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  2. Sure abouth that Graffi. Not long ago I a Saw an surgestion from your own boss asking for tools to punish players/clans in own nation, he disagreed with. Would lock ppl out from port bonus, not be such a tool?
  3. well it not enough money to do anything ingame. not worth it. you earn more buy using it. iits waht? 5000 Rals a Day? lol
  4. what i mostly encounter is, when tagging AI or a player. for battle In the battle start, the player is 16.879. miles in front of me and the AI is on collision course 30 meters away... its weird science sometimes.
  5. That's why you get combat medals for PvE now as well. More risks more chances. Take away the risks then take away the rewards as well.
  6. I'm sorry to tell you that your complaint is wrong, if a captain uses a strong to defend against your attack, it is completely logical, as when we use the windbreaker so that they do not reach us or the carronadas to take them off and board them, you plant in an enemy port, near their forts and canyons and you complain that they defend their owners ??? Do you really complain about this ?? My friend, you should meditate.
  7. OK. Tell the DEVS. give us the reals and the doubloons and the rank XP. And then IAs will not be necessary. 😜
  8. Tell us. How many doublons, victory marks and combat medals did you donate to develop British ports. How many stone blocks, tools or provisions did you sail to help big clans with port development. How many hours in game did you use to make your nations ship production work? I can tell you that I spent enormous amounts of all those goods and dozens of hours to help Russian ship production to be the best. Also in the big clans there are only a few players willing to do that. That's why it will never ever happen that a player of a small clan supporting a big clan with a lot of time will be locked from ship production after. If Russian big clans would lock one of those dilligent helpers from ship production after, the few dilligent players of those clans would be faced with even more work the next time something has to be developed. We would punish us much more than you, since you would be welcomed all over the server with such unselfishly behaviour, and would get access in ship production easily elsewhere in the game. Only players who prefer to seat on laid tables only, have to fear getting locked from port investments. I'm fine with that.
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  10. the issue: with building upgrades and the attached labor hours from the player, and the labor hours attached to the building. . at this moment we have labor hours attached to the player. . also when having the DLC you can have more buildings and your capacity is increased to get stuff from a building. .we have 10 buildings to build. when you play every day you get approximately 2000 labor hours a day (play cycle) but when you want to collect one building you will see that your building has gathered more goods than you can take out of you also mostly used the function UPGRADE (what means your grind will become bigger and faster) what means you have overcapacity in your building. (and this is just one building) you still have 9 other buildings to go to get the stuff from. what also means 9 buildings stopping to build stuff and waiting to get farmed . its all overcapacity you can not farm because of the shortage of labor hours. but you upgraded your farm's mines and buildings... what was not upgraded to hold pace with the building upgrade, are the labor hours... upgrading buildings farms and mines are a: Fake concept. >. or when upgrading the farms and mines. the labor hours needs an upgrade to. >. or the labor hours need to be attached to the building itself. <> DLC {Admirality} has become actually FAKE as well, in the building section/ , and in that part a rip-off. (overcapacity) your verdicts, please. ps. after getting stuff from my mines,..... i did not even get a chance to make cannons or even building me a lynx
  11. Never had this happen, I open on avg 6 mission + 6 gold chests per day. The stacking issue is what more likely happened. To make sure I see what loot I get: I always open my chests inside the cargo of an Indiaman.
  12. ну чтоб избежать совсем уж подгорания- то ввести таймер на 2 минуты ) как раньше телепорты
  13. Classic defense tags. Players you are chasing don't have to play to become your easy victim. What's next complaint? That players enter port when you chase them?
  14. Yes did an F11 report immediately but this seems to be happening a fair bit from what other captains are stating, if it indeed does stack and I didn't believe it did then I must have got truly lousy chests as I didn't have any of the things you typically get in a gold chest.
  15. It is NA logic, so you are right. It dosent make sence.
  16. but then it is unlimited money. and every day I have the boat that I sold. it does not have much logic
  17. When you open a chest the contents do automatically stack, so if you already have a the item it will stack and not take up an new slot in the warehouse. This issue has been raised previously and someone suggested the best way to open chests if you want to know exactly what you got is to put them in the hold of a ship and open them there so you can see exactly what drops.
  18. In a PB my own fort shot my mast tops off
  19. Lazy....Determined defenders with slow brains...
  20. well, selling is a huge word. it more a give away...
  21. Maybe it is my lack of skill, but it seems that stern camping is still an option. Yesterday I was attacked by a pirate frigate, I was in an Agamemnon. The enemy player managed to gdt behind me and shot my stern with his chasers. I returned fire with my stern chasers, but after 6 rounds he managed to destroy my stern guns. I tried to turn, sail backwards, etc, he countered every maneuver of me and stayed at may stern, except for once when I gave him a full broadside, and was shooting me first with balls, than with grape and finally finished me during boarding. The effect of grape was devestating, too much in my opinion. Although the other player was very skilled, there should be a chance to defend yourself when your bigger ship is attacked by a smaller one, which in real life would never have been able to win.
  22. В клановому складі описи книг йдуть без примітки вивчена книга чи ні + нема опису характеристик - те ж саме модулів
  23. yes you get a new boat every 24 hours that's the point. You can sell them to the port for a small amount of money.
  24. Прошу перенести два пости вище в Ідеї розвитку 🙄
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