs to, how big she is, how many guns she has etc, and figure out if I am in, or going to be in, any danger. Or the satisfying feeling after sailing for hours to stumble across the coastline of an undiscovered and unexplored piece of land, and make note of it on my charts (fake or real doesn't matter). A game like this HAS to have long sailing times. Either way they are going to take a small hit in way of popularity but not by much. Why not go with the idea that no one has done in a game like this. The only other games that exist that revolve around the age of sail have all implemented those ridiculous time compression or world maps that allow one to explore the entire ocean in less than an hour or so.
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    Lower gun ports on the big ships should be shut during these battles.
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    Dear Naval Action devs, Let me start by saying THANK YOU! I've always wanted a game like this. I love 18th century naval warfare and have always dreamt of a game with this theme. Now back to topic. A while ago I've started a personal modelling project involving a naval cutter. I just finished a 3d internship and wanted to put my new knowledge to the test. The ship is meant to be added to my porfolio: http://coenvancamp.folio24.com/ (shameless self-promotion, I know). But then I discovered your project and started thinking how amazing it would be if I could help you guys with some modelling work. Now you guys probably have a bunch of criteria and workflows concerning your 3D models which I'm unaware of. Plus you already even have a cutter (albeit a bit different). On top of that I'm still very new in modelling these types of objects. So i'd totally understand if you reject it for whatever reason. I don't want to step on anyone's toes. If, however, you are interested. Here is some info: I call her HMS Siobhán. She's based entirely on the HMS Cheerful (1806) and her plans. So I guess she's a fictional sistership? For whatever references couldn't find of the Cheerful plans, I used the book ''Anatomy Of The Ship - The Naval Cutter Alert 1777'' by Peter Goodwin. An excellent book. (I'm guessing you guys used it too). Along with some photo references of real ship models I found on the web. So my ship is probably not a 100% accurate. But that's why she's fictional, and I still think I got pretty close. Here are some W.I.P renders: http://puu.sh/ajvIu/bd07197507.png http://puu.sh/ajvJS/b4de6527e4.png http://puu.sh/ajvKd/981c01d434.png http://puu.sh/ajvQ6/2ec2ceff7e.png http://puu.sh/ajvQA/49c25f70f7.png http://puu.sh/ajvRc/b36233e4d7.png http://puu.sh/ajvTl/dfc73301c9.png Her rigging is still missing mostly (and I know that, without it, she's still far from finished). But after that I'm going to start unwrapping and texturing. I do have some questions to the modellers or anyone else here who knows: How exactly do you make the rigging? is all the ropework actual polygons or, in some cases, planes which will later get an alpha texture? And do you guys unwrap the model in a particular way? I can imagine for instance, that cannons get their own UV-map. greetings, Edward Harvey
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    Today i had an occurence where in a heavy storm in a PVE game me and my 2 squadron mates finished cleaning up 2 ships and now with one remaining we had to find it, trouble was with the heavy storm there is fog. At the time are allie was engaging the target and we couldnt see either of them or which direction they were from us, so we prompted him to shoot so we could find his muzzleflash this worked and we found them both, Signal flares should be used in the OPEN WORLD for reasons i will list in the following points and also what weather they would be usefull in. Pirates enagage a trade ship----> A signal flare such as red could be fired to alert everyone in the zone that you have been engaged by pirates and would be shown as a actual flare in game creating an immersion that would make the game more playable. Signaling to allies where you are ----> this could be used as a way to find allies AND show where ships are in heavy fog to eliminate rams. All in all haveing a global chat in game wont help poeple find you if your in trouble and a flare would be a point of reference that would be easy to use (hotkeyed) to allow realisim into a easy and proggramable feature, PLUS crafty cammanders instead of useing voice coms could use signal flares to operate there squadrons giveing the none voice com crowd the ability to organize and be as effective as voice comms (give or take a few seconds of reaction time) Thanks for veiwing!
