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Inside a battle group, could players have a capability to change the red flag in blue,  red, yellow, etc.

So that there could be several squadrons, easily identified, for the leader. Battle instruction could be: "Red squadron, heading 315. Blue squadron focus BobTurner."

Battle group leader and squadron leaders to be easily identified by a mark (like admirals).

Also advisable the possibility to replace or change the battle group leader. 

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Galt    8

It would be nice to see a bit of customization for your ships so you can really personalize it. I understand that the devs have already declined the ability to rename ships but something like customization sails or clan emblems that we can paint on allowing us to easily locate allies or enemies at great distances. 

Second is the ability to customize the flags on the topgallants allowing for clans to develop their own flag code; Red field flag indicates a fireship, blue dots indicate a group leader, small things like this that make it easier to identify friendly ships across the battle. I also think it would be nice to allow captains to change their national indicator before a battle only to have their true jack appear in the battle. This would allow for captains to either literally smuggle goods into a ports or allow them to spring traps, forcing players to really learn their enemies and who is a member of (x) country.

Just a customization tab with emblems and shapes provided by the devs would be really cool and allow people to put some real passion into their favorite ship, even going so far as to require certain actions ((x) amount of kilometers traveled for traders, (x) players sunk, (x) towers or forts destroyed) that would unlock further options so that if you see a Frenchman with a certain Jack on his bowsprit than you know he is an experienced privateer or even allowing pirate clans to have their own ensign, all on a black field so they are still identifiable as pirates, but that way clans and players can really develop their own identity and give them that much more reason to join clans, represent both their nations and themselves, and actually invest time and care into what their ships look like. Of course these are just ideas and you can decide what they can or can't edit about a ship so that they are still withing historical boundaries but I would really enjoy investing more time into my ship to make it, well, mine. 

Also, a longer night sequence would be appreciated. This game is beautiful all the time but it kinda sucks that the sun goes down and then instantly rises again. Adding lighthouses so you can see land at far distances and a simulated moon and stars that cycle and determine how bright the night sky is. Also just by making the 24 hour day tick by slower would really even out this out. Not to mention the ability to douse lights so you are nearly invisible at night allowing traders to slip away or warships to sneak up on unsuspecting prey.

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mikawa    319

I would like to be able to load a broadside with different ammo.

Lets say a Surprise with longs in upper deck and carros in lower deck. I like to load chains in upper and balls in lower deck.

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I love that you brought back teleports. And they are unrestricted! Great step forward and so much fun to organize my own little privateer enterprise across the Caribbean now.

Don't let it get bad mouthed, it's a great introduction for everybody and I am sure it will facilitate movement across the map.

BUT. Just for formality's sake, why not re-name it to TRAVEL.    Please.

It would just look so much more nicer, it's not Star Trek we're playing after all. Just imagine a captain getting on the boat and let another one do the 'driving'. ;)

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Liq    3,259
On 6.1.2017 at 3:11 PM, Challenge said:

Add a Bulletin board at each port so people could list material, ships or goods they want to exchange; player missions (example: I want to hire an escort, or cargo hauler for a run).

Any reason for why we still don't have a bulletin board ingame? Put up an order for a ship with a specific build, at a certain price - If a ship builder feels like taking the job, they got a deal --- MUCH better than crafters having to craft out-of-the-blue and guess what people might like...


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