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Raiding the swedish raiders

Lars Kjaer


Captains log, 21st of September 1766

Aboard the newly commisioned "Tonen", 74 guns and 650 crew compliment

Port of Christiansted


I have finally been cleared for battleorders and my first commission has come in. The Swedish council have broken the Danno-Norwegian and swedish trade agreement. The orders are to seek out swedish shipping in and around the ports of the swedish antilles. 

The expedition started at 23:00 hours with the assembling of a fleet. The captains in attendance were Staunberg, Arthur Dayne, Svennik Svendson, Seraphis, The Black Mallard, Suenson, Manowa, Assassin, Thomas Kjaer and Lars Kjaer. A sizeable fleet so the hope were to catch a larger swedish convoy heading out of Fort Baii in the late hours of the night. 

The sail between Christiansted and Gustavia is a short one, so shortly after departing from the danish islands we spotted a lone Hercules class frigate which we gave chase. Unable to force the battle to a conclusion we decided to turn northwards, but we quickly spotted full-rigged sails in the horizon. Two, three and soon after four large men of wars, ship of the lines from the swedish coastguard along with a small number of consorts heading for us at the northern tip of Fort Baii island. At first there were some confusion in the fleet, as the larger Man-of-War was a 136-gun first rate, a floating castle of a ship.. But after a brief war-council aboard the "Tonen" the captains assembled decided to engage the battle. Captain Manowa had yet to join the fleet, so the battle was commenced at the fourth bell of the evening without the aid of his ship of the line.


The drums hang heavy in the air as the ships prepared for battle. The "Tonen" is not a strong sailor, too heavy at beam reach and generally too cumbersome to be called a good warship, but we turned the broadside up against that of the enemy and started pounding the Swedish 74' gun Draskon, as well as the 38-gun frigate captained by Wolfram J Harms. We managed to sink the frigate while the 74' got back into the swedish line preparing to make the battle a running line engagement. With the enemy having superior firepower aboard their first and second rate ships of the line, we decided to tag against the wind and focus the enemy first rate. The tactic worked to some extend, we did however only manage to severely damage the first rate whilst the swedish battlefleet had managed to batter the "Tonen" as well as Captain Mallards 88-gun Bucentaure. We decided to run for cover while completing emergency repairs and to our luck the enemy second rate as well as the first rate broke of the enagement, cowardly leaving their fellow captains hopelessly engaged with a superior force. It is the view of this captain, with no doubt in his mind, that the fate of the swedish fleet were decided - not by the bravery or the broadside weight of the danish-norwegian fleet, but by this dastardly act of cowardice. The remaining swedish fleet went down in a blaze of gunfire, broadside to broadside while the waters north of Fort Baii were turning red with the blood of the swedish crews. The remaining swedish captains desperately sought close quarter engagements to finish the battle on the decks rather than the sea, alas the danish-norwegian captains managed to keep distance, except for Seraphis who did however manage to disengage the boarding while the honorable Captain Tiger Von Kai was dispatched to Davy Jones.


After the battle the danno-norwegian fleet was running low on repairs, sailcloth, shot and powder and so we went back to the Danish Virgin islands. The expeditions result has been reviewed as a success by the admiralty. While no swedish shipping were sunk, we did manage to sink a number of swedish men of war.


It is this captains duty to bring honourable mention to the following swedish captains:


Captain @Wolfram Harms, WIA

Captain Tiger von Kie, WIA

Captain Franz Ferdinand, WIA

Captain Vic le Viking, WIA

They kept their honour in the direst of circumstances whilst their fellow captains deserted them to their fates. 

All hail the two kingdoms! All hail the king! All hail the queens Dalmatians!


Port of Christiansted, aboard the "Tonen" after the 1st bell

21st of September 1766

Captain Lars Kjaer

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