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    Hello Captains We are undergoing finalization of the last couple of patches and notices and are doing the stress testing of the game infrastructure to support a smooth launch of the game. This means that release day is going to happen in June 2019 within 30 days from today. This all will not happen without you. Thank you each and everyone for support, positive feedback and criticism that is making the game better and better every day. More information will follow.
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    Hello Captains War server (pvp) will be stopped tomorrow - Tuesday 11th of June somewhere after maintenance for the installation of the release patch and pre-release testing (additional infrastructure and instances added to support the release) Peace server (pve) will continue normally until the launch. Launch window is set for Thursday 13th of June to Friday 14th of June (but if we are able to test everything properly we might release on wednesday evening (kiev time). Other events that happened on the 13-14th of June Edict of Milan Munich was founded Battle of Naseby Raid on Medway Declaration of California republic Creation of the United states continental army Star and stripes flag adopted First Oxford Regatta Battle of Villers Bocage First monkey rides a V-2 rocket into space Some famous people were born on the 13-14th of June: including Skarsgard, Alzheimer, Che Guevara and Donald Trump Summary Launch between 13th or 14th War Server - will be down from 11th until 13th or 14th of June Peace Server - will be down on 13th of June for long maintenance
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    Captains Here is the final information on the player accounts on the launch of the game. Estimated launch week - 10-14th June War server: Full reset: Everyone starts fresh from clean slate. Only clan lists will remain intact. Tutorial progress will be reset Peace server Partial reset: Rank, Crafting rank, Knoweldge slots and knowledge books will remain Everything else will be wiped, and tutorial progress will be reset. Compensation ships for latest server problems will be added on launch as a timed redeem Names are going to be kept on both servers. You will start the game with a character you had before launch, on war server he/she will have nothing, on peace server he/she will have xp, crafting xp, slots and books. Clan affiliation will remain as it was before the launch.
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    Captains! Naval action has been launched from Early Access. This game has been in early access since early 1716. This long time was spent on perfecting the combat model and sailing simulation; which many claim is the best in the world. Other experiments, some successful, some not so much, have been done. No game has come close to the replication of the Age of Sail sailing mechanics and combat. Thank you all for your feedback, bug reports and constructive criticism - you helped to make the game better. In the next 2 weeks we plan to stabilize the build, provide final updates for localization (including the steam page) and publish the roadmap for 2019. Thank you again. ps. No more wipes or resets! Release fixes Clan allies friend list now allows search Obusier and Congrieve Guns now have unique 3d models Port bonuses and costs rebalanced Trader ships now have 5 slots just like the combat ships Knowledge XP slots rebalanced (and were generally slightly lowered) All books and upgrades bonuses were rebalanced and slightly lowered Free camera buttons now can be reassigned (for the AZERTY Keyboards) Fixed the ignore list in instances Other localization fixes were applied
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    Captains Patch 32 will be deployed today. Monday 20th May. Warning: 2 New ranks and updated crew requirements might affect your ability to sail the ships you sailed before, and recently reached that rank. Contents include Added the ability to destroy the investments made by the alliance of clans (available only to the clan alliance leader) Added Elite NPCs that occasionally appear on the map - The flagship of the elite fleet often drop elite ship notes comparable to ships crafted in fully invested ports (their loot tables will be expanded over time to have additional interesting things to be captured) this means you can get notes for 1st rates as well, provided you kill them Assists now counts for PVP Hunt missions Changed successful port defense cool down and attack cool down to 2 days. (previously defense cool down was 1 day and attack was 2 days) Added ship paint preview button that can show you how your ship will look like, if you have the same ship selected in port 2 New ranks added (Vice admiral and Admiral) Crew requirements re-balanced (XP thresholds are not final) and some ranks have their crew limits increased or decreased Here are the changes on the high level leadership limits Commodore - 700 Rear Admiral - 900 Vice Admiral - 1200 Admiral - 1500 Thresholds for new ranks are not final and might be updated once more before release, as additional rank of Admiral of the Fleet might be introduced, but we have not made this decision yet. Changed the hostility missions point attribution. Any kills for attacker only count to the