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    Captains.. Small patch has been deployed today 11th September 2019 Main changes All ships (with the exception of imported ships) will be allowed to capture by the Admiralty on the War server. Oak, Fir, Mahogany, Sabicu planking has been allowed for NPC captured ships NPC captured ships will have from 1 to 4 upgrade slots (compared to previous 3). Increased the probability to get a better ship from the admiralty notes and for premium ships crafted ships still have a 3x higher probability to get a better ship Added the following ships to NPC fleets compositions Niagara, Rattlesnake, Pirate Frigate, Trincomalee Removed the following ships from NPC fleets Bellona, Santisima Trinidad Other changes Fire shock bug fixed - it is now correctly showing when ship is in fire shock, and is not showing when ship is not in fire shock. Increased the amount of people required to fight the fire from 6 to 15 per square meter of fire Increased the size of the fire that causes ship to go into fire shock. Speed for all ships of the line with the exception of bellona, christian and santisima (rare lineships) slightly reduced
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    Last no-cannon case was related to farming with other players. When NPC sinks you no-one is getting marks, which is fine if you do it yourself for yourself. But if you clearly interfere with the port battle activities of the other players of your own nation (where your purpose should be to help them) then you are breaking the rules of the game. In this particular case the explanation will be requested from the players and warnings will be issued. If these players will be noticed in similar activities again they will be transferred to the nation they are trying to help and could lose rank as well.
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    There is some truth in this post. Main problem of NA is that PvP and RvR are luxury entertainments which have to be paid by spending hours and hours of super boring grinding, trade runs or PvE missions. To fullfill a PvP line ship mission you have to sink 10 line ships. To do it with PvP or RvR you need a kill death ratio of 10:1 only to get the combat medals back you invested in your Ocean with a navy structure upgrade. To fullfil a PvP frigate mission you need a kill death ratio of 5:1 to get back the combat medals you invested in two navy hull upgrades for your frigate. Only if you have luck and the battle allows it, you might be able to loot the doublons you need additionally to built line ships. After you have fullfilled your PvP mission under highest risks for your ships you get rewarded with an admirality or a captains chest. There you can find a permit of a great ship, which turns out in 70% of cases being a new Niagara or Rattlesnake. Guess how many of them one can find In REDS clan warehouse only. As book you get the twentieth fencing master or the sixth water book. The urgently needed Expert Carpentry handbook for a new Master Carpenter you risked in your battles or the art of steering the rudder you might find in one of 20 admirality chests. So already players with an average kill death ratio of 3:1 are ways too bad to do RvR or PvP only. They are forced to do cargo missions for all the reals and doublons they need to pay for the ships they lose too often. Or they have to gank trader brigs who do those cargo missions to get enough gold chests and CMs to replace their losses. They also can do group kill missions and sail one hour in line with their mates to kill AI after AI by focusing since their fire power is ways to strong now for a nice brawl which could cause at least a little bit of fun. Or those bad 3:1 players search for AI fleets to get their upgrades, CMs and doublons. That generates at least some fun, but is paid by the risk of getting ganked by enemies since they have to sail into enemy waters to find them. Not to be missunderstood. I would love a game with a good trade mechanic. I liked doing PvE missions before AI firepower became so strong. But the way they are implemented in the game right now they are not entertainment but punishment for all those who wanna play the fun part of the game. Russia? Russia has nothing to do with that. Russia suffers in the same way that its most experienced players don't play anymore or do the minimum needed to wait for a better future. And at least in my case this minimum gets less and less and less. Since I like the teamplay most. But my team is gone ...
