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Hi community!

What is marvelous with a « complete fair » phone is that it let's you do really what you want: you own your device. I want to speak here about the use of the new open source fairphone OS. What is cool is the feeling to not be dependant of google.

That say, in many case we may want to install big known applications because... because we want or have to. But without playstore and google apps service it becomes a little tricky.

Last night I wanted to install goodreads. After a lot of search, I found many various alternate stores, with which I feel not very confortable. Some others seems clean, but as always kinda closed or not very respectful of my privacy (yandex, amazon...). Then, I felt on APK Downloader

It seems to be exactly what I need: a simple website on which you found the apk of all major applications and install them without having to give a mail, phone number, soul or other stuff I care about.

My question is: what do you think of it: is it a good site or have you heard about virus, trojan, malware etc. coming from (re)packaged application found on this site ? Are they really honnest or is it just apparence?

Thank you very much for your advices.


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