mission taker clan (clan attacking the port). Any kills on the defensive side only counts to the port owner. Significant nerfs to mortar brig perks, accuracy and reload time were applied. Additional changes will be done by the next patch. Bugs Fixed bugs with the port investment features Fixed bugs that allowed you to sail with incomplete gun deck Fixed Hold optimization in instance Fixed names for forts and towers in the commander tablet (in case umlauts are present) Fixed the bug when forts and towers shoot your allies in instance Fixed the invisible walls that stop players to sail to north or east to places without any chance to return Whats next. Finalization of translation for all new features Final update on upgrades, port bonuses, limits to investments Final update on battle and kill XP based on final damage model Final update on economy and battle rewards and loot tables Stabilization of the release candidate and launch Hotfix 21 May Pirate ranks updated List of final ranks Thief Rascal Scoundrel Rogue Mutineer Rover Brigand Plunderer Raider Scourge Terror Curse NPC ships no longer can be sank by circles of death in patrols (closing a potential exploit loophole) Additional port investments bugs fixed Several UI bugs fixed Hotfix 29th May Patch is being deployed today 29th May Changes XP and real bonuses updated. Rewards for sinking enemy ships in reals increased. Granted XP (damage, crew and kill xp) and reals reward is now influenced more by the battle rating difference. If you sink cutters in a first rate you will get minimal rewards. If you sink ships of higher BR your rewards will become higher (up to 2x more) Example (numbers are for illustration purposes) Sink first rate in a first rate - you will get 1500 xp and 30000 reals Sink first rate in a cutter - you will get 3000xp and 60000 reals New guns added to drops from Elite NPC ships Obusier guns - similar to carronades but with less damage and higher crew damage Congreve guns - lighter medium guns with lower damage but higher reload Blomfield guns - lighter long guns with higher damage and higher reload Navy guns - Best in class long guns having increased damage compared to standard longs Reduced weight of elite ship loot notes Stability Changes to server infrastructure were applied to prepare for the release, additional instance machines acquired for initial tutorial rush Fixes Fixed bug which removed the player from the OW after exiting the game from the instance Fixed crashes of client on exiting the game from port Fixed bug which did not count the weight of the guns in some overloading cases Fixed bug that did not lock the fire zone when pressing left Alt Fixed bug that shown the incorrect number of decks when switching the ship Fixed multiple localization issues (typos, spaces, other issues) Fixed several interface bugs.
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    Captains, the release window is this week. We are going to post more info tonight
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    nuff said. People can use sextant or get lost
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    Two weeks to release! It seems too good to be true! So after almost 4 years of development have we reached the end? Why am I talking about the "end" and not the "beginning"? I will try to explain it ... I don't think that in two weeks the following mechanics can be fixed: 1. Hostility: boring and based on PvE mechanics. 2. Economy: goods to be traded are useless and the only possibility of making money is to go around in tlinxs or tbrigs to make cargo missions or passengers missions! 3. Patrol zones: attempt to transform a sandbox game into an arena game. 4. Reals-doubloons-combat medals: too many currencies and the easiest way to get them is PvE (in a PvP server) 5. Clans: a little explored field that could give a lot to the game, too basic 6. Raids: no one knows anything anymore and it was a chance for smaller clans to have content 7. Elite ships: they simply ruin crafting, perhaps a simpler attempt to solve the problem of lone players? 8. RvR: at the beginning it will be a grinding fest with useless and boring ostility missions and PB vs AIs! We will all sail rattvisans in hostility (who has it)! Then nobody will be interested anymore (except very few cases). The minor ports are almost all useless, the capitals (except some) also. 9. Boarding: couldn't you do better in four years? So it will be the end and not the beginning because for all I said above, and my impression is that you want to release the game to collect what is left and then good bye (because it is no longer profitable) It's a pity because with a little more effort it could have become a "must have game", and instead it will be an incomplete "work" that has not been done well enough! I hope, at least for the sake of your pockets, that once released you will be able to sell thousand of game copies, but I believe instead that there will always be the same players and their numerous alts, which is why the game will languish in limbo for a few months and then it will come to an end, leaving you free to develop your new projects! I hope for you that someone will still have confidence in you (difficult given the importance you give to the commitments made with your testers / customers). Ad maiora semper!
