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Thursday, 10th of March




02:30 - Engagement - Contoy - WON - Sent the Trincomallee of the british captain named [sLRN]Bloodthirsty to the bottom of the sea while beeing in my Renommee together with two unexperienced captains (NPC) in a Surprise and a Cutter. When I joined the battle the Surprise was allready nearly dead and the british captain immediatly went on the run, when he saw me closing.
03:15 - Engagement - Open Sea - DRAW - Was chased by a big bunch of [sLRN] captains. I was able to flee, due to sail handling skills of my crew.


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[sLRN]Bloodthirsty  Alt is Death of Duck.He is a spy/Smuggler Please Feel free to sink them both. i capped him yesterday 4 million of cargo on board 

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