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    Yes, except consumption of foodstuffs should also be a function of the number of crew. The Navy Yacht will not consume as much per 100 miles as a First Rate, for example, so while it has a far smaller cargo hold, it's not a 1/1 ratio of amount of supplies consumed over time. Approaching the problem in this manner also allows you to pay an extra price if you, say, packed an extra bunch of men on your ship to aid in carrying a boarding action, similarly, you could stretch your range by carrying fewer crew, with all the associated efficiency degradation. I'd also like to see supply consumption as a function of time instead of distance. My crew eats relatively the same going 9 knots as they do sitting still. Edit: One more thought - why the separate cargo space for food and loot? Let me put supplies over the side if I want to pack in some loot, and vice versa. Cargo space is cargo space - what I do with it is my business.
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    Something to remember for ship cargo capacity is that a boat that's twice as long will likely have 4-6 times as much cargo capacity. The beam, draft and freeboard height all increase somewhat proportionally with the length. Obviously, guns, ammo, and related supplies eat in to the cargo capacity greatly. Additionally, I'd imagine for actual cargo capacity that we'd use as close to historical tonnage as possible for each class of ship, and not use a generic 'frigate has X cargo capacity, regardless of design' calculation.
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    I really hope they can implement an economy and supply/consume system as realistically as possible. Without making it a tedious micro-sim of course. Based off a load of supplies taken on by a 10,000 man squadron under the command of Rear-Admiral Jame Whitshed in November 1799, I came up with the chart below, rounding for brevity, I worked out the following for lbs of supplies for 100 men for 7 days. (the liquids have been converted from gallons to lbs here too). Supplies lbs per 7 days for 100 souls Wine 580 Spirits 580 Beer 5800 Beef, Flour, Suet 250 Pork 300 Peas 150 Oatmeal 200 Molasses 200 Butter 300 Cheese 150 Bread 500 Water 700 Total 9710 (The list said “sugar and rice included in butter and cheese”) Comparing the results to a list I found for the US Navy from 1818 matched up pretty close, if we take pork for example, it was listed as 3 lbs a week, while the British number was 2.8lbs, it's virtually identical. The paragraph in the image here had no time line attributed to it, it was just what the Temeraire 'would take on board'.
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    Me and Pappnase vs Chilly and Levi
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    For me of course there is only one nation... and thats His Majesty's Royal Navy, Great Britain.
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    Hi i found nice lecture about this shipwreck and many othere usefull info! There are some plans of ships inside as well. Enjoy: http://www.academia.edu/2323059/The_Shipwreck_General_Carleton_1785_Wrak_statku_General_Carleton_1785_Badania_Archeologiczne_Centralnego_Muzeum_Morskiego_t._I_Gda%C5%84sk_editor_2008
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    I see that some have gotten rather vociforious about this subject. A lot of us are going to sail like morons untill we find out how to best work our ships. We'll all be noobs, except maybe the testers. I intend to practice a lot and get good at handling and fighting my ships and one can't learn to fight without taking a shot to the nerts once or twice. We either need an honor ststem that the victor will accept a surender and allow the defeated to limp away and repair, or an easier way to get another ship. If this is a play to destroy atmosphere, where if you loose, weather it be a stupid mistake or not being able to get away from an overwhealming force, and a player will have a lot of difficulty getting another ship, players will become non-players It will be, "Why in the Frak did I buy this game to be sitting on the beach or sailing a rowboat with only one oar. To hell with it!" I feel that the joy of this game should be in the combat, or exploring, or running a business to provision ships. If we wanted to stick strictly to the reality, and a captain lost a ship, he would either be dead or most likely out of a job. That wouldn't be fun. I want to sail against real minds behind the keyboard on the other end, but if you need to keep wasting time making money to get a new ship, it aint much fun. I'd rather sail against NPC's if that is the case. The only thing I have to compare this game with is POTBS, since that one turned me off to other MMO's, mostly for the reasons that I mentioned above. I just wanted to sail and fight against other people. It didn't turn out that way. In the end I got enough money to buy ships that I could afford to loose and I did PVP some, and I did enjoy it win or loose. Before I had lots of hard earned money I was afraid of loosing my ship and when I did it was devestating and I stayed out of the PVP zones. You shouldn't have to do that. To get better, you have to fight and you have to loose. If you can't afford to loose a ship, you don't fight. If a player does not want to learn how to sail and fight, thats his problem, an easy victory for the rest of us. But if one wants to enjoy the game, and learn to win once in a while, ship loss shouldn't be prohibitive. I intend to try stupid things. I intend to try and do daring things. I intend to get as good as I can get. Ya can't do that if ya got to spend 90% of the time trying to make money.
