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A place to put "special" ships for auction, and bid for them
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  2. Auction ended: Highest bidder: @Beeekonda at 2.5 mill and some memes. please get in touch and we will organize the trade
  3. feels bad to be moved to a club where no one looks :P. Auction is still a go - highest claim will get the ship at the end date
  4. but ..but.... that exactly what i have ...lol
  5. Selling Gold 5/5 - Strong Rig - Teak/White Oak Ingermanland Starting price 2 Million Doubloons offered are valued at 100 reals each. Auction End Date - September 28 (US East Coast) - Transaction will be in La Tortue.
  6. don’t buy ships from traitors!!! Jonas will always be with you if you sail this ship!
  7. 15g, three fish meats and a bottle of Christiansteds finest rum!
  8. Looking for 5/5 Heavy Rig or Very Fast Essex, Teak/White Oak; 100 PvP marks or 8 Million Gold
  9. Looking for Agamemnon, Teak, White Oak, Very Fast, 5 slots, offering minimum 100 pvp marks or 10 million (Price can certainly be discussed).
  10. A place to put your (special) ship requestes. e.g. "Looking for Surprise, Teak, White Oak, 5 slots, offering 100 pvp marks" --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current Requests: Surprise, Teak, White Oak, 5 slots, 100 pvp marks, requested by @Liq. Agamemnon, Teak, White Oak, Very Fast, 5 Slots, min 100 pvp marks or 10 million gold, price can be discussed, requested by @Percival Merewether. Essex, Teak, White Oak, Heavy Rig or Very Fast, 5 slots, 100 pvp marks or 8 million gold, requested by @Palatinose.
  11. Recently there were a few threads about individual ship auctions, figured it would be better to have them all organized in one thread, to get a better and quicker overview. Listed by numbers. If you would like to add a ship to an auction, do so by the following format: Number ; Ship ; Specs ; Min. starting price or Reserve ; Accepted payment (gold, pvp mark (with gold ratio), ...) ; duration of the auction ; Screenshot If you would like to bid for a ship, do so by adding the number to your comment, e.g: 1 ; 100 pvp marks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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