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    So not even book and ship knowledge will be retained? What a kick in the nuts to your testers after all the original promises....
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    thank you for the kind words - the team needed it!))) new loot for ELITES will be added next week and will include new gun types Obtusiers - French short range guns Blomfield Pattern Guns Congreve Pattern short guns Navy Guns Doubloons and real reward for kills will also be improved for All kills (pvp and pve) as promised before (but got delayed)
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    Heya, Looking at the fact that release is about a week away, it might be handy to get an overview of the clans that are going to be playing post release and recuriting players. This thread would also serve for players (be it new ones or just coming back after a while) to see what's going on and perhaps join a clan. If you want your clan added to the list, drop a message below with your rough specs. Likewise post a message if you're looking for a clan. Please no spam. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Caribbean / PVP Server ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Great Britain [NAVY] / International / English speaking / PVP Oriented / Recuriting PVP oriented players. Suitable for people only interested in battles. No political involvement, no promises for dominance or fun. Contact Elias ingame or send a message to Barbarosa in the forums. [SGS] Saint George Squadron / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR oriented / We are active on all areas of play, but focused on RvR. We keep up the time periods royal navy traditions on our own forums in form of AAR, Promotions, War Stories, ect. You are not required to take part in the forums however. But it is recommended if you want the full enjoyment and experience of SGS officer. Discord is mandatory! We are also celebrating our 15 Years together this year! https://www.st-george-squadron.com/sgs/wiki/index.php/Main_Page [SALTP] / International / English speaking / PVP, RVR, PVE Oriented / We are a clan driven by the aim of having fun together. We active in PVP, RVR and PVE but our main aim is to sail together. We want the game to be fun whatever your style. All levels of players are welcome and we will actively help new players of the game. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25158-saltp-is-recruiting/ [CRED] Caribbean Red Squadron / International / English speaking / Focus on PVP and RVR / We are a small friendly clan with a strong focus on PvP and RvR (i.e. port battles and related stuff). We do not look down on players who prefer only to PvE (you bought the game - you are entitled to play it whatever way you want). But if that is your thing, this clan is probably not for you. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26727-cred-caribbean-red-squadron/ Pirates [VCO] Voodoo Shipping Company / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR Oriented / "Big D's only and No Eagles Fans" https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29873-vco-voodoo-shipping-company/? [BLACK] Captains of the Black Flag / International / English speaking / PVP Oriented / Recruiting by invitation, will sail with you and may invite you afterwards https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/8084-captains-of-the-black-flag/ [MERCY] No Mercy / Russian based / Russian speaking / PVP, PVE and RVR (will try) Oriented / ☠☠☠ Squadron No Mercy [MERCY] invites captains for cooperative operations and sorties. Assistance of Leveling up. Advanced teaching. ☠☠☠ https://discord.gg/nQcrRvQ France Spain [ABR] Armada Brasileira / Brazil-Portugal-based / Portuguese speaking / RvR, PvP, Trade and PVE / We are active on all areas of play, no requirements but be mature and respectful / Clan Discord / contact: HipinusTW#4189 or [LAB]RcsHugo#0465 in Discord [VLTRA] / Spain based (with international players) / Spanish+English speaking / RVR and PVP oriented / VLTRA is the biggest clan in the spanish nation whose experienced players have been playing for more than 3 years TeamSpeak: spanish-faction.4np.de https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23256-vltra-eu-server-spanish-faction Dutch [SNOW] / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR Oriented / Applicants must use discord, be aged 18+ and have passed the final exam ingame https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25574-snow-make-it-snow-rvrpvp-dutch-clan/ [PRIV] Privateers / Mostly Polish / English speaking / PVP and RVR Oriented / Newbie friendly / Using Discord is a must https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26662-commonwealth-the-new-face-of-poland-the-privateers-priv/ [CABAL] / International / English speaking / RVR and PVP Oriented / The only requirement is a sense of humour, other than that we accept rogues, Scoundrels, buccaneers, and the scum of the earth. