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  2. I'm still in the team TF2/CS style cosmetics and market camp. I'll tear off my left arm and beat myself to death with it before I buy a filthy DLC line-ship, but I'll gladly pay for a different sail pattern or cannon style. My personal favorite would be to go for clan based RVR and have each clan able to pay to customize all the ships in their clan, with their own sail colors, flags, hull colors, trim colors, cannon embelishments, etc. For the right price of course.
  3. Angus, would you please tell my why you would not support a duel room where people who want a quick fight could fight against each other?
  4. It's easy, in the end only those remain who like it the way it is. All others just stop playing and caring. Basically you scared everybody away who doesnt like it the way the devs want it to be. And thats why this game has 1.000 players online max right now after release and not 10.000 or 100.000. This game was so hyped when the beta came out, free commercials all over the internet by big streamers like sidestrafe back then. They were praising it through the roofs. But what happened? Open world happened. The game got boring. People realised that they are not fighting, but sailing around doing nothing all day. The praises stopped, the hype is gone. Now all we have left is this mess of broken dreams.
  5. Please send an in-game report once you face the problem again
  6. Please provide in forum private message your character name and outposts you were in and were trying to teleport to or send a report via F11 button with the details, transfer between outposts was not removed.
  7. To be clear here. Babble did make a lot of suggestions, and the devs did take notice of his ideas. But Babble left the game do to real world reasons. He his still in my old Clan. But none of them have returned, because of the changes that were made, this last year.
  8. It would be easier to make Naval Action Mobile tbh
  9. Avast all ye scallywags, Let this thread stand as a brainstorming discussion for admin's need for grog and grub. To kick things off, 1. Tap into the massive market which is free-to-play gaming. 2. A cheapish monthly membership subscription which allows for a 15% increase in yield for all production buildings. 3. ?????? 4. Eternal fortune and glory for Game Labs Yours truly, JPJChris
  10. Will do and I meant the last fort , not lady fort....ugh. I think to recreate this issue is easy. Pick any walled fort and kill a guy in the entrance way. Then attract another guy over and kill him in the entrance. Make sure it is in the entrance before they fully exit. Next, let them see you and say “there’s an enemy over there” then run out go to a corner, crouch. See if they exit the fort and actually come to the corner looking for you, or if they walk a little outside the fort then go back in. great game. This one will have me playing years I hope.
  11. Добавлю и свои пять копеек, присоединившись к общему хору: Собственно проблема действительно не столько в миссиях доставки, сколько в том, что они заменили собой торговлю, не требуя затрат и как следствие будучи более доходными и менее опасными с т.зр. финансовых потерь - собственно ситуация после релиза и вайпа это показала. Все (и я сам) носимся как угорелые и зарабатываем дублоны на развитие. Потом все будут так же зарабатывать дублоны на судостроение. Миссии носят слишком однообразный и предсказуемый характер. С другой стороны все в море и деньги зарабатывают, одновременно выступая в роли легкой и соблазнительной добычи. Потенциальное решение (помимо настройки торговли так, чтобы она была более выгодной) Как я понимаю, при генерировании цены за доставку учитывается два фактора. Это вид груза (пассажир или груз), причем доставка груза стоит существенно дороже и именно доставка груза является основным источником дохода в данном случае. Второй фактор - это расстояние. Если с доставкой пассажиров с т.зр. соотношения цены/времени все более нормально (кроме супер выгодного маршрута Бермуды - остров Кидда), то в случае с доставкой груза предлагаю добавить в это уравнение следующие вещи: Сделать вес груза, варьирующимся в пределах 400-1000 ед. так, чтобы какой-то груз влезал в торговый линкс, а для какого-то требовалась Вентра Ввести при определении стоимости доп. коэффициент на вес груза, уменьшив при этом базовую стоимость доставки груза (исходя из стандартного веса в 800 ед.) Ввести также коэффициент на принадлежность порта - если порт чужой, то цена доставки должна быть выше. Сделать так, чтобы размер награды в дублонах определялся по той же схеме (а не стандартные 1000 шт.) Не могу сказать, что будет идеальное решение, но как паллиатив или часть общего баланса и отладки экономики сработает хорошо. В остальном добавлю, что причиной того, что все сейчас зарабатывают деньги именно таким способом стало то, что существовавшую до вайпа гиперинфляцию разработчики попытались компенсировать резким ростом цен на постройки. Кроме того возникла проблема - для того чтобы снарядить торговый флот командой нужно звание, для звания нужен опыт, а его ты получаешь либо в бою (быстро), либо в ходе плаваний (медленно). Это по идее должно сильно мешать формированию разделения труда на производственников/торговцев, которые могут заработать много денег, но им не хватает экипажа, и на реальных капитанов , которые прокачиваются в бою, но они не могут этим заработать много денег (ну и корабли с ремонтами им нужны). В итоге многие сейчас волей неволей пользуются миссиями доставки, выступая в роли универсалов.
  12. None of these suggestions are something that I would support. We all have different ideas about how to make the game better (for ourselves). I respect your opinion on how you would like to see things turn out, but I disagree with them all. The devs have to pick and choose what aspects they want to change and all we can really do on the forums is throw ideas at them and hope something sticks. And really, the devs should only be listening to me....
  13. I think best reference is this: This guy did tremendeous effort on suggestions and now he is gone...
  14. The economic missions are fine and do the job that was laid out before them well. Trade goods however need to yield more profits for the time required to make satisfactory margins.
  15. The delivery missions are excellent! I do strongly believe they are a perfect mechanic for driving commerce across our wonderful e-Carib. BZ admin and devs o7
  16. Ink

    Bug list

    Thank you for the list! This is under investigation and will be fixed as soon as fully reproducible This is as it should be (non-stackable items like weapons are moved one by one) In the list to be fixed The bug should have been fixed in the last update, please make sure to verify the game files by clicking on repair button in the launcher The wagons are mostly a placeholder right now - it will be completely overhaul at later stage The problem is under investigation Please archive the SavedGames folder and send it to info@thislandmyland.com (include your forum name or link to the post in the mail) open Windows Command Prompt (press Windows + R), then type: %HOMEPATH%\AppData\LocalLow\Game Labs\This Land Is My Land\SavedGames The problem is under investigation
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  18. No lo va a entender a pesar de que lo has explicado perfectamente.
  19. Could you please, right after the problem appears again, send output_log file to info@thislandmyland.com (include your forum name or link to the post in the mail) Go to the folder the game is installed in In general it is Games\This Land Is My Land\This Land Is My Land\default\game\This Land Is My Land_Data (or a different than "Games" folder - depends if you installed in a different folder), there should be the output_log file
  20. @Vernon Merrill idea of first 3 cargo missions free is good, after that there should be tax and insurance. Cargo and Pax missions are good. Normal trading is dead! Needs more profit for sure. Implement real trading missions with very high risk high profit. Mission tab>3-4 Missions changing weekly or monthly. a) KPR had draught requires x good, will pay good money, cheapest X good sold (spawns lots) at Cartagena. Now we have a mediorce distance high risk high profit trade mission. Everyone on server knows about it, traders, hunters etc. Any ship taking mission, and carrying goods to KPR should be friendly to British when at set distance. Same goes for nation holding Cartagena. b) few more missions and scenarios like above, not many.
  21. Could you please send an in-game report via F11 button once you face the problem again
  22. Maybe make the cargo weight 2000 instead of 800, so you have to bring LGV instead of Tbrig ?
  23. Please try to verify the game files by clicking on repair option in the launcher, please reply if the issue remains after that
  24. Maybe you clicked destroy instead of split.
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