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Away with the anchor!

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Lars Kjaer


Captains log, 31st of January 1765

1st entry:

Set out on a quick combat patrol from Guyama Sevilla. The bloody brits are still not accepting the flow of quality danish produce. For some reason the claim that our bacon is making their women fat and our cheese makes them flatulent. Well I like my women fat and flatulent so I can't really see the issue. The squadron pulled out of Guyama Sevilla with a 4th rate ship of the line leading the way, along with a constitution class heavy frigate it constituted the bulk of our firepower and they were accompanied by my own frigate "Hejren", a 44-gun frigate that has served me well for some time now, and two other 44-gun frigates and a single 38-gun frigate. Plan was to proceed to Savannah La Mar where the captain Darkjoker should be cruising in a small 4th rate picking prizes from the british. Our orders were to link up with the 64-gun ship and continue on a combat patrol around the island seeking a heavy engagement against the british.


En route to the island of Jamaica we encountered a small british squadron of 2nd rates. Two 88-gun ship of the lines of the Bucentaure class were probably wildly off course since no british possesions were known in the direction they were heading. We quickly signalled for battle and the squadron plotted an intercept course. The battle commenced with the two heavy SoL in close formation, my orders were to take their sails so the heavier cannons from my older brothers 64-gun SoL and Captain Gorgons 54-gun frigate could come to bear on the rearguard ship. The two british captains were not very experienced and after shooting chains through the rigging of the rearguard ship, the vanguard ship took off leaving the rearguard at the mercy of our frigates. This was extremely fortunate for us since there initially had been some concerns over the 42-pounders the 2nd rates are known to carry on their bottom deck. By splitting up their ships they effectively negated the threat of their lower decks since their ships were far less manouverable than the light and nimble frigates. We split our forces up in two half squadrons, 3 frigs on the vanguard ship and the two heavier ships along with the smaller frigate on the rearguard ship. This was done partly to keep them separated and partly to make sure none of the enemy ships escaped.


The lead vessel were the priority for the frigates and we quickly desailed her and started raking her in preparation for a boarding. The enemy captain made some desperate manouvers and in his panick made a mistake. Got stuck against the wind with three frigates bearing down on him, half his crew were either dead or wounded and the waters around his ship was crimson from the men lost to the sea. We prepared for a bloody boarding action as I took the "Hejren" in for hand to hand fighting. The battle was though, harder than I had first anticipated. The enemy captain and what was left of his crew managed to kill a third of my men before he was forced to lay down his arms. The prize was ours! The ship however was not particularly seaworthy so we decided to sink her rather than having to tow her back to Guyama Sevilla. As soon as the graples were cut and we were free of the sinking 2nd rate we set a course for the remaining enemy SoL. The captain on her had been much more succesfull in getting his guns to bear and even from the distance we could see the smoke billowing from our heavy frigate and the 4th rate didn't look to be in much better shape. We set all sails and damned the goddess of wind as the very gods seemed intent on keeping us out of this desperate fray. The 2nd rate were finally boarded by captain Gorgons as we came closer and the battle was over before we could really make a difference. The two british 2nd rates were given to davey jones as we continued on our patrol.


2nd entry:


We met up with captain DarkJoker on the eve of the 31st of January in front of Kingston, Port Royal Jamaica. He had been trailing a pirate that had managed to capture a third rate SoL from the brits. 

We decided to take this powerfull vessel from the villains and cutthroats of the carribean. Not long after we spotted Ram Dinark in the distance. This would not be a battle to brag about in later taverns. We outnumbered and outgunned the 3rd rate heavily and as such should be winning the engagement. We engaged the enemy at the small island in front of the british governors capital, some sheep farmers were watching from ashore. The 3rd rate had nowhere to run since he was being pushed against the island and we quickly took down his sail, making his manouvers harder to complete. Darkjoker quickly boarded the enemy and after a quick hand to hand combat the fighting was over and we had a third prize of the day. This one was crafted by the british master craftsman Pompeyck and had the magical tar and rigging of the french style so we decided to keep her for the battles we expect to come as the wars of the carribean heats up.


Captain Lars Kjaer, Guyama Sevilla

31st of January, 1765

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