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/27239-cabal-recruiting/ USA [DDTC] Detroit Demolition & Trade Co. / US-based / English speaking / RVR and Coast Guard activities / Among the top 4 active clans in US. A clan that plays the battle game over diplomacy. Play your own game and be part of a team / Message Richbeard [THOT] The Honorless Order of Twinkies / US-based / Mainly English speaking / Trading + Crafting clan, will be supporting the U.S. with ships and possibly escorting troublesome trade routes later on / Message RadicalEnigma for more info Danmark [HAVOC] / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR oriented / Recruiting PVP and RVR oriented players - not PVE only players https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/25427-havoc-caribbean-pvp-denmark-pvprvr-clan/ [AWI] America & West Indies Station / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR Oriented / New members need to have passed the final exam. Message McDubsy ingame to apply for Membership. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28231-awi-america-west-indies-station-recruiting/ Sweden [BORK] / International - US tz / English speaking / PVP and PvE oriented / Recruiting PVP and PvE oriented players / Clan Discord https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28386-bork-pvppve-sweden-ustz/ [TRIAD] / International / English speaking / A clan for solo-oriented pvp/pve Captains / No requirements but be mature and respectful / Contact Liang Dao Ming (Forum or in-game) https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29677-triad-the-solo-way-of-life/ [HRE] Holy Roman Empire / German based / German speaking / PVP and PvE oriented + Trading / From beginners to experienced players, everything is welcome. Teamspeak : sverige.ninja https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/10387-imperial-fleet-of-holy-roman-empire-hre-auf-pvp-1/ Russia [BF] Baltic Fleet / Russian / Russian speaking / PVP and RVR oriented, also PVE and Trading / For more details check forum thread https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/12385-baltic-fleet/?tab=comments#comment-221565 [REDS] International with players from EU, US, AU etc. / English speaking / PVP and RVR oriented / For more details check forum thread https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/23499-red-banner-fleet-reds-war-server/ [NN] Normandie Niemen / French speaking / PvP and RvR oriented / For more details check forum thread https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29941-recrutement-clan-nn/ Prussia [TO] Teutonic Order / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR Oriented but also PVE and Trading to fund our PVP / Applicants must use discord, be aged 18+ and respectful - contact Carl von Lichtenfels ingame or Carl von Lichtenfels#6984 in Discord https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29825-to-teutonic-order-prussia-pvp-server-english/ [MONK] / International (timezone +1 or -5 recommended) / English speaking / PVP and RVR only / Applicants must be 18+. We use discord and TS. We will help and train our members to become good PvP players. Contact Lord Loorkon or Sir John in game or discord. [GER] Gungnir-Exodus-Raiders / German / German speaking / PVP Fokus / Wir suchen Kapitäne, 18+, die sich einer lebhaften, lustigen Truppe anschließen möchten und den Feinden Friedrichs II. das Fürchten lehren wollen. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29740-ger/ [HANSA] / German based / Mainly German, but also recuriting English speaking players / PVP, RVR, PVE, Trading clan / For more detail check the Forum thread(s) https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/27130-join-prussia-join-hansa/ https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/29708-hansa-invites-everyone-to-join-the-prussian-nation-after-release/ Poland ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ PVE Server ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Great Britain [FPM] Flying Powder Monkeys / International / English speaking / Casual game play, trade runs and a sincere desire to help new-comers / Contact Bubba Smith [CH] Chillings / International / English speaking / Casual gameplay, we do trade runs & we aim for late game (Elite fleets, epic events and so on) we offer high level of training towards new players, understanding game mechanics & how to be badass at it! / Message Humbert I or Nickaterial Pirates France Spain Dutch USA Danmark Sweden Russia Prussia Poland
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    F11 with visible coordinates is no longer needed as we finally fixed all the spots where people get stuck (and added some walls where people can sail too far). The reporter knows your position anyway. Another main reason is that we never planned to have coordinates on the map and we do not want large groups to use them to give specific locations of the battles (to help them). You seem to talk about immersion but for some reason ignore the difference between i am in battle at 11,985 by 23,090, come help (with people arriving to exact spot frantically typing those numbers into another box) i am in battle NW from Santo Domingo, approximately 10 mins sail. Players will learn to describe the surroundings to their friends better than typing numbers from one box to another. This is how it was always planned.
