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1 hour ago, Hodo said:

You mean...

Pirates actually being... Pirates.

Let me arrive home and search for a specific entry of a non-pirate frenchy doing the most awesome heist of all inside a enemy home isles port and even hailing a ship on the way out, had a chat with the enemy captain, slipping out like a pro past the forts using that day signals. A bloodless capture of a trader using a trader. Is quite funny.

The same way some fellows did a similar thing in the Phillipines and even had dinner with the enemy captain.

Such good memes from real events :D

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On 14/11/2017 at 12:46 AM, Batman said:



Should be reversed.


EDIT: Oh, sorry, didn't see you were British. I suppose that could be the situation around KPR.

Edited by Niels Terkildsen

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