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  2. you know the devs are very aware of this. They do not want to market yet.
  3. Technically you are right, ocean has no effect on hull color, but it should. We should see sun bouncing from water to the hull. So, what you see is some distant light(sun) is messing with the color due to it being flat and not shiny or polished and there is 0 shadow from water that should play on the hull. Those who says it's normal have 0 idea of what they are talking. NA could do a better job with lights, but they are ok with what they have.
  4. No idea. Reckon age of sail requires planning of operations. Say I can only play 2 hours today, and there's a PZ in Nassau, but I have nothing close. I can forfeit and do whatever else, or try to plan my upcoming sessions setting up a naval base there.In the meanwhile, while doing all that, i might myself become a target in the open sea, like being intercepted by raiders, thus pvp content. I have to defend myself, the opponent have to ensure they get the stuff or sink my ship.
  5. @Ruthless4u has a good point here. I may not agree with it, but it is his view. The view portrayed as a fact is for shock value only. He doesn’t know if OW will be a success or not. However, it is true in my opinion that an OW successful launch is the first step to then think about a Legend style game implementation. OW fails, then I believe no Legend development would be possible. I don’t want to hear anything from @admin or another Dev regarding a Legend style game until POST NA-OW launch. He, @admin has already stated where the current status lies and I want him to stick to it. Get OW launched... @Hethwill is a Moderator and a valued community contributor. His views or opinions regarding a Legend style game in the future has as much value as @Ruthless4u or indeed @Norfolk nChance he is not a Dev or a lackey either. I’m a NA fanboy but you know this already. @jodgi POST https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28422-what-happened-to-the-2500-players/?tab=comments#comment-622741 Is what worries me. I’ll reply directly to it separately, but why hasn’t NnC returned to the OW game yet? What’s the problem...? All of you know my views regarding Legends well enough. This “Daydream” post I found funny re-reading my original reply to the OP. If time have a read above, it led me to then write the Compare Apples to Oranges to avoid Lemon idea post. The NA-OW to EvE Online to World of Warships https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26423-idea-norfolk-compares-apples-to-oranges-to-avoid-a-lemon/ In my humble unqualified game development experience believe the Dev’s focus way too much on an already good combat model. This at the expense of developing out of game context to drive in game content. This creates a distance between client and provider. This relationship is fundamental to the success of WoWs, and yet is totally absent in NA-OW. NA-L fundamental success is anchored on Game-Labs developing a high touch system with its client base. Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  6. Thanks for the offer! Actually I don‘t have any problems finding my ways on the map. I just had asked for a way into the Pacific, cause I had hoped there was a secret entrance somewhere in Panama, which I hadn’t discovered. But, alas, it is just sailing the long way around the edges. Quite a trip. But I will find the southwestern Edge of the world in the Pacific now. :)) cheers and thanks again for your support.
  7. If I remember correctly, the devs dropped us to only 1 teleport per day because of the port multi-flipping everywhere complaints. We had unlimited so ppl would be able to get any ship anywhere at any time. Also, it allowed PvP avoidance and ppl want to make certain ppl were actually sailing in OW making things more realistic and creating a greater change of PvP rather than no one actually sailing around bumping into each other. I think this number could be increased to 3 per day. On the other hand, why is it too hard to have ports near each of these PZ zones with proper ships staged at them? It took me only a week to get usable ships for each pvp zone I wanted to be near. Aves and La Mona are free ports almost touching their respective pz. La Navasse should be a free port again, but some ppl will complain again that it's too close to La Tortue. Generate more repairs and more frequently AND prevent contracts. Otherwise, the rich will just buy them all up before anyone else gets a chance to have any. An adjustable/rolling BR limit would be nice. Each side being allowed to add roughly one ship more than the other side, (depending on BR ofc). Nothing sux more than tagging an AI for cheap dmg, having an enemy show up, which is good, so your're having an actual fine battle. But then after 45 minutes he calls in 80 of his friends once you have used all your repairs and have half your health left. GB knows exactly what I'm talking about...I'm interested to see how well the testbed pz will do with a good number of ppl.
  8. Today
  9. Don't get me wrong, I want to see legends actually be a game and be a success. I waited for a game like NAL since playing Sid Meier's pirates 20 years ago. That being said, given that the only way we will see legends is if OW is succesful ( which it won't be sadly) they should just come out and say legends is done. Even in the off chance that OW is succesful they would still have all the resources go to OW instead of a new game. Face it, as much as I want legends to be, it's not going to happen. @admin needs to do the right thing and admit it, instead of sending lackeys like @Hethwill to insult those who question them on it. Its sad the best hope for an AOS game is either sea of thieves or skull and bones.
  10. I believe Des Moines streamed it on twitch, I only recorded the after party capturing most of what remained of the French PB fleet.
  11. dont know if a screenshot is made, what matters we had fun and i think both parties fought in a respectful way.
