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Attacking the spanish peasents

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Lars Kjaer


Recent history:

The Spanish has attacked the port of Grindstone, whilst their russian allies attacked the port of Fajardo. Denmark-Norways admiralty decided to focus all fleet squadrons on the port of Fajardo in an attempt to prevent the russians from taking yet another foothold in close proximity to Christiansted. This prioritization of the limited danish-norwegian warships in the carribean meant that we basically left the british population of Grindstone to experience a new invasion, this time from spanish tercios.. The russians didn't launch their invasion and the spanish hardly had a difficult time.. Rumours of pillaging and rapes on the inhabitants of Grindstone has come in these last few days.. After the russians failed to show at Fajardo the danish-norwegian admiralty decided to seek to retake Guyama.. The battles for the port proved both costly and inconclusive. The russians still has a stranglehold on the port and the danish-norwegian fleet is still building up forces for yet another invasion of southern Puerto Rico. The swedish fleet under the command of Admiral Rediii was sent to take the port of Cartagena de Indias. Their fleet succeded and at the same day the pirates launched a surprise attack against the port of Somerset.. Both ports were taken and the russian empire has suffered some humiliating defeats and difficult setbacks. Denmark-Norway however is still licking its wounds from the latest battles and the loss of Grindstone.


Captains log, 15th of February 1765

Port of Guyama Sevilla


Orders has come in. The danish-norwegian privateers has been busy harrassing british shippings around Jamaica, but we've now been tasked to take the port of Cayman Brac from their spanish overlords. Preparations has been made in secret and the danish-norwegian admiralty hopes to take the port in a surprise attack. The swedish kungliga marine has been asked to send a contingent of captains to the port for support though and Denmark-Norway has lately experienced a number of new recruits. The belief of the admiralty is that the spanish is informed of the invasion, either through spies or simply by observing the sudden influx of cargo ships, warships and marines to the port of Guyama Sevilla and we believe the port will be defended.

I have been given command of the 64-gun "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", a 4th rate with questionable steering and even worse sailing characteristics.. I have not been pleased with her in her maiden voyage. She does come complimented with 550 sailors from one of the hardest fleets in the carribean and I have full confidence they will see the battle through, even if the ships quality is lacking.

We sailed in the middle of night, just after the 4th bell and set a course of the Caymans, with good winds we reached the islands in morning and other than a few russian warships there were very little spanish opposition. When we entered the port the spanish fleet set sail to meet us and we were targetted by the forts along the coast. We had dragged two mortar brigs with us and set them up to shoot at the small fortifacations on the eastern side of the island while the danish-norwegian fleet formed a battleline. Two danish captains 0TimeLefT and Jesper Dahl were in light frigates and were ordered to cover the landing of troops on either side of the port while the battlefleet edged closer to the spanish armada. The spanish armada consisted of heavier ships than the danish-norwegian, we had several smaller 4th rate ships of the line, 7 to be exact, one frigate of the endymion class and two light frigates - besides the mortars that were hammering the coastal fortifications. The spanish fleet consisted of two 2nd rates and six 4th rates so a slightly smaller squadron but with a heavier punch. The plan was to engage the enemy battlefleet while covering for the two mortars while they softened up the harbour and the light frigates covered the landing of troops. A simple plan, but an effective one. The spanish armada steered their ships straight for our battlefleet with the wind to the leeway and we quickly saw the lines entangled - if you could call them lines. Captain DarkJoker managed to board a spanish 4th rate in the opening of the battle whilst a few of the spanish 4th rates were heavily damaged. The spanish 2nd rates however took their toll as they relentlessly pounded our fleet. Darkjoker pulled through however as he managed to slay the enemy captain and scuttle the enemy ship.

After that the superiority of numbers in our battlefleet slowly but surely whittled down the enemy fleet, we had a hard fight on the eastern side of the harbour and the danish-norwegian fleet cought a break when a few spanish ships broke their line to pursue myself on the "Glædespigen fra Skælskør", my ship had been severely damaged in the fight and I was running in the hope of getting repairs done before the ship would become incapacitated. The spanish however kept pounding on my ship and shortly after the 2nd bell I ordered her colours to be struck and the crew to abandon her. The spanish captains however now found themselves leagues from their lines and our battlefleet were pounding the remainder of the spanish squadron into submission. Several spanish ships were either boarded and captured or battered into submission. The spanish morale finally broke when one of their 2nd rates sank and we now had free access to the port of Cayman Brac. Further plans to expand the holding in the south of the cuban islands has been made and today we will invade the port of Misteriosa. An ominous name and a decent spot for future expanses of the two kingdoms!



15th of February, 1765

Recently returned to the port of Guyama Sevilla

Aboard the "Beskøjten", captained by Captain McKnight who were kind enough to pull me and the remainder of my crew out of the waters after the battle.

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