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  2. No but the other day my rudder got damaged from a 6inch shell landing on my 7inch deck. Was my rudder gears in the top part of the ship?
  3. Saw this in one of the screens from a test I ran Monday. You can see there is one over-pen from 7" HE, but mostly pens. These are against a DD with max bulkheads.
  4. Did anyone else experience a flash fire with turret pop and ship going down from a 4" HE shell boinking off the deck? I did, that's something to say about chances. @Skeksis why you keep mentioning money sinks? This is not some chinese free-to-play MMORPG to require money sinks. If done properly, you'll be just always low on money and need to do compromises to be able to build anything at all.
  5. hey i like help i am digital artist, https://www.imdb.com/user/ur29590004/ my demo-reel:
  6. Yesterday
  7. Barbette armor has no bearing on flash chance from a torpedo because it doesn't impact the same area. So armoring the barbette should not reduce the chance of a flash fire from a torpedo. So it only makes sense to treat TDS the same way. All that is occurring is diverting from reality for the sake of justifying a improbable event.
  8. Before detonations was introduced in alpha 6 no one used barbette upgrades nor considered applying those extra weights, suppressing ammo risk etc..., now everyone is armoring and protecting their ships against flash fires risk, using recourses to mitigate risk. That counts for something, it’s not conjecture at all. Flash fires/detonations protection is having a direct impact on designs 'right now', it’s working as a recourse sink. Frequency = resource expenditure.
  9. Camo? Or something to replace the horrible patchwork texture we have on our hulls now? Congrats anyway.
  10. It seems like latest hotfix (?) improves the situation a little bit and now 7" and below shells (at least super heavies, at least at long range) prone to deliver the full blow. Will run more test tomorrow.
  11. Visibility Concern: Radar So while playing a test battle the other day, I noticed something strange. Both my and AI ships were equipped with Radar (gen 1 for me, 2 for AI). I had a single BC against 2 DDs. Two observations: 1. I detected the DDs first quite a bit further than the AI detected me. You can see the time difference in the logs on my screen linked. 2. The range we detected each other is extremely close IMO, especially when you see the weather conditions, about 15kms when I detected the first DD. Does that range for a radar detection (or even a visual) seem a bi
  12. Considering we do not have a campaign to judge how many times this will happen in a playthrough, your point about frequency is just conjecture. That's not to say it isn't valid, just lacks data to validate. Whereas several people (not just this thread) have mentioned it happening frequent enough to mention. That's how the small caliber changes came about too. So the devs need to hear. Up to them to decide to address it.
  13. Aye your right. Secondary guns should not be more accurate then the main guns. This is not WOWS. Secondary's are only supposed to be useful in close engagements or fighting off DDs and CLs if they get to close. That is when they shine because at close range secondary's will tear light armored ships apart. Let me not talk about merchant vessels. To be honest. I never understood how a torpedo can cause a flash fire with proper protection. There are times where my BB gets all its guns blown off due to a flash fire from one or two torpedo's. I'm pretty sure if a torpedo hit a BBs torpedo b
  14. Some feedback to Nick and team on some specific areas. Accuracy balance: From my testing, it seems the magic range which is suicide for DDs/TBs is now around 6.5-7KM. At that range I was scoring hits with 16" consistently and hence the enemy did not survive long. At ranges greater than this (to about 10-12KM) I didn't score a single hit with the 16"s. My secondary battery of 3x2 8" were the only thing hitting the DDs at this range (despite probably 20+ salvos). This seems to need some more tweaking. No way a secondary battery should more accurate than the mains. More resilient Destr
  15. Isn't it must be the over way around? Also, I think acceleration and deceleration must greatly depend on speed.
  16. A bug is just what it is, a bug – to be fixed, it’s odd language to “object” to that, to object to a bug because it is random. I’m sure Dev’s intentions are not to leave it unfixed. If you misunderstood, idle meant to mean: weapons that freeze/don’t firer for long periods, referring to the issue indirectly.
  17. I am running v2.4.4 and I need to update the game but in the middle up the update, the launcher stops working and close down.
  18. Three new battlecruisers made in France: BC Lancelot The new flagship of the French Imperial Navy. She has strong long-range support firepower, hard armor, and excellent mobility. When she was launched, she was the largest and fastest battleship in the world. BC Roland A lightweight version was built at the same time as the Lancelot, which has the same armor protection capability but fewer barrels. Usually used as an escort for large battleships. BC Stalingrad As an ally of the anti-German alliance, France built thi
  19. Greetings Admiral. Steam Key will be sent on your email address once the game is available there. Please note that the key from Xsolla has to be activated within game launcher and not Steam, the link to download should be in the first mail. If you cannot find it, please check this guide:
  20. after i purchased the game it gave mean invalid game code or thats what steams saying
  21. I'm not saying slap a sticker on the bug and call it a feature, but... I don't object to some turrets not firing. I object to it being completely random with no damage or in-game justification. Golden BB knocks out the turret mechanism? Has happened quite frequently in history. Part of the ship design game should be balancing performance against redundancy, i.e. you can build a great ship that might break, or an good ship that probably won't. We have an abstraction of that but the numbers aren't clear and the frequency of malfunctions (aside from magazines going boom) aren't significant eno
  22. This battleship skips leg day.
  23. The series shows so much potential, I honestly don't care what era they place it in, as long as it is balanced and fun
  24. Hi. I bought this game just the other day. But I cannot get past the second First Turrets mission: no matter what combination of firepower, armour or more funds, I cannot sink that pesky Confederate Ironclad which seems to have the magical ability to put out fires and re-float itself after being holed. I've played the mission more than 10 times and fail each time. And the grind thing: seriously, use the Academy missions to be a tutorial BUT do not have it so you have to grind through the missions, and if fail, have to go back and replay, again...and again...and again. This is NOT fun. And it r
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