  12. @Suppenkelle Please also download the main navigation guide while available. NnC
  13. I think, in general, people will read the publicity of any game they are considering buying then formulate their expectations of that game based on that. In a niche game, and NA is a niche game that offers 'an experience in the age of sail' what are the expectations here? Firstly Naval warfare is by its nature very slow moving, requiring a great deal patience when seeking out the enemy, and, until you actually sight, then, engage the enemy you simply do not know what you are facing. A basic understanding of wind and waves is essential, when, where and how to maneuver, when to fire and which ammunition to use, this takes time to learn and in the 19th century, as in game it is learned 'on the job'. Secondly, every Officer in every Navy wanted to command a ship of the line, few actually achieved that goal, there was no shortage of Forty year old Lieutenants. In a game, it is reasonable at some point to expect to command a ship of the line, equally not everyone is capable of doing so, or are willing to put in the amount of work that is required to obtain one. Inevitably, for some, expectation collides with reality, some leave the game, others find a ship that they become masters of, and, achieve success in her. Thirdly, Gen. Sherman U.S.A, famously said "War is Hell", he was of course, correct, and NA is Hell on water! The British Admiralty held the view that the Royal Navy should at all times outnumber their enemies, they should be able to fight two separate enemy Nations simultaneously, it should not be surprise when it is known that the RN won many of it's battles with a combination of good training and ganking, (Especially true in the 20th Century) equally it's opponents won their share, after all, the RN was not omnipotent by any means, the expectation that the RN were the best fleet around in the day, is not, nor should it be, expected for them to win them all, they did not, and, in game, they most certainly do not! Wars are not fair, what you encounter is what you encounter, whether you survive and escape or sink trying, is, dependent on skill, their numbers, and, sometimes blind luck. When eventually the F11 co-ordinates go, it will be harder to assemble the revenge fleets in OW at least, so, the chances of making a complete escape may be better, PB's and RVR are more often known in advance so more susceptible to revenge fleets. Expectations? I would say at present, expect to sail, a lot, expect to die, a lot, expect to have to learn, a lot, expect to have to work hard for those coveted First Rates, expect to have to fight hard to keep them, and, one day, it may be you looking over the rail at some other poor souls ship sinking in your wake. An "experience in the age of sail" is I think hardcore, life was hardcore at sea, as was fighting on both land and sea, it is however a question of how hardcore this game should be, overdo it and it will not get the numbers it deserves, under do it and it becomes more arcade than experience, everyone's point of view is different, a wise man once said "a camel is a horse designed by a committee." What do we actually want, a horse or a camel?
  14. Lack of overall singular goal at the start, lack of consistent content, and lack of marketing. Then the community itself did more damage than good. Sea of Thieves is a good example. Game lacked content at the start and just fell off the scope. Until they added significant free content to the game. The developers would submit weekly updates and weekly streams going over plans of changes while playing a current build. Suddenly numbers went up which attracted streamers. Numbers improved so well that Sea of Thieves on some days would surpass Fortnite on Twitch. Cannot attract players with them being unaware you exist and cannot maintain a population without making the content appear fresh and new regularly.
  15. Um... kinda seems closer to reality than the flat colors you're describing:
  16. I agree I know some players who are interested but do not feel like testing. They are waiting for the release 🙂
  17. I think the ship comparison tool doesnt account for maximum bonus limits within game. I.E: make wo/wo and put a floatting battery on it, you are over cap.
  18. 2500 to 500 players over 3 years is a 80% player drop. That is far far better than the average game. It has nothing to do with game design. 90% of games loose 90% of their playerbase in 6 months. There are examples like rainbow six and others but they are rare.
  19. Imo, the game has certain areas that require too much time. Crafting is not hard but getting ships in proper woods and upgrades is. Oak and Fir ships are crap. Too much farming for everything (reals, doubloons, ressources) if you have only 2 hours a day. Devs removed a few quality of life features (like more freetowns, delivery between freetowns, repair kits...) which helped a lot to move around the map and make the game more dynamic. The game itself relies on skill in the combat but also asks too much time to achieve something. People doesnt like second jobs. Devs say they dont want to dumb down the game but they havent realized that grinding in NA is more a matter a available time than intelligence. Also, as others have pointed out, focusing almost everything in ship combat goes against what people expect from a MMO, content variety. Lastly, graphics. Ship models are amazing but the world feels empty and uninteresting.
  20. Where do you get the ship blueprint materials from? I beg you to share you sources
  21. The development cycle has just been way overly long, with too many extreme changes. I think it can recover if the game actually finally releases and gets marketed. I'd send a free copy to every youtuber that plays games that might be around in similar categories as this one, right before release. Alternatively going F2P if the player base didn't grow enough by then.
  22. would it be like this, you would witness that with other colors too, but you don't. never. So here is something wrong
  23. Basic Navigation in NA-OW... Here is my Captain Norfolk nCook guide to navigation. This PDF I suggest you download asap. Unfortunately, through memory constraints I’ll need to remove it in due course. Also, look out for my Pacific Route in the Q&A section as well... Norfolk NorfolknCook.pdf
  24. The thing is very simple: they made the game too hardcore and the people left. There are people, many people who like to go free without clan, as they insisted that now everything revolves around the clans, those players also left. If the game continues in these areas will not return those 2500 players, not even 1000. The question: is looking for developers to return those 2500 players or the current 500 are satisfied?
  25. There is no marketing for this game. Just think about it. Rockstar games releases GTA 5. Every gamer knows about it. Rockstar still spends 200 million to make the game and another 200 million to market. You cannot market a game on steam. Do not ask what happend to the 2500 players. They quit. They will most likely not come back. Most of us do not play games that were released in 2015. Games get boring after a while. Marketing, marketing and more marketing. Thats how you get attention. Famous youtubers lets plays too.
  26. Forecast up coming patch: 1) Some days or weeks there will be some more players to take a look at the new patch changes. 2) After much players realize, that there is a need to sail Line Ships, they give up and leave. 3) Others realize, that there are less battles because you can only fight ships in your class. 4) Then slowly the player count decreases to a lower number than before. So, i would say: Take a look and ask the players when they leave the game. You have a good chance to do so, after next patch goes live. "I hope i am wrong, but i fear i am right"
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