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    Hello to all. This has been suggested many times. But I will make another attempt. I would like to invite you to periodically conduct contractual battles on various types of ships. starting with frigates, ending with the first ranks. These battles will be held in patrol zones. So that even with a loss, the side would receive a profit in the form of combat medals. Here is the sequence of patrol zones so that you can prepare in advance: In the BF discord, a separate channel will be created to discuss the conditions and agreements on such battles. There will also be several voice channels for team A and team B. If these events gain popularity, I’ll make more channels. Discord at the moment is probably the most popular platform, so there should be no problems with this: https://discord.gg/QnftKEb About the ships. Let's start with ordinary frigates. Perhaps even those bought at the store. Never mind. The main thing is to start somewhere and see if it will be fun and popular. It seems to me that this will enliven the world a little and give new players an understanding that PvP is fun and profitable. And also raise the skill for everyone In this topic, I would like to see a proposal for a battle and the conditions, date and time of the agreed battle. And the results of this battle. Everything else, I would ask to remove or give me the opportunity to do this. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Привет всем. Это много раз уже предлагалось. Но я сделаю очередную попытку. Хочу предложить Вам переодически проводить договорные бои на различных видах кораблей. начиная с фрегатов, заканчивая первыми рангами. Проводиться эти бои будут в патрульных зонах. Что бы даже при проиграше, сторона получала профит в виде комбат медалей. Вот последовательность патрульных зон, что бы можно было заранее подготовится: В дискорде БФ, будет создан отдельный канал для обсуждения условий и договорах о таких боях. Так же будет несколько голосовых каналов для команды А и команды Б. Если эти мероприятия наберут популярности, сделаю еще каналов. Дискорд на данный момент, наверное, самая популярная площадка, так что проблем с этим не должно быть: https://discord.gg/QnftKEb По поводу кораблей. Давайте начнем с обычных фрегатов. Возможно даже купленных в магазине. Неважно. Главное с чего то начать и посмотреть, будет ли это весело и популярно. Мне кажется это немного оживит мир и даст новым игрокам понимание что пвп это весело и профитно. А также поднимет всем скил В этой теме хотелось бы видеть предложение о проведение боя и условия, дату и время договоренного боя. И результаты этого боя. Все остальное, я бы попросил удалять или дать мне возможность это делать.
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    All games are dying. All of them. Even those that are growing. They will die someday. Every forum member is slowly dying too. All of us. Stop whining Enjoy everything while it lasts. Today.
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    Great joke... Not 5 minutes ago I was ganked in a trader just outside a port and a player from another nation joined my side in a ship same size as the attacker, preventing any reinforcements joining my side and talking to each other as friends in all-chat and discussing the fact that players were gathering outside but would not be able to join my side. My loss was immaterial, but the blatant abuse that this ROE actively invites is game-breaking. This ROE should be ONLY in Patrol Zones. Give us 2 min timers back everywhere else in OW:
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    That's it, it's official! After a few dying years and great uncertainties about its future, the replica of the Swedish merchant ship will go back to sea in the summer of 2020!!!! It's a big news. On l'Hermione we are waiting for that. Our dream would be to sail together, like the frigate escorted the merchant ship, that would be class! The work of wintering will begin and the topmans of l'Hermione are already very much in demand to come and work there (a lot of rigging to be done) and of course to integrate the future navigation. It makes me want to, but my life can't afford it. Maybe a LEG in 2020? To see. Göthegorg / l'Hermione (replicas) : Origin 1738 / 1779 Overall length 47.5m / 64m Beam 10,84m / 11,86m Air draft 47m / 46,5m Sail area 1964m2 / 2100m2 Displacement 1232t / 2100t Crew 80 / 80 The height of the Götheborg bridge is higher than l'Hermione, but l'Hermione remains a little larger and more powerful.
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    It's been suggested before, but can we have some options with free towns? Either make them free by default or give us a couple extra "free town slots" for outposts? So we could have 8 regular outposts (where free town outposts can also be built) and 2 free town outposts. More content and such...
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    Sealclubbing will become WAAAAY harder indeed. I am very glad you appreciated this minor detail.
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    Assets lost to bugs have full return guarantee We are not best players and could defend the port internally in testing. I am sure the nation with a full bonuses port can field a top class fleet to defend it and will defend it. But if so happens that someone will lose - it would happen because of bad choice of ships or because they did not read our first post with our amazing tips on strategy. + We understand that losing a 55 point full invested port is bad and will piss off some players, but please do not forget that losing a full invested port to NPCs will also ENTERTAIN the rest of the server which is a lot more people. Large strong nations have strong hardcore veterans.We know that hardened veterans who built those ports by pvping and conquering and will never lose a port to NPCs unless other nations unite and screen them out.
