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  2. Thats what we thought about too. LT would be prefered i think, because more use that port than any other
  3. Yes. The type of ship is not important, but a lot of players making a salute is good.
  4. An event in memory of Seeferkel is a great idea. We should use ships that can have a black paint and/or sails and meet someone that most people are, like Tumbado or La Tortue. Having LLAMA members in a battle with 25 other players in order to do a broadside salute would be a great send off.
  5. I can understand that u want to hornor the Players which are dieing, But to give that Book away and only for a limited time ^makes it impossible hto have fair fights for everyone who will not redeam it. NERF that Book. I mean Usualy bevor seeferkels last log to build a Repair monster I used Norher Carpenters Expert carpentry Perc, Expert carpenter handbook and Carpenter combat reports. And now u added a Book which is in total better than Both books i named bevor that. I dont want to smaller the tragedy of Seeferkels Death but can u nerve thet book to a level where players which doesnt have that book can at least play Compadedtiv to Players which have it? Could u Bring think about what that meant to the Game bevor u Edited it? Couldend u Rename a De Reuter to Seeferkels last Gift or make something which isnt that IMBALLANCED? I mean u want to sell still copies of that game? All players which will buy that game and not play it for 2 hours or more and will see that book will properbly go to steam and ask there money back... I would at least do. So please think about what that means to all guys which doesnt have the Book and doesnt have a chance to get that book later. 5 % repairamount = 2 books Expert carpentry handbook and Carpenter combat report. -5 % reload time is better than The old flag officer. 25% moral is.... well not compareable at all (But only usefull in boarding so nevermind) Reduce the Advantadges of that book to a level where its still comparable: Repairamount +2% (Still imba) reloadtime -4 % and moral... i dont give a shid about. I would still call that Book impressiv and will use it on nearly all ships but the advantadges of that book atm are way to overpowered. IF u (Devs) can take a look at all books which are going to be used i would guess first is art of shiphandling secound was eather Carpenter combat Reports, Expert carpentry handbook or Gunnery enceclopedia. NOW it will be Seeferkels last log. Exchanging and Reballancing the Whole game with an item which isnt available for new players or for guys which are on vecation right now is not what i think is good for the game. So version A: Say sorry and give us something else Version B: Nerf it Version C : u kill gameballance and let it like it is. (Will result in more negative reviews on steam and makes it for newcommers more unatractiv) And last word even i was not always on one opinion With seeferkel Rest im Pease.
  6. Hey Despe, we had the idea of doing that in black-painted ships (pfrigs for example) British HYDRA clan would be up for that - also as far as i heard RHB from pirates. Maybe we can come all together, get a full "fight" of 50 people - and then salute him.
  7. This is the Devs memoriam, im talking about a event make for the players. Thx for ruin the moment xD
  8. PvE server players found a new skill book named after this person. Suppose you have the same on PvP. Look into your redeemables.
  9. After the sad news of the death of player Seeferkel maybe it should be a good idea make a event in his memoriam. Lot of players on 1st rates in Tumbado, jumped in battle, not for figth, only for make gunshot salutes in his honor during the timer. We only need a date and a time, weekend is the best option, i guess. RIP, Seeferkel.
  10. Yes. A very decent gesture of respect. (Incl the text on it !)
  11. Ruhe in Frieden. Thank you for bringing life to the game and server, kinda wish I wasn't so mad at you for giving away Santo Domingo
  12. I would just like to thank the Devs for touching mark of respect for our lost commerade Seeferkel ,thankyou. R.I.P Seeferkel
  13. When you are graping some1, you do too few dmg to keep em in battle and they are able to run. Shouldnt be that way
  14. My condolences . Sail safe to your next destiny and love to your family.
  15. That is a very gentle In Memoriam gesture. Very good initiative Devs. Now his name will be always on the game... Honor to you
  16. Today
  17. Give us the possibilty to choose the ships trim - this is only a small compensation for tweaking crafting after releasing DLC
  18. Not getting refunded when closing a building (give 25% of the required resources back)
  19. Found two ganks in progress in the patrol zone. Helped out where I could 😁
  20. Thank you for the report, the problem will be fixed in one of the next patches
  21. 1. No 2. No 3. Nope didnt bother 🙈
  22. Ink

    Ruder block

    Once you face it again or if you can reproduce the case - please send F11 report with details.
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