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Chasing raiders at Christiansted

Lars Kjaer


Captains log, September 9th, 1766


The fortunes of war has for some time gone against the Danish-Norwegian kingdom. After a string of losses attrition has forced the admirality to abandon holdings in the western part of the carribean and focus the forces on the defence of the core danish area. I myself has been hospitalized in the navys hospital at Fredericksted on grounds of rampant alcoholism. Trumped up charges ofcourse I have never been sober a day in my life so why is this a problem now? We've started to slowly rebuild our fleets, in my absence alliances has been made that I wouldn't have been too fond of myself. The Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth has for some reason been accepted as lodgers in the Vieques, Pasaje and Guyama area. We don't see them much so we can't really say they are interrupting our movements and their trade is always welcome since they are paying the kings tax. It may not have been the worst decision, I do however have some reservations about their presence.


The danish-norwegian decline in power has meant that more and more raiders are coming into danish capital waters. This very night I was called into battle with first a british contingent of one third rate, Bellona class 74', a heavy frigate of the constitution class and two minor ships, a 38-gun trincomalee class light frigate and an indefatigable of 44 guns. The battle became a bit confused since the raiders scattered as the danish coast guard moved out in superior numbers and after a long chase and a hard battle that lastet for 2 days in and around the virgin islands we managed to bring matters to a successfull conclusion. The trincomalee was sunk along with all hands, the same fate begot the constitution and the indefatigable. The 74' Ship of the line however turned out to be a very good build so we towed her back to Christiansted for repairs and refits.


No sooner had the battle been concluded before a russian battlefleet started bearing down on our position, the battlefleet consisted of a couple of third rates 74's,  a heavy constitution class frigate, and two smaller frigates. We quickly demasted the smaller frigates and after a heavy pounding from the lower decks of our third rates they were sent to davy jones. The constitution quickly met the same fate and in the end the two 74's were hammered into submission. These were after a hard fight sent to davy jones to join the rest of the russian contingent.


After this a single russian Pirate Frigate was spotted and a small danish squadron was sent to intercept and sink her. Captain Assassin managed this just a few leagues north of the Island of The Settlement.


Since no danish ships were lost in the battles around Christiansted the admiralty has deemed the evening a solid success for the danish defence.

All hail the two kingdoms!

Now back to the rum..

Christiansted, 9th of September, 1766

Captain Lars Kjaer, aboard the newly instated 74' Ship of the line "Tonen"

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