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  2. I pray that we can invest in hot shot furnaces! It could be funny! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heated_shot
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  4. Depends on what you hope to do in game. If you have high expectations and demand constant action, the experience may not be great.
  5. Remember when they were first introduced, France had all except for one of the less favorable rare woods at ports where they were permanent. That is why I suggested in another thread to reduce the cost and amount of the resources for the missions, that way they will move around more often.
  6. Look at it this way, an alt in another nation has the same mechanics as a new player in that same nation. Any game mechanic that keeps woods and other resources out of the hands of an alt also keeps the same resources out of reach to new players. And not just new players; solo players, small clans, and small nations are also getting shafted. I'd rather the game be filled with new players and small nations and some alts than have only zerg nations, zerg clans, and a quick turnover rate for new players. Before anyone makes assumptions, I don't have any alts in other nations but I also have no issue with other people having alts in other nations if that's how they want to play. Alts are usually in poorly armed trade ships carrying expensive things sailing around the OW, all I see there is more content. Sure, alts can outbid national players on resources and raise the prices, but under the current no-alt system the price is 10x higher.
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  8. This distribution is a kind of joke. Some nations have best woods just in front or very close to their capitals. The US for example has almost all the woods in their coastline. Also danes and pirates seem quite favoured.
  9. Koro and CivWar64 have starting guides that are probably what you want to read then. I'll post some links when I'm back at a computer.
  10. HE might not have issues. Here's a list of the roaming ent forests currently.
  11. I wonder why the person decided to impersonate me, instead of any of the other moderators? This just proves that I'm the favorite.
  12. With 300 players on WAR server at 'peak' times, we're all hardcore.. regardless of wether we're good at it or not.
  13. If you're looking to get your feet under you without a guide or watching let's plays (and for the record, I agree with pandakraut that this is probably the best way to learn the game's tactics), I actually recommend starting the campaign as CSA (the first couple of missions as USA are tougher, in my opinion) and play the first couple of missions leading up to first bull run. You start with relatively few units and are reinforced by a few more, you get to practice attack and defense, and finally by the end of first bull run are leading a relatively large army. And because most of the troops you command are extra to your campaign army, the first few missions are pretty forgiving in terms of army management.
  14. Merci. Ca va dans le bon sens. Toutefois, je ne comprends pas le pourquoi de permis sur les Rattlesnake et Rattlesnake Heavy. Avec l'intrusion des Hercules, Requins, Surprises et Pandora dans les shallow waters, ils sont devenus presque inutiles...
  15. I still would like to see the moon at night.
  16. Thanks, I'm not really looking for a walkthrough, more of a guide to how to interact with the overwhelming large game interface and map, how to understand, move, and manage so many troops, and the very basics of strategy, but whatever you can point me towards I'm sure will be helpful.
  17. Nope! You will see whatever flags and paints I dang well want to show you! Except if they bring in fugly "clan flags". Those could have an "out" option.
  18. Corrected. I would not consider myself hardcore at all. I would fall into the casual group if anything and so would majority of the clan I am apart of. We have access to all the woods. I also know other casual players in other nation in the same situation I am in. They adapted and overcame the issues presented.
  19. Thank you for bringing it to attention that knowledge of the location for foreign pkayers is critical. Without this knowledge, there will be no RVR.
  20. No you can't, clan missions are only available for members of the owning clan or clans that are on their friends list, effectively cutting off all casual players from getting access to fine woods and rare ressources.
  21. I've taken the liberty to write in your text, it makes answering your points easier, but making replies to me a bit more cumbersome. I err on the side of convenience.
  22. I'd like the option to remove DLC flags on my end. That you want a special flag is fine, just don't force me to see it if I don't want to.
  23. Which basically negates any notion of 'review' bombing. Ppl review the game in the state the game is in. Make the game fun, and the reviews will reflect that, unless ofc that ever present banhammer has alienated enough of the playerbase that they don't come back to review the game after each patch, and in that case we don't need to worry because the reviews won't be counted post launch, they will be viewable but they won't count in the stats. Atleast that's how I understand Steams review policy on EA games. That makes the question: "Can you recommend this game to others in it's current, immediate pre-launch state?" ever more pertinent. Instead we're still discussing 'us vs. them'...
  24. Les permis au prochain patch Les permis seront mis à jour au prochain patch. En attendant, ne dépensez pas vos marques ou marques de victoire pour des permis. Seuls 10 navires resteront rares, leurs stats seront améliorées (spécialement les Rattlesnakes, Niagara et Constitution) : Santisima Christian Bellona Constitution Endymion Renommee Rattlesnake Rattlesnake heavy Niagara Tous les autres navires seront constructibles sans permis Les permis rares seront ajoutés aux coffres de gold et de silver pour pouvoir les obtenir en PvE Les coffres PvP d'amiral et de capitaine donneront un des permis rares à 100% : Amiral : vaisseaux de ligne et 4ème rangs Capitaine : navires légers, frégates et 4ème rangs De plus, ces notes de navire seront achetables à l'amirauté contre des médailles de combat (le coût sera ajusté) : Rattvisan - 300 médailles L'Hermione - 200 médailles Hercules - 150 médailles Le Requin - 150 médailles
  25. That is what I am stating. It is what we currently have. Cannot avoid alts unless alts are completely removed from game. You have to find a way where you can reduce their impact as much as possible.
  26. О каких выпадениях рецептов идет речь? На сколько я помню корабли больше не нуждаются в рецептах, каждый становится открыт для крафта по достижению определенного крафт уровня. У модулей почти все рецепты продаются в Адмиралтействе и игроки могут покупать конкретный рецепт по необходимости. Единственные рецепты которые выбиваются из неписи это Art of Ship Handling, Gunnery Encyclopedia и Book of Five Rings. Эти не являются рецептами первой необходимости ибо составляющие части дропаются редко. А по поводу кораблей и на сининх 3/5 норм воюется
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