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    Cheap ships to encourage RVR and PVP is a great idea... only if they are crafted. Back in the fine woods days we had multiple 1st rate battles sometimes daily with 100 folks involved. Ships were lost over and over. But because they were easy to replace...everyone focused on the fighting rather than the time and expense needed to organize crafting. This should be the case in the current version of the game and it sadly is not. Capturable AI ships is a low effort solution that will ultimately end up failing because what ACTUALLY needed to be done to improve RVR and PVP wasn’t. As is tradition. Sometimes I wonder what the point of Early Access was... we keep getting untested or failed mechanics forced down our throat that no one seems to have requested. Heth you’ve been around long enough to know bad ideas. This one is a first class stinker. As part of the “1st rates should matter” and the “my immersion” crowd you got exactly what was desired with the dubs and permit madness. 1st rates and such a pain in the ass to churn out that it seems half the games population within the first 2 months said..meh, screw it and left. Making first rates more rare isn’t a terrible thing....but making them more rare and difficult to produce AND making almost all ports need at least 10 of them to fill BR is a mind boggling stupid design decision. So stupid that as was predicted we’ve been steadily losing population since week 1... so much in fact that now we have this captured ship travesty at our hands like it will somehow fix everything. It won’t. Sorry for the rant boys and girls...but watching poor game design over and over just gets exasperating.
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    i think he ws mostly referring to the fact that ocean should be the fastest ship across heavy lineships))) of course - its a known fact that endymion could show 17-18 knots when going in the wind patch and even faster down the long wave… and any first rate would be faster than ANY other ship of lower length and strength in heavy waves we are constrained by the same wind speed and thus have to mainly balance for gameplay between classes. But within the class speed should appropriately reflect the hull and sailplan differences. Based on hull length and keel ocean should be faster than other first rate lineships. we are hot fixing the speed imbalance across lineships tomorrow. more will come later after the PB/Raid patch.
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    L O L If you repeat it enough time you might end up believing it is true. Also to people complaining, you get content and you complain? me not understand.
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    Overall - here are our thoughts on RVR and its future. Unfortunately there cannot be any significant changes to current RVR with the exception of 1) Number of ports that can be attacked from the port - can be lowered to create more choke points 2) Number of ports one nation can attack - can be lowered to create more choke points (but very bad for the US timezone) 3) Reduction of BR limits across the board with the exception of high points ports (more on this later) Hostility from free-towns cannot be removed as they will help with NPC port aggression and allow smaller nations recapture bases deep in the enemy territories if they lose it to NPCs.They give some freedom for small nations even now. Overall goal of current system was to help smaller nations to hold their territories better - as strong enemies cannot easily pick the ports to attack anywhere is not 100% achieved because the system works both ways and also allows strong nations to hold their territories even better (because they can win more port battles). Rework of RVR is always a good idea in theory; we always tested theories in the past - and in the past RVR changes never shown any significant improvements in retention. We had flags, missions, open rvr, distance limited rvr, partial zone control limited rvr (now) After next 2 patches (raids + npc agression in RVR) are delivered we will switch to new player retention and improvement of skills and perk systems. 5000 new players were brought into the game since launch, but the staying power is low. One of the reasons is this - (related to RVR and PVP). There is a famous game design chart which shows Once "perceived chance to win" drops to zero in players mind = fun drops to 0 as well. This can only be solved by giving "walkers" to some players. World of tanks even has a patented balancer mechanic (US patent filed in march 2013) to not let you win too much. (War thunder as well). If your win rate goes higher than 55% they start pushing you into unwinnable battles or placing you on the side with extremely low win rates - keeping all players on 50% artificially (most fun). If your win rate goes down below 45% they push you to top of the list and start placing you on teams with high win chance. But this is a philosophical choice - should we force open or hidden walkers onto players? There are multiple games that have full loot/ full loss of assets, skill based pvp and rvr, with no limitations on the number of players. EvE online is the biggest one, we believe we are one of the top 5 as well. We can embrace it or say that full loot, skill based game without "walkers" is not fun for 50% of the audience (which is reflected in our reviews). Examples of walkers that work Strong bonuses to the weak (punishment of stronger players) Examples of walkers that might not work BR limits for all PB (punishment of high leadership players who can recruit and train their soldiers) Examples of walkers that definitely not work BR limits for all OW battles, Potbs had 6v6 hard limit on the OW. This limit did not help POTBS, because the smaller the battle the bigger the skill gap is in 6v6. skill requirement goes even higher. As a result, a skilled group of 6 players could destroy anyone anywhere without any chance to gank them.