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    The overall size could be huge as long players aren't forced to use all of it. So you have the option to sail for an hour if you want to, but you can still access the important content "locally" within 10-15 mins. There is also the ratio of players to sea to consider. This will be critical in an open world where avoiding battles may be a primary objective for some players (traders for example). If the map is so small you can't move without seeing a dozen other players everywhere you go then you may just as well have the battle rooms we have now and forget the economy. I think a system of popular shipping lanes with faster travel for those who want to take the common routes (and risk meeting high traffic) and then the option to go "off road" and sail the coastlines or take a slower free-roam would work well. These can either be a specific game mechanic or could be naturally created using open world wind patterns making certain lines between ports the most efficient way to get from A to B. If this were single player with time acceleration (think Silent Hunter series) then I'd love to see varying winds so you could be trapped in port waiting for wind and tide to be in your favour, but in a fixed time MMO it would be game breaking to log in for a couple of hours of play and not be able to sail anywhere! Open sea travel may seem like it will be tedious but it's going to be needed to create the chance encounters that will be the backbone of the combat game - if anything setting sail shouldn't be "point ship, go get a cup of tea" but should be the time when you have your heart in your mouth wondering who you're going to meet on the way? Can you take an obscure route that needs lots of sailing but avoids the crowds, or go in a straight line and risk it? Will they be friendly? Can you fool them with your false colours (please Devs, have a Captain's skill in masking your identity and a counter skill for recognising false ships, and don't ever show enemy names until a battle is begun). When you reach port safely should be the time to breathe a sigh of relief and put the kettle on
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    Looking forward to Damage model 4.0. Once we get into open world, defeat should be coming more from casualties, morale collapse and the inability to fire and sail, at least 5 to 1 over sinking. Ideally open world combat should be ending most often with de-masted hulks thats are full of casualties that will need a tow and a constant pump going to get them back to port, but not sink 100% of the time as is now. Sinking did happen of course, we all know that, but the majority of defeated ships in this period did not. Right now we have 100% of ships being defeated by sinking alone and that's fine for sea trials where the purpose is bug hunting and feedback. I really hope the final damage model will see a major shift to a bell curve that favors historical outcomes. A lot of questions are being asked about 'will losing a ship be permanent' and people are asking this imagining the full open world version will see 100% of defeats end in sinking like is now. If only 20% of defeats end in sinking, then this is less of a concern. Another effect of a lower sinking rate is this: If two frigates defeat one, far from port and the only way to capture it is to tow it back to port, knowing that his SoL friends could appear just over the horizon at any minute, this could create a situation where a ship is defeated, some captives and loot taken and then the victors sail off leaving the floating hulk. It's still a crushing defeat and should cost the loser a lot to repair in port, but the point is, a historically accurate results curve due to an accurate damage model, will see a small number of total losses of ships for players and have a huge effect on overall gameplay. Question to the devs: You mention ricochets (awesome), will this be just off the hull or will we be seeing some skipping off the sea as well?
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    Posted by ampaholic on Yesterday, 10:36 PM in General discussions regarding ammo types - I have spotted a bit of unrealistic behavior: IRL - When you have loaded a cannon (during a fight) the ONLY way to unload it is to "fire" it, the Captain prefers you fire it at the enemy. Unloading a black powder gun without firing it "is" possible - but would be reserved for very limited situations and at anchor - as when firing it would wake the Admiral! It's not safe to unload a cannon at sea except to fire it. --- In the Game when you change ammo the game takes the time to unload what you already have loaded - without it being fired - what? It SHOULD be that while you have chain loaded and you pick double ball - the game waits till you shoot the chain and THEN loads the double ball. We are missing an entire shot cycle
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    Remember, this is not a tutorial, but just a little compilation of the forum threads to help you make your 1st steps in the game. This topic was initially written for Sea Trials, so may contain some obsolete info, links or screenshots. I will resume working on this post soon... Before you make your order... - Create a Steam account if you don't have one already. Install Steam on your PC. The game is only available through it. - It wouldn't hurt to make sure your video card fully supports DirectX 11. Check it on your card's manufacturer site. Briefly – it should be higher then NVIDIA 400 or AMD 5000. A tip from Prater: Just because dxdiag says you have directx11 doesn't mean your card supports it. Dx11 can be installed on Windows even though the video card doesn't support it, so instead of checking dxdiag you need to check the manufacture specs on your card. This is mostly an issue with older cards, especially integrated chips (mostly concerns laptops). If you have an integrated chip, here is a list of Intel chips. Basically, in this list anything in the 7th generation should work with Naval Action. Those before the 7th will NOT and there is nothing that can be done about it except get a new computer or if you have a desktop computer get a video card. A list of AMD chips is here. You can also take a look at this forum thread. Purchase: The game is available on Steam. And register on the forum