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1 minute ago, Batman said:

Looks like someone didn't have to deal with DLC ships in port battles yet.

Ok im not talking about two too powerful DLC ships but about DLC ships as whole we need balanced DLC ship to properly review DLC ships concept

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Surely the real question is: Why should anyone spend time, resources, and gold crafting a good quality ship when their opponent can pay for a mini super Dreadnought, build from the finest woods, throw on some enhancements that make her almost invulnerable in a few minutes, and then, sink you on your maiden voyage? 

It is not fun spending time gold and resources crafting ships that never get to do what you designed them to do because someone bought the 18th century equivalent of the Graf Spee pocket battleships, Scharnhorst battlecruiser or Bismark class battleships, it is worse than P2W, it's almost no win!  Unless of course, you follow the R.N.'s solution, gank them to death!

In my opinion it is far more satisfying to construct a ship that someone has to learn how to counter, even for the opposing player who comes up with the winning tactics, than to pay for an almost invulnerable ship that kills almost anything it meets, a concept that is self destructive, as eventually, few, if any players will be willing to come out and fight it. 

Now, where is my battle bowler and anti flash gear? :)


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