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  2. I don’t think 1000 players is a success, I think most of them are existing players all playing at once, at least that’s what I see on the pve server, a few new but mostly familiar names and at admiral rank. I though there would be alot more returning players too, given that all the players that have played during development and must have been waiting for release, numbers should have been alot higher. KPR is empty! Compared to before patch 27, I thought numbers would have return to that level at least. Many things happen in patch 27, one of them was the removal of NPCs from capitals, damage to the playerbase or the fallout from that must have been permanent. Maybe very iteration since has had a permanent fallout.
  3. I absolutely agree on trading. Before the wipe DLC ships were inferior to ships crafted with port bonuses. They will be again once ports are improved. Farming is a problem and I think capital safe zones need to be expanded.
  4. Patch is up: new item pickup/put system can be triggered with ALT key, whole stack can be moved with SHIFT key all sent warriors are shown again warriors sent to gather animal parts will return as soon as they will be out of arrow
  5. It would be great, if DLC owners of Le Requin would also be able to craft it, please. It’s my favorite ship and I would like to use it more than just once every 24h. Adding the blueprint for DLC owners in the shipyard would be nice: - adds value to the DLC - could use ship more - port bonuses could be added Of course applicable to all DLCs.
  6. Hi, a friend send me this pic after two days farming alone deliverys,. Now think about what a big clan can make in a few days in money and doublons.
  7. Stay with the devs proposal for passing the final exam. Damage one opponent's sail, separate the ships and kill one after the other... too bad I made no video of my exam. Took me approximately 40min. ... or try the boarding version, depends on you playing style.
  8. I was fighting a surprise solo in my Hercules. I noticed a pirate called Ed Rose from Black clan joined the battle on my team. I then noticed his clan mate joining my battle on opposing team. I believe ED Rose joined my team to exploit my battle and raise my 'teams' BR so that his friend in a bigger ship that would otherwise not have been able to join on the enemy side could join to easily kill me. As I was already under BR of the fight. Attached screenshot below of the two players in battle just after they joined.
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  10. and it's why most vets leave the island and go somewhere else. The problem is when they go every where else and get spread so much they can't help each other. It's an organization problem. They could be one of the most powerfull nations but they don't want to. Unlike Russinas that do spread out and have about the same amount of numbers but they work together for the most part. So stop calling them week, it's not our fault to many folks don't want to work together. This use to be US problem too, but they honestly are loosing a lot of numbers and not as big as folks think they are.
  11. I feel like all of the information you've given goes towards the thickness of the ship and rebounding cannonballs, the HP feels more like the crew morale and the more its damaged the more causalities are taken which then gives the crew fatigue and not able to keep the ship afloat from damages to the hull.
  12. Yah it would be nice if it was listed with your rank and such on the top left when in port and you can check your rank/crew for that rank. It just tells you the level and nothing else. You have to find the badge and check that under the crafting building tab.
  13. We need nerf le requin, she have much crew and if you dont have other requin is impossible catch him, in OP world is not a problem but in patrol zone is a cancer, you cannot scape and if you have herc or pandora you cant do anything to win. Nerf to his crew and his life is 6rt...
  14. Click Edit Type your new text Click Edit Click Edit Type your new text Click Edit Wait for server maintenance Double check in morning to see if it took. LOL All I really know is it won't show until after the next server maintenance after editing it.
  15. You will have the REDS convoys coming from Bermuda to San Juan. You bring the fish, they give the salt.
  16. Cannons are fine without inventing nerfs for ships. Surprise carried 32pdrs according to historical records. You can’t make up rules to try to balance what can never be balanced anyways. Leave it be. We all knew what would happen when frigates came into shallows. Double the HP, double the firepower, double the crew. 6th rates don’t stand a chance except 1v1 against bad captains. Leave the brigs and other shallow ships to those who want to sail them for...whatever their reason is. At least Surprise, Reno, and Cerb are finally useful (in deep water PvP they are laughable with the new combat model). Sad but it is what it is. Frigates should have never been brought into the shallows if we wanted to keep brigs and sloops relevant.
  17. Have you searched You Tube? I think you may find some video guides including guides on how to beat the tutorial exams that have been recently posted.
  18. Can anyone tell me how to edit the contents of the text box in the clan interface? I mean the text box above the list of clan members, and to the left of the 'Send Mail, 'Edit' and 'Leave' buttons? I do have the necessary permissions, being the clan founder. I can edit the contents of the window, but can't get my changes to save. Should I click the Edit button before making the changes or after? Neither way seems to save my changes. Thanks for any help.
  19. Not sure that Essex vs. Endymion should be a fair fight given equal captains (Certainly not IRL anyway). IMO ship balance should be lower priority than everything else. Frankly mods and the port bonuses still need balancing before the rest. In particular taking a look at stacking and hard caps. Gunnery: Agree with the reduction of carros but just to note: LeRequin never had carros IRL there is balance for you. They won't take away the option so yeah should be reduced at least. Niagara should carry 32 carros because that is how she was armed. When armed with carros Surprise I think had 32s. Trade: Get rid of the 100 wt per unit blanket weight. IMO that is one reason it is not profitable unless you have an Indiaman fleet.
  20. would be nice if we will be allowed to assign different hotkey for OW/Instance/Port.
  21. I would like to get the craft rating with the number of XP for each level. There is no indication in the game. Thank you very much.
  22. It might be moved into Common tab, the hotkey is a common one by its nature
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