if you haven't already Installation and activation: Please see this thread for the detailed instructions. Login: Currently you can login only with your Steam account, but you can give name to your character and choose nationality. You can have only 1 character per Steam account. If you cannot login (getting Error message), please check here first. Welcome to the game! And there you are, at the capital of your nation. There is a chat screen on your low left corner. It has many cool options. Note the tags Global, your nation (Neutral on this screenshot) and Help. Mouse click there and type if you need an advice or just want to say hi to the world Click + if you're missing some tabs. You can also have a private chat with your friends, but first you need to find and add them to your friend-list. Then right-click on your friend's name in the list to see the options as shown below. Also if you right click on any player's name you'll see a menu which gives you a bunch of options. For example, use Copy if someone posted a web link you need. Note that Trade works only if you and your partner are at the same town. On the "town" menu, you can also buy or sell ships, equipment and other stuff, check your progress (xp), buy repair kits, upgrade your ship with various modules, install new cannons, move stuff from Hold to Warehouse, hire NPC to sail with you (for low rank players only), take missions (quests) etc. "Outpost" button lets you buy a slot and then open an outpost, which gives you a warehouse and 5 "docks" (slots) for ships. At the very beginning you only have an outpost at your capital. You can buy new outposts at other towns. Keep in mind that every outpost will be more expensive then the previous one you've bought. Right now you can also teleport to any one of your outposts, but it has 4 hours cooldown. Teleporting to outposts is possible from town (not at sea) and only for the character (no ship). Teleporting to the capital works from the sea and in that case includes your ship too. Note that cannons have Class and Caliber, those numbers on your equipment screen stand for Class. For example, [7-9] means you can install either long or medium cannons of class 9, 8 or 7, the caliber doesn't matter. Numbers after / are for carronades' class ([7-8] on my screenshot). Remember, you can buy any ship if you have enough money, but if your rank is too low - you will not be able to hire full crew. Less people you have - more time you need to reload cannons, turn yards etc. Here is the thread about ranks. And another one. (to be continued) Sailing: Ready? Hit Sail and you will see your ship in the open world. Now you're free to do anything you want. Look at the map (or hit M ingame) and travel, trade, find other players and go PvP, chase some NPC and fight (click on the ship to see what nation ant type she is. Currently you're ok to attack ships of any nation besides your own. And if you see that red line "Contraband goods found", you're ok to attack even NPC of your nation). If you attack any other ship of your nation you'll become a pirate (currently no way to "undo" it, so beware). All nations are at war right now, so you can only use ports of your own nation and neutrals. Use W, A, S, D to control your ship's speed and direction. To see your stats and to use repair at sea, click the stats button in your top left corner (it looks like 3 horizontal bars). Hit REPAIR and the game will use your repair kits if you have any and if you ship needs to be repaired. You can always buy more repair kits at any town. Missions: Currently the only "quest" you can do is "search and destroy". Click "missions" at any town, and you will be able to chose from the list. You can accept up to 3 missions at once (from the same town or different ones, it doesn't matter). Missions will give you some extra money and XP, on top of what you would earn from the regular battle vs NPC. Hit M to open your map and see your missions location (crossed swords symbol). Now you have to sail and found it at the sea. Sometimes it can be confusing if several symbols are close to each other. Yours will be slightly higher in the air. And if you click on it you would see "Admiralty Order. Event is too far" or this tab as you sail close enough: Battle sailing and chat: Chat window is in your low-left corner. First hit Enter, then type, then press Enter again to send. Hit Enter and then Tab if you need to switch from Team chat (blue) to All (white) and back. To see the main chat window (your national, clan etc) - hold CTRL and then click on the tiny "menu" symbol on the right of "Enter text..." frame. You can also see your speed here (it was 9.3 knots for me when I took this screenshot) and some stats of your ship. To change your speed use W and S, note how "Full" and 100% changes to "Half" and 50% and so on. Also you can hit B for "battle sails". T controls staysails. In case it doesn't work correctly, hit W or S to reset them. The other way to handle your speed and turning is to turn your yards manually. Hold Q or E for forward mast, Z or C for rear mast(s) and see how it all works. A and D turn your ship's rudder. Double tap A or D for permanent left of right rudder setting, tap once the opposite way from locked left or right and it will centre again. Hold A or D down to turn rudder temporarily. Let go and it will center again. F will turn on the Skipper Auto mode (will turn your yards to keep maximum speed for your ship... which is not what you always need ) Shooting: There are different shots that are used by your cannons (1,2,3 keys to pick). Balls are used to punch holes in a ship’s hull and to shoot down masts. Chain is for tearing holes in sails to slow down your enemy. Grape is effective against crew. In the middle of your screen you will see your cannons' status. Let's take a look. Right now I have 2 cannons loaded with balls on "back" of my ship and 9 on the right. My left cannons are still loading and cannot shoot yet. To enter aiming mode, right click when looking in the direction you want to fire. To fire - space-bar for a single ranging shot, or left mouse button to fire a whole broadside. To fire only one deck you can lock others by hitting F1, F2, F3, F4 (when in aiming mode). Another way is to fire "as is", without aiming mode - that would be [ and ] Note that you have 3 different fire modes controlled