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  2. Я до сих пор помню все эти случаи. И до сих пор за исправление бага,до сих пор не буду против,если Санта вдруг вернется ко мне назад (◕‿◕)
  3. Teak did not need a thickness buff, you're make it unbalanced once again. Speed and thickness are the 2 most important stats by far, you cannot make a wood like teak be superior in both speed and thickness. HP bonuses are almost irrelevant unless you add massive amounts of it. Not all stats are equally valuable, Sabicu having 5% more HP does not equal adding 5% more thickness to teak. You're making woods like White Oak complete useless again. And have you taken notice of the mess the latest patch made? Now all new woods are pointless cause you can make 50 million reals by selling 3k wood as a trade good. Nobody with half a brain is using them for building ships if you make them the most valuable trade good in the game by a massive margin. One log has a net profit of 20k reals an one Lynx can carry hundreds of logs. Not all new woods need to cost 10k reals, what did you even base that change on? 3k was fine. Let the price be set by the demand; not by some artificial arbitrarily set number. Not all new woods are worth the same, some are far better than others.
  4. Can't beat Captain Kramer. He knows the game and he plays it well, without even meta gaming it. Is awesome ! Amazing...
  5. Hellokittying spies and traitors also will find their exaltations under-represented.
  6. @Nick Thomadis Sorry for the ping, but I think this one is justified. I believe you are missing a gun. Every cruiser light, and heavy at 1940 is using mk5 guns, except the 8" guns. The implication being that the 229s, which are already overpowered, completely dominate the heavy cruiser class. They do not scale with the rest of the guns. The 7", and 10" guns are actually fine, they scale with the 6" and 11". Even assuming 8" mk5 fit the scale, the 229s would still be blatantly overpowered, they scale evenly in most areas, but the accuracy, reload, and shell velocity are out of line.
  7. "Pics or it didn't happen" (c)
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  9. Funny given i play it daily. But hey, i'm glad the memes left you discomfort, was the entire point. Give the height of irony outcome i could be a Finn ! Oh, and i don't do double face accounts. Come out come out. We know who you are. Be honest at least once.
  10. There is no commerce raiding/traders hunting - the part I like mostly
  11. My Teak/teak Implac/Christians and Endymions are relivant again. Yet although Devs made huge mistake with teak, and have resolved many of the issues now, they have made Teak dare I say too powerful, and messed up other woods like WO/Sabiqu/Locust/Live Oak =( Devs moto, resolve one issue and create 3 more to take its place lmfao
  12. Given the question is more about mechanics than about what game represents or allows player to enact - "What present mechanics do you enjoy in NA" - i dutifully fulfilled all that apply. - a word - Freedom to enact credible career life character in the west indies during the age of sail and centered in the Napoleonic Wars. Possibility of multiplayer cooperation with friends and enemies also being other persons. Some days a trader, other days a ruthless corsair and other days a humble captain in a man'owar fighting a battle with strategic repercussions, port battle. It could be a single player simulator for all I care as long as it simulates the ships, the lands, the opportunities of career, the enemies and ultimately the historical period.
  13. Feel invited to make price for a rare wood sort connected with interest in the playerbase, rather than 10.000 reals across the board for every rare wood. I am sure there is statistic material how much of each sort got sold. Some like crazy (african teak), some not much (italian larch). Now prices could get adjusted to that demand, manually or by automatism (program). Less bought wood dropping in port price, highly demanded wood raising in port price. All within reasonable parameters of course. For example port price never exceeding 15.000 reals as minimum bid. On the low end, never going below the original 3.000 reals. Player contracts will follow their own laws anyway.
  14. So... Teak(S)/Teak(S) ships as new meta? +7.2% Speed and +26% thickness with also +16% armor HP and decent masts (both HP and thickness) combined with quite good inertia and acceleration P. S. BTW - what does Average Dried Weight mean? Is that some meaningful characteristic that will be used ingame?
  15. The most major inconsistency is that the Devs haven't a clue what they are doing when it comes to balancing. Just made White Oak useless. FML... We need this sorted out quickly, and we need woods to be finalised so we know where we all stand. Been FAR FAR TOO LONG that NA community have been stuck in limbo waiting for the Devs to sort this mess out. Unacceptable. Devs need to listen to feed back, before it does further damage to a game we all love to play. Suck it up, and listen for a change. While you are at it, increase the flag weight & get rid of the AI port battles jezz! Stop turning the pvp server into the PVE server...
  16. There is always a faster ship. There is always a sturdier ship. There is always a better ship.
  17. Änderungen in Rot. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mM1LEvwbt1tXOudiDUpTsT97wum_DvZDEs-S1YrkVBw/edit?pli=1#gid=1878153524 Ziele Die Statistik optimieren Die Ungereimtheiten beseitigen (wie beispielweise dass Teak langsamer als White Oak ist), Leichte Vorteile für Riga Fir und New England Fir. Verschiedene andere Änderungen (einschl. Beschleunigung - Es gibt eine geringfügige allgemeine Verbesserung für Beschleunigung und Geschwindigkeit zusammen mit dem Holz-Eigenheiten-Update) Die Änderungen kommen nächste Woche. Bitte verfasst Erfahrungsberichte über die neuen Daten. Ihr könnt jede Spalte sortieren mit den grünen Buttons bei den Spaltennamen. Ihr könnt auch die Holzsorten an- und ausschalten, zur besseren Übersicht.
  18. Can we have a bit more positive bonus for locust. Perhaps 2% more speed, or a bit more hitpoints. Only 1% für Armor and hull is no big motivation for -2.5% less thickness. And pls give mahogany (s) a bit thickness. Teak is so much better.
  19. These videos are fantastic... definitely worth a watch... those old, informal saw mills like this guy's are scattered across the U.S.
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