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  2. It seems with big BBs with quad triple turret suffer a problem where seemingly at random only half of the turrets fire. Either the two forward ones or the two rear ones.
  3. I fail to see this being a reality, and I'm sticking with my initial assessment that single shot mast sniping is complete and utter trash. you do know period books of this era also described sea monsters and mermaids.......
  4. Yeah doesn't seem to take much either, I've had ships turn and run while still at over 90% structure. I understand trying to preserve a damaged ship while in a campaign but I think its way too flighty atm. In the meantime I've been putting some more emphasis on my forward firepower...
  5. Hahaha. I was not sure where to look for the F1g. Did not even realize that was the thing you were talking about.
  6. I mean that would make sense, guess the font is just weird. That or I'm blind, probably the latter lol
  7. Today
  8. I think it is actually "FLG," the flagship radius.
  9. @Steeltrap The Dev did some change on small caliber guns on alpha 3 so it is relevant. However I see your point. It did get out of hand a bit and there is probably other things that need to be discussed here. I have a topic open about secondary if anyone want to jump in.
  10. Levelling the playing field? Have you gone mad? I would suggest this: 'Port Bonused Seasoning Sheds' - Clans can invest in 'seasoning experts' so that woods seasoned in that port get even more bonuses Then: 'Elite Victory upgrades' - these would be even more elite elite upgrades that confer even more bonuses but can only be purchased with Victory Marks. AND then wait a few weeks and introduce: 'Elite Seasoning Expert Officer Port Bonused Victory Upgrade Trims' - These would have all of the above so as to add yet more bonuses and all ships crafted would be....wait for it....'Platinum' ! with ALL the trims, all the Port and wood bonuses and 6 upgrade slots! These would only be available to Officers of whichever clan owns the most ports and Officers of clans who are on their friendly clan list. Benefits A select few players sail even better ships simply by being associated with the richest clan and can consider themselves 'elite' players. You can claim to have introduced even more new 'content' without really doing anything very much Downsides A few of the scrubs might complain, but pfft! who cares?
  11. Can you show us a picture of that?
  12. On the one hand I'd like to get involved in the discussion re secondary guns etc, but on the other I'm not sure the discussion is still on topic re feedback to the devs about Alpha 3. Perhaps all of you might want to start a separate topic to continue the discussion? Obviously I'm not trying to tell anyone what to do, it's just that I think it's a good discussion to have but that the devs will clearly already have seen not everyone is convinced about the value and performance of smaller calibres. One thing everyone DOES appear to agree on is the blunt instruments of "target ship size" and "target fast speed" modifiers don't scale well with close range fire. It's a point I know I and others have raised before this update. Would like to add more, and I potentially do have some specific info that's relevant, but I think it would be better for those of us interested in continuing such a specific topic to do so elsewhere. That's purely my view, however, and of course everyone should feel free to keep posting if they think devoting several pages discussing it is appropriate for what's everyone's thread meant for Alpha 3 feedback. Lastly, and not trying to tread on anyone's toes, could I suggest trying to keep the discussion as dispassionate and impersonal as possible? Cheers
  13. Calling it an API is... a bit of a misnomer. It's basically just XML formatted data dumped from their database daily that you can download by link. (at least publicly, there may be an actual API that @qw569 or others have access to)
  14. I have noticed that during battles one of the range markers is "F1g". What does this mean? Is it a mistake? All the other ranges seem fine though such as 5in 11000m
  15. Before I start It's important to mention that the individual shell impacts are actually a really nice addition though two things seem apparent: 1. They are very metallic in color if that makes sense. It seems as though when a hit is made that the decal for the impact doesn't really match with the hull. I would expect some discoloration but not as much as in game. 2. Shell impacts are overly large I feel (Based of 16in guns). I feel like they could be a bit smaller. Overall a very good step towards a better damage model.
  16. Todo no, se ha cambiado el sistema sin avisar a nadie y ahí están las consecuencias... Muchos puertos sin timers.
  17. Not at all, fireships aren't exclusive to the british nation.
  18. You lose retreated ships. That got changed in today's patch but the patch you are playing on would not have had those changes.
  19. ahora se puede calentar todo?? esto es un cachondeo,guerra mundial aqui y con brulotes venga!
  20. When firing at enemy BBs with 18" super heavy AP I've seen a few ammo detonations on the enemy ships. In the previous patch that would mean massive amounts of damage. In this patch though it deals seemingly no extra damage: As you can see the Ammo Detonation dealt a whopping 72 damage. While other pens had dealt 73, 104 and 189 damage. I should think suffering an internal ammo detonation would cause massive damage instead of below average damage for a single shell.
  21. Hey Reverse, totally agree. It's now like when 2 Boxers are fighting in the ring. And one of them has a loaded shot-gun. So it dosn't matter how skilled the unarmed boxer is. He gets shot and loose... Cheers Don
  22. Is that confirmed? Where did you got that from? I would welcome a armour overhaul. The ability to go for the "all or nothing" armor scheme would be nice. What would be even better we had to care about layout inside the hull. Like engine and ammo box placement. All of it would restrain where you can place stuff on deck and influence how long the main belt is. That way making a Nelson would be something.
  23. Tac

    Explosions feedback

    Can you make mine teak/white oak seasoned please? Thank you,i think i deserve it.
  24. I am looking for this info from a source. Also just did some testing with super heavy BBs 120k ton to be exact. The 5" secondaries are good vs DDs at sub 5km. The problem is if there are DDs within 5km of you you are pretty much already dead. And the 5" are not really effective till sub 3km at which point it's just a matter of hurting them a smidge before you die to mass torpedo. Meanwhile ditching the secondaries for an increased ammo main battery of 18 inch guns starting at range of 8km ( With the enemy formation putting the closest DD at sub 5km ) resulted in the main battery slaughtering the DDs within 10km or farther in a single or maybe 2 salvos per DD. Making their torpedos worthless due to constant maneuvering at that range. From this test it seems in game where we don't need to worry about aircraft and for super heavy BBs specifically secondaries do you no good whatsoever and you are better off just going all in on the primary battery and engage the enemy DDs from range. As for the problem of running out of shells having increased ammo on the main battery gives you plenty of ammo. And for shell load you'd probably want to go rather HE heavy such as using the whole bonus ammo from increased ammo load on HE and maybe 600~ AP shells and 1000~ HE shells. As the AP shells currently in game are only really good VS light units that die to 18" HE and the rare occassion of having a flat broadside of an enemy BB to shoot at.
  25. @RAMJB You make allot of claim. About history. About what the dev plan. About how campaign will be balanced. About what other people know and not know, even their personal agenda and bias. Are you really that sure?
  26. I thought of a concept that would help those smaller clans. Have 5% of the 10% income go to the capital owner of a region, but all ports in that region get the same timer. In real life the city mayors would pay a tax to the governor, than the governor paid to the kings/queens. This could help a lot of the smaller clans in the game and also region owners to afford a tax. Even if another nation owns the port it still pays to the Capital of the region. Clans can choose to have timer or not set by capital owner. Could give Pirates something unique by having them be able to raid from Freetowns any port, but they only get to keep the port until end of week maintenance than port goes back to original owner or neutral (for any to claim). Yep other nations can pull only capital missions from free towns, but pirates can raid any port and than after set time the port goes back to owner or neutral. Really wish pirates where more like you know...PIRATES.
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