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  2. Кстати да. Пушки!!! У меня на 2 ДЛС кораблях стоят редкие пушки (пуды и блумы). Думаю что у некоторых игроков также. Будет ли возможность снимать пушки с вражеского длс корабля?
  3. The process of switching nations isn't straight forward. Especially if you have items to shift. Couple this with the fact that some won't want to give up their safety , alliances , friends etc Now if the so called 'impossible' nations had their own starting port... or if shifting 40 indias of resources , 20 + ships was easy... then we would have already seen more of them
  4. Il pourrait être intéressant de faire que si un joueur prend une mission, et qu'il la supprime, cette mission réapparait dans le port où elle a été prise. Maintenant, si les joueurs décident de simplement prendre toutes les missions qu'ils peuvent, déjà ils doivent avoir un entrepôt dans le port en question. Ensuite ceci impliqueraient qu'il aient de la place dans ces mêmes entrepôts. Une autre solution serait de faire que les missions apparaissent au fur et à mesure. Ce qui impliquerait que les petits malins devraient rester longtemps dans un même port pour réellement impacter le gameplay des autres. Bref, ça fait beaucoup de patience tout ça dans l'optique de faire chier le monde donc ça devrait en décourager un minimum.
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  6. Give us time to adjust to our new life at sea, we just got off the plantations.
  7. I'm not so sure But maybe I'm just wrong.
  8. You mean we didn't get 500 new chinese players?
  9. Who cares about balance or wreker, go Devs, portugal next !🙂
  10. Then @admin has wasted development time when we are still waiting for other far more interesting stuff (wreker, rebalance of third and second rates).
  11. Not really. I just made the conclusion (for myself) that the introduction of a new nation obviously didn't pay off.
  12. Theoretically, a diesel engine is a good alternative to a turbine. It is cheaper and spends less fuel, which is useful for long-range raiders. That sounds pretty interesting, is not it. But here we come to the game and what do we see? Well... Suddenly, using a diesel engine is more expensive than turbines. Also, the weight of the engine plus the weight of the fuel is also not in favor of the diesel engine. As if this were not enough, diesel engines are at the end of the technologies list. This is 1931-1935! Radars, the top FCS, as well as 18-inch guns and Yamato-style hulls open earlier than diesel engines. And the diesel still worse than the basic turbine, available since 1906. Well, maybe diesel engines have some really value on tactics? Let's get a look. This reduced chance of critical damage and faster repair looks really good! Well, until you remember that the main reason for the failure of the engine in the game is not damage to the shells. This is flooding. Summing up all that is written above, at the moment, diesel engines look frankly unnecessary. What do you think about diesel engines?
  13. Who cares if China become new zerg nation or stay small like Poland. They added a nation, that's it.
  14. From what I have heard none of the real chinese players in factions like Prussia or Great Britain are willing to switch to China. So probably this introduction of another new faction didn't go well.
  15. hello is there gonna be the hulk for sale ie as a store ship? question 2 would you concider a dlc that gives us 5 extra bldgs plus 4 extra berths? thankyou for your reply.
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    I am glad it helped!
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    Greetings Captain. Could you please provide more details on the issue
  18. Il est bon que vous envisagiez également un éventuel abus. Malheureusement, votre suggestion n'en est pas exempte non plus. Des saboteurs pourraient envisager de supprimer toutes les autres missions de transport afin que les autres joueurs ne puissent trouver aucun revenu dans le port. Et puis le port est vide jusqu'à la prochaine maintenance. Oui, nous avons aussi des gens comme ça en PvE. Par exemple, ils volent du butin ou pillent les entrepôts du clan.
  19. we should not forget that the game is very special and only enthuses a small number of people. so, i don't think that the player base will raise that much when you introduce a new faction. what for sure is bad, because the game is a pearl with a lot of potential (in terms of trading, ship building, stock exchange and RvR when we would have a clan wide diplomatic system) all those new nations starting out from free ports would have it that hard to exist when they don't have the needed player base. from my point of view it would be better to create all nation flags where player can select from (as ensign) and sail then for the original main nations (flag on top mast). that would maybe bring more players to the game and they would also have a better start from scratch ( for example port bonus ....)
  20. Be careful when you're passing through Florida Strait. The home defence fleet there are OP in terms of the distance and area they cover. Better go above and around Key West - Islamorada islands just to be safe.
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