by V - random, rolling front and rolling back. Also R allows you to "lock sector". K is for mortar "mode" on Mortar Brig. SHIFT pulls up the scope. You can zoom in using mouse wheel. Remember, even if you loose the battle you receive experience points, based on your shooting. Damage and Repair: Here is the diagram located in the top left corner of your screen: 4 bars show your ships armor. If you look carefully you will see that they are surrounded by an outline of a ship, facing right. As you can see, my ship has badly damaged stern (a bar disappeared there) and took some other damage. Numbers indicate how many leaks I have above and below the waterline on each side. Red 1 below the line means 1 leak under the waterline. Also my pump is somewhat damaged (it is yellow. Red means "broken"). That means I'd better use repair (first you need to buy them at the town). Press 5 and select which part needs to be repaired. Also there is a Survival mode (8) used to pump out water from ship's hull (see your low-left corner), repair leaks and extinguish fire. Keep in mind that Survival mode slows down your other tasks (Gunnery mode (7) makes reloading faster, Sailing mode (6) adds a bit to your ship's speed and maneuverability). Here is the detailed explanation of how the crew "mods" work. Boarding: Let's capture that ship! Hit "9" and get your crew ready (note that it slows down your cannons reloading and other tasks). Read this BOARDING GUIDE for detailed explanation. Remember, both ships need to slow down (5kn or less). Look for "boarding possible" indicator and hit G. If you win, you can hit X and take command of the ship. No matter if you did it or did not hit X, when you leave the battle you'll need to choose what to do with your new ship (right click on it) - take command, send to your outpost or sink (admiralty doesn't work yet). If you send it to your outpost, you'll be able to sell it later when you arrive to that town. If you see some loot - drag it to your Hold. Crafting: Each player has "labor hours" which are used to craft materials (and ships). You receive 41 labor hours per real hour (984 lh per 24 real hours). It doesn't matter if you're online or offline. Maximal amount of your lh is 1000 + (20 x your craft level). You receive "crafting XP" when you craft materials and ships, and gradually level up, which allows you to build better quality (basic- common-fine-mastercraft-exceptional) or higher ranked ships and modules. Higher quality ships have more slots for modules, but the final amount of them varies and does NOT depend on a crafter (random). Also the crafter cannot choose the 2nd trim of the ship (currently speed or stiffness), it's a random too: Here is the explanation about trims and wood. To craft ships you first need to build a shipyard at a town where you already have an outpost (and upgrade the shipyard to lvl 2 or 3 for higher ranked ships). Also you need blueprints. At the beginning you have blueprints for Lynx and Traders Lynx. Other blueprints can be obtained when you craft ships or break them up (small chance). Some blueprints will be given to you automatically as you level up. You can buy blueprints from other players, but you need to be at a certain craft level to build a ship (lvl 13 for a basic snow, but lvl 15 for a fine snow for example). Here is the crafting path. You can also find it here. Note that the 2nd link provides a great tool for crafting calculation (many thanks to the author!) Currently top crafting level is 50. Clans: Currently you can create a clan, but it only gives you a tag and a "clan" chat window. More functionality will be added later. The clan leader can promote his clanmates to "Officers". Clan leader and officers are able to accept new members. Graphics, Sound, Controls and Social settings: Hit Esc and choose "options": Note that transparent sails option is a very helpful one for larger ships (for shooting from the deck). A tip from Samba_liten: if the water graphics freak out on you, simply change the graphics setting to low for water and you will be able to play. HERE IS A FULL KEYBOARD CONTROLS MAP thanks, Destraex! That's basically it. Set your sails and enjoy. Don't forget to report ingame or on the forum if you see any bug. Search the forum for some sailing video guides, here are some to start with:
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    Source : http://www.hmsrichmond.org/rnarticles.htm Furthermore, I recommend reading: Royal Navy & Marine Customs and Traditions
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    Thought I'd share: Even Chance: The Examination: The Dutchess and the Devil: The Frogs and the Lobsters: Mutiny: Retribution: Loyalty: Duty: I own the series, and though this is not my channel, I'd wager this would be a welcomed diversion for most. Enjoy.
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    Health bars in games shows what in real world is visible to the naked eye - wounds, damages. If character or vehicle model is graphically primitive, and may not reflect the damage, then some imitation way to provide information must exist. I hope that the ships model in NA will be even more enhanced in the future, and we will be able to determine condition of the opponent ship using only our eyes or a telescope.
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    Yeah yeah, ok, it's a game for me too and we have different tastes for what we like in games. I want more immersion and having the health bar kills my immersion, you like the health bar, that's ok, lets agree to disagree. This whole discussion is moot anyway because as far as I know what I suggest probably never will be in the game
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    Simple use manual sail control. I learn it from ramjb's I hope he doesn't mind when i link his video. George
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    you would think his heavy rear cannon would have been more than enough or even just one broadside on your way in.
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    I feel the speed of the game is pretty good, but I think time to kill is a little low. Reducing weapon damage, reload time, increasing armor, a little of each, there are many ways to remedy the situation, but I think an overall increase in the time it takes to sink a ship would be appropriate.