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    So I have now been playing NA 2 weeks last Saturday. There are ups and downs for me of course. But I’m loving it. I know there is a lot of talk on what updates or not should be made. No doubt at some time I may comment. I am pleased to advise I was able to join a Clan in my first week. I have learned so much from the members of the Clan. Some are experienced others joined after me. Nation members on line. Of course here too. Thanks to the help from Clan members. I have an idea of what’s going on. As everyone says it’s a steep learning curve. But I’m getting there. I have progressed to a 2nd lieutenant. I’m looking forward to learning more skills and gradual progression. I thought UG was good. But this raises the bar much higher. Best wishes all. Cheers 🍻 PS. Anyone know where can buy a parrot 🦜. 😉
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    Will Great Britain fulfill her obligations? Will the advancing BL4CK hordes be stopped? Will the citizens of Santiago face the same persecution as the residents of Nuevitas and Baracoa? Find out in the next edition! Public Service Announcement: BE ALERT, STAY AWARE, PIRATE SPIES ARE EVERYWHERE! A message from our sponsor: QSPA - Quality Shit-Posting Alliance See you next time, Captain!
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    No, i'm suggesting that the gear gap in the game is too wide. Nothing else. We have all seen the images of what the top players have for gear and upgrades in their warehouses. Stacks and stacks of all the best gear. All obtained fully within the rules and with great skill. Its certainly not his fault he has it and uses it. My point is: Just like PvP, players in RvR will only continue trying is there is a "reasonable chance" at success, it would seem. It would appear that its easier to A) flip to an easier nation (which is what many do) or (for those with really big egos), b) stop playing (and chime in with the" I told you so"s on the forums).... I love the game. I really do. I'm at over 5000 hours now (don't tell the admiral). And as someone who prefers small ship privateering and has lived out of Freetowns exclusively before, I have little fear of losing all my ports. But as we have seen, PLAYERS CANNOT BE COUNTED ON TO BALANCE GAME MECHANICS. And as we were discussing on the ROVER Discord, this has been a real eye-opener for me, as someone who has never played MMO's previously. I don't envy your position, Mr. Admin... because it would appear that it is IMPOSSIBLE to please every type of player that plays Naval Action. The ship combat is incredible. The models and damage have given me, like I said, over 5000 hours of enjoyment and fun. The problem really is us. We want more than what you offered. Probably because we have seen what you are able to do with half the game, the ship combat. We want an economy, OW and political environment that is as good as that ship combat. But honestly, you never promised that. And I'm not sure we deserve it. Every good idea that has been attempted for is has been ruined, at least in part, by us, the players. Resource balance/alliances/OW RoE..... so many good ideas left in the past because of human nature.
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    some 9 pounder frigates moved to rank 6 ( La Renomee, Cerberus ) some 24 pounders frigate moved to rank 4 ( Leopard, United States, Constitution )
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    As a Noobie. Today is the 3rd week I have been playing. So for what it's worth. I am happy with the way things are. (However, I am aware I don't know all the ins and outs and do not comment on a number of issues raised as I don't yet know about them). Yes, Its a steep learning curve. I have been sunk a lot etc. But I would expect that. I'm new ! If the game was easy, I would not find it so enjoyable. There are games out there for those who want just action. This goes deeper. In time I hopefully expect to rise through the ranks. Gain experience. To help Noobies I would suggest they be encouraged to join a clan. Within a clan they will find players of varying experience (so I have discovered). Some newer than me ! I would suggest trying to go it alone will have the effect of turning noobies away from the game. There is plenty of advice on this site. But from my little experience, something crops up when in open waters or just in port. Its then much easier just to ask the clan or nation for help. I don't have to wait long before some kind person provides the info. I understand to move forward the game requires new players to join and stay. To do so offer help and encouragement. Not just on the forum where there is a lot of useful advice. But when playing the game. I am loving it. Yes, it's annoying when get ganked. But to me that's part of the game. I read a lot about NA before joining. I discovered it as it's on the same forum as UG, where I first started. So I was aware it would not be easy. Cheers all
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    Fools! Go and fight russia!
