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A rulebook for a SeaRover life.
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  2. Before you start your privaterring career you should check the following requirements. If you dont like one or more of the following sentences you may consider an other career. You like to sail on the OW a lot. You prefer sailing unrated, 6th and 5th rates. You can handle setbacks. You like to plan your sailing trips. You always expect the unexpected. You like to raid trade vessels. You can show no mercy, its business nothing personal. You are always confident. You like to listen to @Nick the cursed and @Pagan Pete's stories. An uneventful sailing trip dont make you ragequit.
  3. Your story as successfull privateer captain starts with the character creation. As soon you feel confident to leave the basic cutter you can start raiding. The first ship that should get your attention is the Lynx. Its a very fast ship close to the wind. Its easy to get when you ask in your nation chat for it. The woodtype should be fir/fir. Not because its cheap, because it makes your ship fast. And speed is the key to become successfull in catching trade schooners. Step 1: feel confident in sailing the basic cutter ask in nation chat for a Lynx with fir frames and fir planks put guns (4pd longs) on it. press sail and start raiding
  4. #1 When sailing together splitting is not allowed #2 always repair and recrew after a battle #3 always pay attention to the horizon / check 6 #4 a small prize is still a prize #5 never lose faith #6 pray and thank the lord from time to time #7 dont plunder and prize while drunken #8 a man o war is nothing to play around with #9 always expect the unexpected #10 a Wasa is not a tbrig we are looking for #11 Heth is not allowed to lose his ship #12 Always enjoy the swedish wind #13 it is no shame to run away #14 Dont stay at the same place for long - keep sailing #15 Dont fish when raiding #16 Dont expect in a sailing game to sail #17 When sailing for prussia you have to speak german. At least "Jawohl" Thats the answer to all questions #18 rl comes first #19 play the ship you like and you will enjoy the game. #20 No Gambling ! #21 Never stop never stopping. Keep chasing when gaining. #22 siesta prohibited #23 You must read and know by heart all the rules from #1 to #22 before you can proceed. #24 Read rule #13 when in doubt #25 Dont panic! #26 More prizes is always better #27 duels ? what's that ?

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