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Rules: - creative writing group. to keep captains logs and ships logs

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  2. On the left hand page of the logbook the information is recorded in columns. Column 1 gives the day name column 2 the number day, the wind directions during the day is written column 3, the course column 4, the distance in nautical miles sailed in that day column 5, columns 6 and 7 gives the latitude and longitude after correction and adjustment column 8 the bearings to the last visible mark The information recorded on that page describes the vessel’s position at noon, although the wind column often recorded all of the observed wind directions for the previous 24 h. On the right hand page; wind strength and general weather information such a rain, snow, fog, thunder etc. as well as any other remarkable incidents were recorded. __________________________________________________________________________ source DESCRIPTION AND GENERAL BACKGROUND TO SHIPS’ LOGBOOKS AS A SOURCE OF CLIMATIC DATA R. GARCIA-HERRERA, C. WILKINSON, F. B. KOEK, M. R. PRIETO, N. CALVO and E. HERNANDEZ https://www.researchgate.net/publication/225521790_Description_and_General_Background_to_Ships'_Logbooks_as_a_Source_of_Climatic_Data
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