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    Hello all. Please let this serve as a thread announcing and linking to the most up-to-date, community-maintained (unofficial) information collected on the gameplay and mechanics of Naval Action. We have mirrored OlavDeng2's old wiki content and have started to bring up-to-date content and information together to provide to the community. Please note that as a wiki it will always be in flux, and there are certain pieces that obviously still need updating. So if you'd like to volunteer to take charge of a piece of content or just make general edits as you see them needed I encourage all active community members to participate: http://naction.info If are going to update any content I'd urge you to read the following guidelines before doing so: http://naction.info/index.php/Naval_Action_Wiki_Documentation Thank you all and if you have any comments please feel free to join our Unofficial Naval Action Discord and participate in the #naval-action-wiki channel (or if you'd just like to kibbitz about the game with players from all nations). (Moderators, please consider pinning this.)
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    Sad that you walked back even the ship and book knowledge retention. I can't honestly think this is in any way a good idea as even those testers that have stuck with you after walking back the previous promise at Early Access release of rank and crafting xp being safe, are now hung out to dry. 😣 I expect that there will be plenty of new negative reviews and I know of at least a couple people that will be leaving the game after this from our clan. And what does it accomplish besides yet more negative publicity just before launch?
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    Which mods do I stack to get this cannon angle? 👀
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    Nothing, not even the ship slots and book knowledge... Such grind again. All that time invested for literally nothing.
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    We, as HANSA, will stay in the prussian nation. The prussian nation doesn't have many clans at the moment, so we are searching for other clans to help us and stay along us for a good teamwork. I'm writting this post because we need other clans and more players in the prussian nation, but we are a fairly big german clan so we search especially for english clans and players to cooperate with. As a hardcore nation we NEED a good start to have a good go through. Every players is welcome and pleased to join the prussian nation. If you are interested to join prussia pls pm Me to make a plan where we can settle and help us organizing the nation with us. Have Fun and good winds to everyone! o7 HANSA is also recruiting but keep in mind that we are a german company. We would also take english speaking people. If you are interested in joining HANSA pm Me. Good luck in taking the decision to change the nation to. See you guys on Open World or hopefully fighting on the same side! o7 mates
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    Basically all Game Labs is doing is taking their core group of players and setting all back to zero. So these SAME 300-400 players have To aimlessly grind back to the same position they were all in. We’re NOT going to see 2000 new players eagerly join NA and start a new community. I wish the opposite were true but frankly I don’t see it, and I’m sure all of you agree, no matter how hard we do t want to. This is a hardcore game and those that want to play it are already here. This is (was) as good as it gets. Sad that Admin doesn’t see this. But maybe they do......
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    Very optimistic launch date. I don't want to be the negative one but in all fairness the game was more stable and better balanced pre structure wipe/patch 2 years ago. How can you know the last patches will solve current issues without testing them? Maybe I am wrong and most likely I have no idea what the vast majority of people want but IMHO the combat system is completely broken and requires major tweaking and testing before release. Call me a pessimistic but I don't think it can be solved in a month. I could go into more details of flaws in combat I see but I guess the majority of them could be solved by removing all mods. Since mods make the game interesting there needs to be tweaking. Simply nerfing them all is something we have never tested. In the past yes but with 10x fewer mods ingame.
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    Can I have some of whatever you have been smoking? The game is still grossly unbalanced/flawed Basic things like chain shots showing as ball is STILL an issue despite you recently saying it was fixed. Musket mods are still virtually an insta-win button in boarding, The ECO is buggered, there is ZERO incentive to do actual trade between ports which means most ports are a massive money sink. The ONLY reliable way to make money is with those boring arse cargo missions and even they take hours per day and you'll be lucky to make 1 million. Buildings cost are stupidly high especially when you take into account how much grind is need just for the doubloons alone (95k in total to get to a level 3 ship yard?!) that's 95 of those stupid cargo missions. The gap between those that have the elite ships and upgrades and those who do not has only increased with every major change you make, made even worse with the port specialisation that doesn't actually require you to specialise. You screwed up RvR for everyone except the big clans/nations with stupidly high BR limits for port battles AND by removing any meaningful way to counter hostility Ganking being made even more attractive with every major change. You have done nothing to encourage or reward players for wanting to challenge themselves, in fact the reverse is true, players are essentially punished if they choose not to gank Ships are far too easy to lose to a gank compared to the grind required to replace them. In the 3 years I have played I have seen you do almost NOTHING to try and discourage the toxic community that this game has become known for. Exploits are openly used by streamer(s) that you support These are just some of the many examples of reasons this game is NOT ready for release. I'm sure by "release" you actually mean "We have taken this project as war as we can/are willing to take it and have other projects to focus on funded by the sales of this game" That being said, Ultimate Admiral DOES look cool
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    Updated version June 18 2019
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    Will there be a way to save our ingame name? So that a troll with 5 dozen alts cannot steal known player names.
