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Thrusday, 28-Oct-1715

Maxer der Grosse



Leaving my favorite harbor, I was messaged by Captain Charles Maxwell that he had ended up in an unexplored portion of the Caribbean. He sent through a few port names and the officers in our port were able to quickly identify where he was. With his vessel just north of Haiti and mine just south of Haiti, we decided to round up a pair of fellow officers and form a fleet. The fleet would meet up on the Eastern side of the Dominican Republic. With about seven interested British officers, we coordinated our courses, deciding where we could meet up with individuals in route. My ship was to wait near the French port of Tiburon for two renown officers from Jamaica. Captains Blackjack and Blackmourn, more well known as the Black Brothers had built quite a reputation of beating the American and Danish ships out of our waters. In Tiburon, Captain Wesely Adams, a solid Englishmen with a good head on his shoulders waited with me in the French waters. With time on our hands we used it properly by harassing the local trade merchants attempting to enter the harbor. We scored well with a few lynx and cutters before the Blacks made the cross from Jamaica to us. Heading East towards El Cabo we continued our journey to meet up with the rest of our future fleet. Just after passing a pirate port (ile a Vache) we sighted three French Cerberus and engaged them. It was an evenly matched fight with each of us in his own Cerberus. We worked well together and scored highly on the returns of our endeavor with rum and gold as the benefits to share amongst our crews. Unfortunately, the detours had robbed us of the time we needed to meet up with our fleet. The result being, anchoring in the port to spend the night and continue our journey on the following day.


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