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    Easily solved: get in closer.
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    Both solved with "NO TELEPORTING" - if you want the money/promotion from escorting - JUST DO THE DANG ESCORTING! These trips aren't going to take weeks like in real life - that's enough "ode to convenience by the computer". "teleporting" the whole ship or just the captain? What do we call it - a "worm hole" - what if you hit the wrong worm hole and end up on Barrayar, where they never had sailing ships?
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    1 Таймер 2 Состояние модулей/пробоины: 3 Корабль союзника 4 Корабль врага 5 Состояние пушек: 6 Чат (Чтобы начать писать команде: Нажать на Enter--->менять режимы чата на TAB) 7 Статус корабля: 8 Скорость коробля (в узлах) 9 Состояние руля (его положение) 10 Кнопка: Репорта 11 Перезарядка орудий: 12 Кол-во ремонтов/режимы плаванья 13 Индекатор переключения режимов плаванья 14 Радар 15 Ваш корабль
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    I checked, and it's for manually controlling which direction your fore and aft sails are facing.
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    Ну первое, что приходит на ум: никаких сбросов карты
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    Not really sure what the right thread is for this... The listing when flooded is REALLY obnoxious. I was sailing the snow, and with 25-50% flooding (I often let the water get to this point for tactical reasons, before pumping), I was listing so much that combat was impossible. Again, these ships have no interior compartments. A flooding vessel isn't going to list decisively to one side, although it may start rolling a lot. If we must have listing in the game, then it should merely increase heel resulting from wind. I was sailing on a port tack, and should have been heeling to starboard. But instead I was listing to port, with my gun barrels staring right into the water. That's just wrong. And it made me helpless long before I actually sank.
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    My problem with the rudder was that the rudder behaved erratically, it didn't center at all but it tended to shift to one side or another for no reason at all. Sometimes the rudder worked just fine when I started the match, but soon afterwards it started to lean one way or another. After rebinding the "horizontal" axis to my HOTAS joystick rotary which actually existed, I could use the A and D keys just fine without this erratic behavior with the rudder. So yes, just rebinding the Horizontal axis to an analog switch which exists fixed the rudder problem for me and now I can use the A and D keys to turn my boat just fine. Edit: There are Horizontal +, Horizontal - and just Horizontal options in the key bindings. I re binded the Horizontal one to the rotary and didn't touch the horizontal + and horizontal - bindings which are binded to A and D - so A and D aren't "secondary bindings" in my config.
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    Oh the forums come further testing and eventually launch with balance arguments are going to be so, so, so fun
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    People with a lot of time will have an advantage anyway. It doesn't matter if they travel for 2 hours or for 10 minutes. Shortening travel time will make them repeat the same route mutliple times.
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    For those interested here's another set of model plans for the Rattlesnake. http://www.dlumberyard.com/Plans/rattlesnake.pdf
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    Paint job is just 2-3 clicks For stern gallery we need a good sculptor artist that we don't have right now. Old stern was taxing on performance. We decided that ship with no stern decorations ( temp) is better than no ship at all, cos we can always add this later.
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    Established shipping lanes could be used for fast travel over long distances to known and well travelled locations of the known world, but not possible for less explored areas. Aye?
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    In 1801, several days after the Battle of Algeciras Bay, two Spanish ships of the line exploded, killing near 1700 sailors. According to various sources, the fire that caused the explosions of both ships originated from heated shots fired by HMS Superb Yeah i guess it wasn't but maybe if it had like a long reload or some thing, It would be nice to broadside with dubble shot, turn so your front or back faces them and then send your carronades loaded with hot shot. Big Bada Boom
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    Adding to Sir Cunningham's comment. If added, masts and rigging should react accordingly. If wind speed is too great to fly so much canvass, prepare for some nastiness.
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    Lol, I know how you feel amp, I've done outside work my whole adult life, construction for 15 years, worked on oil and gas rigs in Wyoming for several years (not 35!) and was in the military. I've never had a job inside. Sometimes trying to explain to someone, anyone, why things 'just don't work like that', using your experiences as a reference, and their theory or idea tells them that it should, can be frustrating. I will never be convinced that it was practice, or even ever done once, with the enemy in sight, to pull a gun back in and change the shot type. It would just be shot. Army example: That sounds like an order a young Lt. would give Platoon Sergeant and the PL Sgt would simply laugh at, if he pressed the order the PL would tell him to come do it, the Lt. would run to the CO and he'd say FFS man that's a retarded order. Have you ever hunted black powder or hunted at all? When you are in the woods alone there is no one way you orient your weapon at all times. I've always carried my weapons muzzle down, whether hunting or in Iraq, but there will always be situations, crossing a creek, crossing a fence, going under a log ad infinitum, where your muzzle will point different directions. Double wadding is very useful and as he has shown there is reference for it being done.