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    Why do we only get xp for crafting ships? We should get xp for making cannons, repairs and mods too. I'm not saying it should give you a lot, but what if a crafter isn't a ship builder? Than shouldn't he get xp through other means? The other thing is travel xp should go towards Ship knowledge of the ship your in. It's very little but when your using trade ships you don't really fight in them so they should gain a little xp. Why can't we get xp for crafted ships like we did a long time ago. This would allow dedicated crafters to gain a little level from people using ships they crafted.
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    First day after release we reach 1077 player on WAR server and 248 on PEACE server At 20:30 UTC the distribution of players across the nations. Accuracy 89.05%
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    I'd like to broach the topic of documentation and out-of-game resources for helping out new and existing players. I remember using plenty of resources as a new player for learning the mechanics and ropes of the game, and I feel like we've lost a few of those resources over the years, perhaps contributing even more to the cliff of a learning curve that Naval Action represents. I wanted to offer up a bit of history of those resources, document the best available information that is current, and discuss whether there would be interest and the need for a new community-maintained Wiki for other material? In the past, OlavDeng2 started and helped maintain the community driven wiki for Naval Action: http://www.navalactionwiki.com It now suffers from a PHP bug (could be fixed if someone with access to the server turned off referral checking) which keeps people from logging in or creating accounts, and subsequently has fallen hopelessly out of date. Someone at some point tried to clone the information captured there on a commercial wiki platform: https://navalaction.fandom.com/wiki/NavalAction_Wikia But it also is also out of date at the moment. At one point, we had a set of crafting and trading tools/information that was updated daily from API data here: http://www.navalactioncraft.com/ But it also doesn't reflect the current crafting or trading mechanics. The best available information in any out-of-game tool is Felix's map, which is outstanding and updated from cached API data for recipes and port information. It has great tools for a variety of Naval Action-related tasks and is a must-have/know for any player: https://na-map.netlify.com/ Its only limitation is that it relies on Felix to maintain it and make sure it doesn't fail (it'd be great if he open sourced it at some point, mirroring the code for the site to Github or something so if tragedy strikes the project could be picked up by someone else). So my question is, do we need an up-to-date, community-driven page where the most up-to-date information can be deposited, and potentially other kinds of information maintained (ship building strategies, meta discussion, information related to clans, RvR, etc.)? Would there be interest if I offered to host and mirror the existing Wiki and open it back up for new accounts and community maintenance? I have no interest in doing all of the content maintenance myself. I broached the topic on our Unofficial Naval Action community discord and it received a cool reception: https://discord.gg/pXyNjF2 But I wanted to throw out the idea on the forum for broader discussion. [UPDATED] I've gone ahead and pulled the trigger on mirroring OlavDeng2's old wiki content. I'll update the look and feel over the next few days, but the content should be fully editable after you create an account. Let me know if you have any problems logging in and getting up to speed. There's obviously a TON of out-of-date or just plain unneeded content, so if you'd like to volunteer to take charge of general organization of the content perhaps we can start a subdiscussion either here or on the Wiki itself so we're not duplicating any effort. (I'll also enable SSL/TLS for secure/encrypted connections, but I didn't have time to get a signed cert setup.) http://naction.info
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    Okay, I have stated an opinion. I have been shown post that was there concerning the wipe et al. So here is the question for the Dev's... We have been playing this game for 4+ years, all of the previous wipes have been for the mechanic and play-ability of the game and resets were for fresh starts to test different patches to make the game as fair as possible and to enhance the fighting/crafting and trading aspects.New people kept coming into the game (and still do) and will continue to do after the release of the game. So it makes no sense at all to completely wipe a game for new people to have a chance in being equal on the playing field because what are you going to do with those that join in 1month, 6 months 1 year from now when the game map has been sliced up as it is today??? I can see resetting all ports to their default characteristics but leave the individuals' rank, experience and earnings alone - it's not going to change the game play one bit. All it is doing right ow is make for poor moral among the players already into the game. Please sirs, reconsider what you planning to do and its over all effect it is having on this community. Thank you,
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    Get out in a basic cutter, make an outpost somewhere else and go from there. Seriously, it's that simple.
