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  2. If a lacking gunboat is the only obstacle keeping you away from participation, I forward one to you. That is why I secured them. But number is limited. Leaves the 1000 doubloons admission to you to pay though.
  3. And This Lady's And Gents is why you don't get on Privateers Bad side and mess with Pirate Trading Or you end Up Getting Sunk.
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  5. I was about suggest same economy mission idea, let players create missions for others. And haul your stuff. Would be something interesting for traders!
  6. Maybe in national capital, but not in any other port at least not at British side. I drop in every port on my way to the destination to check any sales and its nada. I know there are peeps whit buildings they just don't care to sell any because price is too low compared gains from missions. Everyone just hoards the stuff and trade to guildies if needed. Thats how i think its atm.
  7. Sure is.. have one unit equipped with JFBrowns.. they are hidden most of the time.. I am in the endgame of Stones River.. that unit has accounted for over 1,000 kills now.. and I believe no losses. Should be a victory.. need to manage the end game carefully to keep casualties down.. CSA losses are well over 50%; at least it seems to be correct.
  8. Stop AI from making dime turns in OW. Make them turn like normal players have to. Change Battle Swords icon to a better color, or let us change it in settings. Change "Enemy Player" to "Enemy Captain"when clicking on someone in OW. Change the sails color of Elite Ships to a dark leather color....or leave Elite Ship sails pure white and change all other NPC sail to a worn leather color. Get rid of OW Battle join circles, make only 1 circle like Capital Battles, or at the very least stop spawning one join circle on land. Shorten the 45 days in game of blinding rain storms Bring back Storm Battles
  9. Simply a genius idea. I completely forgot that there's 100% accuracy for grapple, it's also instant pull. What an overlook, there certainly could be more to grappling then press g once and done.
  10. free gunnbote with entry!?!?? 😍 I should check on my PVE character and consider this
  11. I was the last one to join the battle, which was around 10 minutes after it began. When I joined, the Spanish forces were chasing the pirates down wind. Once I joined the battle the faster Spanish ships turned to join up with their Victory and the pirate forces grouped up-wind. As the battle progressed, the Victory and larger Spanish ships were slower to react to changes in position and repeatedly left the smaller ships alone. The pirates then quickly sunk the smaller Spanish ships, with Privateer boarding many of them. After a few of the Spanish support ships had been sunk, the remaining Spanish forces began to retreat. The Rattvisan escaped first and the Hercules second. Once the Spanish began escaping the larger pirate ships focused on the Victory, reducing its crew, while the Pirate 5th rates sunk the remaining Spanish support ships. Once the remaining Spanish ships had sunk I was able to board the Victory, which was sunk last.
  12. Summary: I was tagged, all the Spanish were in within 2 min, other Pirates joined after 2 min. Spanish strategy was to group around the Victory down wind of the pirates. It would have been a good plan if ALL of the Spanish did that. However they left some stragglers up wind which were easily boarded before they could regroup.
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  14. Captains, unfortunately we have to postpone server launch by 6-8 hours (at maximum - by the daily maintenance time). Once the server is live we will let you know. Apologize for the inconvenience
  15. Капитаны, к сожалению мы вынуждены отложить запуск сервера до утра (как максимум - до времени технического обслуживания). Как только сервер восстановит свою работу, мы сообщим вам. Приносим извинения за неудобства.
  16. Captains, unfortunately we have to postpone server launch by 6-8 hours (at maximum - by the daily maintenance time). Once the server is live we will let you know. Apologize for the inconvenience
  17. hi mate there are a number including Ahoy been there a long time after wipe will probably be there full time
  18. It looks like this time the server won't be rolled back. ETA for Live is about ah hour - we will keep you posted
  19. Капитаны, к сожалению, на данный момент сервер снова не доступен из-за технических проблем. Мы уточняем причины и сроки восстановления работы сервера у провайдера. Приносим извинения за неудобства.
  20. Captains, unfortunately the server experiences problems again. This is under investigation.
  21. Will it be rolled back again? Cause i already used all the concessions.... so for those of us who did can we log an f11 to get them back?
  22. Captains, Unfortunately the server is not available at the moment due to technical issues again. We are clarifying reasons with the server provider and we will keep you informed. Apologize for the inconvenience
  23. There's gonna be a rollback for sure - the same, as today before maintainance. So ... don't worry, your fleet is save. ^^
  24. Same here. Was in battle and now cannot get my fleet back to port for repairs etc. Hope I don't lose them
  25. Oui et non, certes des mixs de bois plus cohérents mais pas de choix de bois, ni de choix de spécialisations, sinon c'est la mort du craft et du commerce... Y'a qu'à farmer les elites bots et adieu le peu d'économie qu'il reste. Les elites ça doit rester des rares loots, pas une normalité... Enfin ce n'est que mon avis
  26. Can log into PVP but failing repeatedly on PVE server. It attempts to log in and fails with a message "Error Login queue request failed" Was fine after maintenance last night but is consistently failing now.
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