  36. 1 point
    It would also be realistic to have a limit to the amount of "ordnance" you could carry - especially on smaller vessels, but on bigger vessels as well. Victory at Trafalger used: Counting the first broadside three times (it was treble shotted) that would be approximately 40 broadsides. That seems like a reasonable days work for such a war horse. It is also beyond the limit of supplies supplied by the Admiralty which was reported to be either 30 tonnes or 27 tonnes of shot depending on who you asked. Luckily the wealthier Captains often supplied 5 or even 8 extra tonnes of premium powder and ball - so Victory was able to comfortably do her days work at Trafalgar. I think ships should be limited to what they would reasonably carry in the way of ball and shot - it would cut down on the "peewpeewpeew" part of the game.
  37. 1 point
    Ghroznak...this is obviously YOUR perception of EvE which differs completely from mine. I, from a personal standpoint, would completely disagree with your views stated in the quotes above, you are completely 180 degrees out. IMO NA needs 1 single open world in which all players exist and operate. It will be possible to carry out whatever activity you desire with a level of rsik you desire. So for example, you manufacture cannon in Scotland and transport them to Plymouth for the use of the Royal Navy, That would be almost entirely without risk (but the key point here is "almost" entirely) akin to Hi Sec in EvE. Why would this be the case? Because the risk of interruption or retribution coming swiftly from local forces would be very high. Known pirates will be KOS and they simply would not risk (in the main) entering into those waters. Then you may wish to trade your cannon down to the Mediterranean...higher reward at Port Mahon for example. Longer joutney, more risk as the proximity and density of local, protective forces would be less. (EvE lo sec). Or you trade your cannon to the Caribbean, highest reward, highest risk. (Not quite the same as EvE null sec). So assuming you want to trade to any one of these 3 areas you have options, do it solo, speed and stealth and rely on your skill and the speed of your vessel to get away from any interception; do it in convoy with other traders, safety in numbers, armd merchantmen (East India Company style) or you hire an escort of privateeers, the Navy etc. The choice is yours. BUT, IMO, you should NEVER have the option of totally avoiding any possibility of PvP. Oh and btw the devs have already suggested very strongly that the convoy/escort option will be available with the possibility of random appearance of friendly vessels from just over the horizon.....a further deterrent to the pirates..... Mostly the way things seem to be shaping up is that there will be many serious disincentives to pirates and as a result PvP will be mostly limited to conflict between nations and their respective fleets and privateers. EvE is a very good model for an open world game but it needs adjustment to fit the scenario. If EvE were as poor as you say then it would surely not be the highly successful behemoth of an MMO it is today.
  38. 1 point
    regarding ammo types - I have spotted a bit of unrealistic behavior: When you have loaded a cannon (during a fight) the ONLY way to unload it is to "fire" it, the Captain prefers you fire it at the enemy. Unloading a black powder gun without firing it "is" possible - but would be reserved for very limited situations and at anchor - as when firing it would wake the Admiral! It's not safe to unload a cannon at sea except to fire it. --- In the Game when you change ammo the game takes the time to unload what you already have loaded - without it being fired - what? It SHOULD be that while you have chain loaded and you pick double ball - the game waits till you shoot the chain and THEN loads the double ball. We are missing an entire shot cycle
  39. 1 point
    Edward, that sounds like Start Trek Online. The problem with STO (even though I like it, but don't play it anymore) is that there is not really a penalty for getting your ship destroyed. There are a few damages to your ship that you can repair but you can just keep respawning in your ship and start back from where you left off like it was nothing that your ship got blown up. That gets boring and unimmersive really fast. I thought Two Worlds was cool when it came out until I died and I just respawned. However, what happens if a user pays for a ship with real life money, should they always have it if ships are gone if they are sunk? So those of us who pre-ordered the game, should we always have the yacht or should it be that it is just unlocked for us and we still have to pay for it with in game money or reputation? That is something that has to be considered if ships are gone if they are sunk or captured. And what happens if a person captures a ship that they have not unlocked? Say someone didn't preorder the game or they haven't bought an exclusive ship, what happens if they capture it? Does it get turned back into the admiralty and they are compensated monetarily and with reputation? What happens if said person is a pirate and doesn't have an admiralty board to turn the ship into? As for upgrades to the ship, I am all for those, but they should be destroyed if the ship is sunk. There has to be a set back for defeat otherwise victory means nothing and the game gets boring real fast. How many people are in sea trials? And how many are currently playing the game? In the North America time zone, there is barely anyone on at night. Is it because there isn't a proper risk and reward system set up currently? Just my thoughts.
