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  2. The attack button should not become clickable until the target is close enough to attack. WAY TOO MANY times have I been following a ship, and the attack button turns red and becomes clickable, so I click it, only to get an attack failed message that says the target is too far away. And then a 30sec cool down where the target inevitably gets to port or finds a giant AI fleet to hide next to. I suggest the attack button remain unclickable and not turn red until the target IS close enough to attack. There's no reason to have this overlap where the button is clickable but the target is too far away. Have it overlap the other way if you can't reconcile it with the ping.
  3. Yeah its ridiculous, i dont even bother to grind AI anymore..ill just look for pvp, at this rate ill be rear admiral in 3years from now, but i can care less..the AI is the most boring and the loot is horrible
  4. Aha, all old scared mamas except havoc. Good that you explained that to us. For the rest you wrote: would be more agreeable without the bullshit remark.
  5. Used today Port Battles as training and took the opportunity to play around with Photoshop trying to create a "painting" effect
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  7. Koveras

    Loot table

    Atleast the rum would be used rather than sitting in a warehouse untill u sell them in order to create space for even more useless crap.
  8. So.. The frontline system has proven to be a failure. So has the port bonus'. The imbalance to the mods and port bonus' combined with the frontline system has basically made the game stagnant. There's very few battles and even fewer contested port battles + the risk of losing the heavy grind invested into ports has basically made every nations pops a bunch of old mamas bois with the exception of Denmark-Norways HAVOC clan, and no we're not counting the russians.. hiding in a zerg doesn't equate to bravery. This creates two issues - the risk/fear of loss in RvR creates incentives to avoid offensive battles in RvR due to the risk of retaliation. Am I the only one that remembers the many, many PBs we had before "ports should matter" and "let's make NA an unbearable grind" patches? The port bonus' creates an issue where one side has a decided advantage over the other which basically ensures one side (the one with 55p ports) a sure win and the other a long nose. Is it coincidental that russia owns the 55p ports? - ofc not. Is it healthy for the game? - ofc not. I would like to suggest a better balance of the mods, preferably removing them from the game. I would like to suggest that port bonus' will be tied to the shipyard of the crafter and that all crafters in principle can upgrade to lvl 55 regardless of wether the player is in a clan or not - the grind is all that will matter. This way the port will matter, but no nation can destroy RvR by taking all 55p ports (and no this is not a criticism of russia, but of the shitty mechanics). I would like to suggest that a region can only be captured by taking the lesser ports in the region first and by that open up the capital of the region for conquest. Further conquest should not be open unless a nation fully holds the region, this way we would see more battles, more PBs and more balanced PB fleets (tho it could be interesting to see wether ppl will focus on hull, crew and sailing rather than fx. hull, gunnery and crew - this ofc would however mean that the 55p shipyards should be limited to fx. 35p or 40p so choice actually matters for a crafter). EDIT and make the clan matter less, just because we don't like to have many unaffiliated players in the game doesn't mean we shouldn't make the game atleast somewhat playable. We've already locked out the casuals from port battles so why lock them out of crafting as well?
  9. I mean it is understandable that you get the better books and stuff from chest and not so much from AI ships anymore and I understand their grind as "content" approach ( which is why they wiped everything again in the first place ) but getting useless garbage upgrades like this on for the 12th time feels like a personal "Hello kitty you and your time" message. Why are there so many useless shit upgrades even in game? Can we remove or finally balance them? I mean it's already past release... Looting 10 rum is better than most of these upgrades.
  10. Koveras

