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In dire straits

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Lars Kjaer


Captains log 21st of January, 1765


His highness, the Viceroy of Danish-norwegian possessions in the carribean, Count of Schackenburg and first minister of the colonies, Mr. Hans Aker, has ordered the danish-norwegian privateer squadron to do a combat patrol off the coast of KPR. Tensions with the brits have been climbing ever since they tried to pillage the port of San Andres and this combat patrol will most likely not alleviate any of these issues. It is not without some reprehension I accept this mission.

Orders are orders though and the two kingdoms need to make a statement towards the bloody brits and their hated 'Navigation Act'. Even though the latest part of legislation was passed in 1663, the brits have been more than willing to look past danish-norwegian shipping. After San Andres this has changed so we're sent to force Port Royal open for danish ships.

I set off on the 20th of January, 1765 in the "Havmågen", an older 64-gun 4th rate, along with Kalua Lupo aboard the newly constructed "Lübeck", a 44-gun frigate with an impressive sailing characteristic. We quickly spotted sails on the horizon to the south, between the french port of La Navasse and the british port of San Antonio. The "Lübeck" quickly moved in to intercept her whilst I ordered the yards to be trimmed and prepared the "Havmågen" for battle. The battle commenced a little past the 3rd bell and Lupo got the enemy rigging in disorder. After a few broadsides from the long guns of the "Havmågen" the enemy ship lost its mainmast and we went in for hand to hand combat. The battle should've been fierce but the enemy captain and crew had very little fight left in them. Demoralised from the demasting they posed little resistance as we cut them down. After the battle we had a brief warcouncil aboard the "Havmågen" after which we decided to maroon the crew of the french frigate and proceed to the area around Port Morant. 

As we approached the port of Morant we were joined by the Captains Staunberg and Gorgons aboard a 44-gun frigate and a second 64-gun 4th rate. So bolstered we proceeded to the area around Port Royal where we knew that the legendary captain DarkJoker were plying in a 4th rate ship of the line. We spotted sails on the horizon and from the familiar configuration of them we gathered it was the danish-norwegian captain. A second set of sails were spotted not long after. Then a third. And a fourth. Darkjoker it seemed were bringing friends. The british had sent out a large squadron to drive off the danish-norwegian fleet and unfortunately for us we couldn't outrun the lighter british frigates. The battle commenced on the morning of the 21st of January, just after the 1st bell. There had been a few broadsides exchanged when all of a sudden more sails were spotted. Despair was setting in as the crews saw even more british ships join the battle. Upon closer inspection something seemed a bit off though. Hard to pinpoint what it was, if it was the colour of the sails or the signals they were flying. Outdated by the most recent british signalbooks. When they came within gunrange they signalled to heave by and prepare for battle - and opened fire on the nearest british ship. The three unknown ships turned out to be a pirate fleet joining the danish-norwegian squadron and morale immediately rose as we turned and gave battle to the brits. The battle ended as a major victory to his majestys navy and the two kingdoms. We didn't loose a single ship and the british squadron were decimated.


After the battle we left the area and went on with our patrol. We spotted another pirate fleet, led by the infamous Gamover, and decided to attempt to kill him and his fleet. They were two 3rd rates and a 4th rate along with a smaller frigate. Our fleet of three 4th rates and four 5th rates should've been able to overcome these ragtag pirates and send them to davey jones. Alas! they managed to get the better of us and whilst we did manage to sink their 4th rate as well as their frigate, they managed to sink our entire fleet!

I'm now facing a court martial and as I write this I find myself pondering wether or not I should be gratefull for the pirates that saved me and my crew after the battle or not. They gave us a small prize they had taken off the coast of Savannah la Mar, we were a bit taken aback by the pirates' sudden honour and I still don't know what to make of it. I do know however that if the court martial doesn't hang me I'm going to be a lot more carefull next time we meet the pirates. We made mistakes. Miscalculated the odds due to our lack of respect for the pirates. Next time I'll be the one sinking the pirates and I will NOT pardon them from the noose they so sorely deserves!


Captain Lars Kjaer, port of Guyama Sevilla. Awaiting the ruling of the court martial.

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