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    Nothings perfect. I am just saying that imo you nailed it with the 2 min timer. You said yourself its logical. Why give up something logical for something that makes no sense and has the potential for stopping ganks? It doesn't really. Most times the person ganked is dead by the time his friends come. 2 min is the view range a ship can see a battle in open sea. Perfect.
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    Normal for the War Server (risk, adrenaline etc). Attacking a light 6th rate in a frigate is a Gank = and Wasa counterbalances it, stumbling upon your battle by actually sailing in the OW creating targets for others. Someone could have caught that Wasa on the way to your battle, but did not. Attack targets stronger than you. Why do you need to gank an AI trader in a frigate? Nautical question... For a friend. by the way Peace server allows attacking AI 6th rates without risk.
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    The sad thing is, just trying to encourage pvp doesn't make it a good game. The battles themselves are fantastic, there is nothing comparable on the market, but sadly the rest is far away from perfect. I still hope, that we will once get the game we dream of.
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    More migrant boats wash up on russian shores hoping for citizenship
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    Last night as I sailed past Port Morant in my Herc, a Brit Herc came racing out and tagged me right away. After the battle, he advised me that it had been his first PVP. I admired that guy and he will be a killer soon! GG Brit!
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    hello kittying lol. When sweden first came to denmark to ask them to stop the pvp farm so we could work together against Russia. Denmark replied "no." So we swedes did as your nation suggested. We decided to start OW pvp on your nation at all times that we did not fight together against Russia. The response we got was "please stop attacking us, the real enemy is Russia." Two words. Hypocrits. Weak.
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    Wer beschwert sich über die Russen? Wenn es nicht die Russen wären, wären es vielleicht aktuell die Niederländer oder vielleicht hätte HAVOC Sogwirkung entfaltet und Dänemark wäre jetzt das Paradies der PvPler RvRler. Du bist nicht zufällig Teil der russischen Nation? Den Russen kommen solche markigen Sätze "Hör auf rum zu heulen und fang an zu spielen" sicher leicht über die Lippen. Aber hast du dir auch schon mal ernsthaft Gedanken über Nationen wie Preußen, Frankreich, Polen, USA, Spanien gemacht? Mal eben 25 1st Rates zu verlieren und 2 Stunden später wieder in 1st Rates zu sitzen kann dann eben doch nicht jede Nation, wobei ich bezweifle das selbst die 25 Leute für jede Nation zu bewerkstelligen sind. Und ich denke ich muss dir auch nicht erklären, das 1st Rate eben nicht gleich 1st Rate ist. Und wie gesagt, nicht die Russen sind das Problem. Das Problem ist eine Spielmechanik, die es einer beliebigen Nation gestattet, die kritische Masse zu überschreiten und andere Nationen de facto wehrlos zu machen. Ich denke aktuell fahren die Russen mit angezogener Handbremse. Schauen wir uns doch mal die Lage an, wenn sie den Preußen, Schweden, Briten, Niederländern, Amis und letztlich auch den Dänen und Niederländern mal ihre Produktionshäfen wegnehmen. Und bei all den Diskussionen und so auch bei meinem Eingangspost geht es nicht um Nation A,B, oder C, sondern es geht darum, wie man solche Situationen händelt, ob man ein Konzept für solche Situationen hat, bzw. ob die Spielmechanik hierzu etwas hergibt. . Was denkst du denn wie es im Spiel weitergehen wird? Was denkst du denn, wie lange wird es dauern bis wir/ihr wieder eure gemütlich 300 Spieler haben werdet. Weil wenn ich es richtig verstanden habe, ist das Spiel auf keinen bestimmten Zeitraum ausgelegt. Und die Spielerzahlen scheinen sich momentan nur in eine Richtung zu entwickeln @rediii scheint ja kein Vertrauen in den PvP-Willen seiner Mitspieler zu haben, also was passiert denn nun weiter? Meinst du, durch deine markigen Aufforderungen, werden auf einmal Schiffe produziert wo keine Produktionsstätten sind und Leute mutieren plötzlich zu Kämpfern mit Messern zwischen den Zähnen? Bleibt uns also doch nur die Hoffnung, dass BF dem Druck im Forum nachgibt und die Nation wechselt? Oder vielleicht auch die REDS? Was passiert denn nun weiter werter El Patron? Sehe ich das richtig, da die Spieler das Problem sind, schaffen wir halt die Spieler ab oder suchen uns einfach 1000 neue Mitspieler? Wie sehen denn deine Lösungen aus? Ich würde das gerne mal erfahren.
