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Naval Action Meme collection

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Russian captain @Varaborn has written some really nice and funny poem about the brutal reality in the game. 

Here is a familiar interpretation of it to let captains from the another communities to delight in reading this masterpiece. Enjoy! :lol:


One day near a Swedish port

Three Swedes beat NPCs under the fort.


They snuggled up to the fort that day

But gankers sank them anyway.


Of course carebears wept with insistence:

“Formers, give us at least some Vics in assistance!  


Help us developers otherwise we will find

Another game for same carebearing in kind!


Make the green zones for us much-much wider

And add reinforcements to let us be snider,


Let battles be opened twenty-five minutes

That we can help our teammates within its!


Using Surprises they capture Bellonas, such muckers! 

And we’re not problem – but only these f*ckers,


Who during the test became a good player

And beats us non-stop – this is unfair!


And if they continue to bring us a pain,

Be sure we’ll weep at the forum again.


That’s better to change all for players as we

Than learn to play well and win in the sea!“

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5 minutes ago, Fluffy Fishy said:


This matches on soo many levels...

PvPers / The guy: We want more good, equalish PvP!
Community / The girl: FFS then wait for Arena mode and stop asking for fairness in an OW MMO
PvPers / The guy: Wow, Naval Action Legends looks awesome (dat ass), good, fair pvp on demand!
Community / The girl: Wow are you for real? Leaving us/me for that b*tch (and therefore by leaving the game decreasing the player pop)


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Let's Play some Naval Action and have some battles




Alright, about to have some fun :)



Oh wait... Nope



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On 24/08/2017 at 3:57 PM, Liquicity said:


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Both PVP servers have less than 100 players when I log in... I'd take 350 anyday :) 

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