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    Ahoy there, fellow masters and commanders and sundry. I am writing this as a polite request based on personal opinion, well aware that it will likely be flakked down by the hardcore PvPers. 😉 With the release, we are seeing many new captains dipping their toes into the waters of the Carribbean. We want to keep them here, to sail with them for many months. And sink them every now and again. So let’s be nice to the new players, to keep them aboard. And by that, I certainly don’t mean: don’t ever fight them. That would promote a skewed view of the game. But if you fight rookie captains, make sure they learn something from it. Talk to them in chat, offer them advice or a de-brief after you have sent them to the bottom. Whatever floats your boat and theirs, really. Let’s just make sure they feel welcome as players, not as meat for the XP grinder. Just my two pieces of eight. Discuss. Lautenschlaeger
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    Not pushing unfinished under cooked features into the live game is not evil. Skins are under way
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    I feel sorry for new players too. They think they are getting a level playing field, but instead of being helped and/or given a chance to learn the game, they are going to be mercilessly slaughtered for combat medals as vets farm combat medals to replace lost books.
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    Idea: Archive & Clean the Forums at Launch @Admin Summary At launch archive both the main Game-Labs and STEAM forums at Launch. START a fresh. I can’t remember when GL cleaned the forum the last time, but I do remember it being a vast improvement. The current posts should be accessible via an archive function. Why Is this Important? Think in terms of the new client. What CORE basic topics will he need to understand. Then an area for Support Updates and Discussions. A new player hitting the sight will be confused over feedback and arguments around a subject matter. The Archive Sections We can still access old or pre-launch threads but in a condensed manner. Norfolk
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  37. 14 points
    - Be new player - Play tutorial, get to final exam, get slaughtered by magic NPC boats - Quit because if tutorial is this frustrating, main game must resemble beating head into concrete wall - Be new player - Skip tutorial, play PvE - Get slaughtered by magic NPC boats that looks like yours but are three times more powerful - Get told by devs "if you want to avoid artificial challenges and play realistic combat, fight only players" - Quit because was not looking for PvP and PvE sucks - Be new player - Skip tutorial, skip PvE, play PvP - Get ganked repeatedly, quit "This is fine."
  38. 14 points
    Captains, Provider is moving the Peace(PvE) servers to the new modernized infrastructure, as a result maintenance time is going to be extended. Estimated time is unknown and can take up to a day (24 hours). We will announce separately when Peace (PVE server) is going to be online again. Apologies for the inconvenience. Rewards received previously have not been lost and there will be no roll back this time. But if you have lost any content please report in the forum in this topic.
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    Random Fire Mode strikes again! It happens to all of us, you line up a good broadside, click....and its random fire mode. Mostly it happens to me when I'm trying to quickly click between rolling front and rolling back fire and fat finger the second keypress. I'm sure there are some players who like random fire, and thats fine. But almost everyone I sail with finds it annoying and useless; so if we could have an option in settings to remove it, that'd be great.
  40. 13 points
    You mean we cant have level 3 shipyards cranking out full port-bonus 1st rates the first week?!!?!?!? Unacceptable. (Come on, guys.)
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    The discouragement that some of you bring with your distaste towards the game is disturbing. No one is keeping you here or demanding you return to play something that obviously frustrates or find no enjoyment in. People that still enjoy the game are fully aware there are issues. However, they are not beating the monotone drum attempting to deter others and create displeasure.
