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Please post your major annoyances

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derekticus    21

@admin   My major annoyance is an exploit that has gone from "occasional, and randomly used by a few" to "National modis operandi" for the Pirates. 

Here is how it works:  One Pirate Player signs on as an Alt in an enemy Nation.  They then camp themselves in a known major shipping lane of said enemy, and report in on ships/activity there.  When an appropriate target is spotted, fellow Pirates are made aware, and sign-on in the OW at or near that same location to make sudden, surprise attacks on the enemy's shipping. 

So, as an enemy Player scans the seas, they see only a friendly (usually in a Basic Cutter), and assume the coast is clear.  Then suddenly, there is an attack on their ship!   

This exploit has a simple fix:  Just as those who log-on in the OW have to wait 30 minutes to join a Port Battle, you could make it so that those logging-on in the OW must wait at least 10 minutes prior to attacking an enemy player.

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