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  2. "The large-caliber guns were designed to fire two different 16 inch (406 mm) shells: an armor-piercing round for anti-ship and anti-structure work, and a high-explosive round designed for use against unarmored targets and shore bombardment. " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/16"/50_caliber_Mark_7_gun The Yamato 46 cm HE shells. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/46_cm/45_Type_94_naval_gun https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:46_cm_Type_0_High_Explosive_Shell.jpg The Bismarck HE shell. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/38_cm_SK_C/34_naval_gun 38 cm Spgr L
  3. Yea I was more thinking of how much better the method works on modern torpedoes (and the understanding of magnetic fields in all the oceans now). They will actually dive under a target from what I have read, but you are right the theory began with WW2 magnetic fusing. If I remember correctly the Japanese were one of the few to actually conduct live warhead tests before the war. The US for example didn't, hence why many issues were not discovered.
  4. I have nothing technical to add here as you've summed the current state of the game vs historical reality pretty well. I think I can speak for most people who chose to support the game that I'm happy to support and sympathise with the devs as long as the current system is explicitly a placeholder. However, I do feel that in return for the serious trust we showed in laying down AAA release money for an alpha, we're owed a little more transparency about the development pipeline and future plans. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the great write-up.
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  6. Panda, Let me first ask an irrelevant question which you needn't answer. Are you 1/2 Chinese/German? 我說中文比德文好. Ich glaube meine Hochchinesisch ist besser. Well, now that that is out of the way. I saw an answer you wrote on Steam. I embarking on my first campaign. Right now EASY. AIscalingSizeMultiplier AIscalingExperienceMultiplier If it would not be too much trouble, could you suggest 3 incrementing difficulty pairs for EASY and 3 incrementing pairs for NORMAL. I would really appreciate it, since I would only be guessing. I do want to stick with
  7. TL;DR? The way the game treats HE v AP remains too crude and produces obviously flawed results. This is in part also due to the armour scheme being too crude. Yet it's also because of the simplicity of the "penetration of HE" calculation and a somewhat poor differentiation of the genuine differences between AP and HE, smaller and large calibres. The kraken in the bath (elephant in the room really didn't fit)? Navies all but eliminated HE/common shells for BB calibre weapons by the end of WW1. How do the devs plan to reconcile that FACT with the whole "oh no, ship is angled, break out the
  8. Came back to this game briefly in Alpha 9 after not playing since Alpha 4. Here's my review of the current state of engines: Basic Steam Engine has widened its cost-effectiveness advantage, offering ~3x the HP / cost of turbines. Ironically, this disproportionately favors its use on destroyers, which a) tend to have most of their cost in the engines and b) have a high shapeExpSpeed of 4, which means that their speed is less affected by hp / ton. Losing access to cheap reciprocating engines is a serious loss economically. You do lose the cost advantage if use oil or you take any of
  9. Technically the purpose of the magnetic triggers of WW2 was to have that keel breaking effect, which was one of the main purposes for being able to look up the draught of a ship and thus determine an appropriate depth at which to set the torpedo. Weather played a part, too, and you also generally wanted your torp as deep as seemed practical, but the idea was also to have the torp close to or even slightly below the expected keel depth for the reason you explained. We all know how badly those triggers turned out to be initially; most know the USN had all sorts of issues with their initial
  10. Pretty sure I responded to that before. The notes point out that the 'difficulty ' button as yet has no effect. I suspect that's why they've not bothered to fix it. I tend to wonder why bother putting it there if it doesn't do anything, but then I'm picky, lol.
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  12. Change the environs to look like the Caribbean: add palm trees, exotic birds, proper sunshine, fewer, briefer storms and bluer seas!
  13. Might be a bit too dark. Hoping this is better instead. or...
  14. RTW2 has fixed save slots, that’s the worst, any game with save slots is terrible. I hope we have a file system like Mount & Blade Bannerlord, that is excellent, you can remove or restore files from the save directory. Multiple campaign saves is a 'modern' must have.
  15. @Nick Thomadis is this an issue? I mean do you think that we should be able to organize ships within the division or is this ship order a non-issue for the game, like something that is never going to be fixed/change? PS, could be fixed or valid if by sorting ships from heaviest to lightest every time a ship is added or removed.
  16. We have ‘Line Ahead ‘and ‘Line Abreast’ but I think there’s room for a ‘Column’ setting. Ships to line up and sail 3 abreast for the length of the number of ship in the division. Ships sorted to: Heaviest to lightest (regardless of class). Heaviest 1/3 to form the centre column. Lightest 2/3 to form the port and starboard columns. It would be very quick and easy to sort, as fast as sorting polygons in the 3D pipeline. What this sort and mode achieves is that the utmost capital ships ends up in the centre column and the rest, the supporting ships, end up
  17. Makes me wonder if they can have two separate designers one for the AI and another for the player to utilise. They will need to fix the issues with the AI so that they can expand upon the designer otherwise it will just litterally have to rely on a tonne of models for added variation.
  18. If it's possible it'll be in the settings menu. It's been too long since I had it enabled so I don't recall for sure.
  19. A useful beginner guide: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1274743463 If you like following along campaigns, there are a variety available on youtube. Col Kelly, Aetius, History Guy Gaming, Benjamin Magnus Games, Fiasco_Games, Something Compass, Hibob Warbob, and myself are some channels to lookup. Note that campaigns older than 2018 may be on older versions of the game or have some outdated mechanics information, but any of these will still be useful in terms of how to manage your army.
  20. Yep, it's the bloody limits. I fear a fair few of these completely unbalanced placements are a result of limited barbette slots. Frankly, if the AI is the main reason why we can't have unlimited barbettes and superstructure placement... it would make more sense to design 4 or 5 basic gun and superstructure layouts for each hull that make logical and historical sense for the AI to use, and then restrict it to choosing armament, armour, speed and systems.
  21. I guess it's impossible to place a secondary barbette on there because limits. Always limits. I often use tower's built-in barbettes for 8" now.
  22. Just map in general, stylized as naval charts, where positions of your ships and (guessed, often wrong) course of enemy would be plotted, and with ability to issue manoeuvres and assign targets from there.
  23. Moin Toralfo, erstmal hier Willkommen im Spiel zu deinen Fragen: Du suchst dir entweder "Kill Missionen" im Hafen über das Buch in der unteren Menüleiste, oder du greifst Schiffe an, indem du sie auf der OW (open world, also wo du umhersegelst) anklickst. Dann erscheint dort ein Kreis um sie rum, du musst sie so abfangen daß du in diesen Kreis kommst und kannst sie dann attakieren. Das geht allerdings nich mit Schiffen der eigenen Nation für die du spielst und auch nicht mit Spielern (auf dem PVE-server), auch ist die Auswahl an Schiffen bei denen du das Angreifen überleben würde
  24. 12.1.0 (2020-11-29) Features show port net income (in relation to nation and world income)
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