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  2. Video from the latest BB3 version.
  3. That’s pretty much what it is now... 11 pirate nations fighting.
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  5. @Ink successfully send report nr NAS 1254451 it is 12 hours later and after 2 - 4 successful new game log ins game is put in exit and after that nas report was made - it was made successful when logged off and exit the game . i hope it gives some more information about the shader 3-5
  6. jak już mają ~20-30 % środkowego paska to jest już o wiele bardziej prawdopodobne a jeżeli są problemy z budżetem (skoro mówisz o zapierdzielaniu brygiem jak jakiś niewolnik) to jednorazowo można wydać troche więcej na stocznie poziom 2 i kuźnie i wtedy można robić raczej tanio (bo bez dublonów) trincomalee na karonadach, jak sobie oczywiście zorganizujesz na to tanie materiały książki raczej mało kto sprzedaje, ja nawet nie starałem sie o zdobycie ich dla siebie(choć udało mi się uzyskać wszystko co chciałem). więc skoro mnie nie obchodziło żeby dla siebie zbierać, to raczej rzadko ktoś będzie chciał sprzedać, chociaż zdaża się to od czasu do czasu (są tacy, którzy by z ciebie wyradli 60K dublonów za art of cargo distribution/art of steering by rudder, co jest chyba niezbyt zachęcające)
  7. even if we just had a flat increase of 2 outpost slots for a total of 10 outposts - it would drastically improve the freedom of choice and the player's ability to join in more activities around the map. Having a free outpost slot in every freetown would be pretty much perfection.
  8. Excited for progress, but looking forward to release. I have always enjoyed having custom units like UGCW and keeping them through the game. To do so with this game will be a lot more enjoyable than random missions, so I cant wait. As mentioned above, the supply wagons need work in this scenario, or left out all together. AI is good to move towards weak points. Any slight opening and they concentrate. Definitely better than UGCW at the same progress of its development. (.5 .7 etc)
  9. This whole template of a game would be one of the most enjoyable pirate games ever made...
  10. Dafür ist die Luft raus. Selbst wenn wir uns beim nächsten Patch dazu entscheiden wieder zu spielen möchte ich bezweifeln dass wir viel organisieren werden.
  11. Was zu gut 70% an Spielerzahlen lag. Bis heute ist meines wissens nach Dänemark die einzige Nation die offensiv gegen Russland bestehen konnte. (Ponce) Auch wenn das lange genug gedauert hat ist auch die Motivation weiter anzugreifen als Erfolg zu verzeichnen.
  12. I support extra outposts in freetowns. And I like the idea, that only 5th rate and smaller may be based there, no SoL. So no hidden battle fleets in the backyard of the enemy, just raiders.
  13. Ich wünsch euch viel Glück. Mal abgesehen von CRED ist in GB wenig an guten Spielern übrig. Und deren Führung hat es dezent satt Dinge zu organisieren und zum Dank geschmäht zu werden (Hitler-Bezeichnungen inklusive) Stellt euch also erst mal nicht darauf ein viel aktive Hilfe von außen zu bekommen. (von Zugang zu Crafting mal abgesehen.)
  14. I cannot agree with you in your assumption that the majority of folks disliked it. In fact I would argue that the players that currently play would not only encourage capturing to be more valuable, but also that PvP missions and combat medals should not be in the game period.
  15. Could you please paste the number here? (it will be copied into buffer once the report is sent, something like NAS-123456)
  16. thing i reported in-game too - i think formation of unit that is behind wall or barricade should reflect their status.. right now, at Bunker Hill, militia is is disordered formation when moving, but if they occupy the barricade, they suddenly form perfect 2-line formation.. i think it would look a lot realistic if they were placed a bit more disorderly. Also, for marines and sailors when in the same group, marines (guys in uniform) should group together, while sailors would be around them. British Marines had standard infantry training, they were well trained and supposed to keep the drill. Sailors at the other side did not have military training. so combined unit of these two should look accordingly.
  17. Naja, um fair zu sein, muss man sagen, HAVOC hat es geschafft, eine kleine Nation konkurrenzfähig zu machen. Einige Führungsspieler von HAVOC legen im Moment anscheinend eine Pause ein, das mit der Größe könnte ja noch kommen...
  18. @Ink report sended if not received (i received no confirmation from steam) tell me again for a new attempt i sended 2 times a report
  19. Also, I just read again. What would you do about alts purposefully taking and failing missions to enemy ports to weaken them ?
  20. Had this issue for a few weeks, updated my gfx drivers last night and I've been good since. Bit early to break open the bottle of champagne, but worth a try.
  21. Please check forum private message, the issue has to be solved by now.
  22. Some suggestions from the forums have been instituted. Many that most of us like, have not been used. It's not realistic for us to assume that the devs will just slavishly follow our demands, but to be honest, if they only listened to me, the game would be great!.. I laugh at the changes that have been put in place (that we asked for) that then get severely criticised.
  23. Thats ok. I'm an average Joe when it comes to programming, but I'm willing to do the impossible and sell my soul to the aliens and get it done for them... in an hour... for free
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