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Wednesday, 2nd of March



00:39 - La Habana - Added to an engament against two spanish vessels of the society name [TES]. My unexperienced ally (NPC) was allready sinking when I joined. The enemy, a Cerberus and a Surprise, started to run once they spottet me. After a while they turned to fight. The Cerberus got sunk, the Surprise fled.
01:59 - Key West - Engaged Captain [RAE]WyNeX in his snow and sunk him.
03:15 - Key West - Engaged Captain [bIA]elite92 in his Renommee together with a small spanish fleet with captains from [RACC] and [RAE]. The pirate started to run immediatly, but at the end he went to the fishes.


03:20 - Key West - docked and devided the plunder


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