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  3. I know how to curb my enthusiasm. I know Sea Legends might not get working duel, skirmish or grand battle rooms. I'll support it even without the certainty. I'm fine with having the most insane crafting system ever devised in single player mode. I'm aware people get off on that. But... IF we get multiplayer stuff in Sea Legends; Single player insano crafting, gear or crew grinds can't matter in multiplayer. Please! If there has to be grinding in the multiplayer part it's ok, all but everyone can handle grinds these days. I desperately emplore you to keep bot- and singleplayer grinding separate from the (possible) multiplayer part. It would be ill-advised to not include a rather large segment of players, that I represent, that you currently don't have populating the OW server.
  4. Needed to clean browser cache, works now.
  5. I've been off for a loooooooong while...

    Are there still solo patrol zones and do people generally fight there?

    Before I went on land leave it was mostly ppl hoping to grind bots in the solo zones (go figure)

  6. Yes @admin clearly this man deserves another de ruyter, maybe with new woods now that seasoned are out of date...🤣, his choice of course
  7. @Ink Did it today? Didnt notice that on my list... Maybe it was the kill before or after that... at least 1 of them is missing today how about my other 1st post were i was supposed to give you additional info by mail but you never responded/acted on that?
  8. Today i see we have now access to admiralty in freetown. I proposed on this post , maybe a reward? /D @admin
  9. Просто нужен вайп. Зажрались
  10. Easy. You decided to seize the territory inhabited by savages. What could go wrong? Well, they may not be so savage and buy (on credit) a few destroyers from your enemies. Then a sudden meeting with your Armada and BOOM. Your neighbors may not like it and you will have a choice, give up your colonial possessions, or start a war with the European powers. The quality of your ship was so poor that it drowned on the way to the savages. The crew would be so untrained that it exploded the ship by accident. and 100500 possible options. Everything is in the hands of developers. Read the first article from the same writer. I did not understand what mean "legend" Game start is 1890. Dreads will appear only after 15 years. Cruisers? Not sure. Russia and France developed cruisers to destroy british trade fleet, the British - to protect trade. Spaniards ... because they did not have money for battleships? Then you have to give the same bonus to China and Japan. I agree that there should be both bonuses and penalties. Damn, my concept Russian Empire probably has more minuses than bonuses. But cruisers? However, I know a little about the Spanish fleet. Сivil war in RTW means you need a small, victorious war Good pictures, but these ships were built in defeated Spain.To win, you need other ships. Which ones will become clear after the release of the company.
  11. AI should surrender when demasted; I'm tired of stern shooting a bigger AI ship when all the masts are already gone and I simply can't destroy the hull enough to sink him; if he has only bow spirit he should immediately surrender
  12. People ran in Legends just like they do in Naval Action. They simply don't want to lose, neither in an open world or arena game.
  13. I think if you choose to play with Spain, you have to build low budget battleships, smaller dreadnoughts. Like these ships: You have to build compact, "jolly joker" battleships, that can be effective against most of the targets (dd, ca ,bc, bb).
  14. You never bothered with legends man. Not that it matters since it was a free side project but it never worked when I played. We would join the game and not even enter the same battle etc. It was a closed alpha game. Legends required a separate store page to succeed and more development in general.
  15. I am a big fan of your work but since the update, the webpage wont load. Other people have told me it wont load for them either while others say it does. I have tried on 2 different PC with two different browsers.
  16. @admin how does it work? i have the ''DLC required'' picture for trincomalee but i'm a current owner of the game
  17. No comment here just sharing this because it is fact
  18. Пример, в котором провёл много времени: открытый мир - Раст. Оффициальные сервера. Максимальная группа - 8 человек. Да. Видел мухлёж, когда две группы по 8 играют за одно. Но никогда за десяток вайпов (они по месяцу длятся на оффах) я не видел, чтобы заодно играло половина сервера в 200-300 человек. А именно столько сейчас в РИ по моим наблюдениям. Да, соло в расте сложнее, чем группой, и тут это работает. Но возможно. Возможно в соло нагнуть группу. Возможно в соло зарейдить даже клан. Игра это позволяет своими механиками. И вообще там вариативности много. Хочешь - играй от силы - крепкий дом, хочешь от скрытности, хоть без дома вовсе. Решает только скилл и время проведённое в игре. Но вот в случае, когда в расте полсервера объединиться против одного клана, при чем не просто типо на словах и договорённостях. Потому что слова и договорённости можно обойти той же сменой ника, а на уровне механики, да так, что даже по ошибке на своего не нападешь, то клан не вывезет. Здесь, в этой игре на уровне механики разрешён и даже поощряется зерг. А ничего, что любой новенький игрок - прежде всего соло? И не является частью зерга. Легче бонусы сейчас нафармить в двести человек или в двадцать?) ну или в сорок?
  19. people complain to mutch i sail a victory i know it heels over more than normal on turns so just dont do that
  20. I would suggest a "don't shoot at this target" button, reason for is this: sometimes you see enemy ships which are already doomed and don't need any more of your firepower and hence I would like to order my ships to not attack it anymore.
  21. Да мне наплевать на эти "эльфоухорубки", дорогой ты не те игры приводишь в качестве аргумента, уж извини. Сравнить сессионки (отчасти) с открытым миром? Серьезно? Это же банальная манипуляция, как раз таки онлайном. Типа "Посмотрите, в этих популярных играх "борються" с зергом". Я боюсь проблема далеко не в зерге...не читаю форумы и сайты по этим играм. На текущий момент в игре есть очень сильно сформировавшиеся стереотипы и поведения по ним. "Кто сильнее, тот и прав". Сможешь опровергуть? "Мнение одного влиятельного человека, сильнее мнения множества невлиятельных мнений". Сможешь опровергнуть? "Собака лает, караван идет" (не в тему, но все же). Сможешь опровергнуть? Порой сформировавшиеся мнения о том или ином корабле, заставляют всех новичков ходить именно на "определенных" кораблях. Многие даже не пробуют воевать на чем то другом. Потому, что "Троль" (извини ты в примере) сказал, что именно на "данных кораблях" ты(новичек) будешь нагибать. А это не так...
  22. Тут ты неправ. Навал это OW игра в том же архэйдж мой клан в своё время создал 2 ячейки за две стороны что позволило устранить конкурентов с обеих сторон:) в итоге клан превратился в зерг который захватил сервер и убил его, мейл подумали и перенесли к нам ещё 2 сервера которые мы так же уничтожили было прикольно! Но игра умерла от этого:).
  23. Yeah it should but what if UK joins a war or declares one while you are in the business of fighting another? And the army will probably take a while. It is really hard to tell thou how these things work indetail and so many things depend on them. True, but I don't assume the Ai to be completely passive (maybe wrongly?) and Italy and A-H would themselves act, and so would france. We also don't know how much you actually could get out of lets say controlling Greece and if that is enough to turn the tides.
  24. That will maybe be in the first version of the campaign, I just can't Imaging that it would be its end goal thou. I mean if I only have to fight, when I chose how can I really lose? Thou I don't play RTW or RTW 2 and maybe there it is the case noone does something unless the player starts it? Well my Spain naval knowledge is either centuries before aka "the armada" (not a really helpful name if you speak Spanish I would think) or base on what Drachinfiel told about the Spanish navy in the Spanish American war. Thou maybe the dev give traits base on "legend". Otherwise, they had the smallest Dreadknought class and 3 of them and nothing else in terms of BB's. So maybe a bonus for cruiser? I mean TP is something I rather would give to Italy, base on WW2. Political speaking, well you have a civil war coming... So huge naval budgets don't look likely indeed.
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