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Crew Recruitment Idea

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Currently in NA, there is little risk and much reward for your actions in game. New crew dynamics with officer integration, would add depth, personality and perspective to your ship as well as add an element of strategy to open world. With the recent change in battles that there are no repairs during the fight, it adds a risk factor that people are finding rewarding. However the ship durability aspect makes it in some cases a minor a trade-off. With crews however this is not the case. There is no advantage of one crew over another except for possibly morale and battle preparation. After a battle, if you fully repair your ship, your crew is at full strength (despite the fact that you are in the middle of the sea). What I’m getting at is the fact that the game can do with some realism mechanics that should affect game play, and not be implemented for realism sake.


My idea is to introduce crew recruitment.


- Recruiting at national home ports, will give you better crew members as well as more crew. Neutral ports would be a percentage of that.

- Training your crews allows them to function better, gives them more discipline, allows them to make better decisions and follow orders better. Such as fire discipline, better accuracy at range and faster reload without mods for example.

- Capturing ships and sending them top home ports will require you to sacrifice an officer and some crew so that it can sail safely to a home port.

- Excess crew can be stationed at a home port for when you need them


With this system you can expand on it as well.

- Have specialty positions, like a ship surgeon or a ships doctor, which will decrease the death rate of your crew after a battle.

- Have officers who specialize in certain areas, such as moral, boarding prep, repairs

- Have a cook, which would help morale


By implementing this system you would give the game a whole new dynamic as well as an extra realism aspect. It would  make capturing ships be based on strategy.

- do i want to board a ship and risk my crews lives for a prize

- will i have enough crew to escape if i need too?

- Is my crew fit enough for a battle?

-  Do i capture the enemy crew and have them become part of my crew, or do i send the off to sea (effects discipline and moral)


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Officers would give a purpose to surrender if officers have a rank/xp progression path and an very experienced one becomes highly valuable and surrendering meant you get to keep your officers.

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