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Running the gauntlet!

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Lars Kjaer


Captains log, 26th of February 1765

Port of Aves, aboard the good ship "Tøjten", 44-guns, 374 crew compliment.


Tonight was supposed to be a quick combat patrol down by the french. They haven't made much fuss about them but they haven't payed the kings tax' for using the water ways either.

We were ordered to go to the island of Martinique and sink or capture any vessel, be it merchant shipping or men of war.

We set sails at the 3rd bell from the ragtag town of Aves, having holed up here for fresh water supplies. Captain Lars Kjaer (myself) onboard the "Tøjten" and Captain Nihilus aboard the 550 crew compliment 4th rate "Agamemnon".

The plan was to go to the french port of Fort-Royal, see what we could pick up and perhaps get a clue as to what had happened with a missing squadron of privateers.. Captains Darkjoker, Assassin and Staunberg was last seen near french possessions in the lesser antilles and part of our mission was to link up with them and give them what assistance they'd might need. We had just departed the port when we spotted a small french squadron of one agamemnon class 4th rate and a second tall masted ship, a constitution class 4th rate. We quickly decided to engage the frenchmen and after a brief struggle we managed to sink the agamemnon class ship and boarded the constitution after having raked her to pieces. The boarding of the ship was quickly done as she was basically reduced to a floating butchers shop with dying, wounded and crying men missing bodyparts and guts spilling all over the deck. A decisive boarding action from my crew and she struck her colours. We took everything that wasn't bolted to the floor and sank her afterwards. We returned to Aves to resupply and get the surviving frenchmen off the ships so we could sail towards the french ports without them in the holds.




We've encountered a british patrol off the coast of Saint-Pierre. An agamemnon class 4th rate and an endymion class frigate was but they've been reluctant to engage so far. Actively trying to give us the slip. We've decided not to pursue.




The brits has received reinforcements it seems. Either that or it's a second british patrol. More brits in french waters than frenchmen it seems. This time it looks as though it's two trincomalee class frigates and an endymion class frigate. At first we planned on giving them a wide berth but these seem to be pursuing and soon we may have no other choice than to engage. Heading north for the swedish port of Rosaly, hopefully they'll loose interest. We might have a heavier broadside on the 4th rate but it's not enough to upset their more manouverable gun batteries and we'll be pummeled if we engage.




We've been successfull at going north but the wind is getting worse and we may have to engage the british squadron soon. We've decided to dictate the opening of the battle, hopefully we can kill one of them before their broadsides starts to take their toll.



The opening phase of the battle was going as planned and the enemy endymion was quickly in trouble. We were closing in for the kill but for some reason Captain Nihilus turned to fight the two trincomalees rather than finishing the endymion. He was quickly pulled into a boarding and lost the ship. These brits be THRICE CURSED!!

After losing the 4th rate the battle turned decidedly in the favour of the british squadron and I decided to first see if I couldn't sink the endymion, and failing that seek to give them the slip in the lure of the night.




We didn't manage to sink the endymion and now we're trying to slip past them into the caress of night.




After hours of chasing us the brits has finally given up the chase! The crew has been given a celebratory ration of rum but we're not out of the woods yet. We've decided to take a bearing that will send us past the swedish ports in the east side of the lesser antilles and then sail back to Christiansted. The battle should've been won rather than this ignominous defeat!





We cannot win every engagemen, but we have finally pulled into the docks of old Christiansted. Rarely has the port seemed so familiar, so warm and so embracing!

We've received word that the missing squadron won a larger engagement against a british squadron and later against a french coastguard patrol. Seems the danish-norwegian navy dealt more than she took tonight.


27th of February

Port of Christiansted, aboard the "Tøjten"

Lars Kjaer

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