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  2. One more vote here for this is a stupid thread topic. I don't always agree with HW but he has done his best to separate modding from commenting. He has to use judgement for where the line is drawn, and he's done that honestly and successfully from what I've seen. He's a player. Get off your high horse, he can comment as he sees fit, just like you are a player and can start stupid threads like this.
  3. Cartagena timer has been in your Prime time since release, yet you have never once attempted to take it. Instead you go for two dead nations? Shame on you sir
  4. Wearing the same uniform as authority figures is both a benefit and a responsibility. Uniformed persons cannot express their opinion before they resign. That is a custom even in the USA, where no opinions are criminalized. Those who cannot support their arguments, resort to abuses of authority.
  5. I mean... I was also pretty pissed off one day 1 year ago when he tagged me in his little shit (also commonly known as: "privateer"), but I find better reasons to shitpost!
  6. Si queres hacer algo por la bandera prueba a cambiarte de facción
  7. Stop right there criminal scum, someone has an opinion and it is wrong. Bom bom bommmmm.
  8. No magic ship.... just using an exploit
  9. is that even a benefit? XD I think he just said exactly the opposite anyway..... and knowing gaem-labs there's no reason not to believe!
  10. It's a good job you don't moderate my real life, I am guilty of both both singularly and together. (daughter, mother, girlfriend, sister etc)
  11. oh well, I guess I need to take a break then.... see you in 3 years!
  12. To be fair, I never represented Staff or Game-Labs. There is little distinction visually on the forum between you and other staff members (like Ink and Admin). You benefit from looking like a Game-Labs employee, and representing their authority in discussions. Perhaps that visual similarity is the thing that should change.
  13. This collection of articles on naval artillery has a few entries that are of particular interest: “Hitting the Target: Naval Fire Control 1860-1900” provides insight on, and corrects some misconceptions about, the state of gunnery fire control aboard ships before the post-1900 “gunnery revolution.” A lot of interesting detail is also tucked away in the footnotes. Unfortunately there are some significant typos, including a rather important “not” that seems to have been left out of the conclusion, so be wary. “Thoughts on the Naval Technology Used in the Battle fo the Yalu River” provides an analysis of this 1895 battle from the perspective of the opposing technologies, quite a few of which were being tried in combat for the first time. The volume also includes a huge database of the ballistic characteristics of rifled guns for every nation spanning the entire era covered in UG:D.
  14. Well THIS certainly didnt turn out like you wanted it to.... 0/10. Please delete. (On a personal note... Hethwill does more EVERY day to try and make this game better for EVERYONE than most people will do their entire time playing this game... Just because you may disagree with his concept of what the game is/should be, does NOT give you the right to remove his opinions.)
  15. I am a player first, moderator second. I will comment on the game same as any player. If you offend someone's daughter or mother, I will moderate. Have fun.
  16. shit man, we get better fights inside the nation than this !!!
  17. Somebody has too much free time on his hands. This is completely uncalled for and I am pretty sure that even a staff member that is not a Game Labs employee is entitled to his own opinion. Please stop.
  18. eh, the nations on the left side would win easily, and making PVP restrictions when there are not so many players in the game at all would disable the option to play the game for a lot of people, and this is NOT fun, and a game is supposed TO BE fun ... or ... perhaps the purpose of this game is different?
  19. To be fair, ive seen you start more flame fests and arguments than most people here..in-game also by spamming your topic in global chat and getting all flamey when people disagreed. Hetwill is very involved amd verh gentlemanly cannot say a bad wprd about him
  20. I also have to Jump in here to get a voice for @Hethwill . He looks here on the game in another view. Then i do. I know he startet over again than most of the others Players have done it. I know that he is gentle enough to Help new Players and does not get advantage over others if they have done something wrong. I did some time ago something wrong and he where in the Position to get a advantage out of it(Golden PFrig if i remember right for 1Gold). I contacted him and he gave it back. I think he looks only in another view than i or others do.
  21. I think Hethwills synopsis is balanced and I agree with his description as given. If you're wanting to claim that a) his arguments are bad and b) that this is resulting in negative PR I really feel you should've chosen a different example that adequately supports your case. You've taken issue with this descriptor but to claim that there is loss of face on behalf of Gamelabs is a bit of a reach. You're making a mountain out of a mole hill here my dude
  22. I don't agree with this, my friend. A moderator is there solely to watch the decorum/civility of the forum. He does not represent the devs in any of his opinions and I don't believe that the majority of these forums believes that.
  23. or perhaps you are this person? who knows what exactly is the mysterious cause of those terrible flame-fests!
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