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gun crews



30 x 32lb @ 14 per "crew" = 210 men
28 x 24lb @ 12 per "crew" = 168 men
30 x 12lb 9ft @ 10 per "crew" = 150 men
2 x 12lb 8.5ft @ 10 per "crew" = 10 men
2 x 68lb 5.33ft @ 10 per "crew" = 10 men
12 x 12lb 7.5ft @ 10 per "crew" = 60 men


All told: 608 men for the great guns, plus men in the powder magazines and gangways to provide powder to the three decks.
Each deck would normally be served from one magazine and gangway on a ship of the line to reduce the risk of accidents caused by improper allocation of powder. Ammunition would be issued from the ammunition handlers to the powder men at the ammunition point on each deck, only on the return of an empty cartridge case, to avoid the build up of unused powder outside of salt-boxes.


From these 608 men would be formed boarders, sail trimmers and firemen, allowing the serving of one side while all these tasks were undertaken, or both sides if all gun crew dedicated solely to gunnery.


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