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Duels - late entry

Grim DeGrim


It has been busy, but irl. Entire household had come down with a "bug". That's a week best forgotten :)

But, over the preceeding weekend, I did have the opportunity to duel. Alas, results are consistent:

0 / 7 versus Doran. No real progress or highlights, though we did discuss lots and I recorded some. His tricks are ever evolving, and had added a volley or 2 of bar, and of grape... With the intentions of honing the art of ship capture for open world. It seems I'm the ideal kind of target.

I also had the benefit of combat with JeeF. That makes it 0 for 1 with him. JeeF had been tutoring under Mr Doran and is pretty exceptional. I will say or match went the distance (3 reps each) but that he really had control the whole match.

Until then.



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