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  2. well for me button clicks that provide mechanics to warn players that there is a temporary alliance would be worthwhile because I hear all the time players attacking allied players. Not everyone and most noobs do not use Team Speak and half the other people are on discord only. Not to mention the people that dont speak english
  3. are you sure that also friendly clan will have the crafting bonus?
  4. ADMIN just a though raises with the new frontlines sistem... what happen when a large clan take over all capitals near a freetow?? basically they block the map for the rest... why you can't attack regional ports to hurt them (economy wise) prior to attack the Regional capitol? im just wondering how the RVR will be in the future with large clans blocking the acces to everyone else and basically controling 50 ports by just having a few strongest capitols... basically you need to had and control a few ports to build and craft in safety. could be nice to have a "distance based" sistem instead of capital sistem... because if your front line aren't specifically close to the enemy nation, you have to jump into your neighbour first... so Sweeden will never attack GB or Spain, or even the gulf, because is way to far... or france if they want to attack danes, Sweden block his way up... almost the same for the rest of the nations... i would like to have the option to attack regional ports from my closest frontline, once you control the whole region you can attack the next capital... otherwise, RVR will be very boring thing... no tactics, and some nations will be out of fight most of the time.
  5. The owner clan can add clans in the same nation to their friendly clans list, including a one man clan if they so wish. Friendly clans will have access to the port and it’s bonuses.
  6. Two things.. Looks like Pinar del Rio can only be a Spanish county now with a preset Spanish town in the realm. Need to fix the pre-release black box popup on the map so you can see the map connections . Put some see through capabilities in that big black box with the port info on it.
  7. The sad fact is that single players are at a disadvantage on the PVP server due to the large numbers of players in groups who hunt down single players. I experienced it myself for months before I quit the server and almost quit the game. This is common knowledge among players. That's the point I'm trying to make. It became no longer enjoyable. The peace server is what saved this game for me. Im not against team play, don't get me wrong. And I probably know and understand history as least as well as you as it is my study and hobby these last 5 decades. So I understand that large actions do occur. I understand how wars are fought and lands captured. But you devs are really cutting into the fan base when you force people to join clans or die as you so indelicately put it. There should be a reasonable approach that allows both game styles to be played. Perhaps the two different servers are the answer. But I remember how fun the game was before the big patch in May 2017. And both single players and clans were playing together without being continually ganked. I watched my fleet go from 15 ships down to less than 10 in quick order. When I lost my Indiaman and my prized Wasa, I'd had enough.
  8. I see. But I read that only the players of the clan owning the port can craft ships with bonus. Doesn't this negate the purpose of this "unformal" alliance system?
  9. Maybe map could show which ports are able to get attacked from where (red lines)
  10. Alliances were in game but were removed because they turned conversations into button clicks. We want people to talk to each other, make agreements, betray and basically do human things (instead of button clicks) Friend list is the alliance. Informal alliances also exist between nations and enemy players
  11. @admin you talk about alliance, but is there an alliance feature in the game? I mean except the "friend list" of each clan.
  12. This patch is about port development. Please stop this fake news agenda of solo players being discarded or made useless. Majority of battles on the OW are small engagements 2v2 3v3. Most battles in NA are small engagements. Even streamed battles - most of them are small engagements. Do not believe me - check past broadcasts of naval action on twitch. BUT. East India or West Indies was not conquered and developed by some solo guy. It was done by companies with their private fleets and armies like East India Company. Want to control West indies and build the best ships? Join the alliance with someone. Period. There is no historical or fictitious reference of solo privateers building great first rates. Sorry. You can in our game - but best ships will require lots of RVR and many players to participate.
  13. How does one setup or help with port investment? Clan creators only? Not in neutral ports?
  14. ogracias, per de los devs no me importa nada: simplemente avisaba a los que tienen la idea de jugar un poco en el servidor del PVE.
  15. We think too often in terms of either/or, rather than both/and. This game shines in many many ways. Any upgrade that benefits solo players without hurting grouped players is a win. Likewise, vice-versa.
  16. "mods and books are getting massive nerfs in 1-2 days. + some base ship parameters like accel and decel turning." Thank you!
  17. Dont mean to argue but really? Join or die? That says it all for solo players on the war server. That's why the peace server is so important, as it gives us somewhere to play this game without getting continually ganked. And point in fact, not by any means was every action a large, hundred ship Trafalgar. Most, thru out history where single ship or two or three. Small group of 2, 3, or 4 'rats in cutters and the like attacking a single merchant. Constitution against the HMS Guerriere, Java, Pictou, Cyane, and Levant; every single one of her battles were against only 1 or 2 ships, not dozens. She never fought a line engagement except possibly the Battle of Tripoli harbour. That's was typical of the times, far more common and hence, more realistic.
  18. Hostility for 3k Shallow ports feels good (regarding time)even with 3 people and only around 300BR attack ships
  19. in a previous patch Devs changed it so we could have unlimited port battles against the Neutral faction. there is still a hard limit of 3 port battles against each nation.
  20. Капитаны, на данный момент в игре присутствует баг, из-за которого невозможно продать корабль. Чтобы решить проблему, необходимо перевести корабль в собственную флотилию для обнуления установленных книг. После этого корабль может будет продать. В ситуации с basic cutter выход только один - выйти в море и потопить корабль. Исправление будет, скорей всего, завтра после технического обслуживания серверов
  21. If mods and books are getting a "massive nerf", I hope the changes apply to AI ships aswell.
  22. As someone who has never had more dubs than 20k: I understand.
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