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    After a few perma frozen battles of UGG, I just need to went out... and I prefer to do that in a constructive way. So, I'll list my pet peeves and I'd be interested in reading some of yours. 1) Units routing THROUGH my units. That gives a whole new meaning to the definition of retreat. 2) Invincible general running all over the place as soon as any enemy gets closer than a mile from it (not even in enemy's shooting distance). Grow some balls son, would be of great use when commanding an army. Or during the afterparty. 3) Artillery running all over the place as soon as any enemy gets closer than a mile from it. I do understand people lacked education during those times, but surely they could think why the hell they're carrying those canisters all over the battlefield. 4) Artillery obstructed by a thin line of trees. Stand around doing nothing please instead of taking two steps forward. 5) 2000 man unit attacking 100 videttes and killing 5-10 in a straight volley. Those horses must be Pegasi or something.
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    Obviously during this period for the Royal Navy it was the Blue, White and Red ensigns that denoted the rank of the Squadrons command. I would also like to see not only the ensign but also the command flag for the Admiral if that could be a possibility. The command flag would fly from the main topmast. For the Royal navy the flags for a Rear Admiral was a St Georges Cross with a dot in the upper and lower left corner. The Vice Admiral had a St Georges Cross with one dot in the upper left corner and an Admiral had a St Georges Cross. The Admiral of the Fleet (Admiral of the Red) would fly a Union Jack from the main top. As shown on Howe's flagship at 'The Glorious First of June' (below). I would love to see them incorporated in the game.
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    To agree with Zelekendel, 1. I can't stand it when I have one or two brigades refuse to fire during the whole battle, unless given a specific target. So I have to micro manage those two brigades (as in manually ordering each and every volley) for the whole battle or pull them off the line. Annoying bug. No, its not caused by clumping my brigades or terrain, it happens on almost every day 2/3 battle on either side, more often the confederates. 2. When a brigade of over a 1000 fires a volley at an artillery battery and they hit nothing. NOTHING! C'mon!
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    After Empire Total war and Napolean Total War came out I like most was excited for the games newest feature of naval sail era battles but like some might have notice a bit on the lag issue with historical battles or any battles with 8 ships or more became unbearable to continue in hopes. I am so glad a game like this is coming out soon unlike games nowadays seem to either be block building or graphics i had in game when i was six (1995). Im not joking latly the big name brand games been making crap talking about historical accuracies and game experience and were let down ( games differ between people and choice of games they play) I personally like the historical based games and when they like this add in 3d and realistic sounds and textures i can easily picture myself as lord nelson seasick on his own ship in the battle of the nile. I run a gaming community mostly playing Arma2 and Arma3 and many of my youtube followers and community members eagerly wait for this games expedient release
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    um i guess the buget for some nice footage like from the War Thunder reportage will be more costly since you would travel across half the globe tog et to one remaining ship of that time. but we plan to have alot of tutorials ready for early acces
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    Flibustier сообщил, что является владыкой морской территории от Белл-Айла до Кайены! Один упущенный Вами немаловажный фактор - Стоимость месяца игры в WoW только на территории РФ составляет 359 рублей - всегда (самая дешёвая на планете). Стоимость игры WoT - 0 рублей. Количество людей играющих на пиратских серверах WoW никто не считает. Если WoW перейдет на F2P - 100 миллионов школьников сразу смоют Азерот ))
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    ну конечно же.. мы уже говорили, что если багов нет - смело выкладывайте. можно даже монетизировать (там как то говорят на них можно зарабатывать)
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    Я, может быть, сделаю для Вас открытие, но есть категория людей, которая страшна далека от PvP. Им интересно мирно делать квесты, фармить непись, никого не трогать и главное, чтобы их не трогали. И таких людей не очень мало. И для них, поверьте, в приоритете будут именно интересные квесты и исследование мира. что касается "wot" - уже стопятьсот раз говорилось, что для любителей этого продукта будет сессионный режим игры, в нём хоть обстреляйся. останавливаться на этом контр-страйке с парусами - глупо так как примитивно, а соответственно скучно. популярность wot именно в примитивизме, особо извилины напрягать не надо, у кого рефлексы лучше развиты, тот и молодец. те, кому это неинтересно будут ждать и надеяться на "глобалку". насчёт "государств и кланов" причём здесь "сетевая игра" приведу только один пример - PotBS - много всяких кланов, но рубаху рвали "сражались,изобретали,творили изысканное на поле брани" именно за государство - вот Вам и "дух, атмосфера, реализм" и на одном эгоизме выиграть было невозможно.
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    and he cannot lie, you other brothers cant deny, when a ship sails in with an itty bitty beam and three big masts in your face, you get...
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    Its actually super easy to win as the rebels. They don't wear down until you run their moral to 0% and then rebuild it quick.
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    Agreed on the previous issues. My pet peeve simply finding out that a brigade has not been firing, but being under constant enemy fire themselves. Even if the enemy is in range - for some reason my brigades simply will not fire until I give them a command to "advance a bit" - once I give them any command, they unfreeze and shoot. Seriously, it needs to stop. I can understand it if the enemy is on higher ground and the brigade is out of range - even still it shouln't just sit a and be volleyed without either advancing a bit to reciprocate or retreating out of range (a toggle for this behaviour perhaps?)
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    found an intresting site on ocean maps http://map.openseamap.org/
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    They drank ti'punch without syrup I liked the mix between historical pirates and the Treasure Island prequel. From Markus Rediker, Villains of All Nations:
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