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    You know, I wouldn’t mind the wipe if the ending of our long early access “test” was a success. We’d have a cool game we could all now play from the beginning. Everything would finally come together. But instead, the game in most ways, with the exception of visual, is no better or even worse than it was two years ago.
  44. 13 points
    No problem. I will play another 7000 hours and I will have the same again. Well, except my wife, who will leave with another….
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    I don't really care about the books, but the ship knowledge is a bit of a slap in the face. That's the real pain in the ass while grinding. I feel like retaining that would have been a nice little bonus to us testers who have seen a couple wipes, major fluctuations in game design and various promises walked back from the team. While the above is annoying, I'm really more concerned over the radio silence on various issues that have been brought up over the past month or 2 that we seem to have not gotten any answers on. Alliances? Front lines system that makes sense? Outrageous port battle BRs? Permits? If this game releases mid-week like the patch did it will screw over US based players. I remember admin making a comment about working out a more fair solution. Will that be revisted? What about the promise of additional paints for the DLC that were coming within 30 days. It's been 2+ months. Another broken promise? Maybe it's just me...but this game does not feel ready for release. This is in my main concern. Now it seems we're going to have an incomplete game rushed to launch just so it can benefit from the steam summer sale. I'm happy waiting a bit longer for a more polished game.....I thought all the money that was raised through DLC purchases was going towards continued development, not rushing out a release.
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    Note: I’m not concerned about ‘losing books’, ‘losing XP’ etc in regards to gameplay. We all know: the vets will still have the advantage as we know HOW to play the game. All the frills will come IF we decide to stay and grind from zero again. The Issue is: I fear we will all grind from zero: just to be back to where we are today. Same population, same group of players.
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    Patch is being deployed today 29th May Changes XP and real bonuses updated. Rewards for sinking enemy ships in reals increased. Granted XP (damage, crew and kill xp) and reals reward is now influenced more by the battle rating difference. If you sink cutters in a first rate you will get minimal rewards. If you sink ships of higher BR your rewards will become higher (up to 2x more) Example (numbers are for illustration purposes) Sink first rate in a first rate - you will get 1500 xp and 30000 reals Sink first rate in a cutter - you will get 3000xp and 60000 reals New guns added to drops from Elite NPC ships Obusier guns - similar to carronades but with less damage and higher crew damage Congreve guns - lighter medium guns with lower damage but higher reload Blomfield guns - lighter long guns with higher damage and higher reload Navy guns - Best in class long guns having increased damage compared to standard longs Reduced weight of elite ship loot notes Stability Changes to server infrastructure were applied to prepare for the release, additional instance machines acquired for initial tutorial rush Fixes Fixed bug which removed the player from the OW after exiting the game from the instance Fixed crashes of client on exiting the game from port Fixed bug which did not count the weight of the guns in some overloading cases Fixed bug that did not lock the fire zone when pressing left Alt Fixed bug that shown the incorrect number of decks when switching the ship Fixed multiple localization issues (typos, spaces, other issues) Fixed several interface bugs.
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    This is quite troublesome. Market is broken, there is no point in trading when you can do trade mission with 0 risk. Combat is bugged, the chain shots, I had a bug where I was unable to shoot or aim or use the spyglass. Port perks, albeit they are great but they are way OP atm... and you are launching in 30 days? Oh boy... Im pretty sure its just to justify more DLCs. But congrats devs.. if you call this game ready to launch https://photos.app.goo.gl/DAsr46oMdsQfEn2F7
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    I can't help but to reflect on where we've been together. It's been about five years since the first Sea Trials started. An Open World was launched, dozens of ships added, new factions, new friends, new foes, custom maps, various iterations of the economy, and of course the constant search for the sweet spot between arcade and simulator. Many of us, myself included, have gotten thousands of hours of enjoyment out of the game. I hope the data and insight we have offered was useful, even if at times the delivery was frustrating. Here's hoping to a good launch, new friends and foes yet to be met, and a strong community to welcome them.
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    Captains, additional compensation list due to today's problems: 15000 battle experience 1500 craft experience 10000 doubloons 500 combat medals The redeemables will be available for 15 days - please claim them before this period ends
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