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    Being an old U.S. Marine, I have to go with the good Ole U S of A. Second choice, Britian. Got English in me. Last choice France, I got English in me. That last choice is after taking a shotgun to my computer.
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    Let us pray. OH Lord. Thou most magnificant and cool father Please bless us, your servants who want to sail We beeseech thee to indeed let us sail on pixilated waters And trial the pixilated ships on those pixilated waters And we humbly beseech thee to make thine devs type with holy speed To release the next patch And let us do the sea trials. We ask these things in thy awesome name Naamen oh help the poor and sick and such too. If this offends, I appologize. All in good fun
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    24-28 gun ships : L'Aurore - Frégate Légère - 1697 : 44 guns (20x18pdr + 24x8pdr) La Belle-Poule - Frégate - 1765: 34 guns (24x12pdr + 10x6pdr) La Renommée - Frégate de 8 - 1744 : 30 guns (26x8pdr + 4x4pdr) La Vénus - Frégate de 18 - 1782 : 38 guns (26x18pdr + 12x6pdr) merchant ship : Le Mercure - Navire Marchand - 1730
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    If Swedish ships are of interest we have the ships af Chapman drew in the end of the 18th century. They were known internationally to be some of the best ships in the world. Drawings by Af Chapman can be found on this link: http://covax.bth.se/chapmanprojekt/index.html Number 31 and 32 shows both the exterior and interor of a frigate, for example. One example of a ship he built is Venus, that was later captured by the russians. Here are some links to drawings and information. http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=7976 http://www.bruzelius.info/Nautica/Ships/War/SE/Venus(1783).html http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/ae/Swedish_frigate_Venus_(1783)-schematics.jpg
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    How does one explore inland water ways? We need Long Boats to explore them Here is my suggestion ( however dependable longboat crew is hard to find) Edited Victory cannon test done
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    well i like the idea of needed supplies sinc ein potbs makesome is is barly profit. but here it will be very usefull to controll plantages and farms since you might require food during a blockade
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    Well, now we know it will be released Thursday
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    well they are taking very long compared to when the Lynx Consti patch came after bellona/surpise patch. you can trust us when we say its a good sign. it will be totally worth it
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    Не успев вернутся нас покинул еще на 2 недели товарищь Edward_Elric за обсуждения действий админов, и вообще некультурное поведение.
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    maybe maybe not maybe i can get some footage with chilly and co this weekend
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    Well, I guess first and foremost, because that is the game they are developing and that we are testing and most of us are looking for.http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1647-open-world-prototype-ports-suggestions/ From your posts that I have read it sounds like there is not much that you do like about the game, although forgive me if I am wrong, I may have missed that. This is not the game where your wish to have a scantly clad all female crew will be realized. Nor will you be able to reinvent history with some adolescent caracatrure of fantasy nations. You don't like fat old guys in uniforms? Again, this is not the game for you. If you want a game that will be as realistic as possible within the confines of also keeping it enjoyable, then this may be for you. You have viable suggestions keeping in mind the structure and information that the Dev's have put out? Again this may be for you. Posting threads and comments not even directionally close to that put in doubt the veracity of your comments and intentions. Based upon your posts it really does not seem that you are in the right forum. As Johny Reb noted in another post it sounds like you are looking for that non-existent Age of Sail Eve game to be developed. Sounds cool, I'd try it out. In the mean time all of the people who have put in tons of hours testing and giving feedback and suggestions to the Dev's based upon the information that they are providing to us will continue to do so. Regards.
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    1) Open world will continue eating most resources for a while. Crew will come at a later stage.. Unless this game is an instant hit and we can increase the team a lot. 2) Crew is a beautification feature - not a gameplay feature. If gameplay sucks - no crew will help it.
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    The message shall be the signal of everyone's life becoming nothing but Naval Action. My wife is going to threaten to divorce me again I'm almost positive of it!
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    In Potbs i could level up to max in 3 days (through leogane chain). Having the game on steam solves this problem partially if i am not mistaken you cannot have 2 steam clients running. But if someone decides to really spend time to level up and spy you cant avoid it, unlike POTBS you can actually kill him in our game.
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    Пришла наконец-то неделю назад заказанная Seamanship in the age of sail Счастлив
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