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  2. I’m going to bet the path is through George towns from shroud. It shouldn’t be. MT’s location should of allowed y’all 3 maybe 4 options with Gran Turk being the maybe. the good thing is to jump regions you only need to take the capital not the whole region. So we will prob see capitals traded off to allow other nations to jump by.
  3. And I'm not sure how we're supposed to test the new PB system if, when we log on, ALL the PBs have already been set. If there was other RvR available we would have done that instead, but there wasn't. No there were not.
  4. Yes, my map bot cannot get any data from the twitter bot (https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&q=from%3Azz569k).
  5. As far as I can tell there is no path from MT to Pitts town which doesn't require around 5 steps along the way. That seems like a bit of an oversight, maybe missions for the absolute closest two county capitals doesn't make sense in some situations.
  6. Not sure how we can test the new port mechanic if one takes a port that has not taken the county port first, one point in the new port battle system. Take country capital and only after said capitals are taken can one take the sub ports. As for the time zones, that is a bummer, there are also players on the US that are in US time zones. Where there not hostility options in Mortimer town for Pitt's Town or Grand Turk? La Tortue had Cap Francis and Baracoa. If Mortimer town did not have Pitt's Town and Grand Turk, that needs to be fixed so the pirates can work in that direction. Pirates also have the option to come out of La Tortue in a few days and run hostilities at Cap Francis and Baracoa. In the end it makes no sense trying to test something which is not being followed correctly.
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  8. So you know of John Snow, good glad my statement was correct then... Norfolk nGenius
  9. I think, even more simply, that you shouldn’t be able to pull hostility missions from free ports. Allow the natural expansion of nations into more contiguous zones. Note that doesn’t solve the non-EU time zone player bias problem upon wipe, as EU clans will have the first crack at expanding out from nation capital areas.. but hopefully that can be dealt with as more ports captured offer up more opportunities for non-EU clans. Make free port hostility once a month, weekend-only events. This would make hardcore nations truly hardcore. No more Russian bias, make them have to establish themselves after the real nations have a foothold.
  10. Perhaps setting timers on the initial capturable ports from freetowns for different time zones could work.
  11. Within 6 hours of the map reset, there was 26 port battles set. They were all used
  12. Couldn't you get RvR from freetown port or were all those used also? Guess could be an issue for sure though to be fair, initially as ports limited. Perhaps initially they could set timers on initial captureable ports over different timezones to give all a chance.
  13. When there are hundreds on neutral ports, it could be considered a flaw in the new system that this was the only way we could get some RvR content.
  14. Well, the port went neutral because a well-meaning diplo dropped it to save us some money, since it was going to be wiped anyways. We grabbed some missions and were going to run it up last night, but ended up not really feeling like it. Wipe happened, we still had our missions, figured we'd give it a shot. Really, we wanted to go after other ports, but since there were none left to take, we decided to try our old hostility missions. Test it to see if it worked, and all that. Two missions flipped it. Everyone sent an F11, because this will obviously be a major problem at the real release if its not addressed. Anyways, VCO is happy to have been a part of this testing and finding of a major bug, and we'll take good care of St. Marys until the next map wipe. PS: all ships involved had cannons
  15. Hostility mission changes Hostility now can be gained only using missions. OW hostility points are no longer granted to avoid exploits.
  16. Oh yes, wipe the ONLY port battle set by a US time zone clan. Biased much? 🙄
  17. hoping the st mary pb gets wiped in maintenance in the morning. DD banner.bmp
  18. 1st rates are 900 BR so you can have 27 of them in a PB and the limit is only 25. The BR needs to be adjusted on 1st rates and or the ports. I would make them 20K BR So that way you have to bring some smaller ships and maybe bump the BR's up a bit more on the ships.
  19. dunno, even in its present state, and even if there are a few things i would prefer differently, i consider this the best game about the age of sail ever made, and by a huge margin. critizise away, that's always healthy. but keep in mind that what these two guys have achieved so far is truly remarkable. no other company, no matter the size, has gotten so far that i know of. happy to be corrected if you know of any better one, or even similar (and would appreciate). will it be a success on release? well, that depends on what you consider as such. will they get dirty rich? who knows. will it have tens of thousands of players? no idea. will it hit the twitch headlines? probably not. guess what, i don't care about any of those things, contrary to popular belief i don't think any of that, which is basically marketing and celebrity cult, is remotely related to a game being good and enjoyable or not. if the developers are fine with that, personally i'm more than happy with 500 captains on the sea, that would already be a success for me, but i'm pretty confident there will be more than that. this is early access. let them finish, let them give players a clean slate and stability to get involved and we will see how it goes. that said, you very likely know a lot more about RvR than me, im not disputing your vision, at all. it's just that theorycrafting is a lot easier than developing a game, and i'd rather have you contributing than antagonizing and pretending you know better.
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