  40. 1 point
    Well, me and my merchant ship will be helping my society's economy to acquire and maintain as many SoL's as possible, hopefully meaning that captains themselves won't have to pay for them out of their own pockets. I still think SoL's should become a costly endeavor, perhaps in the area of needing lots of maintenance.
  41. 1 point
    I hope they add a turn-based campaign map rather than just a single battle. Can you imagine a campaign map from Empire TW or Napoleon TW but with Ultimate General Gettysburg battles ? A game of the year that's for sure!
  42. 1 point
    No, it's not really accurate but is a mechanic that allows for more promotions to happen. If the rule is having a fixed ammount of SOLs per fleet then those who command one should have a way of losing his command so someone else can go up the ranks. Later on also I mention that if you lose your SOL while following admiralty orders and you lost your ship in order to fullfit them, you shouldn't lose the rank you usually would, and you'd get to be given another similar rate SOL command (and maybe even a good note in your service records to hasten your promotion to the next rank if you really did a good job in following the orders even while losing the ship) instead of being dropped one rate. Keeps the command rotation system in place but doesn't penalize you if you get admiralty orders that you need to follow with your big ship. In fact it might happen that you did lose your ship, but you get a new one of the same rate, and a huge boost in your race to command a bigger ship, if you really did fight hard and well to fullfit what you were ordered by the Navy. But ofc if you lose your ship while not doing something for the admiralty, or if you lost it while in a mission but you didn't follow your orders or your performance was subpar, then you get the demotion and given the command of a lower rate SOL instead.It's all about proper gameplay and adequate roleplay in the end. The promotion system I suggest is also not really accurate, IRL seniority was the first and foremost parameter for a promotion. You really had to have some serious crap in your service record, or some strong political rivalries within the admiralty not to be promoted by seniority. Service record ofc was considered, but was 2nd to seniority. What I propose is the opposite. Seniority to have an influx, but service record being the most important thing for promotions. Not hugely realistic but encourages good gameplay and roleplaying, makes the race to command a SOL much more interesting (you REALLY want to be in the top of that list for the next open command of that 1st rate, right?), and in the meantime seniority is still considered as important enough, so not that great players will still get the chance to command a SOL in due time. As for concerns raised about "people wanting to play the engame, because they're used to World of Tanks", I'll state what I've stated elsewhere: all very nice and reasonable from that standpoint. Mine is that players who want World of Tanks playstyle and game mechanics should stay there, while this game is built as something different for those who look for something different. I for one want a game where reaching endgame can only be accomplished by playing well and taking care of getting a hang on the proper tactics and mechanics of the game, not by playing 15.000 team deathmatch games and getting a tier 10 by default no matter you don't even know how to aim your gun. WoT fans will have WoT and soon WoWarships to fullfit their fast paced gamestyle preferences, including the guaranteed access to endgame ships even for the pretty numerous "I want a tier 10 even if I am a derp and lose 70% of my games because I'm too lazy to learn" crowd. In other words: they'll already have the gameplay they're looking for elsewhere. Keep this game different for the people who look for something different. Which might not be as numerous as the legions of Wargaming players, but we are both much more loyal and ready to back a game of this quality that (finally) meets our preferences instead of the "WoT crowd" ones. I'd also add that I don't have anything against players who look for that style of play. It's perfectly respectable; but there are already enough games with dumbed down mechanisms and immersion to suit for the people who want to play something "casual" styled and that doesn't require actual effort to do well in, or to reach the highest ranks. There's a very large crowd who look for somethign different, and we also deserve a game to suit what we look for in a game. Let this game be it. don't turn it into yet another game with dumbed down mechanics because of the players who simply shouldn't have been bothered with it in the first place. Don't turn it into POTBS2. In any case my suggestion is for the open world only. In battle mode, sail whatever ship you want .
  43. 1 point
    I am with Baggy to a degree. I am also NOT completely against the idea of a finite length of a battle, I completely get the whole "life pressures" thing, I have them too, but by the same token anyone who wants a battle timer that caps out at 30 minutes needs to play another game IMO, this is NOT (I hope!) going to be WoT at Sea. I can well imagine many battles taking 20 - 40 minutes max and reaching a natural conclusion in that time, but I REALLY DO NOT want a timer at anything less than say 90 minutes. Part of the glory of this game to me is going to be in the "cat and mouse" of the battle, trying to outmanouever the enemy and particularly in a smaller v larger ship situation achieve my unlikely victory, but it WILL take time. This is not meant to be an arcade style game. What I also do not get is that some of you arguing for short finite battle time limits are the very people elsewhere wanting no "warp" across the vast emptiness of the great oceans and will happily spend 7 days or more in Real Time crossing the Atlantic. Talk about confused?!?!?!?!? The idea of the Stop Battle button if agreed by all I can fully support. Or the "Flee" option. Or any other form of "I quit" mechanism, which should allow those whose time is short to decline getting drawn into the longer battles, but PLEASE don't turn this into an arcade game for all of us...