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    The point is...its creating elite clans...and new clans cant rise as before...so we are stuck with the clans we have because they Lord over and demand the smaller clans give tribute to use the big ports...no need to lower this into a pissing contest, its a valid point.
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    If i remember right "Community", which means big clans, had a problem with alts buying there ressources at cartagena f.e. ... the argument was why they should conquer a port like carta If that only means that some Trader alts change the Nation and keep buying cartagena tar. PB now lock out newbees and singleplayers from good ship crafting, but dont affect Trader alts, because the mains build their ships in their home port ... So the strike Hits the wrong group imho ...
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    I want to WIN ! Game is not working !
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    Koltes hasn't done much in the way of PBs in the past 2 years.
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    This. Also, it can't go upwind like a fast frigate, can't sterncamp a smart frigate captain, can't demast a proper first rate, can't outfight a good Bellona, and can't outsail a fast Constitution. Plenty of reasons to sail it, plenty of reasons not to sail it. The reason why you see it spammed so much is its practically free to craft. In fact, its the biggest ship that you can craft for free/low cost. Its not actually that great, comparing stats to the Bellona or Christian. But its cheap to make and it packs a punch. Crazy how players prefer to use ships that are easily replaceable and large enough to be capable in a fight.... This would happen no matter what you reduce the biggest free ships to. Lock Wasa behind a combat medal wall and we'll start sailing fir/fir Aggies and Ingers. Lock those behind the wall and we'll be in Wapens, Ratts, and Trincos. Remove the combat medal wall and we'll be back to a more diverse spam of light lineships. You can blame that meta on the crazy port bonuses and mod bonuses we can stack. I remember a time when wood type and mods didn't matter as much. Those were the days.
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    This will only lead to empty port battles. The current game mechanics allow for almost instant port flip for an organised attacker so the defender has no time to prepare. Couple this with the limited number of outposts allowed and limited ship slots and you find that the defender cannot be setup ready in every port to defend. Gone are the days that you could quickly gather a defense fleet when you heard a flag had been pulled, now any hastily assembled force would be cannon fodder for a prepared attacking force, so it would not be worth showing up.
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    I like what you're doing in those PZ zones and I also do think that port bonuses/super mods/gold ships do more harm to the game than good. I think the game would be better off if getting mods was a relatively easy task, sell every single mod that exists for 5 CMs a piece and you would have way more people willing to risk their stuff.
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    But didnt you just arrange with another nation so you could take what they had worked for and invested in from them? Why didnt you go for another port on this large map?
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    The PZ is small. Most fleets sail together...close enough for them to all join within the 2 minutes. The huge ganking in PZ usually happened because a most groups are 3-5 captains, while 1 or 2 groups are 10+ captains. And then exactly as @huliotkd said, anyone else joining will never join the lower side, but rather the larger side. Mainly because of the odds of survival. Basically, a small PZ means small groups sail close enough for 2 minutes.
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    I think the issue is more that it is impossible for some nations defending in these areas to field deepwater ships to counter the hostility. The attacking nation may decide to sail for an hour to raise the hostility but the defending nation do not have the time to sail their deepwater ships there to counter as the hostility would be over before they could arrive. Hostility missions for shallow ports should be limited to shallow water ships.
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    Why should I pay real money for a DLC to make the game work? Coalition/alliance is the way to go IMO. I never understood why it got all scrapped instead of being adjusted and tweaked.
