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  2. Most of the time you would probably be right, many Captain's would strike their colours for the sake of the remaining crew, however some, like John Paul Jones would rather board the enemy knowing his ship is sinking than give up, so it really depends on the caliber of the Captains involved.
  3. Nothing is better to lose the port with your production or Clanwarehouse over night.... no thanks
  4. I would like to know as well a bit more detail and if anything has changed. But let us first get past the initial release of this upcoming update, then ask what is upon the horizon.
  5. Taking the structure bar as an indicator for crew morale might be a nice option. It should depend on the surviving amount of crew then, when half of the crew is killed, they will surrender. ... and sinking only with low shots, with not every leak in a position where it can be plugged during battle, so every third leak stays open and requires crew at the pumps.
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  7. i believe a DLC Ships shoud never be on TOP of its Class like the Endy is. It shoud be a Mid tier Ships Tops. Otherwise its just P2W. The Rattisvan has be implemented very well. She is not too strong but stands a fair chance against any ohter 4th rate. So no, with the Hermoine, we got mid Tier Heavy Frigate. The Endy is way to strong to ever be DLC
  8. There's flags that can be unlocked from the admiralty?
  9. We will see when we have port management. Admin said build ship could get a buff. Don’t think a redeem is a build. Neither do we know how big the buff will be, but lets us say 10 %. How will you then compare a same rate crafted ship with its counterpart in dlc. But yes it is nice just klick and have a ship. Just think game development will make them less powerfull.
  10. @admin @Ink Could you please elaborate on what will and will not be wiped on final release? Last time you mentioned rank xp will be wiped but books will be save. What about ship knowledge and unlocks from admiralty like blueprints or flags? I would appreciate some more detailed information on this, so I can evaluate whether or not I want to put in more time testing prior to release. Thank you.
  11. nobodys gonna sail and grind ports for hours just to lose them when they cant defend it to a bunch of PVEers. Plus investments in ships and ports. Day and Nightflips will never even out
  12. Just remove all the timers, nightflips/dayflips will all even out.
  13. You describe a postion of power in the game you don't receive from your skills but from night timers.
  14. I thought it was a chocolate starfish.
  15. You forgot to mention that my suggestion would open EU timers for Americans in the same way. If you say that Americans suffered under EU timers in the past, you should applaude my suggestion. Instead you complain about it. Only reason for this is that port timers brings an advantage for Americans, since they don't have competitors in RvR in their prime time, they can lose their ports to. Therefore Americans (and Europeans with US night timers) can hide their weakness to defend behind night timers. Europeans cannot.
  16. Вопрос касательно предстоящих обновлений,какова судьба пермитов находящихся уже на руках у игроков,но которые после обновления станут бесполезны? Будет какая либо компенсация этих пермитов или все накопления просто утилизируются?
  17. I understand that in ships of 6-7 as the number of players may be adequate, but 5-4 is already high to get 10 deaths for the prize you can get and let's not destroy 10 of 3-1 to get the possibility of a permit that then it is not the one you want, it is ridiculous to be ships after work that surely cost developers to create them for the game, it is my humble opinion.
  18. sincerely you see normal that you destrullas 10- 1/3 to have the possibility that you can leave a permission for bellona or santisima ?? that's totally disproportionate, on the other hand I sure have opened as many gold chests as the most of you, and that gives you permits from ships, BUT NOT FROM RARE SHIPS, which is the permissions I refer to, not the permit of a surprise if not to the permission of a bellona, indefatigable or santisima.
  19. No, because it wasn't very refined. The idea that players had to make an effort in order to make gold however should've been elaborated on rather than replaced with the printing press we have running atm.
  20. Problem is you will never be satisfied unless we go far back which is never going to happen. Even if we go back to the system we had before clan missions all it is a cake with different frosting. Playing as US we had to rely on alts to get things. That should never be the case in this game. Before that as Poland. Lost it all because of PvE players not motivated to fight for what they had. Farther back then that, Dutch. Nothing. Everything was far away on Western and Northern parts of the map. Had to work with what he had which wasn't much. At least now the Dutch have rare goods close to them and even a permanent copper port. Before, copper was that wet dream with that one actress you know was never going to happen. Cannot be upset with the pieces laid before. All you can do is take what you have and try to build upon that to improve it. Especially now that the Early Access is coming to an end. What needs to happen is better distribution or increased rarity or possibly both or the rare resources.
  21. I would love to, but I doubt we'll see any ships added before release excepting perhaps the 3rd rates already discussed.
  22. Can we not turn already existing in-game ships into DLC please? https://forum.game-labs.net/forum/83-frigates-and-similar-ships/ can we get something from here instead?
  23. Now there lies a quandary. Is it skill when any first day player can capture an AI trader? Does the experienced player get any better and capturing AI traders? IMHO NO! The basic skill is not a skill at all but a gift by the devs to make AI and assumed fleet an easy target and therefore not worthy of being in the game. A gift of a fleet ship because it sails bad is still the same socialism of the AI trader. Fleets should be obsoleted like they were 2 year ago or at least make the skilled player take a risk to be able to capture it. If they don't capture or kill the live player they cant capture. They can board and take loot if they can carry but with no skill required why the gift of a free perk? A player should take a chance on his perks just like the guy that takes 3 fleet perks and gives up the read loaded or low dispersion perks. Why give so called skilled players crutch and diminish their skill value?
  24. Actually I'd wager it's the North star. As far as I know a common theme in many ships throughout the age of sails.
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  26. What - really?! You're American aren't you? The star in question is questionable, because the colour is in question. It could be red, or it could be a dirty white. Devs, please remove the American star from the stern of the Pandora! Sheesh.
  27. I'd just like to have fixed senario/composition "lobby" battle events in game that either all players can sign up for, or perhaps a competitive version between nations with some kind of OW RvR effect. The ships would be senario ships appropriate to your rank, with a basic setup and very limited repairs. No mods or knowledge slot nonsense. I bought NA because of the Sea Trials youtubes with a vision of being in huge naval battles, but good battles rarely happen in the open world game because of all the shenanigans.
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