    Loot table

    Increase the value of the loot. 5 times in a row I've gotten "boatswain 4-5th rate" and 4 bottles I've collected, so far - teak wood, bermuda cedar, 11 spanish square sails, 11 french sail cloth and 6 swedish carpenters. Basically compared with how often the bottles drop the loot is shitty. Not only that, it's so shitty that I personally can't be bothered collecting bottles anymore - I can earn way more just by afk sailing. And do something about the loot from AI ships, now that we're grinding the ships all over again it would be nice to see a book that wasn't "boatswain 4-5th rate".... but ofc - the game is in a releasable state, I can't imagine there would be a need to actually balance stuff..
  11. I bet proper patch notes will only be posted when another DLC gets introduced 🙊
  12. If anyone wants repairs ... just put in an order. We have traders in game who will sell them to you, and deliver them. The suggested solution of wrecking the repair business kinda ruins the game for some traders .
  13. Sure it is if they want the ability to tweet it on the fly as they see fit. A lot of different things have been added to the game (some good and some piss poor) and many others have been removed (sometimes for better other times for the worse). My guess is that the reason for no notes on it is that they are still working on it. But for now, perhaps the community will follow this thread and provide data so that the precise amounts can be determined (and also see if it is being changed).
  14. Why so incredulous? You'd think the very rules and stipulation as to how and when battles can take place would be somewhere. There's not a single note on this to clear the air. I'd have an easier time deciphering someone's manic dream for them than guessing the thresholds of NA's ROE. "Just play the game" Give me the rules and I'll play your game. I'm not going in blind because the way ROE is set up is by no means clear or concise. Seriously @admin give us the answer, rules of engagement is not a good element of the game to be speculated on with theories.
  15. Yesterday
  16. having them on the Server selection screen would be nice, probably under 50% of the player base read the forums occasionally
  17. i understand your concern, but this is what happens when you have someone that is incompetent at the wheel that doesn't understand that the economy needs a total rework. Suggestions has been made so this wouldn't be possible, we have people underbidding/overbidding by 1 Real on all kinds of stuff, its not only repairs.
  18. North

    Port BR

    How would you get into a 15k br port when you can Even det into a 25k br port with 25k br fleet??? Yes you might do better inside, but you would never get in to the Pb😂😂 What er gonna have all Wasa and 3rd rate fleets again?? Liam your commander knew perfectly well who he attacked and that we were organized and had alot of ppl. You can have choosen any other target arter release to check numbers and your own strenght, but went after us straight out of release and now you complain.
  19. well i was in a battle : 1x hercules 110 vs 3 pirates > herc 110 + BC 10 + BC 10 = 130 br . and after 20 minutes a pirate frigate came in the battle so it is at least 19 %)( 110 +18% =129.8 br) [pirate br was 130 ]
  20. Ha sido expulsado de FNI. No es de recibo que recién llegado a un clan empiece de esa forma. Ya sea el o el Cesar.
  21. Y es por esto amigos míos que un grupo de jugadores abandona una facción. Y no han sido los ULTRA, hemos sido mogollón, que yo nunca he sido ULTRA, siempre he ido a mi bola. También se han ido los de 7up, que la mayoría son alemanes, y con esos no vale la excusa de las movidas personales, que nunca han estado metidos en ningún salseo. Y lo más patético de todo es usar el argumento de la bandera y los pasodobles y payasadas así que dan bastante vergüenza ajena, como si estuvieramos viviendo aún en la España de posguerra. Esto es un juego, coleguis, y en la facción española ahora mismo no hay gente muy capacitada. Yo soy consciente de mis limitaciones y procuro hacer caso a los jugadores veteranos de los que sé que puedo aprender, pero en la facción española me temo que hay mucho mediocre demasiado orgulloso para escuchar.
  22. its funny ... it feels like no one want read ... its NOT for me if for NEW player why i opend this post
  23. Que nos conocemos hombre. No pasa nada
  24. Just have your clan assign 1 or 2 people to craft repairs.
  25. All this information should be in the tips section of the game though, no one should have to learn this by playing or having to come into the forums to ask such basic stuff. Also there's no way to learn this by playing since the game doesn't show notifications for so many basic things. It would be nice to see all these timers in game during battle, why are not placed on the screen somewhere? Same for when a new players joins a battle. A little pop up that disappears after 5 seconds when a new player joins would be nice. These features are basic in any game.
  26. The only thing we can do, is to report such things ...
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