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  2. Wish economy missions would NOT be added to the journal...pain in the azz deleting them. Also add FLEET indicator/warning to show you have fleet ships. Annoying when you enter a battle/mission and realize you didn't detach your trader ships.
  3. I was attacked by enemy player! It's hard to choose "not to start battles" when you get attacked.
  4. This is why I want these Cargo Delivery Missions to be tied to the ports we capture, and be required to keep these ports. The changes I propose are: First, make ports have a level of demand for Cargo Delivery Missions Say Regional Capitals would demand 5-10 CDMs per week be delivered to them or they revolt Say smaller ports would demand 2-5 CDMs per week or they revolt The number of CDMs would be based on the number of Investments at that port (i.e. Forts, Towers, Production Buildings, Clan Warehouses, etc.) The Port Owner is the one responsible for fulfilling these CDMs, but based on Clan Friend List those clans can help On making Cargo Delivery Missions required to keep captured ports Make availability of each CDM last for only 5 days or 1 week...something short, but if not taken, then it resets for the next week (kind of like the Weekly Challenges reset) If too many CDMs are ignored and not delivered (say 45% or so for that week), then those ports could revolt and return to Neutral by virtue of an open-to-all-nations PB Weekly required CDMs from Nation's Capital to Regional Capitals For nations that don't have a National Capital, they must find Cargo Missions in Free Ports or Raid for them (stealing CDMs from other ports) CDMs from Regional Capitals to smaller ports (if that smaller port is captured already) These listed above would be required to keep these ports; below are the profitable ones Have Cargo Delivery Missions from smaller ports back to Regional Capital and to Nation Capital These CDMs would be available ONLY if the port has been receiving supply shipments regularly These CDMs would also be demanded by the Regional Capitals and could revolt These CDMs would be loaded with what the port naturally produces And lastly, these CDMs would have the option to deliver them to other Nation ports from a list of ports wanting these items..these would be the most profitable CDMs
  5. t'es le meilleur ma poule on le sait tous ici… t'as coulé dédé (tout seul apparemment) …. Me fais pas de morale sur les ganks...dans la baie de Puerto on a pas chouiné quand vous nous avez péter à 9 contre 3 (t'étais pas là mais y avait pas mal de NN)..... j'etais avec jeanne et sacre...on a pas pleuré et pourtant on venait pas vous emmerder…..puisqu'on etait deja la avant et qu'on se croisait sans se fight.....et je parle meme pas de la zone Tdb ou autre hein ^^' ca serait indécent...alors sois pas mauvaise langue. quand aux 15 dont tu parles c'était des tites fregates..j'etais seul en wasa...y avait une ou deux trinco…. le reste en pando..surprise.. LOL contre des Ratt..1 inger et quelques trincos…. rien que ca XD ....tu choisis pas un peu tes batailles aussi? ^^
  6. Guys, you know that aggressive AI will kill the rest of the trading System (Trade and Transport missions). You normally need small traders to sneak into foreign ports. If that will come you maybe outmanouvering enemy players but then you will surely fail to evade aggressive AI-ships! All single players, members of weak Clans/weak nations need this source of income…. I again wondering, why their are so few critical posts to that plan. The most are shout hurrah. Are only members of big clans and of strong nations present, who are not interested in a healthy player Population ????
  7. you can do some of the missions with fewer people, it just takes longer. I'd personally rather have enemy NPC setups that "actually" can be done instead of "oh yeah no, too hard." there are 3 different types of 5th rate group missions...yet they all have the same rewards. You have 3 guys in 5th rates versus the following: 1. a 4th rate and 4 - 5th rates doable 2. a 3rd rate and 2 - 4ths why ever do this? 3. a 1rd rate and a 3rd rate Pass. the difficulty of, medium, really hard, and impossible - I find it irritating that there is absolutely no reason to do 2 out of the 3 types.
  8. We advice to not start a battle very close to maintenance time, if you think you won't be able to finish the ongoing battle in time, please try to escape
  9. My suggestion is to please add fleet missions (instead or additionally to group missions). Why are missions limited to specifically 3 or 6 players? Can we please have fleet missions, simply an specified fleet (i.e. 4 5th rates, 6 4th rates, 3 3rd rates, 1 2nd rate, or any random composition). The 'fleet mission' would be open to be completed alone or with any number of players in a group. The loot would be shared at the players discretion. Going from small fleets of 3 to 5 ships, medium sized fleets of 6 to 10 ships, large sized fleets of 11 to 18, and massive sized fleets of 19 to 25 ships. All with varied rates among the fleet.
  10. If we are getting aggressive AI... can something at least be done about their overpowered damage and HP bonuses? Could they actually have the stats of the ship they actually are sailing? Give them skill books according to the rank of their captain, modules according to their ship class and let them fight with their real stats same as any player. Same in boarding, and please make AI have to manage crew. Marines should be on some AI, randomly, and they should have the penalties for having them as well as the benefits like any player would too. There's no need for every AI ship to behave like a floating woody terminator, please. We already have elites for extreme PVE challenge, and those need to be toned down too, give elites, the best of everything. Best wood, best modules, best books, max port bonuses but no magic powers please.
  11. Fort overhaul is in list to do, please check our rodmap here: https://trello.com/b/nQIgEYah/this-land-is-my-land-tentative-roadmap
  12. Hej Bart Pływam ze starą ekipą już któryś rok z klanu REDS w RU. Powodzenia!
  13. Today
  14. Some nice photos of the yards braced close hauled.
  15. William Bligh looks like Bilbo Baggins in his portrait. Now, you can't unsee it.
  16. Ganz ehrlich? Nö, kein Bock drauf. Wenn ich Stress will logge ich mich auf dem PvP ein. 😄
  17. Mate enjoy your redeemed 4-4-4-4 purple or golden Le Requin (we all know you will redeem it one day) , just keep farming noobs with your cancer but do not try to justify what has happened. I would support DLC permit and dlc ship to be crafted with port bonus at shipyard, I would support your stupid lrq with 4-4-4-4 port bonus, in which you can do endless farming, but NOT THIS SHIT, it is pay to win as hell. Of course I do agree with ALT shit.
  18. @admin will there be any adjustment to the sell value of trade goods such as Jutland Amber, Stained Glass, European Books, etc?
  19. Lo de los asaltos a puertos (ya se que la traducción probablemente no sea muy exacta) de refiere creo a atacar un puerto y llevarse recursos, dinero y esas cosas pero sin llegar a capturarlos. Igual la traducción sería rapiña.
  20. I do agree with you mostly but this, no way. It is plain stupid to spend 1 million reals for hauling cargo for a profit of 500k reals. On that trip you may lose your 1 million plus your indiaman-s Instead you haul stupid cargo missions with stupid tbrigs, you make 500k reals, only risk losing 10k worth tbrigs, and you also earn dubloons. Yes you can make indiaman runs, with 4 million spent, for 2 million profit, but the risk, and more time is spent on that cargo run, increasing the risk.
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