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Spelling Errors

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I have seen a few errors here and there, but have not seen a proper thread to post it in. So here it goes.


Spelling error in the Improved Magazine Access under crafting, It says ron Fittings as opposed to Iron Fittings

Musket and Pistols: ron Ingots --> Iron Ingots

Reinforces Masts --> Reinforced Masts, Same heading ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings

Speed Trim; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings

Steel Toolbox; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings

Barricades; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings

Boarding Axes ; ron Ingots --> Iron Ingots

Copper Plating; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings

Extra Planking; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings

Extra Pump; ron Fittings --> Iron Fittings

Grenades Supplements; ron Ingots --> Iron Ingots







Only ones I can remember at the moment but there will probably more to come :)

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