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    If manpower is a way to go - Alts cant significantly affect the manpower - usage affects manpower. If alt actively plays, gains rank, and is in the OW being a target only then he is using the manpower, but then he is just a player. Passive population does not expend the manpower, active population is using it.
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    @admin Glad to see you are working on RVR balance! Have you considered the possibility to declare a RVR coalition between small nations so they can effectively combine their forces against the stronger foe?
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    ...da probieren sie über drei Jahren in allen Teilbereichen (RvR, Eco, Politik, PvP) des Spieles rum. Ideen und Mechaniken werden entwickelt und wieder verworfen, um dann etwas aus dem Hut zu zaubern, dass ein paar Monate vor dem angekündigten Release mit einer Handvoll Spieler getestet wird. Dann wird das Spiel released und nach 2 Monaten ist der Karren komplett gegen die Wand gefahren und das Spiel eigentlich durchgespielt. Für die die es nicht mitbekommen haben, die Russen sind der Sieger. Und nun hat man keine Exit-Strategie wie man aus der verfahrenen Situation herauskommt und hofft wahrscheinlich jeden Tag im Entwicklerstudio, dass ein Wunder geschieht und die russische Nation/Koalition sich auflöst und wieder etwas Bewegung in das Spiel kommt, damit die handwerklichen Schwächen des Spieles notdürftig übertüncht werden. Aber klar, ein DLC Schiff geht natürlich immer. Ich kenne die russische/ukrainische Mentalität nicht wirklich. Gilt es dort als Schande zuzugeben, dass man sich mit einem Projekt überhoben hat?
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    We don't have a true clan wars system because we still have nations. Get rid of nations - and then you'll have a true clan wars system :). make friendly clan list your allies. now what can we complain about next :)? oh right, BR on ports.
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    That doesn't keep that problem clan from buying support from foreign nations to try to flip the port (or out and out cheating, sinking to that foreign nation in hostility missions to help them flip the port, as the open Tribunal case against them will hopefully show). And when they are cowing the other pirate clans into supporting them, against their own best interests, what can you do besides forcefully point out the error of their ways, while not letting them take advantage of all of your hard work? What the other, smaller clans in the night-time pirates don't realize, like SNACH and others, is that BL4CK back in the PvP2 days thought they were hot shit, but were propped up by one very good logistician, Duncan, and a handful of very good PvP'ers (e.g. @William Death, et al.). They even thought they were so good that they forced people to go through a silly initiation clan, BLOOD and pay them tribute before they could be deigned worthy to be in their clan, while using Outlaw battles to squash any dissent. That situation was so toxic that they've essentially run off their best PvP'ers, which has left them in a state of overblown egos with not enough grit in the mill to actually do the hard work necessary to lead. One can only hope that the other clans in the Pirate Nation come to their Emperor Has No Clothes moment with them and save themselves the trouble of a long-term subservience to paper tigers like @koltes and 7gram.
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    Greatness does not scale well on mobile
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    I personally think that removing combat medals and XP or any other incentive for players above post captain attacking players below master and commander would be good. Also instituting a global gentleman's agreement across the server to let players trading and fighting against AI of rank below master and commander be on their way, unless they wish to fight by agreement. I certainly agree that in some form seal clubbing does affect the number of people that keep playing and stay on. I tend to think that the solution is un-capturable capitals should have AI that protect players under the rank of master and commander as long as they stay in the capital and it's immediate satellite city area. I am also hoping that the new raid mechanics put pressure on nations that have expanded beyond their active population size. Unfortunately I think that a lot of "can't beat em join em" types have already swelled the size of some nations to the point that this mechanic may not reflect the number of ports a nation should have, if their population was not swelled by mercenary types that join the winning side. I guess another solution might be just to make nations core ports all 20 or so and un capturable but raidable. Then have the rest up for grabs. Meaning that no nation can actually die beyond being economically viable all together. P.S. Sorry if I am a bit off topic. But I think all of the above is directly related to the game being viable in the long term. Especially for those that take a break every now and then to come back. I really would love to see this game keep growing and expanding with more DLC and more maps. It's unique and amazing.
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