  44. 1 point
    I'm honestly struggling to see how or why the UI makes any difference to the lengths of battles (something we all seem to agree on). "I guarantee it" hasn't convinced me, though I don't disagree necessarily. Can anyone provide any more info? My main objection to healthbars is purely aesthetic, nothing to do with realism or historical accuracy or making the game hardcore. Again, it's not that I don't want the information, I just would rather have it presented in a way that is a little more involved and immersive than having stats and ppercentages shown so blatantly all the time. I agree with AKP that new players may not understand the significance of some damage visuals - though is that any different to any new player of any game? - but I don't see how they'd fail to learn. I work at sea, gaming a couple weeks a year in a very casual manner. All my suggestions come not from wanting a hard-core realism sim of a game, but from trying to convey some of what makes the sailing of these amazing vessels so special in the real world. Part of that is employing all available senses, experience and intuition for information, rather than relying on data sheets and figures. Can't understand why the more vocal, though not more numerous going by the poll, members of the community aren't more interested in exploring options other than conventional health bars. As it happens, despite or because of c.20hrs flying time logged (not a lot I know, and mostly as a cadet a few years back now) I've flown icons off on pc games. For me a good measure of immersion and 'realism' comes from learning how things are presented in game and learning how to respond accordingly. The ShackTac approach to realism Baggy Ps. Claims that the workload of a gamer is higher than a captain of a fighting vessel in action are properly hilarious
  45. 1 point
    that will make them a nation. a hostile nation.
  46. 1 point
    2. You pay for as many as you want up to 24. 5 attackers will be countered by 5 escorts.. of the similar class +/- 1 level. 2a. Its a Navy order and you are a captain of the Navy. There is a risk of course. You might face insurmountable odds and lose. But you will fulfill the order from your superiors.. that's more important. Executing orders from higher rank NPC or Players is the only way to get better ranks in the Navy. 3. Pirates are criminals who attack shipping without the letter of marque. We provide all the tools to experience "A pirate life for me". Pirates are not a nation. Pirates are KOS for everyone so banding up will not be reasonable because they will most likely attack each other. 4. Depends on the population. You can always decline the invite. At the alpha it wont matter.
  47. 1 point
    I just hope this game doesn't fall into the trap pit of online games as POTBS where carebears being frightened about PVP induced a horrible system where the only viable way to PVP was ganking...or ganking (for anyone who tried it - yes, those "red circles" were just artificial and pretty stupid, and were the main source of ganking. As PVP areas were so restricted, too many players flocked to them. So if you wanted to be a lone privateer or pirate, you were pretty much screwed). I think EVE online had a good system to tackle with this kind of issue. A "core" zone where messing with non-flagged (for any reason) players would mean a huge police force falling on top of the agressor in seconds. And the low sec space and 0.0 zones where, literally, everything goes. You want to be a carebear - stay in the safe zone, do your quest, smoke your cigarrettes while you travel from safe port to safe port to do a bit of profit, and live that life. But pluck your nose in low sec areas, you're open for attack by anyone, wether you're flagged or not. Of course, risk/rewards should say that a trade run into unprotected space should give a mass benefit to make it profitable and worth the risk. Which areas would be secure?. in an open world map,an area around the most important trade hubs and (if included) an area around the metropoli. Zones you'd expect to be reasonably protected by the national navies and privateers. Rest of the sea should be open for PVP at will. Of course I'm expecting that if you just want to pirate your soul out you won't have a long life (no real life pirate had one, except maybe for Morgan, but that was more of a privateer than a real pirate) as every nation will want your head. And if you're sailing under a national flag, you can only attack ships of your nation's current enemies, and that only if you have a letter of marque against the nation the ship you want to attack is...lest when you come back at port you are hanged for piracy (Capt. Kidd anyone?). I'm perfectly fine with areas which are "safe haven" for people who just want to carebear. But do it like EVE: make the "safe" areas a relatively minor area. That works and with the proper mechanics can even be immersive and a good representation of history. But don't do it like POTBS, where 95% of the map was safe unless you voluntarily flagged yourself, because if the PVP areas are small, all you'll have is totally crappy gameplay where ganking is almost the only way to have any kind of success.
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    Вот и славно. Наконец-то в наших рядах борцов за фан и геймплей пополнение. А то от этих реалистов никакого спасения
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    I think there will be a part of players who like to roleplay like in any mmo, this feature will suit them great
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    if you insist we can rephrase)). You won't be fighting animals. We will let somebody else to develop the Moby Dick simulator.
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